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Politics Thread 15: Smash Fascism EditionAnonymous
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image:148502840100.gif(2.84MB , 480x270 , punch.gif)
Punch a Nazi near you today
Random violence in the street isn't a thing to be cheered on.

Or calling for peoples death on twitter.

I don't know exactly who this guy is but even if he's some white supremacist cunt things seem like they are getting out of hand.
Dude got sucker punched and deserved it. If they catch the guy, he'll get brought up on assault and will deserve it. It's funny when Nazis eat shit, they're Nazis.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
There are more peaceful ways to disrupt any attempt by assholes like Richard Spencer whenever they try to spread their ideology. People could've surrounded him and made him feel threatened enough to leave. They could have yelled and hollered and screamed at the cameras to drown out his voice. No one absolutely had to get punched in the face yesterday, and I hope that this does not lead to further (or worse) violence in the future.

That said: I cannot muster an ounce of sympathy for that prick. It is viscerally satisfying to watch a piece of shit like him get decked, then watch him walking away and looking as if he is about to cry.

And that is all I have left to say about that.
>I don't know exactly who this guy is

Allow me to educate you, friend. His name is Richard Spencer, and he calls for "peaceful ethnic cleansing" to halt the "deconstruction" of European culture. He often quotes Nazi propoganda, and claims to have created the "alt-right" movement.
Also, he was about to explain what Pepe is. If you can't punch a man for talking about memes in public, then what can you do?
Trump is saying the pictures of the inauguration that THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TOOK AND RELEASED are faked.

Also that we might just jump into Iraq again and take their oil fields.

There are men in Africa that think raping a baby cures you of AIDS that are more suitable for POTUS.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I would rather have Mike Pence as POTUS right now. Sure, he would be all for the GOP's current platform and whatnot, but he is not nearly the same kind of complete fucking dumbass that Trump is. Pence would at least respect the office enough not to sound like a blustering fool who wants to drag everyone into World War III every time he talks.
This is a pretty bad, borderline uninformed opinion.
>I would rather have Mike Pence as POTUS right now
Hell yeah, let's get this faggot holocaust started!
//youtube.com/watch?v=hH19nwcvaJoyoutube thumb
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Pence is a monstrous human being, but I believe he would not use nuclear weapons if he were embarassed, even slightly, by another politician from either here or abroad. I do not extend that same belief to Donald Trump. My personal preference would be to have neither one of those assholes in the Oval Office, but if I had to choose between Trump and Pence, I would pick the guy I believe is less likely to actually nuke his own country.
The people in this thread will sure do some real change in 2017.
This. It would still be a constitutional crisis to have Pence in office, but he meets the low bar of being more stable than Trump.
It would also have the benefit of turning the Trump wing and Establishment in on one another even more so than they already are.

Incidentally, Republicans introduced a motion to limit the president's trade powers haaaa
Trump's contingent only care about saving the White race by screaming at non-Whites, funny memes, complaining about not enough titties in games, and hating Clinton because she is a woman who is not mainstream fuckable.

So they would not be happy over an impeachment or any kind of GOP rebellion.
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image:148504244700.jpg(15kB , 465x357 , c'mon son!.jpg)
//youtube.com/watch?v=hmaOO68tjUwyoutube thumb

And for our first press briefing we have the secretary in near tears lying about inauguration crowd sizes.
Well yes that was my point.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

He was ordered, possibly by Trump himself, to go out in front of the White House Press Pool and read a statement full of lies to the assembled journalists. I know I would be angry if I were forced to lie just to keep my boss happy.
Well don't worry, he's told the media what they should and should not report in classic Fascist fashion now, plus they've kicked the press out of the white house (after they helped pay to refit the press room) because facts and an informed public are the enemy of this administration.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
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image:148505200000.jpg(29kB , 702x383 , C2vYpIVVQAAUMEa.jpg)
"4chan is the best website on the Internet, period."
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image:148505230600.png(288kB , 595x600 , biggest hands, tremendous hands.png)
Well, it's not like Spicer's been shy about lying to the press on Trump's behalf up till now. I think he was just desperate after the boss presumably yelling at him for an hour.
You know what's fun? It no longer matters. Trump can spew whatever insane nonsense he likes, pure propaganda will no longer do it. He needs actual policies now, things to actually DO. And his speech indicated that, in point of fact, he really DOESN'T have anything but the bluster he ran on and some probably largely ignored pleading from Pence, Ryan, etc. I mean he'll obviously line his and Tillerson's pockets with whatever he can get his hands on, but that's not going to actually please any of his supporters (which, hopefully, will reflect on the Republicans now that they can't blame anyone else).
oh that's adorable, ickle /pol/-kun is mad, maybe he's been Spencer the whole time?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

He will run out of patience before this site runs out of bans.
a neo-nazi getting punched shouldn't be "inflammatory" material
tbh this.
Glorifying violence is disgusting.

We shouldn't gather around just to cackle over such acts even if the guy that got assaulted was a shit.

American politics are tribal enough as it is.
>We shouldn't gather around just to cackle over such acts even if the guy that got assaulted was a shit.

Yes, we absolutely should cackle over someone punching a guy who is ON RECORD as being in favor of of ethnic cleansing. There is not supposed to be anything controversial about punching nazis in America.
If someone raped a child and promoted their behavior to others (like Geoffrey Leonard did) I would gladly watch them get punched the fuck out.

I don't know this guy in OP, but I think if you endorse genocide, then watching the people he made a death threat to punch him in the head is not at all reprehensible in my opinion.
(sorry, fucked up my pronouns in that last sentence)
>watching the people he made a death threat to
He wants to genocide old white guys?

A cardinal error for a leftist.
>There is not supposed to be anything controversial about punching nazis in America.
Also, let's just make this clear for a second--I do not believe that the person who punched him should be able to get away without legal repercussions for punching him. The law that makes it illegal to assault Spencer is a good and just law, and the rule of law--when that law is not unjust--must be upheld. No question of that.

I just consider that act of lawbreaking to have been one that did more good for the world than bad, and while I would vote to convict if I were on a jury overseeing the case, I would probably also vote to buy him a beer before he went to jail.
My bad. I guess the hood's (or is it a balaclava?) shadow made his face look black in the .gif . I didn't pay attention.

>A cardinal error for a leftist.
I'm more leftist than anything, you're right, but I haven't met a non-binary person I've respected enough to give a fuck about their pronouns so it's never really been something I care about.


Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Today's new Trump Administration term: "alternative facts"
Originator: Kellyanne Conway
Actual Quote: "Sean Spicer, our press secretary, gave…alternative facts to that." — https://twitter.com/MeetThePress/status/823184384559878144 (listen for that beat between "gave" and "alternative facts")
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image:148510399000.jpg(537kB , 1936x1056 , 25feea0a5c9aac638b53086a30223b40339fc14ed4a1e21764e3d5bd6aae795a.jpg)
You're alright then, if there's a single white man you don't want to kill, welcome to the Alt Right as defined by some people ITT!

Also proof of who this guy is can be found in the other politics thread. Stone deleted it here because butthurt.

Yeah because MSM is outright lying about the crowds, pic related, hundreds of thousands trying to get in despite obstructions. The very fact his tickets sold for 10x that of obama proves it's bullshit.
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image:148510410700.jpg(31kB , 600x505 , a22795dbe39e3b20995d6cd567e5e709eefae6ab7ad88dcaa4195766616eff1a.jpg)
Don't worry there's good news though....
>Most of the 230 rioters arrested after violent protests erupted in Washington D.C. following Donald Trump's inauguration will be charged with felony rioting, federal prosecutors said on Saturday.
>The charge carries a punishment of up to ten years in jail and a $25,000 fine.
>Thousand of protesters launched a violent rampage just blocks away from the White House as anti-Trump demonstrators smashed store windows, set fire to cars and threw bricks at police.
They didn't know that National Special Security Events are a federal felony to disrupt punishable up to 10 years in prison!
>Yeah because MSM is outright lying about the crowds
Ah yes, the mainstream media, and also the official pictures issued by the US government
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image:148510415800.jpg(133kB , 1200x727 , 51363a6a4311053ae0533824de78099252b085095933556270729f53a54bba05.jpg)
By the way their own Statist King made that law lol.
it should really not be a shock that the alt-right believe in alt-facts
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Hey, look, "evil lefties" know how to use red circles, too: https://twitter.com/McKelvie/status/823173886451875841
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image:148510594600.jpg(349kB , 1103x1200 , C2wavw-VQAEupAc.jpg)
There are no official numbers issued by National Parks Service as they publicly stated, so that's a lie.

The picture in question was taken at 11:04ET, almost a full two hours (12:41ET) before the Trump inauguration, which is why every media report said "here's a photo just before the trump inauguration".

In other words the crowd was just coming in.
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image:148510604400.jpg(24kB , 1600x933 , f6e4b61d0812675d534707b62406d0b1a2a01509a9f370bc777f46939078d943.jpg)
>millions of trump supporters are alt right
>because hillary said so
>even though its a movement of less than 2000 people on twitter
Enjoy the utopia we're building for you :^)
You can fulfill the criteria of being a Nazi without thinking you are and wanting to be one.
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image:148510862400.jpg(21kB , 638x242 , 9004a60bfdfc47f442e2cdf470ae6742929e5e5283cd47f834b4278782deeb3b.jpg)
Yeah like Trumps 10 year old son, whom leftists are currently attacking online for NO reason.
Boy our totally-not-white-supremacists posters sure are furious about that white supremacist getting socked
Those are alternative compliments, snowflake.
You'd think Trump would have enough of his actual flaws to pick up on that the people against him wouldn't have to lie to make him try and look worse or less supported.

Both candidates for this election were terrible, and there's certainly no good guy in this mess of social media shitflinging.
>You'd think Trump would have enough of his actual flaws to pick up on that the people against him wouldn't have to lie to make him try and look worse or less supported.
They didn't.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>there's certainly no good guy in this mess of social media shitflinging

The "We Rate Dogs" account is still a good account, Brent.
Dogs drool, Cats rule
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

With regards to actual attendance metrics:


For those that don't want to read, estimated attendance at 250,000 to 600,000. At best, it was better than George W. Bush or Post-Scandal Clinton. At worst, it was equal to Post-Scandal Clinton. Neither number comes close to Obama's numbers, or Pre-Scandal Clinton.

If we go by "Metro Ridership", Trump's numbers are slightly less than George W. Bush's at 570,557 for the whole day, or 193,000 as of 11 am. Again, well short of Obama's numbers.

Not that it matters because as we know the Alt Right only relies on Alt Facts that are pulled from Trump's own Alt Head.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
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image:148512993300.jpg(37kB , 560x294 , C2xkABtUcAABB1F.jpg)
Quote from https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/01/21/us/politics/richard-spencer-punched-attack.html
Problem solving in action.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

We should all hope he decides to stay out of the public eye for the rest of his miserable life.
>trump rally attendance estimated by salty hillary supporters
Thats some solid figures chief.

Unfortunately he's paid to make public appearances, probably gets bonus bucks from Soros for getting punched.

Hey, those "salty hillary supporters" actually provided sources, whereas Trump's alternative facts... hmmm... where did he get his figures, again...?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

"He got them from scientists, period." — Sean Spicer, probably
Yeah the problem that the only source you have is a photo taken an hour before inauguration.

And you're STILL using that photo despite it clearly being bullshit!
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image:148514088800.png(594kB , 1342x1126 , phpxD9oTR)
Linda Sarsour, organizer of the Womens March, is a supporter of Sharia law.
>protest Trump for being misogynist
>literally support sharia law
Four million fewer people watched the White Trash King compared to Carter's inauguration.
It's funny how much more desperate /pol/-kun's tone is getting as the thread goes on. I mean we knew it was going to happen once Trump got sworn in and started showing what an awful president he is in a way that can't really be denied even by delusionals like the deplorables, but it's hilarious to watch nonetheless.
>awful president
lol you wish
>immediately repeals tpp
>puts mattis at the rudder of defense
>freezes unaffordable care act implementation
>begins dismantling shitty parts of it
>removes mortgage bubble creating law
This week he'll be signing a ban on lobbying and the wall.

So far he's the most effective president America has ever had.
I'm sure if you keep saying that stuff often enough it'll become true.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

"Alternative facts", remember?

And even if Trump does one or two things right in his first hundred days, that alone will not make him a good president. Getting through four years without bringing this country's government to a grinding halt, without crashing the economy into another Depression, and without using a nuclear weapon will only get him to the low bar set by every other president since World War II.
It is impossible for a republican to make healthcare cheaper, more accessible, and more fair for more people. Expecting a republican to not make healthcare worse is like expecting water to make you drier.
It literally goes against everything republicans stand for to make healthcare more affordable for people. One of their most common arguments against single payer isn't the cost, but the fact that if everyone could afford healthcare then rich people who can afford healthcare now would have to wait longer to see the doctor.
Well it USED to not be completely impossible, until a black guy Democrat took a Republican plan and said, "Look, just because we're in charge doesn't mean I don't wanna be bipartisan, let's do your thing and see how to goes :)" and then suddenly and mysteriously it became sinful to the Nth degree
There's no point talking of what Republicans used to be. May as well polish the old "party of Lincoln" thing if you go that route. At this point they have no policy and no ideology. Just hate and anger directed at those who do.
>I'm sure if you keep saying that stuff often enough it'll become true.
>"Alternative facts", remember?
What the fuck are you talking about? Those were events from yesterday, like actual shit that happened. Are you so far up your ass you forgot to pay attention to Trump SIGNING BILLS INTO LAW?

This is amazing. I'm starting to think he's pissing you off on purpose so he gets away with whatever he likes. Didn't think anyone would be dumb enough to fall for that but... here we are.

Are you aware the ACA is copied verbatim from a healthcare bill Mitt Romney introduced in his state? Trump copies two words out of a Bane speech and everyone knows about it, Obama copies an entire healthcare bill and you fuckers still ignorant smh...

