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How the fuck did ole' Slick Willy Afton manage to get into a /co/ tourn?Anonymous
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Same reason he got into everything else, he always comes back
on a technicality
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No more a technicality then Eggman, he's a /v/ character with /co/ appearances.

I was actually more impresssed by his partner. Shed 17 getting a rep in was an unexpected surprise
Shed 17/Project G-1 and the FNAF Story(but especially the Novels) actually have a lot in common in terms of the lore.

You have a budding young scientist experimenting in a new field (Henry Emily in FNAF with animatronic technology and Whilhelm Gotz and his father in Shed-17) who has a child that suffers a horrific death at the hands of their passion (Charlie being killed by a man in an animatronic disguise and Thomas being hit by a train), which the distressed parent rivives using their passion (Henry recreating Charlie's concious in a series of animatronics, The Gotze's biofusing Thomas into a train) before eventually killing themselves over the combination of guilt from the tragedy AND their technology being used for malicious reasons (Henry after learning of what William had done and Gotze after The Fat Bastard begins misusing his technology)

Afton sort of has elements of both the Fat Bastard and Owen Routh(Taking control of the company to push his own desires no matter the cost, just like The Fat Bastard, and both are implied to be after immortality), but Owen Routh is definitely the closest analogue to William, both being men of science driven by their desire to use the technology to acheive their ultimate goal, no matter how many innocent must suffer in the experimentation (Routh's work with HIT Logistics to build the ultimate Bioweapon by melding biofused matter together, Afton's work with Afton Robotics to build murder robots to study remnant and acheive immortality)

Keith is the equivalent of Micheal then, the man who was present from the start, and gradually became aware of the horrors someone he once trusted was commiting (Micheal was betrayed by his own father, Keith by his former best friend Owen) and both of them end up being killed by their traitors creations and brought back in a horrific state (Micheal being scooped and turned into a rotting remnant zombie, Keith being biofused and turned into a Troublesome Truck)

Both series even involve human life being fused with metal(except in FNAF it's souls being fused with metal to create remnant and in Shed-17 it's organic tissue being fused with metal to create Biofused Material)
TT2021 had a bunch of contestants in it that would normally pass, like how Ratcatcher 2 got in despite being a live-action only character
Tag-team allows for 256 characters and has way less voters
It's pretty easy to get your characters in