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How do I make a good story? I wanna make my own comic
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Just do it. Do it to it. And don't stop doing it. It's good to know what your strengths and weaknesses are and work on both.
This and also Don't set standard for yourself, If you think something would be cool to do, Do it, Don't care if it's nonsenseical or it's ass or it feels like it's crack fic, You should do it.
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You wanna make a gud story?

Establish the stakes early as fuck and raise them as the story continues. Make sure characters react appropriately to them and your pacing is appropriate.

SUFFERING BUILDS CHARACTER (unironically) But obviously don’t overdo it like a retard.

Make your narrative strong and interesting, make sure any plots twists that happen are not contrived bullshit pulled out of ones gaping ass.

Generic shit that’s been done 1000 times before should be avoided e.g what if everyone went to fucking school or some shit like that.

Avoid writing yourself into plot holes and narrative messes e.g. time travel – avoid this shit like the fucking plague I swear to god. Unless you REALLY know what you’re doing.

Other notable shit to avoid is multiverse cancer, multiverse shit instantly Thanos snaps any and all stakes and meaning since one could always pull the argument of well X character died in this universe but they are alive in Y universe let’s go get them LOL LMAO!

Ofc if you want you CAN still include such concepts in ur gay ass work, don’t feel entirely deterred like a little bitch.

READ NIGGA READ, no really read lots of books, broaden your knowledge of worlds, concepts, narratives etc. In other works. Take what you like and try and apply it to your story and ideas.





And most importantly SHOW DON’T TELL, don’t write a fucking novel, I don’t want to see WORDSWORDSWORDSWORDSWORDS.

I will continue with other shit like drawing, layout, comp etc. in case other anons want to also make their own sonic comic or comic in general.
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Let’s talk about the visual aspects, sure you’ve got a story but now you gotta draw it, you can draw….r-right anon?

I know anon, not everyone will make it, some can try as hard as they want but you either got it or you don’t.

For those who can’t draw for shit, either you slave away looking at loomis and shit for several years and still fail or you pay someone else to draw for you.

For those who can actually draw even if it is kinda bad but you know you’re slowly improving let’s continue.

It is important to note and to the surprise of fucking no one, drawing a comic is going to take a lot of fucking time and energy. Too many fall into the pit of creating concepts and expanding on ideas instead of actually fucking drawing the damn comic and when they do they lose interest because they burned themselves out hard. Set a schedule of when you will draw and release pages and try and stick to it.

Never forget those in the industry have an entire team, I’m assuming it’s just (you) making this comic, so don’t compare yourself to the industry so harshly.

Please note on average it takes around 8 hours MINIMUM to draw a comic (according to google) of course that depends on how detailed the page is, how many characters etc. If you’re going for highly detailed art that’s going to take over 15+ hours including sketches and revision. If you are somehow shitting out pages at a much faster rate than that, either the art is shit/subpar or you are an industry GOD.

I doubt you are an industry god.

Let’s start with panelling, if you want to get a good idea of this type of stuff, look for works by Marcos Mateu-Mestre, his book Framed Ink (1&2) is absolutely perfect for learning how to panel your shit properly. There’s also Framed Drawing Techniques and Framed perspective.

But anon, this is realism! Yeah and? Don’t think for a fucking second that drawing sonic characters is easy.

Francis Glebas has a great book called Directing the story for you know… stories duh.

Scott McCloud also has a lot of good shit for comics in general.

But I can’t decide on an art style anon! My art style is underdeveloped/sucks etc.

Don’t care faggot start drawing, alternatively find an art style you like and mimic it best you can, see how the person you’re copying draws and renders their art.

It is important to make your art style fit the fucking narrative unless you’re going for some subverted expectations type of deal.

Where can I find these books anon? I would say /ic/ but after what happened a good chunk of books and resources that /ic/ had over the years got sent to the fucking shadow realm courtesy of some massive fucking schizos. You can find SOME books there but others you’d have to find by YAR HARRR TIME TO SAIL THE HIGH SEA BOYS.

I’m looking for fonts anon! I want to make neat cool wordy effect things!

I need some how to tutorials anon!

I need general tips and shit anon!

Most importantly make the comic for (you) anon, don’t compromise for others. (You) are making this comic because (you) want to make something (you) enjoy and share it with the world.

Now start drawing bitch.

Ps. You guys should really make a drawfag general already.
>Ps. You guys should really make a drawfag general already.
I actually wanted to offer a comic jam of sorts to invite people into making some themselves.
I think it would help people to start somewhere.