The problem was when the idiot added a bunch of retarded shit on it, like forcing extra taxes on poor people who can't afford healthcare under individual mandate, reducing medicare payments to force more people into ACA, giving government control over medical decisions, added 18 new taxes, 159 new agencies, boards and programs.
>inb4 u jes h8 cuz skin kulur
Punishing people that didn't want to obey the mandate is good though because otherwise it's not really a mandate is it?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Somehow, it does not surprise me that modern Republican presidents have not had a poet at their inauguration ceremonies. How did someone put it here — craftsmen instead of artists?
>punishing poor people is good
You are the incarnation of everything wrong with the left.

The left used to be for the disadvantaged, for poor people, for helping the working class, against war and imperialism.

Nowadays the left is against the disadvantaged and poor, for hurting the working class, and pro war and imperialism.
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image:148519584200.png(202kB , 860x415 , phpSXwVux)

Mad dog Mattis ordered us to start bombing the weapons we supplied to ISIS, so far a large weapons depot has been hit by US air strikes. The only good thing to come out of the Terrorist in Chief is that since we armed them in the first place, now we know exactly where all of the terrorist weapons stockpiles are.

They're bound to wise up and move them, but for now we have an advantage.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

If you want to help change those things, get off your ass and get involved with your local political scene. Things will not change at the top until after change at the bottom has happened. A better political left — a better Democratic Party — starts at the root.
Good fucking god Stone can you not tell you're talking to /pol/-kun?
It raises the question of why one would choose to be a part of a party that says that poor people deserve to have to pay extra for being poor (in addition to the modern left's numerous other issues).

I don't choose to go out on a leaking ship because maybe I can keep it from sinking, y'know? I find a different boat.
>Things will not change at the top until after change at the bottom has happened
>A better political left — a better Democratic Party — starts at the root.
I think the recent election is a pretty solid message from the voter base that they won't take this shit anymore.

At this point we've sunk so far that all ISIS has to do is wheel a disabled terrorist on screen and every Leftist outlet is creaming its pants over it - ignoring the gays they throw off roofs and women they rape and stone to death...
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image:148519809800.png(304kB , 816x527 , phpRbqApC)

Honestly I feel the same way, the only problem is the other boat is full of assholes.

If there was a viable third party I would switch in a minute, because no one who votes for the current 2 parties has clean hands. They all partake in what the two-party government does: funds, supplies and trains terrorists - kidnaps and tortures innocent muslims - robs the poor and gives to the rich....

I voted Green this time. I knew it was a "wasted vote" but the only thing I disagree on with her is her fear of nuclear power. Hopefully when the next Democrat presidential candidate also loses because of formerly registered Dems like me voting Green, they'll adopt some Green platforms and unfuck themselves.
>It raises the question of why one would choose to be a part of a party that says that poor people deserve to have to pay extra for being poor
They don't you lying piece of shit. The Democrats support progressive tax structure.
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image:148519923700.jpg(122kB , 1192x1002 , C24HKnzVEAAZri4.jpg)
>Spicer says there's been a "dramatic expansion of the federal workforce in recent years."

He just cannot stop lying.

>Nowadays the left is against the disadvantaged and poor, for hurting the working class

The poor Whites are against the disadvantaged and poor, and hate honest workers. They voted for Reagan, Gingrich, Dubya and Trump. Until we get a new Gilded Age, they will not learn. They will need to see their own kids suffering from malnutrition before they stop listening to White men in suits.

Except Clinton won the election. The problem is that White men in the rust belt don't want better lives if it means people they look down on also get better lives.

>Hopefully when the next Democrat presidential candidate also loses because of formerly registered Dems like me voting Green, they'll adopt some Green platforms and unfuck themselves.

They will go to the right in a desperate attempt to win and save the environment and climate from republicans and people like you.

Not voting or intentionally wasting your vote sends the opposite message and has the opposite effect in a FPTP system. The next available left-wing choices will be further to the center, will care less about the environment and unions, and less about redistribution and solid new deal policies.

They have no other choice, because they have realized that more left-wing voters don't actually care about their espoused causes and positions.
Direct your attention to >>412996, then an apology for being so rude would actually be pretty nice.
>They will go to the right in a desperate attempt to win and save the environment and climate from republicans and people like you.
>Not voting or intentionally wasting your vote sends the opposite message and has the opposite effect in a FPTP system. The next available left-wing choices will be further to the center, will care less about the environment and unions, and less about redistribution and solid new deal policies.
>They have no other choice, because they have realized that more left-wing voters don't actually care about their espoused causes and positions.
Hot tip: there is exactly zero chance that guy voted Green.

Slowpoke, uh, you know that the "penalties" were written in a way that poor people who couldn't actually afford insurance didn't actually have to pay them, right? There was like 14 to 15 exceptions specifically for poor people, some that you could apply for at the insurance marketplace, others you would apply for when you file your taxes. If you could not afford insurance, you were not penalized for not buying it.

It was designed purely so that more healthy people who could afford insurance actually got insurance so a.) They were actually covered and didn't go bankrupt when they got in an accident and b.) private insurance companies had a pool of "healthy people" to draw money from so they could cover folks with pre-existing conditions that they were now forced by law to cover.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
And in a move that should surprise no one but people who actually voted for Trump, his press secretary has signalled that the Trump administration will move forward with the Dakota Access Pipeline.
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image:148520512700.jpg(121kB , 580x387 , Federal+Workforce.jpg)
>as share of total civilian NON FARM workforce
You must be retarded to fall for such an obvious stat trick.

That graph basically shows that farming workforce steadily moved to the cities, aside from that the only thing it shows regarding government workforce are the 10 year spikes in IRS auditors.

It even includes WWII when people were drafted into the military by the millions as an example, yet cuts off the low as fuck government employee rates BEFORE the war.

Here's a slightly more fair graph showing a different picture. On average, if one takes into account the huge spike during his presidency, Obama HAS had a dramatic expansion of the workfoce.
>dividing people by race/sex
This is why you suck.

You want to create a new class system based on race, sex, gender, orientation, whatever. You even have a term for this new class based system: The Privilege Ladder".

In your world people who identify as male, people who are straight or people who have white heritage have to wear an armband proclaiming so. Considering how much you claim to support Obama, it's ironic that since he is male, straight, and has white heritage... he would have to wear the armband of the subhuman in your utopia. You probably have some kind of concentration camp fantasy as well.

You're neofascists with new "master races".
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image:148520722200.png(73kB , 565x79 , Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 16.32.59.png)
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>You want to create a new class system based on race, sex, gender, orientation, whatever.

If anything, progressives/liberals as a generalized group would rather do away with that "ladder" and put everyone on equal footing in both society and culture. Why should people of a certain race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or religious creed hold all the power in society? What makes minorities of any demographic worthy of being shut out of society and culture?

I am a bi(-leaning-straight) cisgender White guy; I recognize that my voice may be taken more seriously than the voices of a great many other people based only on that identity. That fact does not make me "happy" or "overjoyed" — it actually pisses me off. Why should my voice be considered "more important" only because I am White or male or cisgender? Why should my concerns and problems be considered "more pressing" than those of people who have been legitimately marginalized for years?

The concept of societal privilege is not to somehow "destroy straight White men" or whatever. The concept is meant to identify how society sees some people as "less important" based on things like skin color and religious creed, then marginalizes them to the benefit of the "more important". We do that to aid in our figuring out how society can address the concerns of the marginalized; that includes how to give the marginalized more of a say in that regard, and how to better handle intersectional politics.

Of course people in the majority of a demographic should have a say in the governance and direction of society. But why should they be practically the only ones to have that power?
>Of course people in the majority of a demographic
For example, Democrats.
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image:148520760300.jpg(57kB , 553x369 , BN-FL055_Growin_G_20141107102632.jpg)

>huge spike

Compared to what? If we look at Local government, the Federal Government completely lags behind in manpower. It's barely treading water, that's no "massive expansion."
I mean, coming from poor stock myself, I personally know multiple people who are having to struggle to pay the fine, but sure, that's very nice in concept.

>In your world people who identify as male, people who are straight or people who have white heritage have to wear an armband proclaiming so.

People who wear hats inside, even in restaurants, are so funny.
Unless they voted Clinton they need to suffer far more.
Just because your shitass hick neighbors would rather not be insured than pay into Jewish Obummercare or whatever they think insurance is doesn't invalidate the idea of healthcare coverage.
Barring for a second the fact that acting in a fascist manner is WRONG even if you have a perfectly good reason for it....
>I recognize that my voice may be taken more seriously than the voices of a great many other people based only on that identity.
But it's really not, your "good reason" is wrong on every level.

For example I think your voice is completely worthless compared to Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Thomas Sowell, Walter E Williams, Roland Fryer, Andrew Brimmer..... and me respecting them has nothing to do with their race either. It has to do with their (and your) respective achievements.

In fact a person of any color in America who completed grade school, has a job or a business, and no criminal record... would rank so high above you in my eyes, that you wouldn't even be a consideration. Now that you understand your voice is actually worthless and skin color has zero consideration, you can abandon your fascistic fantasies.

But we both know you won't, because "privilege" is just an excuse to be fascist, the EXCUSE not the reason for it. In your heart fascism is the solution for every problem to the point where the problem becomes irrelevant, the problem doesn't even have to exist.
I advise people to watch the following video on privilege:
//youtube.com/watch?v=dnOi0w8rgYsyoutube thumb
Scroll to 12:45 if you can only speak English.
>Unless they voted Clinton they need to suffer far more.
Holy shit what the fuck is wrong with you.
See this is what i meant about the sinking ship
You're rural white America, the ultimate sinking ship
>one hour presentation
Not even slowpoke will watch that.
What the fuck is wrong with people that hate all Muslims, LGBT people, all women and everyone that needs food stamps?

I think it's weird how white things are so weak and privileged that even when they vote specifically to hurt other people, they can't even imagine anyone might hold them accountable.

"Hey I want to hurt innocent lives because I'm retarded. But don't have any I'll will towards me or you're mean."

Someone needs to create a charity that only helps donors to the democratic party or people that are poor but still do volunteer work. I don't want to help poor people in general, only the ones that are human. People that are poor but vote to create more poor people must be allowed to die.
Yaaaaay we're stealing wealth from Middle America to fuel coastal laziness! Wohooooo! This is great!

>middle america elects the only candidate who says he wont rob them

>Barring for a second the fact that acting in a fascist manner is WRONG

White male voters disagree.
But red states only function because their ungrateful tortured White trash, employed or not, get food and medicine money from superior humans in blue states. They also get farm subsidies.
>What the fuck is wrong with people that hate all Muslims, LGBT people, all women and everyone that needs food stamps?
A lot of things would be wrong with such people, if they existed. Although I think the people you're strawmanning actually aren't described by any of that.

>white things
>I don't want to help poor people in general, only the ones that are human.
>People that are poor but vote to create more poor people must be allowed to die.
You need to be locked up before you kill someone.

Fucking lunatic.

Even real life Nazis in 1930s didn't dehumanize Jews to this level.
Are you white or male?
>Although I think the people you're strawmanning actually aren't described by any of that.

>Consequentialism may never be applied to Republicans

Yes, poor people that vote for homophobia, transphobia, more poverty, racism and antisecularism should not be protected, and their deaths are not a bad thing.

Same thing with poor people in Africa that treat their daughters poorly or would beat their own kids if they came out as gay. They can die for all I care and I don't want to get them money for water or food.
Yep, White male cis and straight. And not ashamed for a second. But I believe millions of individuals in my demographic are bad for humanity, society, and the world, and should not exist.
This thread is full of brave smart people who are really working hard to make the world a better place.
>I mean, coming from poor stock myself, I personally know multiple people who are having to struggle to pay the fine, but sure, that's very nice in concept.

Ignoring the idiot trolls who responded to you, did you guys actually APPLY for any of the exceptions? Because do have to do some reading or work. It's taxes. People who don't put in the effort to take the deductions end up paying more than they have to. I say this because I'm poor as hell from a state that didn't extend Medicare and I sure as shit didn't have to pay the penalty.

oh boy
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

And Rex Tillerson is officially confirmed as Secretary of State.
(As an aside, I'm not included in the people i mentioned. I have TriCare, I'm good2go)
No idea, but given that poor people are pretty good at avoiding paying for things where possible, I'm gonna give them the benefit of the doubt in assuming they did.
>and should not exist.
Kindly start with yourself.

>poor people need to spend money on college courses for taxation or hire an accountant in order to not be run into the ground
Ignoring that this is fucking retarded, lets go over some of these exemptions:

>You don’t have to file a tax return because your income is below the level that requires you to file.
For a single person in most cases this is if your income is below $13k you get an exception and don't have to pay a penalty. But $13k is really fucking poor considering living necessities are $60-80k in urban areas ($85k in NYC). So the only exception I know of to the penalty is essentially death.
By the way a person just over the $13k threshold is hit with a 5% tax hike, a person who earns $29k gets off with a 2.5% tax hike, and a person who earns $1mil gets a 0.2% tax penalty.
Talk about regressive taxation.

>The lowest-priced coverage available to you, through either a Marketplace or job-based plan, would cost more than 8.13% of your household income.
Essentially if your coverage would be 8% of household income and that's too much to pay, you have to pay 2.5-5% of your household income for nothing in return.

>You’re a U.S. citizen living abroad, a certain type of non-citizen, or not lawfully present.
In other words an illegal immigrant or a ridiculously rich internationalist.

>You’re incarcerated (serving a term in prison or jail)
In other words you don't get a tax penalty because you already have healthcare in prison.

>You’re a member of a recognized health care sharing ministry.
>You’re a member of a recognized religious sect with religious objections to insurance, including Social Security and Medicare.
This is actually a breach of the 1st, since congress just decided to make a law where one religion isn't penalized, while others are. The only way to apply for this one is to be part of one of those cults where everyone shares their belongings.

>You’re a member of a federally recognized tribe or eligible for services through an Indian Health Services provider.
Be Indian. Real easy for a poor person to pay for genetic engineering.

