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Archie General: Life without ArchieAnonymous
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image:140911303100.jpg(67kB , 650x366 , 257010-2758d15e-0bcd-11e4-b0ba-27d7e67cfe8c[1].jpg)
Did Mega Man get delayed again? I recently moved and am doing address change gobblygook and can't tell.
There are all those people in his current forums?
No, that was a chat Ken held 10 or 15 years ago, where he revealed Remington was Kragok's son. Now he's apparently forgotten that. Or he's saying he might not be able to legally use that anymore if Ian was the one who established it in the comic. One of the two.
Serves him right.
Regular Show Thread.Anonymous
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image:141774404800.png(316kB , 349x473 , ForFucksSake.PNG)
All Hail Mordecai

King of the Fucking Losers

The One True Beta
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thatother1dude !!/PKS88+dMMc
>and white elephant was so good.

How do you fuck up that hard?
Someone on 4chan /co/ mentioned it could have been something already planned as a follow up to Rigby going back in time, and that he'll try to undo the kiss in the last episode but go back too far.
Still annoying, but better than if they just went "Yep, this is the best time to do this sort of thing entirely just to do it."
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image:141526998000.png(111kB , 1016x1024 , Ben10Omniverse.svg.png)
So.....Omniverse is ending and rumor has it that this is gonna be the last series of the Ben 10 franchise gotta say I am disappointed that this is how it's ending seeing as while Ultimate Alien wasn't anything to write home about at least it didn't treat viewers like absolute dumbasses like Ominverse does. Not to mention the fact that all those flashback episodes in Omniverse are just giant shitty retcons of the continuity because you know the retcons in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien worked so well right?

Kinda funny looking back at this franchise, because I remember back in 2006 CN used to play the original series every single day and it would bring in big numbers but now? Most the kids that grew up watching Ben 10 have moved on, the fanbase has split and the TV ratlins for Omniverse have been abysmal.
Word is New Ben 10 for Next Year

Her romance with Exo-Skull was cute and interesting. Since he is not really dumb muscle, and despite Subdora often snapping at him you can see they both love each other. Too bad we just get them defeated off-screen and not even appear in the last episode. Never explained why they helped a guy they knew would reset time itself - potentially threatening their own existence.

I already found some wrestler gals in a manga I want to put Fistina up against in an erotic wrestling pic. :)
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image:139963308100.png(446kB , 935x526 , 1399324530419.png)
I've gotten about a season behind, but Korrasami sounds less likely than Tenzen leaving Pema for Mako.
Now Zhu Lasami, that would make some interesting development with Asami taking the loyalty of Varrick's ever useful servant, and wouldn't involve putting Korra in yet another mess of romance issues. I could even see Zhu Li falling for pretty much anyone willing to ask what she wants to do for change.
Would mention things about Zhu Li but being a season behind would be spoilers for you.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g

I think its good progress as some have just been getting miserable about working in this industry and not being able to be represented in it. If this leads to some action cartoon in a couple years with gay or lesbian main relationship. Good progress, and at least the one everyone hoped for got the conversation started.

Clarence is a good show for this kinda thing just the overall mentality that it has for stuff lends itself to handling it well. They were parents concerned for their son a good solid introduction.
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image:141748048900.png(2.54MB , 1088x1672 , Doom Patrol (1987-1995) 036-020.png)
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image:141757668900.png(329kB , 738x212 , http%3A%2F%2F40.media.tumblr.com%2Fbf84e050c5320204fd06a4dad8a3dc5c%2Ftumblr_ne81617fKg1qbe123o1_1280.png)
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image:141733418100.png(23kB , 1000x788 , newpl8.png)
Do you want to be a hero, /co/?

Want to be a superhero with other superheroes?

Well then come and join in the /co/vengers in Neon City.
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image:141403786900.png(5kB , 932x278 , HAIL HYDRA.png)
Marvel Thread #2 NOW ENTERING ULTRON COUNTRY edition
//youtube.com/watch?v=tmeOjFno6Doyoutube thumb
The problem is that when you give hateful bigots a door into your groups by making it seem as if you oppose the general concepts that they do--for example demonizing "social justice warriors"--they will take it as the opportunity to take control of the narrative of your peer group. They will always be the loudest and most obnoxious people in the room, and the loudest and most obnoxious people in a group are the ones that everyone--often even the other members of that group, including the ones who disagree--will assume is the majority opinion of that group.

By allowing them to think their opinions are tolerated, you allow them to take over. Vocally opposing feminism is almost always going to lead to your group being taken over by hard-line MRAs and misogynists, not just the background-noise level misogyny that exists in any group. Vocally opposing social justice is going to attract racists and homophobes to your cause and convince them that they are welcome in your group.

These are the realities of the situation. The things you say have consequences, and among them are changing the tide and the perceived social acceptability of your peer groups. It is why GamerGate is and always will be a hate group no matter how badly the genuinely innocent people who genuinely care only about "Journalistic Integrity" try to convince themselves their group is salvageable.
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Could Naruto even have a crossover if it involved any substantially capable character who isn't a ninja?
Social Revenge Warrior is a pretty apt way to describe the latter and is harder to shoehorn people into. It doesn't cover the kinds of self-righteous people who invent windmills to get upset over, but they exist in literally every ideology ever. No need for a name besides "oversensitive". Mature people can deal with that on an individual basis.

