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Lots of stuff happening in Wide Wide World of Sports.

What's going on?
Oh I'm not a Ohio-anon. I just find the whole thing funny as all get out.
I can't believe 1/7th of the Wold population are going to watch a bunch of guys kick a ball around on Sunday.
Your fortune: Very Bad Luck

I would normally bait this out and ask what you do for fun then explain that other people would likely find that boring, but I'm just going to skip all that and call you stupid.

Especially for posting it in the sports thread of all places. Is this bait? Because it's not very good bait. And I don't even watch soccer.
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info from on high: anonex says dreamhost migrated the server and lost files uploaded between may 12th around 4:30pm pacific, and this morning may 14th around 10:30am pacific

this affected all of plus4chan including the old boards, but i've cleaned up most of the mess here on the new boards

if you see a post you made with "file: deleted" and the post time is between the times above it was only deleted because the file was already gone and so that you won't get conflicts when trying to re-upload

board transition thread
post bugs here

i won't do any changes to the layout or cosmetic fixes unless it is a severe bug, anonex is going to reskin it eventually

i copied over starchan's radio, you can get to it here: //boards.plus4chan.org/rad.php
it just scrapes all boards for audio, mp3s are turned on for /baw/ and /mtv/

oekaki is turned on for /baw/ and /draw/ and /pco/ and /cod/
get Marcello's JTablet for a better oekaki time

if you have trouble with oekaki, latest java update blocks a lot of stuff for increased security.to add an exemption follow the official instructions OR

on windows go to start>programs>java>configure java
click on the security tab
click edit site list
add "http://boards.plus4chan.org"

a lot of people probably don't know the dicerolls filter
[roll 1d20] rolls 1 die with 20 sides, [roll 2d6] rolls 2 dice with 6 sides each, etc
[roll 1d12+2] rolls 1 die with 12 sides and gives it +2 modifier, also works with minus
[roll 1d20vs10] rolls 1 die with 20 sides and compares it to 10 and displays win/loss/tie, modifiers on rolls with vs work the same way, [roll 1d20-4vs10]
dice are enabled on /baw/ and /cog/ and /z/

created bbcode wordfilters and enabled them on all boards since you guys used them before?

[spoiler]spoiler[/spoiler] = spoiler
[b]bold[/b] = bold
[s]strike[/s] = strike
[i]italic[/i] = italics
[u]underline[/u] = underline

for the oldfag impaired, #fortune goes in the name field (except on forced anon boards, then it goes in the email field)

fortune is turned on for /baw/ and /z/ and /pco/ and /draw/
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
is the front page down for anyone else? Is it part of the migration?
Can you please remove the font size increase in "i am gay"? The older boards did not have font that large.
the person who asked for full width also asked for larger font
and yes it did