>You had a financial hardship or other circumstancess that prevented you from getting health insurance.
Having a low paying job or being poor does not count as a financial hardship, despite being financial hardships. To apply to this exemption you have to get punched by your spouse (encouraging violence wtf), you have to get your house wrecked by a hurricane, get evicted, file for bankruptcy, your state didn't expand eligibility etc.

tl;dr The only real way to get out of this as a poor person is to join a cult or get imprisoned. None of these exceptions help real people that exist.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

So all poor people are cheaters, liars, thieves, and swindlers? All poor people know how to fuck over honest, hardworking taxpayers every day of the week and thrice on Sundays? All poor people are poor because they are morally bankrupt deceivers and poverty is a moral failing rather than an economic one?

I mean, that sounds like the implication of your "poor people are pretty good at avoiding paying for things where possible" generalization. If I am wrong, by all means, say so.
Your point aside, you seem to have the Robin Hood complex. "The Poor" can speak for themselves.
And statistically, most of The Poor, per exit polls, say "Democrat please"

Except, mysteriously, most WHITE poor people

Silly anon, don't you know peoples' opinions only count if they're white in the first place? All those poor minorities who vote for democrats don't count because (thinly veiled racism-based justification)
There's something wrong with your brain, get it checked.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Just so you know, I am poor.
Trump, the essence and zenith of White culture and empty Christianity, is simply so consumed by anger over his flagging inauguration numbers that he can't do his job properly and lambasted Sean Spicer not for being the first press sec to openly lie to the press about something obvious, but for not wearing a suit that was snazzy enough.

Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that Trump has raped at least one of his wives at one point?
>Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that Trump has raped at least one of his wives at one point?

It's a matter of court record that he raped Ivanna, so no, there's not really any doubt in the minds of anyone but the alt right and head-buriers.
Freehaven, you have repeatedly demonized poor people with your incessant "crazy hobo" jokes, despite my polite asking upwards of ten times to stop.
I grew up in a house with holes in the floor, that we had to duct tape up so that weeds didn't grow into our living room. I didn't have a bed until I was 12 years old, i slept on a blanket on the floor. Any food that wasn't in a sealed container had to be held in your hand, within seconds of being put on a flat surface it was covered in roaches. My mom immediately sold her post-surgery prescription painkillers to a neighbor to make rent, and suffered in silence.
What I SAID, and what I MEANT, you ignorant sniveling shitstain, is that poor people are, by necessesity, skilled at avoiding paying for anything they aren't physically required to in order to survive.
Now shut the FUCK up with your spineless disgusting appeals for Progressive White Male brownie points, you worthless pile of waste. Get your validation elsewhere, not from taking shots at me and mine, you subhuman trash.
The only subhuman trash, friend poke, is you and your Klansmen friends and family that you've spent years defending. Fortunately, as you've all voted what little healthcare and subsidies you get away, you'll all be dying soon.
Your faux outrage is noted, and as someone who also grew up poor and continues to struggle financially, I'll note that the ACA is the only reason many of my family members have any form of insurance at all, and that several of them would have not had treatable forms of cancer detected early enough to be treated.

So call it Progressive White Male Brownie Points or whatever, but understand that your campaigning against the ACA is the same as saying you wish my family members had died because of their poverty, and maybe get off your fucking high horse. You're worse than Freehaven in pretty much every way because at least he's TRYING to think of other people with his policies (even when it's uninformed or condescending), whereas you're just using politics as an excuse to prove how much better you are than everyone else. As a poor person, I'd rather deal with well-meaning condescension than self-centered/self-aggrandizing condescension any day.
I'm not campaigning against the ACA, idiot.
Did you fail to vote against Trump/the Republicans in general? Then effectively, yes, yes you are.
You voted Green in the election and are telling everyone who voted against Trump that they're stupid for supporting the party that would've kept the ACA. Yes, you are campaigning against the ACA. And gay rights. And a functional public education system. And net neutrality. And civil rights. And women's bodily autonomy. And government transparency. And keeping money out of politics. And tax systems that are fair to lower income brackets. And pretty much everything else good and decent.
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image:148523078100.png(56kB , 400x360 , yeah_whatever.png)
>tl;dr The only real way to get out of this as a poor person is to join a cult or get imprisoned. None of these exceptions help real people that exist.

Well, you're an idiot, so here you go:


>General hardship - You experienced circumstances that prevented you from obtaining coverage under a qualified health plan, including, but not limited to, homelessness, eviction, foreclosure, domestic violence, death of a close family member, and unpaid medical bills.

>Coverage considered unaffordable based on projected income - You do not have access to coverage that is considered affordable based on your projected household income.

>Determined ineligible for Medicaid in a state that did not expand Medicaid coverage - You are determined ineligible for Medicaid solely because the State in which you live does not participate in Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act.

>Resident of a state that did not expand Medicaid - Your household income is below 138 percent of the federal poverty line for your family size and at any time during the year you reside in a state that does not participate in Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act.

oh shit i found four really easy exemptions you can apply for either by the marketplace or by the IRS woah so hard much difficult
>>Determined ineligible for Medicaid in a state that did not expand Medicaid coverage - You are determined ineligible for Medicaid solely because the State in which you live does not participate in Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act.

That one right there is probably the biggest one, to be honest. 90% of ACA complaints I've seen where the prices were too high were from people who lived in states that didn't expand Medicaid and who would've been taken care of if their State had followed federal guidelines instead of intentionally sabotaging their poor.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

And most (if not all) of the states that refused the Medicaid expansion were controlled by Republicans.
Riddle me this: If the ACA is truly progressive, why does it have a single flat rate of fee for everyone? Why does it have a fee cap whose only purpose is to defend the rich?

ACA has helped:
1. Upper class people earning over $80,000 a year.
2. Poor people if your definition of poor is the arbitrary federal definition at $10,000 a year.

ACA has hurt:
1. Anyone earning from $10k to $25k, which includes working poor and the lower class, are being turboraped to death.
2. With gentle rapings for those earning $25k to $80k, which includes the lower middle and the middle class.
How many of these two groups are there? Enough to swing the rust belt to Republican for the first time in 55 years.

>And a functional public education system
Cease your posturing and watch the video here >>413024 you might be in danger of learning something.

None of those are "easy exceptions", none of them help the majority of poor people, and all of those were addressed in the comment you're responding to.

Three states that refused Medicaid expansion are Democrat, there is more to this than party lines. You don't understand what the medicaid "expansion" is, the word expansion is literally used to hide the massive contraction in coverage. All states used permit medicaid based on income, household size, disability, family status, and other factors. In other words Medicaid was granded according to need. Medicaid "expansion" forced states to permit people access based solely on income status, not their medical need, according to an arbitrary number of 133% of the federal poverty line. This left millions of people without Medicaid coverage, forcing them to sign on with ****drumroll please**** The Affordable Care Act. A few states saw that this is unfair and immoral, it excludes millions of people who depend on medicaid for basic survival, and to then PUNISH these people again for living in a state which "expanded" their medicaid is even worse, so they decided not to take the ACA. That's basically the exception to ACA buttfucking, your state telling ACA to fuck off.
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image:148523572500.jpg(467kB , 1497x1816 , ACA Repeal consequences.jpg)
The actual results of any theoretical ACA repeal, free of /pol/ Alt-Facts.
I check this silly thread from time to time to see just how buttmad certain posters can get. Thanks for the video, will watch later.
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image:148527166500.jpg(41kB , 500x478 , bongled your bangles.jpg)
>If the ACA is truly progressive, why does it have a single flat rate of fee for everyone?

Because it doesn't. Again, you're an idiot.

>The penalty’s cost is calculated in one of two ways: You’ll either pay a percentage of your total household adjusted gross income — which you’ll figure on your annual tax return — or a flat rate, whichever is greater.

You deserved to be poor and still deserve to be poor because you are the kind of person that turns into a bad person from duress. Some people become kinder and more understanding via poor circumstances, some turn into sadistic assholes that hurt the innocent.

>My mom immediately sold her post-surgery prescription painkillers to a neighbor to make rent, and suffered in silence.

That's what she gets for not voting democrat (this is all assuming she did not vote or voted republican, which is a safe assumption). Not voting for gay rights, secularism, abortion rights, expanded healthcare and worker rights should bring suffering. I would administer the suffering myself if reality didn't do it for me. I hate your mom and laugh at her struggles.
>You deserved to be poor and still deserve to be poor because you are the kind of person that turns into a bad person from duress. Some people become kinder and more understanding via poor circumstances, some turn into sadistic assholes that hurt the innocent.
I'd rather be surrounded by people who are kind and understanding beause I prevent them from being under duress than by sadistic assholes who are that way because I gave them what I thought they deserve.
You are an impressively large bag of hot air.
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image:148527565900.jpg(65kB , 600x455 , trolling2.jpg)

Question, do you think anyone actually thinks you're a real democrat, /pol/-kun? I mean, you lay it on pretty thick with the "throw all ze poor people into the ovens who didn't vote for me!" schtick.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
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image:148528510200.gif(511kB , 275x150 , [Anime] {Ghost in the Shell SAC} Self-Punch.gif)
The percentage is the flat rate, you fucking idiot. Its a rate, which is the same for everyone, at 2.5%.

The thing that retard calls a flat rate is not a flat rate, but a lower limit of $650, THE ONLY PURPOSE OF WHICH IS TO PUNISH PEOPLE EARNING UNDER $25K.

Did you just call a retard on your own side /pol/-kun?
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image:148529152700.png(547kB , 500x281 , CelestiaHasAMessageForYou.png)

It's called false flagging dude, most of us here are familiar with it. You're pretty bad at it though (seriously? "sides"? Like this is some sort of football game with two opposing teams?). I'm not entirely surprised that you're so bad at it because you are an idiot who seem to have difficulties grasping even the basic difference between a flat rate and a percentage of your income. Yes, $695 is the floor if you don't qualify for an exception. 2.5% of your income is the rate you're charged above the floor. That means if you make more money and aren't buying insurance, your penalty is higher than if you're making less money and not buying insurance. But if you can't afford health insurance due to your economic circumstances, there are options to avoid the penalty. If you can afford Health Insurance, it is the stick to get you to acquire it, so we stop having uninsured people going to hospitals, racking up bills they can't pay, which forces hospitals to pawn the expenses off onto other patients.
One National Park is defying Dear Leader's demands that they silence themselves. Naturally, this is going to give national parks and Dear Leader's threat to them more attention, and will give more attention to the climate facts said account is tweeting.

Smart stuff. We need more disobeying and civil resistance.
No dude, I'm not false flagging. The insane people posting here are genuinely on YOUR side. This dude has been posting insanity for six consecutive threads now, it's not just this one, just scroll through any of the autosaged politics threads. This is how fucking crazy your side GENUINELY is. Consider fixing it.
>The insane people posting here are genuinely on YOUR side

See, that's how we can tell it's just you false-flagging. You're obsessed with sides, same as the """"democrat""" poster who is sooooo mad at poor people and third party members who didn't vote for Hillary. But you have to have figured out by now that nobody is buying it.
The White race is represented by a mentally ill man. He thinks he got crowds he didn't and that millions of people voted illegally because it is impossible for him to lose the popular vote. He is mentally ill. White men picked a mentally ill man to lead their country.

YOUR side is genuinely crazy. And aesthetically repulsive in every way.
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video:148529428100.webm(1.12MB , 320x180 , Democratic Party 2017.webm)
Oh great, did I infiltrate the Democratic party as well, retard? Am I falseflagging thousands of videos coming out showing Democratic party is full of people who should be receiving mental care?

By the way I'm not this person >>413079, in fact this person is the crazy fucker that wrote >>413065 I guarnfuckingtee. Call moose or some mod to confirm.

You're acting like a caricature of what you stand against. While there are dumb liberals (Stone has done far more damage to the democrats' image here than you possibly could with your ludicrous posts), you tip your hand by showing no ability to work in nuance. And frankly I have no doubt you're using your phone to post to mask IPs, I mean that's one of the reasons how /pol/ posters on the main chan are so good at ban-evading, the majority of them are phone-posters.

Anyways, check this out:


I wonder if Trump suffers from dementia?
Trump needs mental care. He went in front of the CIA and used their wall of people who died in public service as a prop. He is a moral nullity. He is morally blind. Wanting his supporters to die is completely normal. This is not about disagreements over a three-pooint increase in a tariff on cookies. This is about one side wanting to give power to a human, and the other side wanting to give power to an insect.
Republicans already elected a guy with Alzheimer's, and another with post-narcotic mental dysfunctions. Next up is pathological narcissism and sociopathy.

Maybe next time they will get someone with OCD who woos White voters by promising to personally find all 35 fake voters between 2000-2015 and give each a hearing that lasts longer than Benghazi.
> And frankly I have no doubt you're using your phone to post to mask IPs
Jesus fucking christ you're deluded. If you can't see shit staring you in the face then nothing, absolutely nothing will stop the democratic party from running itself into the ground, just as the Labor party did.

Slowpoke was right.
>absolutely nothing will stop the democratic party from running itself into the ground

Nothing but constantly sucking the dick of every White male voter in the rust belt/Appalacians even if they demand that the party declare police violence, abortion access and discrimination of LGBT Americans to be UNCLEAN TOPICS that cannot be debated under pain of ousting from the party.

"See what you neoliberals should have done is to have decided Clinton's victory due to a 75-25 margin among non-Whites to be annulled because that wouldn't have had any negative effects at all. The non-Whites would have fallen in line behind Sanders because they only have a binary choice. Also how dare you neolibs take our votes for granted just because the election is a binary choice?!"
You don't have to suck their dick, you just have to not look down on them, attack them, ignore them..... but what are the chances of that. Your party is fucked.

>even if they demand
>long ass straw speech
I double dog dare you to find me one registered democrat from the rust belt who demanded these things.

Too hard for you to admit you fucked over the rust belt for no valid reason, isn't it.

I doubt even Slowpoke believes your pathetic charade, man. I mean you "two totally different posters" are always posting at near the same time, gosh it's so weird what a coincidence that is.

