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TMNT Thread

4 seasons, baby.

As well as a film that people have mixed feelings about.
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>People don’t realize the time and energy that go into-
No. Stop that.
If the end result is bad, it doesn't matter. A lot of time and energy goes into most of what you see these days. That's not an excuse to just like something.
And that crap about having to look real when we get this uncanny junk.

So new series coming out next year. 2D Animation with Samurai Jack Character Designer working on it along with the current shows Supervising Producer.

Really would have liked the shorts done by Jhonen Vasquez to be a show.
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video:147071722500.webm(3.93MB , 711x400 , francis forever.webm)
Webm thread the second. Keep up the good work Deon edition

previous thread >>238975
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video:149205167100.webm(3.89MB , 640x480 , The Mystery of the Lizard Men.webm)
Alpharius a go go
New thread should be up.
There's so much nice shit in this thread and then cheap looking garbage like this comes up.
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New Wasteland Edition
Alpharius a go go
Disney television series, not a Disney movie. As long as the writing is good, passable animation is fine in my books. And plus, it's a preview. I don't know the workflow of western cartoons but maybe it's just the earliest complete parts they could show. Or maybe they aren't in the groove of making it. Only time can tell.
>BUT........ I seen independent animation, sometimes made FOR FREE, look BETTER than that.
I completely agree, but it's not a good comparison to make.

Independent hobbyist animation is a completely different ballgame, especially in this decade. They're often much shorter, don't require an entire series to be made, and lack deadlines. Plus, professional televised animation tends to lack the passion of hobbyist animation. A passionate artist will go back and fix mistakes, for art's sake. A professional animator often has deadlines up their ass, and a preset, economical end result they are told to make. Artistic flair will be inconsistent with the rest of the animation, and we can't have that!
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New Ducktales trailer and the series starts this summer
//youtube.com/watch?v=B_2_UzIv74cyoutube thumb
Can we have a Gumball Thread?Anonymous
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Seriously guys this show need more attention.
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I haven't watch the show for years. Is Rachel still dead?

I found this picture posted only a few hours ago. Long time no see.
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image:148865970200.png(2.62MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (3430).png)
Amazing episode. Also shows us what the family would have become with a lot of money in 20 years :D
Is reminds me of some anon a few years ago who was explaining how Nicole was born into Russian aristocracy. yes she has a British VA, but the thought was that she and Gumball are Russian Blue cats.
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/co/ General: Legendary Defender Edition

The new Voltron series drops next Friday. To tide you over until then, watch the show’s studio-crafted sizzle reel:

>Regular Show is over, and I think it ended pretty well.
Time to watch Season 4 onward then.

I watched the movie. It was alright, just an extended episode (for better or worse).
Is it morally wrong to show children selected Happy Tree Friends episodes to teach them important lessons of everyday safety?
Is it possible to find "Mother To Be-Sa"?
Cartoon Animals - New ThreadAnonymous
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Seems the previous thread stopped bumping= http://boards.plus4chan.net/co/t240623.html#p240623

As before, any cartoon/comic/videogame anthro character is welcome here (unless they have their own threads already). Porn goes to /PCO

Hecate is from Devil Survivor, or this anthro iteration of the Triple Goddess of the Moon, Witchcraft and Crossroads is from Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine, an MMO.
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image:148309624000.jpg(121kB , 1280x720 , TIC TAC TALES - The Treasure [HD, 1280x720p].mp4_snapshot_02.15_[2016.12.30_12.09.22].jpg)
Her name is Suzy btw.
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image:148311151900.jpg(50kB , 435x640 , 1009573-archmad_14.jpg)
Considering they held the past rights to one version of TMNT and the current rights to Sonic, you could say they did. ;) But yeah, Mad House was one of the last of the old-time funnybooks and they did the occasional furry story or gag. I was looking for scans of a couple from an old Mad House digest I've got and found that instead. Here's another oddity:
The Saprophyte
Oh here's a good example:

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>come here from real 4chan because /co/ might get merged with /tv/ and /lit/
>no catalog
>multiple adventure time threads
>mlp isn't quarantined
>can't start a thread with a jpg
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Well, if I recall correctly (and if it is indeed the origin of this stupidity), that incident as Cho told it, was Rucka abusing his position due the terms of his contract giving him absolute power over the book's content, not simply the publisher mandating policy. Of course, considering that now it is clear Cho is a bit of an asshat, I think it's quite possible that his version leaves a LOT of details on what caused the issue.
I think one important part to this is to remember Cho had to get dicked around a lot since he started in newspaper comics, not regular comics. The folks that he had to deal with there were a lot less free with what he could do and were wont to just trash anything they didn't like without having to pay for his work.

Now that totally doesn't excuse him, but it makes sense to watch his reaction considering what his editors used to do to his work.
I started writing for my high school journal, it doesn't mean I still think my writing is distributed next to the 2nd floor vending machine.

