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/baw/ keeps saying sex is overrated. Give me some evidence, post a list of things that are better than sex. I triple dare ya.
The Sneaky Tiki
I'm guessing this is gonna turn into a food thread real fast.
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Then name a food that's better than sex.

I'm trying to make a bucket list of things to do that are better than sex. So far, all I've written down is weed.
Sex in general, or sex with someone you love/care about?
There's a difference (probably)
Chaplain Larry Tremaine
Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again

I've read books that are better than sex, with soaring climaxes and stunning depth of feeling I couldn't get anywhere else.
I've had meals that were better than sex, but it was never about the food.
I've had sex that was better than sex, I didn't even get off.
>I've read books that are better than sex

Really? Recommend me some.
I can't. It's impossible to really rate pleasurable activities that are so different. Food and sex are too different to be compared. Media and sex are too different to be compared. Seeing amazing things and sex are too different to be compared.

Asking which one I would rather do doesn't work, either, because it depends too much on circumstances. If you ask me, "Would you rather walk on the Great Wall of China or have sex?" it would certainly be the former. But that's because it's being put in a context of assuming that they are equally achievable, which they are not. I can't afford to visit China, neither do I have the time. I can, however, get sex any time I wanted (if I really wanted; I look like I'm 19 so any guy in any gay bar would have me in five seconds). So if you're offering me time off from work and a free ticket, fuck yeah! However, if the question is, "Would you rather quit your job and go broke to walk on the Great Wall of China or have sex?" I think I'll go with "sex". Given the choice, I'd rather do something that I wouldn't likely get a chance to do again. That doesn't mean it's necessarily better.

Really, all I've got is "masturbation". From a completely self-centered perspective, masturbation is objectively better than sex. But you probably do that every day so I doubt it's going to help you with a bucket list.
"This is better than sex" is a figure of speech. So my real question would be: what should go on my bucket list?
It's not that lots of stuff is great, it's that sex is gross.
I mean have you seen a vagina? A penis? Hell have you seen the human body? Guhhhggghhgggg
It's gross. Ew.
>Taking a shit
>A feeling of accomplishment
>Getting past a rough patch in life

Those three are supposed to be considered separate entries, but looking at them, they don't have to be.
I share the same feeling.
Drugs, love, accomplishment.
chicken nuggets
Post-sex conversation.
It's like corned beef hash. Better than its predecessor, but still, you gotta make corned beef to have it.
Video games.
P much, I mean sex kinda sucks.
This is an entirely subjective topic with endless factors.
I really don't know how to approach it.
Skydiving, bungee jumping, scuba diving, rock climbing, race car driving, ...
Yknow, I think that way sometimes? And then I realize it's because my libido is just sorta dead. It's a given, considering how normal seeing porn and sec stuff is after spending a whole month and a half just making porn comics.

Not that I'm complaining, it's pretty fun, even if it's not totally what I'd like to be known for, though hopefully a long career would let me take care of that, really...

But still.
It's okay to not like sex.
And if those feelings come and go, that's totally normal too.
Seeing as how years of sexual and emotional abuse have convinced me that sex is act of extreme hatred on another person's being, there are a lot of things I consider better than it. I consider getting in a car accident better than it.

No I don't give a fuck if that's too much information. I've had a shit month and I need to vent.
No, that is absolutely valid, anon.
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Sex is overrated when you can't feel an orgasm. The experience would still be nice though.
Bad reaction to antidepressants?
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Nope, it can't be from SSRIs because I've never had 'em. Pretty sure I have all-round anhedonia.
I've gone to the doctors and got some blood tests to make sure it wasn't just bad nutrition or a testosterone shortage, and the only thing that came up was an iron deficiency (which I've started taking pills for). Probably a dopamine issue, but idk. I'm gonna get another check-up in a few weeks.
>Sex is overrated when you can't feel an orgasm.

Have you ever had one? Because there's probably something really wrong there if it just suddenly stopped happening. Like, some kind of degenerative nerve disease level of really wrong.

(Also, orgasms are VERY overrated. I've never actually had one with another person, but that hasn't stopped me from enjoying hours of sex.)
>Have you ever had one?
Yep. They didn't just suddenly stop though, it slowly degraded over a few months. I just hope it isn't something harmful or untreatable. I don't want to have to fake orgasms or risk making someone feel inadequate if I ever happen to find a partner.
That...That sounds like onsetting erectile dysfunction.
Sex is repetitive and limited, you can't even do it more than a few time per day.
you can experience way more things by just eating, reading, writing, or even just goofing around with friends than with sex.

I'm not a doctor, so I couldn't even guess (especially not knowing things like your age, health, diet, circumstances, etc), but you should probably get that figured out. I find it hard to believe they'd just shrug it off like that when it could be indicant of a serious condition after a few blood tests, unless they think it's purely psychological or stress-related, which is also a possibility.

Anyway, you'd just need to find the right partner. As I said, orgasms aren't that important.
>I find it hard to believe they'd just shrug it off like that
The doctor (GP) noticed an abnormal iron level, and thought it might have been a cause/contributing factor, and so he said eat red meat/take pills and come back in six weeks if it hasn't improved. He wasn't really shrugging it off, but he wanted to make sure it wasn't something basic before getting a whole heap of other tests.
>As I said, orgasms aren't that important.
Definitely, but I'm not gonna lie it can make you feel like shit every so often when fulfilling your biological life goal isn't physically rewarding. It's like going on the internet except every image and video won't load; you know that you're missing out on something good.

I'm not depressed because of it or anything, but it does get annoying at times.

Could be.
Sex is overrated. Tried it once and fell out of bed!
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still no improvement. I get about one or two 5/10 orgasms a year. it's probably a nerve or dopamine issue. I had a strong, unwarranted euphoric reaction when I was 14 and my sense of pleasure (note: ≠ happiness) degraded since
I don't really have amazing orgasms either, I'm a man with depression/anxiety issues on citalopram the escitalopram,

Found it really hard to finish during sex and didn't really feel that much sensation-wise, have trouble sometimes concluding while masturbating too.
I've heard that SSRI's are a bitch. Sorry to hear.

Does medication-induced sexual dysfunction disappear when you stop taking the meds?