Like, I hesitate to give you actual trolling advice but like you could at least have your "Fanatical Democrat" sock puppet espouse some actual positive democrat party platforms along with his rants, you know, mix it up a bit from the whole "whites gotta die!" strawman rants. Might make him seem like a more authentic character, you know?
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image:148529705800.png(11kB , 745x543 , Screenshot at 2017-01-24 17-29-11.png)
Oh and by the way the Unions and their members plus Bernie and his supporters are all getting onboard the Trump train. Turns out they hate getting fucked over too.

You can't keep fucking people without getting fucked back, you get what you give.
>you just have to not look down on them, attack them, ignore them
Works for republicans.
lol I wonder how you feel that even people on your side think you're not real.

>I double dog dare you to find me one registered democrat from the rust belt who demanded these things.

They've told us repeatedly they hate the left because some on the left disliked when they wanted to rape a woman for having opinions about video game tiddys. And the rust belters constantly whine about cops being demonized, coal jobs not being subsidized etc.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Yeah, so, this is just a bit worrying.
>lol I wonder how you feel that even people on your side think you're not real.

This is because they don't care enough about innocent people to get upset when people vote to hurt them.

Bernie being against the TPP isn't news, dude. Everyone knew that and he still ran as a democrat because on the majority of issues he aligns closer to the left than to the right. There are democrats and republicans who support the TPP and there are those on both parties who are against it. Hell, just look at Rubio flippin' and floppin' on the issue.

Also, "Trump Train"? It's kind of hilarious you guys named yourself after a mode of transportation in America that lags behind the rest of the Western World. You guys sure you don't wanna workshop it a bit more? There's still time, you can call yourself the "Trump Truck"! You'll give anyone a lift (provided they give Trump a blowjob first).
Clinton was against the TPP as Obama was ready to sign it.

But, much like the fact that she (and sixteen other agencies) signed off on a plutonium deal that involved Canadian (not just Russian) actors is the kind of nuance that Whitemen on the internet just CANNOT get into their heads. Or the fact that she was against Citizens United day one and wanted a constitutional amendment for that. The Whitemen needed a Cruella DeVil that they could fight in their own personal epics, because the left exists only as a performative arena for Whitemen.
Look as fun and inevitable as Republicans dying because they voted away their healthcare is, we have to focus on the actual issue: Leftists who failed to show because Liberals weren't ideologically pure enough for them. Bernie Bros are traitors just as much as Corbynistas were to Labour and we need to make sure they understand the cost their inflexibility has inflicted on the country.
Corbyn's problem is he wants to accomplish a lot but actually doesn't want to be a vocal opposition. And he refuses to admit that he either has to be strongly pro-Brexit and then explain why, or strongly anti-Brexit and then explain why. He is trying to just sneak by the issue but then he'll end up angering one half of the party without having a rationale.

Smae problem for the left in the US. One half thinks being poor or uneducated means you can be forgiven for embracing massive bigots or actual fascists (which the left can't do because leftists cannot tolerate misogyny, racism, homophobia or braying, mindless antisecularism), and the other half can't explain to them that there is an alternative but it takes some consistent voting and organizing.

If you're a vet who voted for Trump, please tell me all about your suffering in as much detail as you can.
"People from Syria, Saudi Arabia etc. are really bad and shouldn't come here because they don't like science, gay people, women's rights and secularism."

*votes for men that dislike science, gay people, women's rights and secularism*

"How dare you think I'm bad in any way."

You know, if the Republicans just HAD to have a deranged right wing lunatic tear down the country, at least it's one that will embarrass them domestically and internationally in every possible way.
Federal funds are paying for the wall.

If someone gave all the young people guns and said they could get Sanders the presidency with a friendly congress if they all went to war with the boomers, it would probably be less costly for the young people in the long run.

there is so much going on here
Ongoing list of agencies affected:


Incidentally, /pol/-kun's "the left are the TRUE fascists" line gets more absurd by the hour
>Corbyn's problem is he wants to accomplish a lot but actually doesn't want to be a vocal opposition.
That's because Corbyn is and always has been a piece of garbage and, here's the open secret: has been a Leaver the whole time. He opposed JOINING the fucking thing, of course he undermined the Remain campaign (the docs getting pulled from his desk that proved it were the least surprising revelation).

So even though the Courts have opened the gate for Labour and the SANE conservatives to throw out what was only ever an advisory referendum whose results have always been under scrutiny,
Corbyn is trying to crackdown on any Labour members who might vote against it, insisting that any shadow ministers would have to resign their bench seats.
B-b-but the LADS don't like the poles coming over to scrub toilets!
>Incidentally, /pol/-kun's "the left are the TRUE fascists" line gets more absurd by the hour
>what is the horseshoe theory?
Seems to be working so far.

Yes, facts. And?
Reminder that every person talking about voter fraud (except Trump) knows better but really wouldn't mind if non-Whites couldn't vote.

If they aren't laughing at the notion, they want to keep non-Whites from voting.
Yeah yeah, whites are ze deville.
Only Whites that make unfounded claims about voter fraud in order to make it harder for non-Whites to vote.
Also Whites and non-Whites that are anti-abortion, anti-LGBT rights and anti-secular. They are all better off as mulch.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
In "freedom of religion" news, the Satanic Temple is one step closer to getting its statue of Baphomet placed on government property.

>Clinton was against the TPP
Erasing history already I see.

You are assuming that everyone with a darker shade of skin color is an illegal immigrant, which is racist beyond belief. Most people of color come from families that have been American for generations.

But lets set aside your casual racism for now.... The only reason we have voting is "no taxation without representation" So why would I let a person who doesn't pay taxes get to vote on how those taxes are distributed? If illegal migrants want to vote, let them get a work visa and pay taxes first.

>inb4 buh buh visas are haaaard!
It's always easier to do something illegally, how often do you just leave a supermarket or a hardware store without paying though?

Now see there's no problem with that, it triggers Christians but the truth is that if Satanists have a significant population in that town, they can vote in city council to put in whatever statue they want.
Illegals can't vote though. They don't have the documentation for voter registration. The author of the latest Pew study says there is no voter fraud.

Whites who say illegals vote are actually just trying to purge voter registrations and make it harder to register and vote in areas with fewer White people. For that, they should be killed.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

And the only reason Trump even wants to do a new investigation of voter fraud — only in states he lost, by the way — is to either shrink or wipe out Hillary Clinton's popular vote win. He is that fucking insecure.
And he will keep it going until he gets the results he demands, even if it takes falsifying of data and evidence. Because he is White culture personified.
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video:148538739700.webm(2.58MB , 640x360 , Obama)
There is literally a video of Obama encouraging illegal immigrants to vote.

>They don't have the documentation for voter registration.
According to voter registration act of 1993, it's possible to register with a library card, or at a library BEFORE getting a library card. There are also cases of voters with zero ID being registered and allowed to vote.

If you think this is some kind of hurdle you're just naive.

>Whites who say
If asians and POC complain will you shut up?

The entire purpose of voter registration is so the REGISTRY can be checked for flaws and issues. People of all colors and creeds that say we shouldn't do an audit are simply scared that the politicians they support might be relying on a huge voter base that aren't even citizens.

And if there's no issue with illegals voting for Hillary, then why cry about it? You guys were gung-ho for a fraud investigation when Hillary and Stein were being funded by Soros to do it, what's the reason for flip flopping-now?? Does Soros have such a fine tuned control of your brain?
I got Bingo!
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>You guys were gung-ho for a fraud investigation

No, we were gung-ho for a proper recount of votes in states with slim margins of victory for Trump. Once the interference of Russia came to light, sure, some people called for fraud investigations. But without any widespread evidence of voting or electoral fraud, there is no reason to believe it happened in the numbers that Trump is suggesting. (And by the way: Of the actual in-person voter fraud cases in the 2016 election, most of them involved Trump supporters.)

Trump has only one reason to suggest his victory is somehow tainted by voter fraud and launch an investigation into states he did not win: ego. He is a sore winner because he won the election but technically lost the popular vote; the number of illegal votes he believes were cast comes out to about his loss margin in the popular vote. And if he truly believes the vote count was influenced by illegal votes, why did he have his legal team argue that there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud in a brief filed against Jill Stein's recount efforts?

Oh, and one more thing. Trump himself said people who are registered in two states committed voter fraud. So what are the chances Trump will investigate Steven Mnuchin, who is registered to vote in two states? What are the chances he will investigate Steve Bannon, who was registered to vote in two states prior to today? And what are the chances he will investigate his own daughter, Tiffany, who was (and might still be) registered to vote in both New York (where she cast her vote) and Pennsylvania?
You have a mental disorder.

And then when proper recount was done and Hillary started losing votes in certain areas
You guys suddenly lost the willpower to search for truth.

Quelle surprise.
>You have a mental disorder.
Oooooo DOUBLE bingo

Like most goblins, the Trumper fears sunlight, ergo we must keep it shining on them so they continue to flee


and yell at those fucking dithering Senate Dems if you're in their district to stop making compromises that the Republicans were singularly unwilling to make when they were in minority
>There is literally a video of Obama encouraging illegal immigrants to vote

Then prosecute him, White trash.
>If you think this is some kind of hurdle

Republicans would not care about voter ID if it wasn't a hurdle, since there is no voter fraud. Well, there is voter fraud, in the same sense that that there is LOTS of gold in all the bodies of water on the planet put together.

There is no voter fraud. There are four lights. Trump's inauguration did not have the biggest audience of all inaugurations. We have not always been at war with Eastasia.

If you can't say this out loud, your brain cannot absorb empirical reality, only bullets.
So how does the alt-right justify openly considering "antifa" (short for "anti-fascist") a snarl word? Now not only is being in favor of social justice a contemptible thing, so is being opposed to fascism?

And of course fence-sitting golden mean assholes are going to come in with "Both sides are bad"ism to explain why, no, really, fascism is not really any worse than giving people shit for saying "nigger" because god forbid they actually admit that the world being made of shades of gray means that there aren't some shades that are darker than others.
It's not a crime to encourage people to commit crimes. It's just a shit thing to do... which happens to prove the Democrats support MASSIVE SCALE voter fraud.

Voter ID is a bit different than getting a library card, or being signed up without ID.
>There is literally a video of Obama encouraging illegal immigrants to vote.
Is it a different one? Because he's not doing that in the one you posted.
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image:148541521000.jpg(606kB , 1200x800 , phpB7uac4)
>social justics is just because it has justice in the name
>anti fascism is against fascism because it has anti and fascism in the name
Tell me, do you think the Democratic Republic of North Korea is a democratic republic?

>Both sides are bad
Antifa is the only group I've seen stealing cameras, stealing laptops and bags, smashing people in the head with wrenches, throwing rocks at cops, looting, rioting, wrecking cars and businesses, committing arson, spitting at passersby, jaywalking or generally acting like an utter waste of space. So who exactly is the other side that you think is as bad as antifa?

And before you start whining about early 20th century political movements, prove this car belonged to a fascist so we can both enjoy wrecking it. Until then you're just a French mental case tilting at windmills and smashing innocent people in the face.
Smashing Democratic Hillary-voting Washintonians in the face in fact.
Because you're too much of a little bitch to come riot in Arkansas, West Virginia, Wyoming, Idaho, Alaska, Montana or Plaaaaaano Texas where you might get more than your fee-fees hurt for your behavior.
Keep burning Democrat cars in gun free cities my crazy little friends :^) but don't pretend you're smashing feudalism or that it makes you a good person.
>It's not a crime to encourage people to commit crimes
You might want to check the law books again, fam. It absolutely IS against the law to encourage people to break the law. And it makes you an accomplice to whatever crime they commit, besides. The supreme court has even specifically said it's not protected by the first amendment.

You just love to continually show off how little you know, don't you?

Conway, perhaps the ugliest woman of the decade, is gruesomely fact-mutilsted by Lugenpresse authoritarian Matt Lauer. Look away Republicans, a blonde unintelligent woman, the thing you value the most, is challenged by a citizen.

There is no voter fraud.
We have millions of republicans arguing that somehow millions of people broke the law in order to give Clinton the popular vote victory.

"While we have no idea how Phillips arrived at his claim that 3-million noncitizens voted, people who have made similar claims in the past have cited a 2014 report that claims 6.4 percent of non-citizens voted in 2008 and 2.2 percent of non-citizens voted in 2010 midterm congressional elections.

That report was based on data from a Harvard survey of people. But the data was flawed, which created flaws in the subsequent report.

The authors of the survey say a small percentage of respondents, who are citizens, accidentally misidentified themselves as noncitizens on the survey. This is because the respondents didn’t read the question carefully and accidentally selected the wrong response to the question.

How do researchers know this? One of the authors of the survey, Brian Schaffner, said people changed their answers later when they were asked about their citizenship.

"When we took out people who changed their answer on the citizenship question and only look at people who answered consistently that they were noncitizens, we found no reported noncitizens who voted," Schaffner told PolitiFact.

Other research contradicts Phillips’ tweet.

News 21, a national investigative reporting project funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, found just 56 cases of noncitizens voting between 2000 and 2011.

A report by the liberal Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law found that most cases of noncitizens voting were accidental. "Although there are a few recorded examples in which noncitizens have apparently registered or voted, investigators have concluded that they were likely not aware that doing so was improper," reads the 2007 report.

States that have tried to purge noncitizens from voter rolls, meanwhile, have found even government data lacking.

In 2012, Florida Governor Rick Scott’s administration started an effort trying to crack down on noncitizens voting by comparing driver's license data against voter rolls.

Through this process the Florida Department of State created a list of 182,000 potential noncitizens that had voted. That number was whittled down to 2,700, then to about 200 before the purge was stopped amid criticism that the data was flawed given the number of false positives — including a Brooklyn-born World War II vet.

Ultimately, only 85 people were removed from the voting rolls. State officials began to pursue a second attempt at a purge in advance of the 2014 election but then abandoned that effort, too.

Richard Hasen, an election law expert at the University of California, Irvine, called Phillips’ claim "fake news."

"There is no credible evidence I have seen to show large numbers of noncitizens voting in U.S. elections anywhere," Hasen said. "The idea that 3 million noncitizens could have illegally voted in our elections without being detected is obscenely ludicrous.""