The guy is more lucid than you're giving him credit for.
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Nickelodeon General: In The Loud House Edition

Would a general Nickelodeon thread be fine?

Mostly digging The Loud House, but with people liking shows like Harvey Beaks and Miraculous Ladybug, The Jungle Movie for Hey Arnold finally being made, and those Nick Animation Podcasts episodes, I thought it'd be appropriate.
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image:147736520800.png(123kB , 468x240 , chick tracts.png)
In some less "fuck 2016" and more "meh 2016" news, Jack Chick died apparently.
>it's up to you
>gegege im gonna cheat and lie and....

This is ultimately what bothers the most about Chick and people like him. It's disguised mysanthropy, no faith at all in the human condition. For these guys, it is impossible that a person may develop morals on his own, that stuff like "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" wouldn't be something that logically come up during normal interaction with others.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Y’all missed the General thread by thaaaaaaat much.
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Guess the old thread is dead. >>227367
Well who is ready for the big 50's!
Just another example of turning a weakness into a strong.
During the early days of Mainframe they had some insanely talented people, especially the writers. Beast Wars, Reboot, and Shadow Raiders are still some of the best written cartoons ever.
It got good by Season2. Most of Season1 was pretty mediocre, with Terrorsaur being a poor man's Starscream, and some truly atrocious episodes to boot (like the bean incident). Even later on in season 3 there were some stinkers like those stupid cavemen children... brrr.
I rate BW high on the list, but I feel Animated has a much better rewatch value.
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image:147576033700.png(526kB , 900x695 , mighty_magiswords_by_tvskyle-d8vwzca.png)
Mighty Magiswords thread?

the first episodes came out. how does /co/ feel about this show?

personally I think that it's okay but it's a bit too fast paced and that some of the jokes fell flat
Watched the first episode and that was more than enough. The animation is really unpleasant to look at and the story, as much as it is, is really bad.
Watched the first episode and that was more than enough. The animation is really unpleasant to look at and the story, as much as it is, is really bad.
Sorry. Seems the site is having problems, when posting a comment it just keeps on loading without ever stopping, and reloading and reposting results in a duplicate.
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image:140121635400.gif(185kB , 760x356 , spidey226s.gif)
Previously on Spider-Man, Jameson rented the Iron Man Mk. I amour re-purposed into a robot as a means to reveal Spider-Man's identity on live TV, but failing that, decided to re-purpose the robot into a suit of armour for his own use, but then the armour malfunctioned almost leading to Jameson's death until he was saved at the last moment by Iron Man and Robertson.
Also I guess Spider-Man did something, too?
This realm would be neat for Netflix, could use Sleepwalker.
>I bought Spider Gwen 0 and 1 because she looks cool
>Neither are the start of Spider Gwen
What the fuck is this
Archie General: Goes BOOM in your faceAnonymous
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Last thread: >>229671
Likely talked into it by someone that hasn't been anywhere successful in peddling his nonsense and has been taken more as a joke. Bet he thinks Archie is sabotaging him.
Just realized the goddamn link corrupted. Oh well.

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All-New, All-Different Marvel Comics General

Previous thread: >>231585

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For what it's worth the next issue of Squirrel Girl has a guest artist who sticks to the same general style of the main artist, including Doreen's "nonconventional" looks, but it it's enough to make it look miles better.

Doctor Octopus is dead and/or a robot right now, though.
Feels like Marvel wants to do similar with Peter and Miles as DC has tried to setup between Ted and Jaime and just fade Peter into a more mentor role. Problem with that it doesn't matter how fond you are of your new pet people still know Spider-Man as Peter Parker. Not Miles.

They've pushed that kid into so many places and I've not see much a response other than "oh its Miles."

In the Ms.Marvel comics they looked to give him a more SCIENCE bent that they usually only touch with peter every one in a blue moon. That could be his thing if he'd ever be written well and consistently.
thatother1dude !!/PKS88+dMMc
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Steven Universe: Thread 7 (Poutine Edition)

Previous thread>>237360

"Log Date 7 15 2" download:
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All those communication issues.
>Bismuth didn't get to learn about Lapis Peridot defecting when that could have taught her the value of mercy.
>If the Rubies weren't misdirected they'd have taken Jasper off-planet before she could get corrupted.
>Steven knowing what happened to Pink Diamon would have changd how he handled both encounters.
Would it have been good if they took Jasper back? She might call another round of forces down on them out of anger.
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video:144365979300.webm(6.78MB , 640x464 , firewall.webm)
I demand more webms.
Not just because I'm addicted to making them, but mostly because of that.
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video:147023806100.webm(5.27MB , 720x404 , lucy in the sky.webm)
This show seems like it's for the smallest of children, yet I'm compelled to find out how each song works into the plot.
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video:147025716300.webm(5.09MB , 720x404 , why dont we do it.webm)
Beatles songs you didn't expect to feature in a kids show.