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Potential /tg/ tournamentAnonymous
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How the hell would a /tg/ tournament even go about being hosted? Traditional Games used to be (and is still is to some extent) a broad type of media that has a huge influence on /v/, /co/ and /lit/ media.

Warhammer 40k is the juggernaut of the /tg/ media by a large margin, only being challenged by its contemporary fantasy setting and DnD. There's swathes of other settings to include like Battletech, Cyberpunk, etc. but they don't hold a candle the /tg/ giants. So how would a /tg/ tournament even be held?
A Warhammer only tournament or a broad /tg/ tournament that has the same rules as /co/ regarding big franchises?
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Here's your winner btw
jobs to a named space marine.
>Warhammer only tournament
Every tabletop IP deserves to be in, Warhammer isn't like Marvel or DC where it has such a vast history that it should be free of the slot limits for every setting.
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For /co/ and /v/ material, I'm fairly confident in my ability to be objective.

/tg/, however...
>Warhammer isn't like Marvel or DC where it has such a vast history that it should be free of the slot limits for every setting.
Nigga you wot?
Holy FUCK is that a first edition space marine model?
Marvel and DC are close to a century old, Warhammer isn’t even half that age, I know they have a lot of strong picks, but that’s no reason to give it it’s own tournament, they’ll just be like TF2 where they can rotate their guys in and out depending on who’s stuck in the E8.
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Brother Craig, AKA, Johnny. Pictured here with his larger, unpainted counterpart a few years ago. He is, sadly, still in a moving box somewhere.
Strong picks isn't an issue when it comes to Warhammer 40k but the sheer amount of them. Warhammer 40k has on record around 400-600 books and novels written, not comic books, NOVELS.
There's literally thousands of characters from different factions. Imperium of Man alone has Big E, Malcador, the 20* primarchs, countless space marine legionnaires and chapter masters, Ciphas Cain, Ibram Gaunt, Eisenhorn, etc.
This is btw, only considering the Imperium and not the other factions like Chaos, Necrons, Ork, Eldar, Tau etc.

And these aren't just names I am throwing at the wall for no reason, they're the most memorable and important characters from the novels they come from. This is why I am suggesting for Warhammer 40k only tournament.
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Wait if Chess is allowed would games like Monopoly, Clue, Candyland, Magic The Gathering, and even other TCG like that games be allowed in?
Kek just imagining the chaos when W40k has 3 slots and everyone else is series limited
Its guaranteed to be the Big E (Probably 1st seed if I am being honest), one of the primarchs and either Ciphas Cain or Ibrahim Gaunt. This will literally make xenofags and chaosfags seethe.
I feel that restricting WH and DnD to 3 picks will make that the brackets do not reach the 128 candidates
What about being a 3 picks per setting? Like, 3 in Fantasy, 40k, AoS, or 3 in Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Planescape, as well as a general category (characters that appears in all settings)
Increasing the lmit is also an option.
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Honestly, I am thinking of straight up removing the character limit. While the large IPs will probably dominate the tournament, it isn't going to hinder the smaller ones as they usually don't even have that many noteworthy characters to speak of.