Millions of republicans are mentally ill, and need to be put away or put down before the voices in their heads tell them all muslims are about to receive order 66 from George Soros.
The ENTIRE State Departmen senior management level just resigned in unison.

These are the guys that don't change depending on the party of the president. That's a lot of experience gone. These people are more afraid of an authoritarian, anti-American president having a functioning government than a the nation having a non-functional government.

I miss having a mentally sound president
Reminder: The people that repeat the leader's Big Lie do so because their egos will not permit admission that they have been massively duped and acted like submental children. They feel good being loyal, and also feel happy in the fact that their repetitiion of something they OBVIOUSLY don't know is true scares and nauseates the people they hate. They actively enjoy debasing themselves and showing themselves as mindless acolytes when they repeat the Big Lie.

Arguing with them or dressing them down does not work, because they can just apply the cretin's veto to all you pinpointing of evidence or lack thereof. You can only kill them, silence them or drown them out with volume and repetition of your own. The people who claim there is massive voter fraud will never do more than provide Alex Jones links or something of that quality, as a perfunctory method of arguing.

Don't get upset at their lying, don't give them the satisfaction of spending a lot of time arguing with them because they enjoy wasting your time and then just repeating the Big Lie again. Just put their names down, walk away, and plan revenge and retaliatory propaganda of your own.
>dozens of bureaucrats fired
Cleaning the swamp in a BIG LEAGUE way.

>That's a lot of experience gone.
Bwahahahahaha their experience is in destroying countries, selling out America, engineering worldwide suppression of the lower class, exploiting countries and preventing their development...

The human species could stand losing A LOT of that experience.
please /pol/-kun, it's spelled Bigly
>Arguing with them is DANGEROUS, they might pop our bubble!
>dressing them down does not work, they don't submit and shut up like the rest of the world!
Imagine a worldview so fragile that it has to self-segregate to survive.

That's some next level cult shit!

Go build a compound in the desert if you want a safe space, the real world is going to keep being full of facts that counter your narrative.

It's funny that this is the only response you had to that comment.
>It's funny that this is the only response you had to that comment.
it's about the only one worth giving
lol Ryan disconnected his phones due to flooding

people are instead faxing him
Turns out Mexico is not paying for the wall. All consumers and companies that need or usually get products from Mexico will. This will of course damage both countries' economies only to stop an influx of immigrants that is at very low levels compared to previous decades.

Also, a majority of his fans think he should get to have a private email server, because they're animals.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>Imagine a worldview so fragile that it has to self-segregate to survive.

So..."Middle America"?
Trump will cut funding to an organization that fights female genitalmutilationmutilation, child marriage and natality-related deaths because it uses the word abortion.

Because a majority of White Americans hate women just as much as IS, just in different ways.
save file
image:148546778800.png(2kB , 215x360 , CRraAAaaZZzzyy.png)

>President Trump is poised to sign an executive order that would suspend all entry to the U.S. from seven Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East, according to a draft proposal obtained by Bloomberg News. His proposed list doesn’t include Muslim-majority countries where his Trump Organization has done business or pursued potential deals.
It's almost as if everyone who didn't vote Clinton is an eternal retard of epochal severity.

BREAKING: UW student trying to start alt-right group pleaded guilty to arson of black churches

This is why we punch, terrorize, silence, boycott, doxx and insult all nazis and their enablers. This is why libertarians, their best friends and defenders, are just as dangerous to the modern world. This is why only pathetic losers blubber about a few burning trash cans and smashed windows.
Conway has so many bad points you could criticize. Could you please not advance the meme that a professional woman's appearance is in any way relevant to a discussion of her? Talk about her complete lack of integrity, her ability to look a person in the eye and lie to their faces, or the fact that she's subservient to a weak, senile old rapist. Not whether or not you'd bang her.
I don't care if a homophobic or misogynist black person gets called a n***er by every White person they encounter. I don't care if a miosgynist, anti-secular or homophobic muslim gets bacon thrown at their feet. I don't care if a fascist woman is dehumanized or objectified.
>I don't care if a fascist woman is dehumanized or objectified.
I believe their point is more that it's far better to attack her on, ya know, being a Fascist.
Attacking Conway's looks, rather than her policies and actions, make it clear that the primary attribute of all women, in your mind, is fuckability. So let's not pretend this is about "fascist women."
Or maybe it makes it clear that anything that is insulting or dehumanizing towards bad people is automatically good.

A human that lets itself be discriminated has no dignity or value. Black person that votes for people that want to keep black people from voting? Woman that thinks she is worth less than a zygote? I don't care how you show your hate for them, as long as you hate them.
save file
video:148547319000.webm(225kB , 320x240 , you niggas are crazy.webm)
what the fuck is wrong with you people
>Turns out Mexico is not paying for the wall. All consumers and companies that need or usually get products from Mexico will.
It's amazing how you can figure that out, but you can't figure out that corporate taxes are simply erased by reducing pay for workers and increasing prices for consumer.

Or that even if that didn't happen the taxes would be borne by the owners of the corporation.... ie the shareholder, which is your average grandma with a retirement plan.
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image:148547452900.jpg(74kB , 683x850 , Mirror_baby.jpg)
Hey dumbass, this has been done before with Iran and many other countries.

Protesting decisions just because Trump does them makes you look like you don't actually care about the decisions, you only care that Trump made it.

It's a reverse-personality cult.

White leftist that hates white people and lets himself be dehumanized?

>yfw youre not even self aware enough to pass a mirror test but still want to engage in political discourse
But that money can be used to help workers and consumers in other ways. It also has the added bonus of lowering the wealth and power of the rich, protecting us from their constant attempts to ruin our lives.

Also, corporate taxes do not spark trade wars and hit some companies and sectors far more than others. Tariffs do.

Also, the GOP wants to assault social security and 401Ks the way redpillers want to assault all women with haircuts they disapprove of. Also, old people mostly voted Trump and I sincerely hope said Trump voters are reduced to cheap diapers and catfood.
>reducing pay for workers and increasing prices for consumer
Ah yes, sensible policies for a happier Britain America
No leftist politician wants to discriminate against men or White people. While all republican politicians want to target non-Whites or women. Nice try, Gummo.

>Trump pressured Park Service to back up his claims about inauguration crowd

He is a boy. We went from one of the greatest self-made men in US history to a mentally ill boy, thanks to White male voters who are only fit for menial jobs, paying taxes and spawning new taxpayers.
>this has been done before with Iran and many other countries


course you probably think politifact is biased lefty lies too

good job ignoring trump's flagrant exemption for his foreign business interests too, but i guess that just makes your bothsidesism fall apart
>course you probably think politifact is biased lefty lies too

What the White object will do is that he will post an infographic showing how the people behind Politifact get money from some foundation or company that is automatically bad, which somehow means the links to data, evidence, studies and independent sources included in that Politifact article are automatically erased from existence.

Then the thing, whose stupid, welfare-grubbing ugly mother probably thinks Jade Helm and knock-out games were a thing, is going to say "Sure bud ;)" and then go back to playing CS:GO or some strategy game.
save file
image:148547712400.jpg(35kB , 589x521 , holy fucking shit we are living in the best times now.jpg)

Nevermind, it's a shop.
>Protesting decisions just because Trump does them makes you look like you don't actually care about the decisions, you only care that Trump made it.
Sounds more like what republicans did with Obama. Pointing out that a decision seems blatantly swayed more by the interests of businesses owned by the decision maker than by national interests is in fact a complaint about the decision itself, not just the person making the decision.
Not to mention, the Republicans have proved that that particular strategy plays dividends--do nothing but throw tantrums for the entire time a president you don't like is in office, and you can get even an incompetent old man suffering from Alzheimer's, and with the lowest approval ratings in history this early in a term, elected. Why should we ever even consider "being the bigger man" when they've shown that childishness and incompetence is sound political strategy?
See >>413172
>What the White object
The left is racist and evil at its core, any white person that supports it is suicidal. I don't want bad things to happen to them though, like this >>413163 joker, I just feel bad about it.

Yes and that was retarded. Their behavior is why the Republicans lost this election as much as Democrats.

It's funny that you think Trump is Republican, but he's actually more liberal on his issues than half the Democrats.
Although the problem there is more that the Democratic party is shifting further to the right, and all the way into fascism in some cases.
>Hurr durr, Trump totally isn't a republican you gaiz. Republicans didn't win, and I and my cronies didn't give the country to them on a silver plate to do with what they will! #alternatefacts #maga #otherhashtagsbeingusedtoimplythepersonI'mmockingwiththisgreentextiscompletelystupid
>Republicans lost
Trump voters can't do math
>But that money can be used to help workers and consumers in other ways. It also has the added bonus of lowering the wealth and power of the rich, protecting us from their constant attempts to ruin our lives.
This applies to tariffs on Mexican imports. It affects corporations like Ford and Bayer who set up in Mexico because slave labor is cheaper, and the money from the tariff will be used to finally seal off the border.

>assault all women with haircuts they disapprove of
I'm sorry... what?! The redpillers get their hair cut in ways that women disapprove of, and then the redpillers smash women with the new haircuts? Learn to write goddamn it.

>old people mostly voted Trump
Yeah no shit, they have almost a century of experience.

>I sincerely hope said Trump voters are reduced to cheap diapers and catfood
Well you know what, I hjpe you have to pay more for your iPhone, because slave labor is wrong.

>I just feel bad about it.
America spends billions of dollars on endangered species like Pandas, but here we have a race of people going extinct and no one seems to care
save file
image:148549345300.png(157kB , 565x539 , phpsFlu5s)
save file
image:148549432100.png(258kB , 508x354 , phpUpcue4)
Leftists are trying to do memes.
save file
image:148549477600.jpg(138kB , 756x443 , Politifact.jpg)
>course you probably think politifact is biased lefty lies too
What? Politifact? Noooooooo, they're completely unbiased.
/pol/-kun you fucking retard, it says right there in the article that number is "extrapolation"

Don't try bringing facts to a fiction fight. Pol-kun only deals in ALTERNATIVE facts.
So then you're saying that even if your made-up bullshit were true, she would still have beaten Trump by 220,000 votes in the popular.
>a race of people going extinct
Races are largely social constructs anyway--the English, for example, would rarely consider themselves to be the same race as the Polish. In America, we tend to split people into "Black / White / Asian / Hispanic" and a few others that make up about 1% of the population combined. (Also, hispanic is often not considered its own race, being a subclass of other races, but this is hardly universal even in the US).

The only "race" that's particularly endangered in the US is native Americans. And surprise surprise, Donald Trump is helping to make things worse with the DACL bullshit he's pulling, and the people on his side of the aisle are engaging in chemical warfare against the native protesters.

Somehow I'm guessing that's not the race you're talking about. You seem to be worried that the race that makes up a larger portion of the population than any other might one day in many, many generations no longer make up the largest portion of the population. And even if that were true--that's only because the population of other races is going up, not because the population of white people is going down. And the only reason to be worried about no longer making up the majority is....you know how YOU treat minorities, and don't want to be treated that way some day.
>in the popular
Gee it's a good thing direct democracy THE SHITTIEST FORM OF GOVERNMENT hasn't been a thing for the last 12,000 years.
A: that's super not the case (hell there are still places run with it today, like 2 of the Swiss Cantons) and B: in what universe is the citizens electing a leader direct democracy

Oh and of course C: if it's so unimportant that he lost it why are you and he so obsessed with saying he didn't hm?
save file
image:148552019700.png(107kB , 2000x2000 , wojak - Copy.png)
>you will be able to tell people's grandchildren you were alive during WWIII
feels good man
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
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image:148553895100.jpg(13kB , 1200x1200 , C3MY07vWIAEiCda.jpg)
Trump actually had his hand photoshopped to appear larger.

Not a joke, not a gag.

in which the Republicans, despite having one overriding demand for 6 years, confirm that no, they have no actual game plan and that victory has completely shattered their coalition
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Fucking Christ, this man has unfettered access to the fucking nuclear codes. We will be lucky if the GOP actually grows the balls to do something about that.
save file
image:148555192700.jpg(66kB , 800x430 , C3L1hvyXUAEArMt.jpg-large.jpeg)
>that feeling when you realize you meme'd too hard and are now being exposed
It's also your face when you owe 100k in unpaid taxes

sounds like he still has the claque attending every presser too
>Races are largely social constructs anyway
lol.... just lol... I bet you think sex is a social construct too.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Race is a social construct, though. The definition of "White people" has expanded to include groups once considered their own race (e.g., the Irish) so the then-current group of White people could have more White people on their side.

And biological sex is not a social construct, but gender identity is, since it is based in part on how we perceive gender through social cues (e.g., "real men don't cry").
A persons race can be determined from a sample of their genetic material, or from examining their bones. Race is a biological and scientific construct, my ignorant friend.

>"White people"
This is an ethnicity in USA, it is made up of European Christian immigrants, and one becomes a member of it when one abandons their roots (as the Irish did) and joins the melting pot. The nearest race I think you might be looking for is Caucasian.

>has expanded to include groups once considered their own race (e.g., the Irish
An analogy for your "counterargument": At one point we thought the world was flat, now we think its round, therefore the planet is a social construct.

Gender also is not a social construct, it is based entirely on our biology and how our biology forces us to interact. For example,
>social cues (e.g., "real men don't cry").
Are you aware men have biologically longer tear ducts? That women have histologially different looking tear glands? That estrogen produces more erratic emotions? That the female hormone cycle creates violent and disruptive changes in her mental state?

Don't get mad if you cry a lot though, you might just be a man with a less than healthy endocrine system. With all the chemicals we're pumping out into the environment it's not your fault.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>A persons race can be determined from a sample of their genetic material

You are thinking of ethnicity. Yes, a person from a specific ethnic group — or a descendant of one such group — can have specific genetic markers found in that group. But race is near-strictly about the color of one's skin, not about genetic ethnicity. In that sense, "Whiteness" is not about where someone is from, but whether their skin has an acceptable amount of melanin in it. Going back to the Irish example: Irish immigrants to America were treated pretty goddamned poorly until they sufficiently proved their "whiteness" to the existing group of White people. There was no "genetic testing" that said "Irish people are White"; it was a social change, and it was done largely to boost the numbers of White people so that non-Whites would have an even greater obstacle to overcome in re: gaining full civil rights.

