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Unofficial Sonic Storytime: defintiely porn editionAnonymous
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image:167014869844.jpg(636kB , 729x1032 , 0.jpg)
Apparently it might be even too hot for even plus /co/
Title of the comic is
"Say the Word"
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image:167014896427.jpg(6.81MB , 8016x9913 , 0.jpg)
Oops, my bad, should have posted the source anyway. Here it is:
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image:167015116612.jpg(4.61MB , 7016x9920 , 0.jpg)
Somehow, this one read right to left, unlike the other pages

Also, Sonic is part cat, now, it's canon.
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image:167015163835.jpg(4.77MB , 7016x9920 , 0.jpg)
That's how hedgehog biology works. Don't you learn nothing at school?
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image:167015300701.jpg(398kB , 729x1032 , 0.jpg)
(don't ask me why this one has a smaller size than the other images, i's how it was in the gallery)
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image:167015352143.jpg(6.02MB , 8016x9920 , 0.jpg)
Remember, kids: practice safe sex.
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image:167015364715.jpg(5.49MB , 8016x9920 , 0.jpg)
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image:167015372307.jpg(5.92MB , 8016x9920 , 0.jpg)
...It's their first time for both of them.

We are halfway through, by the way.
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image:167015471711.jpg(387kB , 729x1032 , 0.jpg)
(again, no bigger size exists)
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image:167015540219.jpg(6.48MB , 8016x9920 , 0(1).jpg)
I hope you are sure of what you are setting yourself for, girl.
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image:167015914184.jpg(6.66MB , 8016x9920 , 0.jpg)
And that's the last page. I hope you enjoyed it.

Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
Thanks! Always appreciate some Sonally.
>Also, Sonic is part cat, now, it's canon.
Turns out a lot of animals purr. Apparently echidnas do as well.
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image:167191917029.png(2.08MB , 2000x2771 , 1.png)
What's this, your favorite twink appreciator's posting a lewd comic that's heterosexual? It must be a Christmas miracle! This one's a short story co-created by Tails' number one fan. This is Sally's Christmas Morning by cloudz and dreamcastzx aka Turboranger0

>After a Christmas eve party full of joy Sally falls asleep and later recovers from the headache just to notice the party has ended a few hours ago. She'll look in the house for answers, presents and the owner of this place.
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image:167191922925.jpg(738kB , 2300x3350 , 2.jpg)
Looks like she's found Slutnic!
>After 5 minutes of looking in the whole house without luck she sees the Christmas tree full of presents. She opens one and inside there was a long pair of green and brown socks which she tries instantly. Later our protagonist appears behind the tree with another gift in hand.
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image:167191928956.jpg(609kB , 2100x3150 , 3.jpg)
Really showing off those chipmunk cheeks!
>A bit scared of his hiding spot, but very excited to see what he had given her, she opens it and backs off shocked of such gift.
>He knew from the beginning her reaction and chuckles at the prank. However she accepts the present without hesitation.
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image:167191935324.png(2.13MB , 2000x2796 , 4.png)
And that's it, but before I go I'll post some other lewd Christmas pinups!
>Even if it was what she always received each year, of course she's gonna love it. The smell, the size and his warm cum were a perfect combination inside her mouth. Maybe a kiss below the mistletoe would have been "the greatest plan".
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image:167191946969.jpg(146kB , 918x721 , 4294499_Dawnelle_Under_the_Mistletoe_Tree.jpg)
Here's one from the Dawnelle, the artist from the first comic of this thread. It's pretty hot
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image:167191953674.png(361kB , 645x911 , 2200960_COOLBLUE_She'll_Keep_Your_Acorns_Warm.png)
A bit chunkier, but I do like the expression!
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image:167191962567.jpg(456kB , 857x1200 , 1797315_sallyhot_Santa's_Lap_Patreon_Pinup.jpg)
I'll end with one that's got thigh-high stockings, something I think looks great on girls or guys! Merry Christmas everyone!
Thanks for the posting.
And now I can't help but notice she has cheek tuff in the first page, but has smooth ones ins the next ones. Still good art, though.
No worries, they can't all be stories about dudes banging dudes! Yeah, I'm pretty sure one artist penciled the first page while the other did the rest. I'm firmly in the pro cheek tufts camp fwiw
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image:167201349548.jpg(1.72MB , 1400x1800 , 2655905_KrazyELF_764585486.jpg)
Forgot I had a hetero Christmas pic by KrazyELF
does sallyhot still do art? Or is it like, 1 pic per year?
About 40 on Inkbunny this year, but they've probably been spending most of their time on their fangame Chronicles of Acorn: https://inkbunny.net/s/2538503 I don't really follow them though since their work's mostly hetero
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image:167253348177.jpg(1.05MB , 1032x729 , 0.jpg)
Happy new year!
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image:167500364815.jpg(82kB , 725x803 , Untitled.jpg)
I'm too tired. I'm going to bed.
Might finish this next week.
Until then for the 1 other anon who checks this thread, I wish to torment you with knowing one of the ride's drawfags has an idea for Rouge.
No she is not reaching out to grab fat Sal's fat tit. Sally is going on that diet before I find reason to draw her again, ESPECIALLY if it's another Conductor got banned bathing image given we're collectively on thin ice again.
>Sally is going on that diet
OP (Todd poster) here, Good! But don't forget the cheek tufts.

>I wish to torment you with knowing one of the ride's drawfags has an idea for Rouge. No she is not reaching out to grab
I'll look forward to it anyway. She is probably gearing toward tails anyway.

>ESPECIALLY if it's another Conductor got banned bathing image
You effectively look very tired. I hope you have rested well.