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image:139964145900.jpg(14kB , 336x313 , 1397023921729.jpg)
Hottest Animated Character Thread

Who do you think is hot and why?
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image:143796015900.jpg(152kB , 1344x816 , 003-UNDERGRADS.jpg)
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image:140600917600.png(88kB , 266x224 , hi.png)
The ONE and ONLY cartoon animal thread (volume 2).

As before:
Monday - canines
Tuesday - reptiles & amphibians
Thursday - burds
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image:141230916800.jpg(219kB , 500x730 , daily burd.jpg)
The first and last post for today's almost missed Feathursday.

Ha ha, time for viral marketing! ... or friendly promotion, whichever you prefer.

The thread is long abandoned. Here is the new one: http://boards.plus4chan.org/co/t239109.html#p239109
Who's she, btw? Someone ripped off the frog lady character of Chochi?
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image:140117974400.png(846kB , 1920x1080 , 1400010296678.png)
Ruby Gloom thread :3
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image:144420880900.png(1.02MB , 1280x1283 , tumblr_nvkp7pVdkP1u2eeulo1_1280.png)

So, there is a FOURTH Power Puff Girl? :D I mean, the design is eerily similar.
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image:144489020600.png(372kB , 500x386 , bunny the 4th powerpuff girl.png)
There in fact was a fourth Powerpuff Girl!
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image:143918724000.png(1.38MB , 1024x768 , Storm Hawks converted to PNG so I could fucking post it.png)
A 2007-09 show about heroes fighting against bad guys who want to take over the world. Very original. And they do battle on motorcycles. Which can transform into flying motorcycles. And there are also lightsabers. With superpowers.

The premise is very basic, but the execution is more than wonderful. The final product is what you'll get if someone decides to cross Wakfu with Super Sentai. It was made by canadians who watched too much anime, but in a good way. The animation, the design, the dialogue, the gags; they're all great.

It ran for 2 seasons, and was cancelled before they got to do a 3rd. Since the show was only 50% arc-based, the cancellation is only 50% tragic. It is now available on multiple DVD volumes (cause full season sets is dumb right?) and from good pirates.
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Mister Twister
Well shit
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image:144434503500.gif(59kB , 351x267 , the white border on the right annoys the Hell out of me.gif)
Storm Hawks had better animation than Wakfu:
Heh, true... Is that Slugterra any good, btw? I only watched a few episodes, and while I liked the demonic invasion and the designs of the guardian-things, I think that only happens late in the season.
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image:144434474300.png(876kB , 2980x2292 , The Goon- Once Upon a Hard Time 004-023.png)

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image:144487892000.jpg(957kB , 3551x1081 , 1444877156922.jpg)
Holy Shit Powell, I get it now.

This fucking art jump is unreal.
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image:144487940500.jpg(277kB , 1396x753 , 1444845516051.jpg)
Also Roscoe is going to become one of the single most badass characters to ever exist.

He is a born werewolf, adopted by the Goon and Franky who are teaching him the skills for almost every illicit activity, circus acrobatics and the strong man training Goon learned from his Aunt Kizzie who "could explode the heads of cattle with a single punch."
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image:144216616400.png(2.13MB , 817x1151 , 001fc.png)
Okay, long story short, I got banned from regular 4chan for the next 3 days or so (you can find out why in the 4chan complaints sticky on /baw/) and I figured that shouldn't let a little thing like that from storytiming obscure 50's comics every day, so I'll just hand around here until the ban runs out.
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image:144442242600.jpg(24kB , 465x372 , Great-Wambini.jpg)
... Louis Nye died 10 years ago today...
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image:144442253700.jpg(34kB , 517x554 , Manjula.jpg)
... and Jan Hooks died one year ago.

Well, I'm done for today. I'll be back tomorrow, knock on wood, to give you all some more of The Fighting American, as well as the usual stuff.
Turns out that by the time I had a free window to storytime yesterday, I was already back at home with my own, non-restricted ISP. Once again, I thank you all for your indulgence.
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image:143751170400.png(546kB , 720x406 , The.Adventures.Of.Puss.In.Boots.S01E06.Fountains.WEBRip.x264-[eSc].mp4_snapshot_14.26_[2015.07.21_22.46.58].png)
Cartoon Animals, Take VI.

Old thread stopped Bumping, can be found here: http://boards.plus4chan.org/co/t236166.html#p236166

Also, Sphinx has a sister called Callista!
Hey guys, this Chinese wolf and sheep animated movie some of you were all over about is out.