>At one point we thought the world was flat, now we think its round, therefore the planet is a social construct.

Except no. The shape of the world is a scientific fact proven by centuries of research and, most importantly, people observing the world from space. "Race is a social construct" refers to the idea that race, not ethnicity, is largely constructed from our ideas of people based only on their skin color or generalized ethnic heritage. A person may be ethnically African, but when they arrive in the United States, they are Black. Someone from South Korea is considered Asian when they come to America.

Of course, under such a social construct, White Americans benefit the most. White supremacy is what this country was built on — everyone from the colonists to the Founding Fathers helped build this country with the forced labor of Black slaves and a foundation of Native American bodies. Being "White" is a social construct designed to privilege those considered "White". The Irish were considered "non-White" until they were sufficiently racist towards other non-Whites, at which point the Irish were simply "White", no questions asked.

>Gender also is not a social construct

No, biological sex is not a social construct. Gender identity is. Gender identity is based, in part, on how we perceive our gender in relation to social cues that we see every day. Such cues are not limited to axioms like "real men don't cry" — they are present in the blue-and-pink dichotomy that segregates toys by gender, or the idea that certain kinds of clothing are for one gender (e.g. "real men don't wear dresses"). Toys and clothes are inanimate objects; they do not (and cannot) care who uses them. A man could actually wear a dress all he wants, but most men do not wear dresses because of the social cues surrounding clothing (i.e., the idea that a man who wears a dress is a "faggot").
save file
image:148556603200.jpg(93kB , 688x549 , WorldGenetics-Chart-1.jpg)
>You are thinking of ethnicity
No I'm thinking of race, YOU are thinking of ethnicity.

>race is near-strictly about the color of one's skin
Do you think skin color happens accidentally? That there aren't genes involved?

IS NOT A RACE, IT IS AN ETHNICITY. I already said this, are you trolling me?

>Such cues are not limited to axioms like "real men don't cry"
Clearly not since that's not a social cue, it's a biological fact. Another thing I said which you seem to deny ever happened, second troll attempt from a fucking JANITOR.

>blue-and-pink dichotomy
Is a fashion fad that stopped being popular almost 70 years ago, it has nothing to do with gender any more than top hats do.

>real men don't wear dresses
Again a cultural issue, not a gender issue. Scottish men wear dresses. Men in most of East Asia wear dresses. Men in middle east and Africa wear dresses. Nothing to do with gender my friend.

There is some evidence to suggest toy choice is biological
The Sneaky Tiki

Trump has no idea what BEING a Christian means.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM


Then where does Whites come from? Where is Whiteland? Show me the great land of White people on the map of the world, son.
I explained it up here >>413202 are you illiterate?

Whiteness in America isn't remotely a race, but it fits exactly the definition of ethnicity.
>An ethnic group or ethnicity is a category of people who identify with each other based on similarities, such as common ancestral, language, social, cultural or national experiences.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
save file
image:148556722600.jpg(423kB , 837x933 , Justin_Gabriel_Axxess_2014.jpg)

By your definition, Whites are European in descent. So tell me what race would this man be in America. (Hint: He is from South Africa.)
>Then where does Whites come from? Where is Whiteland? Show me the great land of White people on the map of the world, son.
>what is north europe
>inb4 asian is white
save file
image:148556811600.gif(165kB , 842x811 , white-criminals.gif)
Caucasian. Unless he joins the white ethnicity in America, then he'd be "white". By the way the white ethnicity often has very brown people in it.... so no it doesn't have much to do with skin color really.
What are you even arguing anymore? You seem to agree that this is all made up bullshit that has no meaning, and are just being pedantic for the sake of being pedantic.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>Unless he joins the white ethnicity in America

And how, pray tell, does one "join the White ethnicity"? Are there entrance exams, is it a tax, or what? What are the requirements for joining the White ethnicity, since you seem to be such an expert on it? And could a man with dark brown skin — Idris Elba, for example — join the White ethnicity?
save file
image:148557069900.png(207kB , 604x454 , Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 21.30.07.png)
Ethnicity is a social construct, race isn't.

I don't know how to be more clear.

This is the maximum clear I can be bro, the problem might be you.

>And how, pray tell, does one "join the White ethnicity"?
This question was already answered in a previous post of mine, which you replied to. Learn to read posts you crude troll bastard.
The Sneaky Tiki
save file
image:148557234400.jpg(241kB , 1653x1144 , C2xZvLJXUAAFXlq.jpg large.jpg)
save file
image:148557269500.jpg(1.98MB , 2016x1512 , phpza6GmJ)
>said cultists, social justice warriors, fascists, and pedophiles

Did he also photoshop the rest of his body to look bigger? Those two images are at different zoom levels, and different resolutions. Stone fooled by leftist fake news yet again.

Their entire philosophy is an excuse to act like a cunt. Nothing to do with helping people, or any noble goal, just an excuse to act like a cunt.
>Ethnicity is a social construct, race isn't.
The literal opposite of fact, a true Trumpist.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>Did he also photoshop the rest of his body to look bigger?

Nope. https://twitter.com/joabaldwin/status/825051188550787072
no u
save file
image:148557396400.jpg(426kB , 1200x1200 , phpYN70Id)
>Photoshopped hands for his White House print... And we have the original source... https://twitter.com/DanaSchwartzzz/status/825030464037593091 …
>This Tweet is unavailable.
Fucking lol.

First response
>@joabaldwin This was debunked; your "White House print" file has been altered.
>Sorry to ruin the #FakeNews fun.
Hands so small he has to get other people to defend them, sad.
It's actually the literal truth.

Ethnicities are constituted socially, and don't need to be linked genetically. For example people of the Mexican ethnicity include sub saharan africans, caucasians, and east asians.

Races however... are pretty inviolate. Unless you're Rachel Dolezal or Shaun King.

This just in - Leftists obsessed with implied size of Donald Trumps penis.

How low can you go....
>Mexican ethnicity
Doesn't exist except from the pov of Americans. Mexican is a nationality, not an ethnicity.
>Races however... are pretty inviolate.

You should research things before you base your nazism on them. But again, facts don't matter to nazis.
The Sneaky Tiki
save file
image:148559819000.jpg(187kB , 800x600 , reagan2_large.jpg)
Reagan tore a wall down and they idolized him into a God.

Like a God his followers quickly warped and perverted his message.

Trump in the pursuit of becoming like his God will instead of tearing a wall down, build one.
Trump hates Reagan and has always hated him.
Wasn't Reagan a twat?
The Sneaky Tiki
He named him as his favorite in everything but trade, which given his Russian puppetmaster makes a lot of sense.

Immensely so, but he did some things that (if you weren't gay or black or poor or a women) were genuinely great. Also I was playing Devil's advocate.
The Sneaky Tiki

I mean, I don't blame you in a world where people like you have started to believe in alternative facts, Trump could erase this interview any moment or, hell, he could even add to it.
And I'm telling you that in the 80's Trump was issuing public attacks on Reagan. This even came up in the debates.

Do not accuse me of drinking Trump's koolaid again.
The Sneaky Tiki
Apologies, at this point anything trump says holds as much weight as air and is as hard to pin down.

You said Trump "hates" Reagan as in currently hates him. The current Trump we have today is considerably different from the Trump in the 1980s.
He reiterated his position during the debate when called on it. Additionally, his authoritarianism and isolationism are in complete opposition to Reagan's principles (not to mention his personal social stances but he's throwing the Republicans bones on those so it doesn't matter).
At least Trump is completely in line with Reagan when it comes to literal brain disorders that make them unfit to lead
>sociological definition
>from 1920s
Sociology is useless, news at 11.

I'm talking about the current biological definition, which is the only one that matters when we talk about HUMAN BIOLOGY.

Don't worry in 8 years some Democrat president can betray the country and attempt to virtue signal by "tearing down that wall!" on the south border (probably to be met with a hail of gunfire by desperate southerners).
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>betray the country

Donald Trump signed an executive order that has left fully-naturalized US citizens in legal limbo as to whether they can even get back in the country, but I suppose that is not a betrayal of the country.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
And in response to Trump's Muslim ban, Iran has said it will ban all US citizens from entering the country.

So much for the nuclear deal. Why the fuck would Iran refuse to make nuclear weapons now?
Because they know Trump, his advisors and Netanyahu wants to see dead Muslims, wants to deny Muslims peaceful nuclear reactors, and that Putin wants a higher oil price.

Reminder that causing chaos, inefficiency and economic havoc is in Bannon's and Trump's interest. Bannon wants to destroy the rule of war to have ethnic cleansings, Trump has said in a Fox News interview that he thinks riots and disaster is needed to make America great again.
>biological definition
There isn't one. Biology doesn't deal with "races" because the term is too ephemeral to be useful for biological purposes. Now people who describe themselves as "biological realists" might say there's a definition of race in THEIR biology, but you should keep in mind that those people are nazis and eugenicists, not anyone with any actual background in science.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I have no doubt that Bannon was not only behind the language of the Muslim ban, but the timing of its enactment — Trump signed the order not just on a Friday, but on Holocaust Rememberance Day, which he acknowledged in a statement that did not explicitly mention Jews (another sign Bannon is Trump's raised-right-hand man).

The real atrocities will begin when some form of mass violence occurs within the US. If the person who commits that violence is Muslim, of Middle Eastern descent, an immigrant, or any combination of the three…yeah, that will be the point where internment camps start popping up. And while I would like to think they are not eager for that violence per se, I have to believe Bannon and Trump are looking forward to having the excuses necessary for turning the current administration into a full-blown military regime.

The only people with the power to stop all this — the GOP-controlled Congress — has been mostly silent, save for a few handwringing "well maybe this is bad" statements from Republicans who are not party leaders. (And Mike Pence, who decried Trump's call for a Muslim ban during the presidential campaign, has said nothing about Trump's new order.) These cowards might want to speak out or even act against Trump, but the fear of torching their careers by appearing to be a "RINO" is keeping them from doing anything but sitting on their hands.
It's not as if Trumo's mancrush got a stronger grip on power after exploiting false flag domestic terrorism.
You know, it's interesting how much nazis love insulting people by calling them "cucks" considering most people who unironically use that word would almost certainly let Trump fuck their significant others in front of them despite otherwise insisting on monogamy. And would probably jerk off while watching, assuming they were allowed to watch.
The Sneaky Tiki
Wow, Trump looks amazingly stupid trying to get Mexico to pay for the wall.

He actually proposed a tariff. Fucksake.
Well, hours later Spicer was like "I mean uh that's just a possible solution to pay for it," but they are stupid enough to do it and it'd cause the kind of chaos Bannon gets off on so

I swear they throw some of these ideas out and wait to see what the reaction on Twitter is before backing down (cf. the ads for last-minute ACA enrollment the admin pulled but demurred to run again after everyone pointed out how petty and wasteful that is)
Remember all those Trump supporters who said they voted for him because they thought Hillary Clinton as President would lead to a war? Well, about that...

He's been in office a week and already has the most powerful nation in the world ready to go to war with us.
So is America great again? Because it looks like from here it's more on fire than ever before.

/holy fuck/

And I guess I mean that literally, now.

I hope they migrate to Canada and not my country.
Trump is intentionally making outrageous moves to distract us while less sensational, but more damaging, bills are passed behind our backs to do things like eliminating term limits and allowing himself to suspend elections. It's a page in every fascist's handbook.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Steve Bannon, an actual fucking Neo-Nazi and the man thought to be responsible for the wording and timing of Trump's recent executive order on immigration, will replace the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs on the National Security Council.

We have a fucking Neo-Nazi sitting next to the President of the United States, who is himself a racist and possibly a lunatic.
That "possibly" really wasn't necessary, man.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Trump will not move to dismantle the democratic norms of the country until after a terrorist act carried out by a Muslim takes place on American soil. At that point, he will try to use the old excuses of every tyrant and autocrat — "we need a strong leader", "this is for the continued safety of the country" — to transform America into an aristrocracy and turn his family into royalty.

It is at that point that everyone in the country would have to rise up against him. Right now, the GOP is too scared to do anything about him, and the Democrats lack the power and the cohesion to organize against him. The military is as much a wild card as local and state police. The most fervent Trump supporters will continue to metaphorically suck his dick even as he tries to crown himself king. And God knows his family and his cabinet will do little-to-nothing to stop him, not while they can all still profit from his bullshittery.

Right now, the mass protests from last week and tonight have proven that normal, everyday citizens — alongside sympathetic leaders within cities and states — are the best hope in fighting against Trump. An independent judiciary is a huge help, as are civil rights attorneys and groups such as the ACLU. But the people at the highest levels of power will ultimately need to curtail Trump before he and his regime makes things much, much worse for the entire country.
>Trump will not move to dismantle the democratic norms of the country until after he engineers a terrorist act carried out by a "Muslim" takes place on American soil.

Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Oh please, Trump does not have the intelligence required to plan a false flag attack.

Bannon, on the other hand…well, he has openly stated that he wants to break down the American government and replace it with a totalitarian ruler, and he is now one of Trump's top advisors, so…
save file
image:148566005600.gif(347kB , 396x299 , when.gif)
can we skip ahead to the part where trump is impeached for treason and violating the constitution already
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

The GOP does not have the balls to impeach him. (And even if it did impeach him, he would never step down like Nixon did.)
In this case, "Trump" is a synecdoche for his administration. It doesn't really matter if the idea came from Trump or Bannon if it gets implemented. Either way Trump becomes Fuhrer.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Pretty much. Bannon makes the plans and Trump gets the blame, but the fires will still be set all the same.
save file
image:148566067400.png(138kB , 820x468 , Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 22.29.56.png)
>poor innocent people are getting hurt by evil nazis
>send us money and we will help them
Fuck Skype.
We all already know that "Skype" is you people's codeword for jews. This dog whistle stuff is stupid.
The fuck are you smoking?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

For a really, really brief period, /pol/-kuns were using the names of well-known programs as dog-whistle codewords. I say "really, really brief period" because it was an overly clunky plan and the codeword sentences looked dumb as fuck.
>codeword sentences looked dumb as fuck.
Everything sim/pol/tons say looks dumb as fuck.

