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image:141526998000.png(111kB , 1016x1024 , Ben10Omniverse.svg.png)
So.....Omniverse is ending and rumor has it that this is gonna be the last series of the Ben 10 franchise gotta say I am disappointed that this is how it's ending seeing as while Ultimate Alien wasn't anything to write home about at least it didn't treat viewers like absolute dumbasses like Ominverse does. Not to mention the fact that all those flashback episodes in Omniverse are just giant shitty retcons of the continuity because you know the retcons in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien worked so well right?

Kinda funny looking back at this franchise, because I remember back in 2006 CN used to play the original series every single day and it would bring in big numbers but now? Most the kids that grew up watching Ben 10 have moved on, the fanbase has split and the TV ratlins for Omniverse have been abysmal.
I enjoyed Omniverse.
I really like Omniverse. I prefer the lighter tone with Ben 10.
At least they're going out on a good note with Omniverse, instead of just limping away with UF or UA.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Omniverse has always felt more like what Ben should be instead of all that strange always at night wooden boy that the others went with. I know there is getting mature but that was just off. Ben actually felt like Ben again. Only part rubbing me wrong was the wrap up shoving Kai back in with Spanner.
Honestly, the always at night thing with AF and UA is what bothered me most.
Such a dull atmosphere. And yeah, the characters didn't help.
It's been 9 years and over 200 episodes. That's an amazing run that rarely happens anymore, but no one should be surprised this is the end. The surprise is that it's ending strong with Omniverse.

It's also not like this will be the last Ben 10 ever. When a show runs that long and has been as popular as this one has in the past, it lies dormant for a few years and then they try something new with it like what happened with Ninja Turtles and Powerpuff Girls.
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image:141530108100.jpg(102kB , 315x557 , Subdora.jpg)
Out of all the villains they introduced in Omniverse I think Subdora was the only one that was came close to being interesting. I dunno I like the idea of a cat burger who treats crime like it's an art. Such a shame the rest of the bad guys are either stupid or boring.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
The only good Ben 10 was the original series.
The Sneaky Tiki
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video:141530905500.webm(2.69MB , 960x540 , Malware vs Waybig.webm)
Malware was a cool guy.
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image:141553564700.png(438kB , 1280x718 , vlcsnap-2014-11-09-07h19m28s42.png)

Oh for her to continue to mess with Rook and get him all a hibbly.
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image:141565687300.jpg(316kB , 1280x720 , mostdangerous003.jpg)
May happen Wednesday
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Ben needs to guard his mind better what he fantasizes about.
Word is New Ben 10 for Next Year

Her romance with Exo-Skull was cute and interesting. Since he is not really dumb muscle, and despite Subdora often snapping at him you can see they both love each other. Too bad we just get them defeated off-screen and not even appear in the last episode. Never explained why they helped a guy they knew would reset time itself - potentially threatening their own existence.

I already found some wrestler gals in a manga I want to put Fistina up against in an erotic wrestling pic. :)
File deleted
A Casual Day of Aliens drawn by Nauyaco
This seems like a porn comic that never actually gets to the sex and nudity
Nice anthros, but what does this has to do with Ben 10? The one on the left looks like a Renamon robot.
Is the comic slowly updating and thats why you are posting pages from it?
Actually I easily found this online. Easier to just put this guy on your watchlist.
When hentai