Yakuza or the Silver Samurai?
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image:141323472700.png(998kB , 1278x724 , 1413231332722.png)
//youtube.com/watch?v=H0mvzlm0c8Yyoutube thumb


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The Sneaky Tiki
With Stu Snyder gone it's finally starting to heal the wounds.
This looks classic USAmerican as fuck and I love it.
Shame the links are dead.
The Sneaky Tiki
//youtube.com/watch?v=DmmacDBKSHwyoutube thumb

I love this song so much.
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image:141289102500.jpg(101kB , 1012x675 , Spoiler image)
Sooo Bob's Burgers came back all of a sudden, and it was amazing!
It was pretty great, but could we start with an unspoiled op image? That's never good for a thread's longevity.
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image:140939410100.jpg(974kB , 1280x1866 , tumblr_n44vwxyyK41ru22woo1_1280.jpg)
A great comic about stoner wizards.

This compilation includes a lot o the earliest stuff, which is all pretty rough. Get more than a few pages in before judging it.
>tw on cover
that comic better be good
Strong language needs trigger warnings now? Seriously?
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image:140978877800.jpg(9kB , 462x260 , ese.jpg)

So. It's over. Now that you have watched every episode ever aired, which one is your favorite?
I didn't get to watch the marathon, but the best two episodes are You Only Move Twice and Cape Feare, in that order.
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image:139970157700.png(657kB , 774x1145 , 1399613652-2014-05-09-chapter-4-page-100.png)
Webcomics General: Eightfold edition

And Eigthfold continues to be the best.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
awww owl hugs!!
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
I highly, highly doubt that those who are calling his mom are also the women he sent pictures to. In fact, I'd bet my life that they're not.

I don't think that's the full truth; if it had been a matter of misunderstandings, it would have been more understandable and he should have admitted it up front rather than try to get it covered up. That he put off doing so makes me think he realized he wasn't getting away with it and tried to paint it in a less-negative light.
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Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
>However, and MOST importantly: I am the ONLY PARTY who should be receiving ANY blame in this matter. I am the one who sent pictures to women who didn't wish to receive them. The only reason I've mentioned that it was a misunderstanding is because I certainly don't want people to think this is something I would do had I known it would offend the involved parties. The fact that it was a misunderstanding DOES NOT belittle the severity of what I've done.

At least he's telling the misogynists to back the fuck off.
Obscure Cartoons Anonymous
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So I've been looking around the internet for some old obscure forgotten cartoons and I manged to find some episodes of Patrol 03 a forgotten gem of a show form the late 90's about cops stopping their evil police chief form killing the mayor so far I've only found the french and Spanish version of the show but not the English dub which is sad because I remember watching the English dub as a kid in late 90's early 2000's. So if anyone knows where I can find any episodes of the English dub that'd be great. Or if you have any other obscure shows you wanna share go right ahead.
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image:140792328500.png(66kB , 1151x455 , Capture.PNG)
Thanks a lot.

This is all the series I've got, mostly furry. Movies and single episodes of non-furry series not included.
What's Chucklewood critters? Any good?
And never heard of Shinzou Ningen Casshan either... Can you post some screencaps of the notable anthros?

I see you have Megaman too - any chance you have the few japanese-only OVAs? I think there were three, but I only ever managed to find the first. And I think maybe even Megaman X had a short anime, but I am not sure.
Canine list #127 & #128, yes it's good: Frisky=Fifi la Fume but it's incomplete. I think I told you, the slightly mentally challenged Youtube user nuked his uploads before I could get them all. And I literally mean mentally challenged, not as an insult.
The list is mostly furry. Casshan, Megaman and Dynomutt are just there for robotic dogs.
Megaman is the 90s TV series, no more.
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image:140527176300.jpg(52kB , 640x360 , 2014-07-13-185749.jpg)

And yes I am just making this thread to show off my Ullared's haul.
Because HOLY SHIT, DA PRICES! I got all off this for like 1500kr.
So happy...
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And suddenly, Waspinator and Rattrap prices goes up.
Damn it.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
//youtube.com/watch?v=0NlHmYYuDcMyoutube thumb

Wow Six Inch line stuff from Mezco, been a while. Epic looking Dark Knight Batman. Hope they make a Robin.
T4 was here
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image:140737487300.jpg(173kB , 738x1023 , little dracula.JPG)
Any one remember seeing this as kids? (Both show and toys that is)
I barely do, just that Garlic man looks kinda badass for a vamp hunting onion and the mad scientist reminds me of the neighbour from Doug.
Wonder why.
//youtube.com/watch?v=zLCSkfsp_24youtube thumb

Eh whatever.
Archie General XLIVAnonymous
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image:139962977800.png(224kB , 1024x768 , 1379884378122.png)
Old Thread: >>>/co/226724

A new board I guess?

Has anyone got Sonic #260 yet?
Somehow I doubt we'll be seeing him make The Mina Mongoose Chronicles. I doubt we're going to get Karl's characters back, but I really don't think the guy's going to do anything like Ken did.
So apparently Pender's can't use Athair in his trainwreck anymore, and has replaced him with a new female guardian called 'Auri-On'.

I'm so happy Gallagher finally saw his 'project' for what it is and changed his mind about letting Penders use his cast.
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