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Readin’ Thread

Book recommendations, links to good articles/stories, whatever you wanna talk about in regards to literature and what you’re reading—all of it goes here.

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Viva la politic
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Yeah yeah, I get it, I can’t make a thread without it going to shit. Wanna just make this another politics thread, or what?
Alpharius on the move
I'm reading Heretics of Dune. The previous Dune books were really good, but the ending of Children was odd. And God Emperor was insane because it was so far in the future but it had two 'returning' characters. I found this particularly odd as the three books preceding it had a bunch of over lap in cast.

I'm also supose to be reading a bunch of Eberron novels, but Dune has more or less consumed my scifi/fantasy interest at the moment.
Mister Twister
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Don't make your posts way too easy to troll, and they will be trolled less often. That's what I learned anyway.

Been reading The Shining the way people read webcomics, a small chunk at a time. It's been at least half a year since I started.
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This book right here is really fucking weird. I don't know if it's "weird in a good way" or "weird in a bad way". It doesn't actually get into Arnold Rothstein until a good 100 or so pages. At one point I was trying to figure out what drug he was on when he wrote it. In one chapter, he tells an anecdote where he told his editor that he was going to have a run-on sentence in a previous book and would brook no argument, and all I could think was "Boy, [b]that[b] explains a lot..."

Don't get me wrong, Tosches has a very compelling writing style, and it's an interesting journey but I'd rather he actually talked about the subject of his book instead of bitching about Giuliani banning public smoking.