Also, here is the terrifyingly terrible french Puss in Boots CGI animated movie - with a really weirdly acting William Shatner as Puss. :)

Mister Twister
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video:139963101400.webm(2.64MB , 718x412 , _Cartoon__A-Goofy-Movie__Dream-Roxanne.webm)
ITT, you will post webms.
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video:144348924300.webm(1.83MB , 1080x607 , milkshake.webm)
All these cow milk jokes are starting to get a little saucy, aren't they?
I would say they are really milking this gag dry.
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video:144364916600.webm(267kB , 960x540 , 1443633296869.webm)
From the new Danger Mouse show
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image:143824451500.png(782kB , 580x750 , webarebears_main.png)
Didn't see a thread for this yet.
It's a show about bears, man.
It's a callback to the webcomic they originally appeared in. They were stacked on top of each other instead of being placed side-by-side to conserve panel space.
Over the garden wallAnonymous
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image:141444377800.png(342kB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-00001.png)
All episodes got leaked on itunes.
Go grab your before is too late
Back to Backspace seems a little interesting, but not quite cohesive.

12 Forever is probably the better of the new pilots. Looks like it could grow on me if it keeps a steady plot and digs into some lasting character development.

Jammers is...I don't expect it to last for a series. Seems to tilt on the problem solverz side of artistic cartoons if that makes sense.
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Burgess and Jammers. Really seem like bits rather than a cohesive show. Like the recent slate of ABC Sitcoms.
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image:144349305300.jpg(177kB , 1000x1000 , 1443313568712.jpg)
Listen to Wirt's mixtape here ==> https://soundcloud.com/theflamelord/sets/for-sara
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image:144157678000.gif(234kB , 400x581 , tumblr_nn4xjuyBkb1tgo8o0o6_400.gif)
Yah know what this board needs?

Without context thead!

A good old fuck it, lets post funny stuff one.
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image:144216902500.jpg(826kB , 1248x1118 , GIANT ANTS ON DOPE.jpg)
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image:144217189400.jpg(586kB , 1037x1571 , scan0022.jpg)
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image:144217209400.jpg(806kB , 1208x1276 , scan0025 wtf.jpg)
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image:140133500100.jpg(38kB , 527x323 , AHNOLD'S MUM.jpg)

Hey Arnold The Jungle Movie clip REALyoutube thumb

Save this video somehow. Save it. You must. Use Firefocks if you have to.
The Sneaky Tiki
Hot damn, that's cool.
Page 5, for this? I don't think so...
Bojack Horseman threadAnonymous
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image:143765358500.png(618kB , 1280x1542 , bojack.png)
I haven't felt this way about a non-live action series since Morel Orel season 3
About time, that place was awful, stupid and full of reposts.
Sharkman Jhones
I really do love this show, but god damn is it hard to sit through sometimes. Really great about switching between being funny and getting incredibly real.
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image:144213372500.jpg(1kB , 1280x720 , Bojack.Horseman.S01E11.720p.WEBRip.x264-W4F.mkv_snapshot_21.22_[2014.10.15_01.02.00].jpg)
It's why I love it. It's much like Bojack himself, who often forgets he is not living in a TV show. :)
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image:143953423000.png(74kB , 800x450 , patrol_03_vector_logo_by_breakoutkid-d7lb6um.png)
Anyone know where I get get the whole Patrol 03 series? Preferably in English but I can suffer through French if it's not an option.

I heard about it a bit late and all the links are dead.
Mister Twister
People can always fansub. Softsubbing FTW.

Also, French is not that hard to understand.
I learned it in primary school so I understand a bit, but not much.
That said, if the bloody Transformers community couldn't fan-sub Beast Wars 2 and Neo in the past 20 years, I expect even less help from the even more fractured furry community, sadly.
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image:144108486500.jpg(602kB , 1800x915 , 2015-08-31-Patrouille03.jpg)
Looky what I got... :)
Seems like these are the same 12 episodes that I already shared in english though - so unless someone wants them in french, I see no reason to rip them. I will rip the opening though, as it is different and longer than the one for the other DVDrip.
/co/ General: Happening EditionAnonymous
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image:142783541700.png(247kB , 360x270 , 1427834620012.png)
So yeah, Galactic Kids Next Door. Hype?

//youtube.com/watch?v=v_2aDok_CcQyoutube thumb
//youtube.com/watch?v=wmcH0kS3J_4youtube thumb

And how did you get it? And why so low-res?
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image:144072526700.png(1.08MB , 1060x530 , Hagrid vs The Iron Giant.png)
This is important stuff
//youtube.com/watch?v=obLtyj8hfFkyoutube thumb
That thumbnail got me so good.