Babies debate how to handle election of dingo
I actually know of a scammer who started scamming back during the GOP election, but he was scamming Jebbite and Cruz Missile republicans who were scared of Trump.
That is the same retarded yellow-black motif by the same retarded ad agency employed by Soros for the anti-Trump protests right after election day. Donating there probably would help fuck up Trump in some way down the road, if you're a leftist and you don't mind Soros recouping some of his 1 billion that he lost on Hillary from the donations, that would be your best bet.
Good luck!

>Steve Bannon, an actual fucking Neo-Nazi
You mean like Trump actually photoshopped his hand? How do you keep falling for it lol.

ACLU dunks on Humpty Trumpty
Reports have it that the Border agents are currently refusing to comply with the court order and won't let detainees speak to lawyers. Congress is being recommended to hold them in contempt of court, and of course the original court order specifcally called for federal marshalls to enforce the court order if Trump didn't comply.

Things are getting tense and scary.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

And that is why I donated the last of my Christmas money to them.
>Trump didn't comply
I hope he doesn't. Not because that's a good thing in and of itself obviously, but because that kind of attack on the judiciary will turn the sitting justices further against him than all of them barring maybe Thomas probably already are. His puppet appointee (if he gets one) will matter less in such a case.

It will also push for more and more cracks in the Congressional coalitions if he gets more and more off the reservation.

Make no mistake, the more this administration and Congressional session are made disastrous, the better it'll be for us in the end. We just need to stay on our toes, support Ellison for DNC chair, and get people out there to do their civic duty on elections. For example, if there's any fellow Virginians here, our state elections are this year AND YOU BEST NOT FUCKING FORGET THAT.
>Donnelly, who was nominated by former President Barack Obama and confirmed to her judgeship in 2015

Glad to see the old corrupt system buttfucking it self into irrelevance.

He holds the executive, he holds the legislative. And when he wins again, and takes the judiciary.... Where will you run then?

You're giving him the country on a silver platter, I should thank you for helping to create the American empire though you're too fucking stupid to realize it.

No, that's mostly in the white house these days.
>he holds the legislative
Donald Trump is not a member of Congress and would do well to remember that.
If you consider the ruling to be in error then issue a legal challenge to it.
you seem to have a poor grasp of how the government works, pyotr
You realize that for your dreams to come true, it would require the United States Constitution to be dismantled, right? Why even pretend you care about "executive" and "legislative" and "judiciary" when it's clear that you see your man-crush as a king.
>You realize that for your dreams to come true, it would require the United States Constitution to be dismantled, right?
You are speaking to a Nazi.
save file
image:148567174700.jpg(42kB , 609x500 , C3UMArHUcAAl2KS.jpg)

That anon does not care about America or its values. "American Empire" and "America First" crowd don't know one thing about what makes America great. And they can threaten, they can bully, they can abuse their ill-gotten power all they like, it does not change the fact that they will be resisted at every turn, and they eventually will lose, because the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>You realize that for your dreams to come true, it would require the United States Constitution to be dismantled, right?

That is the goal of the Trump regime, yes — to ultimately dismantle the sociopolitical norms that govern the United States of America and replace them with a totalitarian government run by Trump and his cronies (notably Steve Bannon). After all, what was the goal of the Republicans for the past eight years? It was to prove that the government was so dysfunctional and in need of an "overhaul" so the next Republican president could come in and "clean house" in regards to things like regulations and bureaucracy.

And if the "housecleaning" happened to give public lands over to private organizations for pennies on the dollar, force an oil pipeline through Native American lands, pull the United States out of a significant international agreement on climate change, screw over educational standards so our students know nothing about the history we are now repeating, and completely fuck over people like the residents of Flint (many of whom are still suffering from a lack of clean drinking water)? Small price to pay for "draining the swamp", as Dear Leader puts it.

The Republicans got us here by making an argument that the federal government is too dysfuctional to keep working. They gave that argument weight by being the obstructionist force that created that dysfunction. Republicans proved that they do not want to govern — they want to rule. So long as the Republican party has the power (and Republicans themselves lack any sort of testicular fortitude), Trump will rule.

I do not doubt that the Trump regime will try to dismantle the Constitution. But I would hope that somewhere, deep down, Paul Ryan and the rest of the Republicans in Congress actually have the motherfucking courage to finally tweet "no" at Kellyanne Conway's Twitter account. (One step at a time. You cannot expect them to grow a full spine overnight.)
It's becoming increasingly clear that not only did the Congressional Republicans not expect to win this one, they're plans actually banked on it, especially with regards to the ACA. The ACA, they know even if their base doesn't, is the only conservative friendly alternative to SP or other UHC solutions. They can't ACTUALLY get rid of it without screwing over their own constituents and breaking the spell, but they didn't expect that they'd HAVE to so they just kept up the rhetoric (which they can't drop without their base turning on them, which is their own damn fault). Not only did they not want to govern, they have no idea HOW to govern, and didn't imagine they'd have to.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Oh, and lest you think I want to leave out the Democrats…oh, no. No, the Democrats need a kick in the ass, too.

Some of them lack the courage to vote against Trump's cabinet nominees. (Those Democrats should be primaried.) But the biggest problem facing the Democrats now? It is a lack of party cohesion — a feeling that the party is a coalition ready to fight against Trump and his regime.

Where the fuck has Hillary Clinton been in the time after the election? She fucked off to God knows where instead of using what clout she has left to help reorganize the party behind someone worth a goddamn. Where the fuck is Bernie Sanders? I have not seen him out helping to organize protests. I have to wonder if he has helped Democrats in Vermont start organizing for the midterms. Elizabeth Warren has voted for several of Trump's cabinet nominees, but she has also spoken out against a lot of his bullshit, which makes me think she needs a primary threat to learn a tough lesson ("work with Trump and your career will be dust").

Everything that Republicans did in the past eight years must now become the Democrats' own tactics. But if the party refuses to put in the work — obstructing Republicans no matter what, organizing true coalitions instead of taking votes for granted, building an actual progressive platform, working to win local and state governments back, even helping to re-ignite the organized labor movement — it will never win back any of the power it lost from 2010 to now.

I want the Democrats to win me over again. I want to see the party become a political force that I can feel good about voting for, rather than feeling as if I am voting for the lesser of two evils. (I marked my ballot for Hillary, but even I recognize reality.) In 2018, I want to feel as if my vote will go toward a political party that represents the future of this country. And that shit is not going to happen as long as the party is all but sitting on its hands.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Well, yeah. The GOP's whole schtick for the past eight years was not to govern, but to obstruct — to destroy, in full, the processes that make government work. That way, the Republicans could point to the dysfunction they themselves created, then tell their voter base that the GOP could fix it all if not for those nasty Democrats and their unwillingness to work together.

The GOP never planned on having this much power. The fact that the party still has not worked out an ACA replacement that can stand up to economic and political scrutiny says as much.
Then support the justice dems. They may not win but the competition will kick the centrists in the ass.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Well, this is fucking frightening.

and largely irrelevant to the impeachment proceedings that, at this rate, should be coming down the pipeline within the next 6 months
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

You say that as if Trump would actually step down if he were impeached. I very much doubt he would leave office until he was truly forced out.

(And getting rid of Trump means little-to-nothing if his cronies, especially Bannon, stay in office.)
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
save file
image:148570770100.jpg(106kB , 750x944 , CxOKUYvVEAAQKrA.jpg)
Speaking of Bannon, this is one of his actual quotes.

Source is http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/08/22/steve-bannon-trump-s-top-guy-told-me-he-was-a-leninist.html

So yeah, this guy is one of Trump's top aides, and stopping him should be as much a priority as stopping Trump.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
save file
image:148570878100.png(19kB , 593x301 , Bannon is a Leninist.png)

Here is a better crop of that text.
Obama is not a member of anything, why the fuck is he controlling the Judicial branch? He even has plants in Secret Service threatening to kill Trump.

You realize whenever you do this you're proving Trump right and handing him more power, right? Keep doing it dumbass.

>This throws nonprofits' strategy for next few years into chaos. They must figure out how to work against Trump w/o "campaigning." /7
lel Soros stumped.
Trump can say he'll stay if impeached all he likes, if it's decided he goes, he goes. Bannon would go with him, that dude's entire career hinges on being glued to Trump's ass. Much of the cabinet would go too, replaced by Pence.

Pence would be (is, even) his own variation on terrible of course, but this country has endured shitty Republicans before and will again, they at least are willing to pay lip service to the rules.
>He even has plants in Secret Service threatening to kill Trump.
Citation needed
>why the fuck is he controlling the Judicial branch?
Citation needed
Why would a majority Republican House of Representatives and Senate impeach Trump?

This is as retarded as your worthless hope that some retarded Obamajudge can screw with the HEAD OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH. Even the supreme court would have trouble with that.

All you've done is discredit the judicial branch, and Trump wins again.

>Kerry O’Grady
>Donnelly, who was nominated by former President Barack Obama and confirmed to her judgeship in 2015
Being appointed by a President=/=that President controls them for all time and does not serve as evidence of that. All presidents appoint judges. It's their job. Learn how the government works.
>Why would a majority Republican House of Representatives and Senate impeach Trump?
Because Trump isn't a Republican and replacing him with Pence can get them what they want in a much easier fashion should the opportunity present itself. Will they do so? Possibly, possibly not, we'll see.
>This is as retarded as your worthless hope that some retarded Obamajudge can screw with the HEAD OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH. Even the supreme court would have trouble with that.
The judiciary is the last word on law, the executive and legislature needs must respect that whether they like it or not. The Supreme Court has overridden presidents before because, as you've been told, they aren't kings. As have Federal Judges not on the court for that matter.
>All you've done is discredit the judicial branch, and Trump wins again.
Again, if you feel that the ruling was in error, issue a legal challenge.
>Obama is not a member of anything, why the fuck is he controlling the Judicial branch? He even has plants in Secret Service threatening to kill Trump.

You are insane.
Cite your claim that Obama has secret service "plants," and cite them threatening to kill Trump. With an actual source, not a sim/pol/ton infographic.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

No, he has "alternative sanity".
what happened to banning these idiots for trolling and flooding
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Would if I could, but I am just a janitor, and I was told not to delete posts from threads in which I am active. Orders come from the top, chief.

Report the dumbasses and move on.
save file
image:148571925000.png(6kB , 245x109 , plus4chan rules.PNG)
The +/pol/ thread is a no rules zone. I'm surprised that these threads aren't spammed with gore.
save file
image:148571943600.jpg(52kB , 513x291 , C3V7w9wWEAYesww.jpg)

setting aside how abhorrent this is, what the heck does giuliani get out of blabbing about these things

it's like him giggling over the "OCTOBER SURPRISE ;) ;) ;)" for HRC before the comey letter dropped
Trump might not get to meet the Queen and would likely have a massive protest facing him if he comes to the UK. That will make him even angrier.

I think the only good thing about this administration is that it gives people a chance to torture him in a myriad of ways.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Guiliani is a racist imbecile. This should not be much of a surprise nowadays.
I'm sure it's just a coincidence that an Obama appointed judge is opposing an executive order by Trump. The case she ruled on wasn't even a case by the time she ruled on it, the men were released. She literally made a blanket ruling for no reason other than her own personal debt to Obama, it had nothing to do with actual law.

Read the court docs.

I already did, google Kerry O’Grady.

>infographic r bad
Infographics are an attempt to spoonfeed you with sources in a flowchart-format so even a caveman could comprehend it. As a general rule, don't ask for sources if you don't want infographics.
>I'm sure it's just a coincidence that an Obama appointed judge is opposing an executive order by Trump.

I'm sure that if you want to overturn decades of American institutions because you're obsessed with keeping brown people away from your subhuman pasty family and community you are a problem for the nation that needs to be solved.

Judiciary. Executive. Legislative. Established constitutional roles, you stupid fucking pigcunt.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I wonder if the police will get new brown shirts to go along with their new role.
>BPA refusing to follow court order to allow Legal Permanent Residents to talk to their attorneys.
>Contempt of Court proceedings are being filed.
>Federal Marshals likely will have to step in.

Wow, a constitutional crisis within one week of taking office gg donnie.

I can't decide which strikes me more, Trump's malevolence or his incompetence.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

His alleged incompetence is malevolence. He and Bannon know that this immigration order is going to engender more hatred of America. They are both counting on it — Trump wants it so he can seem like a "strong" president and build his ego, while Bannon wants it to further his cause of destroying the entire American government.
This wasn't just a punch, it was an assault with a weapon. The idiot had a wrench in his sleeve.

I'm actually surprised the nazi didn't get a broken jaw.
>do not illegaly enter

How about you open your home to refugees first, instead of being charitable with other peoples property.
TIL it's "charitable" to allow people who sign rental agreements and pay for housing to live in them.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Well this is all fucking horrifying.
The Sneaky Tiki
save file
image:148574259000.jpg(177kB , 1200x800 , C3SOsiYWEAACK2k.jpg)

It's called alternative debating, incels.
an alt-high five
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

He is now in a state of alternative consciousness.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
And speaking of Neo-Nazis who were alt-highfived recently:


(Bonus points: Look in the background. Is that his mom sitting on the stairs?)
save file
image:148575115500.jpg(85kB , 1280x720 , kaerun dorimu.jpg)
If it's her, it looks like she was coming down the stairs and stopped because she didn't want to interrupt his podcast. Like the Kaerun episode of Turning Girls, but with a white supremacist.

Has he never been punched before? Had he never left his safe space?
save file
image:148575170600.jpg(38kB , 803x95 , C3YuvLZUMAAHd23.jpg-large.jpeg)

Damn, son.
Yeah evil "Nazi" preacher was just a random Trump supporter.
>PDX Airport
>gun free zone
>4 trump supporters surrounded by 10 black flag
>still cant face them
>trump supporters leave
>the moment they turn their back
>brave black flag superhumans hit from behind
>assault the most peaceful guy there
>with a padlock
>to the back of the head
So brave.

Really Nazis, you should be more assertive. If we don't know that you don't want to be punched, maybe you just didn't make it clear.
Do not complain. Do not mouth off.

Maybe next time don't vote for a guy strictly to hurt other people without any regard for your society and nation.
Oh it's going to be crystal pretty soon.
You're racking up a violence count which has eroded your already nonexistant moral high ground and dug a hole for you that you won't get out of.

I'm going to remember your advice to use on you when your retards start being shot.
One already has but one isn't enough.

Look, all I'm saying is Nazis need to accept they have some of the responsibility here. Look at what they were wearing, look at what kind of neighborhood they were in, they were asking to be punched.
save file
image:148579350200.jpg(247kB , 473x353 , phpvuDcYy)
You realize you can keep calling Trump supporters Nazis to excuse your uncivilized behavior all you want, but we actually aren't Nazis by even the most stretched definition of the word.

Seeing that video I can't help but be reminded how minorities were treated in 1939 Germany. Bands of fascists wearing similar clothing to identify each other group together, then go around like flocks of birds surrounding and beating single isolated minorities, shouting slurs and party slogans, reveling in the pain of others. In this thread you've also called us subhuman, and you've shown many other signatures of fascism.

There is one key difference though - we are ready to defend ourselves. Your movement will never progress beyond smashing random people in the back of the head, you will never achieve anything more horrible, because we won't let you.
>You realize you can keep calling Trump supporters Nazis to excuse your uncivilized behavior all you want, but we actually aren't Nazis by even the most stretched definition of the word.
The textbook definition on the other hand suits you perfectly.
save file
image:148579698700.jpg(53kB , 868x518 , what_Nisekoi.jpg)
>"America First"
>"w-we're not nazis you guys are the nazis!"
>"No leader, especially a religious leader, should have the right to question another man's religion or faith," Trump said at a rally in Kiawah Island, South Carolina.

Irony... buffers... overloading.......
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>we are ready to defend ourselves

How, by retreating to your basements? Because all it took was two punches to make Richard Spencer run back to his mother and hide in his basement. He got clocked twice in one day, and now he openly admits his movement will never win without a public presence.

By the way, do you know why people are advocating for low-level physical violence against Neo-Nazis and their ilk? Look no further than the video of Spencer getting his face punched: It humiliates him, it gets him to shut up, and it provides just enough footage of the punch (and of Spencer leaving the area) to make it meme-able. He will never be able to erase that footage, and he will never forget that it happened. And all that comes from one punch, man. One single punch.

If someone were to have shot Spencer, that act would have made him a martyr. It would have made him and his movement stronger. But getting punched? That made him retreat to his mother's basement and tell his friends "if this keeps happening, our movement will lose". Why would anyone in their right mind shoot dumbasses like him if a single punch can make them quake with fear?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
In news concerining the Trump regime, word is that Trump plans to sign an executive order within the week — possibly as soon as today — that would legalize a broad range of anti-LGBT discrimination under the guise of "religious freedom".
At which point the ACLU will turn him inside out. They've beaten stronger, smarter regimes than this.
Richard Spencer said "Why is there a mosque in that pretty city anyway?" the same day as the terrorist attack that killed innocent Muslims in Canada.

So. Punch him, his friends and their defenders. Punch them now and you won't have to shoot them later to prevent them from doing worse to you or others.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I would trust to hope, but the state of this country after one week of the Trump regime makes me believe hope is now forbidden here.
they literally just threw him in the trash over the ban ergo
One Quebec shooter confirmed as White nationalist.

White House and Fox News: "One of the shooters is a Moroccan Muslim".

Still no retraction.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Yes, and there were still detainments going on even after the court orders came down. If the Trump regime and its agents do not care about the rule of law, what does it matter if the ACLU wins a court case?
It delegitimizes his entire presidency, administration, mandate, party and voter base. It is a Cold Civil War scenario. Telling government officials and employees to not comply with the judiciary is like if Trump punched someone live on TV and said "Hurrr I'm going to pardon myself". Technically he can do it, but the ramifications are pretty big.


Oh the shooter wasn't big on feminism and loved Le Pen, Trump and Richard Dawkins, imagine that.
save file
image:148581088000.jpg(45kB , 500x550 , michael.jpg)
and the admin is citing this attack on muslims as a reason for banning muslims

>america first
>a multicultural country
>with all of the many cultures within it
>being considered first together
Bitch, don't think people outside of Waspville and Muh Factory, WI are that fucking credulous.
Whoa whoa fellow redpill, Minister of Public Enlightenment Bannon won't like you praising (((globalism))) like that
>And all that comes from one punch, man. One single punch.
At what point will you abandon this self protective charade.

You are doing bad, immoral things.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

You might be thinking of the Trump regime. Those fuckers are doing bad, immoral things. We are sitting on our asses and arguing on an imageboard.
Well we're arguing. Righty is more accurately described as flailing.
Reminder that fatso's afraid of stairs.
Acting attorney general says Justice Department, under her watch, will not defend refugee executive order in court.

This means
1) Trump is going to rail and scream and demand either some kind of revenge or for her to be fired ASAP
2) The democrats will get destroyed by their base if they don't hold up and roast Sessions as much as possible
3) The White House will be divided between people who will scream at Trump to fire her and be Big Man and people who don't want a new crisis
4) The stakes will be even higher now that Trump's next EO will let federal employees tell same-sex couples that no, they will not get to adopt after all because my parents smacked me on the head every day and the only book I've ever read is the Cross-Quran.
Are you suggesting he's a dalek?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Well, has he denied being a Dalek?
That stupid hack Trump is relying on to claim Those People put in 3 million illegal votes for Clinton...

Is registered to vote in three states, beating Tiffany Trump and Bannon who are only registered in two each.

>Acting attorney general
>Sally Yates
Let me guess, she doesn't own a MAGA hat.

He can be registered in 10, he's not one of the 20 illegal immigrant voters democrats depend on for their meager victories.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
save file
image:148582938100.jpg(126kB , 1199x639 , C3dxApHVcAEzFVr.jpg)
This is not disturbing at all, nooooooooooooo.
So we get Nixonian at the start of week 2, do we?
1. that didn't take long
2. fuck
Nixon, whatever else you might say of him, was a skilled political operator who survived the landscape for decades before finally getting nailed down.

Trump's got a month of knocking down every support pillar before it all crashes down on him.
Federal officials take an oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

The new president has decided only he really decides what is constitutional or not the instant he doesn't get what he wants.

Also, Boente was NOT the next AG in line, so Trump literally asked around which one would kneel and obey.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

This assumes that the Republicans will actually do something to stop him, rather than let him steamroll over the very government it has tried to dismantle and destroy.

Shit, all those militia groups like the Oath Keepers will probably roll out to do Trump's bidding because he is (ostensibly) a right-winger.
We have learned:

Everything the right says about the left/SJWs is either untrue or projection.

Everything the left/SJWs says about the right is 100 % accurate and fair.

Everything the right/anti-left says about itself is a lie.
that is pretty much the case, glad you're finally figuring it out
Trump specifically listed being registered in multiple jurisdictions as an indicator of voter fraud.

He is, it must be said, completely wrong about that. It's just a clerical error that comes from moving to another State because one doesn't get automatically deregistered. But Trump is wrong about almost everything, so that's no surprise. But people like you support him when he says his bullshit, and then double down on the conclusions he has drawn from that poor logic--like saying that a bunch of people being registered in two states is a sign that 3 million people voted illegally because he's too weak and fragile to admit that he's just not very popular with most of the people in the United States.

Just like you are too weak and fragile to admit that your opinions do not represent the majority of people in the US. They represent only you.

Fascists are weak people who worship the illusion of strength.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>Fascists are weak people who worship the illusion of strength.

To wit: Detaining a five-year-old at an airport because he could have been a threat to America.
Big words from someone who doesn't understand right from wrong.

>ow this stove is hot
>better try again
>ow this stove is hot
>better try again
>ow this stove is hot
>better try again
Look out folks, Master Lesson Learner on the job!

>asking a traveler questions about a dangerous country theyve been in is racist

To wit: Smashing a guy in the back of the head because he disagrees with you.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Why are you so afraid of a five-year-old, /pol/-kun?
Serious question? What is the police supposed to do, dump the five year old on the street while they ask his parents questions?

Claiming they detained the kid over a danger (or that they want to GAS the fucking kid like it's 1939) instead of just giving the kid some candy and letting it hang out in a daycare for awhile is exactly why your credibility is lower than this guy >>413368
Defend it against ALL enemies. So why is it that federal officials haven't defended the constitution against foreign enemies for, oh, sixty years now?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>What is the police supposed to do, dump the five year old on the street while they ask his parents questions?

According to you? Probably.
do you not know what the constitution is or something
What kind of answer is that? You're claiming they wanted to hurt this kid, they fucking didn't, which makes you WRONG.
They literally handcuffed children and detained them without food, some for 20 hours, where are you getting this "they gave them candy and sent them on their way" bullshit from?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I did not once say that immigration officials wanted to hurt a five-year-old child. I said that they detained a five-year-old child, which they did. They handcuffed the five-year-old and held him in detainment for hours, despite the fact that he is an American citizen, because his mother was Iranian-born. And this was after Senator Chris Van Hollen (D, Maryland) gave authorities advance notice of the boy's arrival.

The Trump regime thought a five-year-old child was enough of a threat to America that he needed to be handcuffed detained for several hours without his parents present.
>They literally handcuffed children
Pics or it didn't happen.

>for 20 hours
Vids or it didn't happen.

Detained is a word with serious connotations, find a better word.

>They handcuffed the five-year-old
Pictures or it didn't happen motherfucker.

They don't even make handcuffs that small, and even if they did no one would be scared of a five year old kid Jason Bourning his way through fifty cops.
give me photographic or video evidence that obama has a secret service agent planted to assassinate trump first
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>Detained is a word with serious connotations

I do not use words without consideration for their weight. If a five-year-old child is shuffled off a plane by federal agents and kept in a room where his parents cannot (and are not allowed to) see him, and all because the regime sees him as a potential threat based on his mother's birthplace, I would call that "detainment". Why are you and Trump's regime so afraid of a five-year-old, /pol/-kun?
>all because the regime sees him as a potential threat
That's clearly not the case though, they just needed to ask the parents questions.

Kids aren't allowed in police interview rooms either, because if the questioning turns wrong while the parent is bobbing a kid on his knee, suddenly they have a high value hostage.

You're such a fucking idiot it's amazing to me that you can operate a computer to post here.
says the idiot who thinks they don't make child-sized handcuffs
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>That's clearly not the case though

Tell that to Sean Spicer. And I quote: "[T]o assume that just because of someone’s age or gender or whatever that they don’t pose a threat would be misguided and wrong."

And by the by, the five-year-old kid who was detained was traveling with his cousin, not his parents. To the best of my knowledge, his parents were not allowed to see him at any point between his arrival in the US and the feds releasing him from detainment. His cousin was denied access to him, either. I would call that being detained.
>"[T]o assume that just because of someone’s age or gender or whatever that they don’t pose a threat would be misguided and wrong."
He was asked if women and minors could be a threat, and he answered correctly. They can. Isis puts suicide belts on kids all the time.
Notice that Spicer didn't say THIS five year old kid was a threat, because that clearly isn't the case.

>his parents were not allowed to see him at any point between his arrival in the US and the feds releasing him from detainment
Well of course not, how could they see him when they weren't there.

The moment the parents arrived they took charge of the kid, who is with them now. Because the child wasn't being detained. The child wasn't a threat. The child was the one in danger.

>His cousin was denied access to him, either.
Because the cousin was being questioned, and we went over this >>413393
>Kids aren't allowed in police interview rooms either, because if the questioning turns wrong while the parent is bobbing a kid on his knee, suddenly they have a high value hostage.
The kid was not detained, the cousin was.

Said the guy who still can't provide photos, videos or hell even WRITTEN evidence of it happening.

This fake news is coming from Huffington Post, because Ariana Huffington is still butthurt that Trump said she turned her husband gay. Everyone else is requoting huffpo or using weasel words (reportedly...) there is zero credibility to the claim that a kid was detained.
there is literally a photo of a family including a little girl in handcuffs, but i don't see the point in sharing it with you when i'm sure you'll tighten the straps on your tinfoil hat and say they just decided to hold their hands behind their backs at the same time or something
>little girl
That doesn't sound like this case.

But fine if you have a photo of little girl cuffed over this executive action, feel free to post it.
there was more than one child detained during this shitshow
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM


Not that you care about little children getting handcuffed — you are the kind of weak-ass bully that is running America now, after all — but there you go. You need not be afraid of little children, /pol/-kun.
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image:148590098500.jpg(15kB , 310x452 , C3hjQ9_WcAEoO9w.jpg:large)
>no source of the pic
>even leftists saying its not real
>multiple journalists asking for confirmation only to be met with silence
Yet another fake news story.

The photographer was there, am I to believe he couldn't take a snapshot of the handcuffs being put on, or some bindings being visible?

It's a clear bullshit story.
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image:148590100600.png(86kB , 704x454 , Stone.png)
>You need not be afraid of little children, /pol/-kun.
No I'm only concerned about adults with minds of little children.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

So why have you continually refused to check yourself into a mental health facility, /pol/-kun?
That's funny, do you think children and mentally retarded folks should be kept in rubber rooms?

I'd rather help you unfuck yourself than seal you away and forget about you (or kill you as your alter-ego keeps wanting to do to all Trump supporters).
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>I'd rather help you unfuck yourself

No thank you, I rather like having my hands and my dick right where they are. (You violent fuck.)
>my hands and my dick
lol you don't have a girlfriend?

That would explain a lot of these weird mental complexes.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I have never even been on a date. So what?
Oh stone...
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

If you expected me to feel shame about that fact, I am happy to disappoint you.
No man I'm the one who's sorry. I won't bother you anymore.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>I'm the one who's sorry.

At least you finally admitted it, and that is what counts the most. Now you can begin the healing.