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video:148679946100.webm(3.77MB , 512x384 , The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.webm)
ITT: we discuss the opening sequneces/intros to cartoon. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Give ratings and analysis. Disagree with idiots. Post webms. Whatever.

Warning: opinions will appear in this thread
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I don't know, Men In Black always gets the props.
//youtube.com/watch?v=mVAePIyC4kQyoutube thumb
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video:157099087389.webm(4.05MB , 1280x720 , Lastman 1 clip1 vp9.webm)
Lastman intro, testing VP9 encoding
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video:157099484136.webm(15.99MB , 1280x720 , Lastman 1 VP9 intro OP.webm)
16 MB version
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image:157084597116.jpg(301kB , 768x576 , 1567217007421.jpg)
Alright, you all know how this works... You can choose one of the following

Mad Monster Party??
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image:157085349018.jpg(74kB , 600x900 , fdXDer9FDZFzfFAS70epZklTJl1.jpg)
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image:157085349326.png(15kB , 480x320 , black_leather_naughty.png)
Ted box
Ted Fufu
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image:157085381123.jpg(21kB , 480x360 , Bedclown.jpg)
Tonight's second movie is Clownhouse, where a child is bullied by clowns and his older siblings who are also bullied by clowns.
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image:157033396942.png(109kB , 230x230 , Spoiler image)
what's is your favorite comics?
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image:157050080771.png(119kB , 600x177 , 1440900643724.png)
Don't forget the Garfield randomizer.
Wtf was that? I mean I know it's an edit, but originally, why was Hal punching an old lady, throttling himself and fighting cops? Also no idea who Dick Whiskey is.
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image:157064356305.jpg(348kB , 610x1397 , 39987.jpg)
>originally, why was Hal punching an old lady, throttling himself and fighting cops
The silver age was a weird time.

>Also no idea who Dick Whiskey is.
He is a drunk cop.
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image:153217133900.gif(649kB , 814x1027 , 2649400a3d8f22b1ff0838d54f0e6a03.gif)
A bit of Carlos nine´s work for Humo(R)
You posted 75 pics of weird caricatures of people in spanish (portuguese?) most people know nothing about or understands. Context please? WTF is this?
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image:153243021800.jpg(52kB , 596x803 , Cosecha 01m.jpg)
Carlos Nine was an argentinan comicbook artist known for his tremendous watercolurs and pastel artwork. Less known (to the anglosphere) is his work for argentinian periodicals, like El periodista and, most importantly, Humo(R).
That I decided to share.
If you don´t like, move one to the MLP thread.
Love Nine. Brilliant thread. You sir, deserve a medal. Thank you.
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image:156416021250.jpg(141kB , 1920x1080 , Sad Panda stuff_DEAD.jpg)
Sad Panda is DEAD now...
So where too now, Rule 34?
It is back up with https://
So how did it get back? What changed.
Nothing on the net stays dead for long. ;)
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image:155907292797.png(3.5MB , 1920x1703 , S2E22.png)
Apparently now there is a "maximum file limit per thread" and the old one is full... so here goes the Q2!

Damn it, and Netflix still hasn't released S2 of Rimba Racer. they are in talks, that's all we know

Yeah, japanese mythical beings are often horrifying. Kappa for example, suck out your intestines through your BUUUUUTTTT!!! It's why you must appease them with cucumbers before you go swimming. :D There was an episode of TMNT where they travel to the past in Japan and are mistaken for Kappa... and of course, Mikey has to abuse this to scare the foot ninja. :D
I googled it. One thing I remember, gifs found in tumblr.

Or good lineweight, or better anatomy.

Was this drawn early in his career or did he have a head wound when he drew this. Little Victories looks much better than this.
>be women
>complain about everything, especially about wanting to be more represented and shit
>get a cartoon that understands you and is all about lady stuff
>don't watch it
>gets cancelled
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video:152926338800.webm(3.41MB , 720x480 , Sam and Max intro.webm)
This place could use a new webm thread.
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video:156462696131.webm(3.57MB , 720x405 , vote now.webm)
The only bad thing about getting MTM two episodes a week is that it's over faster
You reminded me that when that show isn't being boring, it's being annoying with the mandatory song insert every episode...
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video:156485064426.webm(6.09MB , 720x405 , a new way to go.webm)
Well it is a Disney Jr show for Preschoolers.
I just really like Janja's aesthetic.
Especially when they do stuff like this Janja aesthetic vs Jasiri aesthetic.
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image:155120940147.png(1.84MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (23012).png)
Seems the old thread stopped bumping. Here is a new one!
(btw Malaranea's hilariously out of character impersonation of Dulcinea is just amazing)
Yeah, but her design was improved around the newest season of the 12 zodiac series
Huh, what happened, this topic can bump again? I thought it reached the limit. I already started a new one.
At any rate, yeah it seemed more like several episodes cobbled together to a movie
I think it the image limit
Star versus The Forces of EvilAnonymous
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image:141880029700.png(399kB , 580x423 , starforcesofevil.png)
The hype for this show is killing me.
Opening: //youtube.com/watch?v=kDoWhMt2_gsyoutube thumb
Ending: //youtube.com/watch?v=2JarGnjpjYMyoutube thumb
The hype threads are already full of shiposters and contrarians.
The only worthwhile thought at the moment is that Star is Disney's answer to Steven Universe but we still have to wait to see the comparasion.
Lol explains why I grew to hate the show. Its message was so obviously forced. Why is it that it seems in america, only liberals get to make such propaganda toons? They own all the media? I have yet to see a toon with a similarly forced conservative message
Whom did she genocide? The mewmin aka her own people, in her grreat white guilt, 'cause oh poor oppressed monsters and stuff?
She unmade Magic, so everything that relied on magic in all dimensions died.
And the only part of it she was upset by was when it seemed like it would mean her and her boytoy wouldn't be together anymore, but thanks to plot fiat her homeland and Earth were merged and a bunch of violent monsters are now dropped ontop of humanity.

The moral of the story is- The only way to stop a genocide is with a greater genocide.
>The moral of the story is- The only way to stop a genocide is with a greater genocide of a 3rd party.
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image:145566205600.png(1.9MB , 897x1159 , WON59.png)

Better to be a devil than a do nothing.

//youtube.com/watch?v=we4VSllrakcyoutube thumb
Is that vampire Michael Jackson??
Master Twaster
Guess webcomics can do that? Yet Plants vs Zombies was sued to remove the Thriller zombies...
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image:140779159400.jpg(107kB , 882x721 , Anubis01.JPG)
Thread for official Character designs/sketches, CELs, reference material from cartoons/comics/anime.

Starting off with something I found on Ebay, designs from Mummies Alive!

First up, Anubis! Unlike in mythology, he is a rather dumb evil henchman here, mostly working with Seth (though he is not his father). He has a wand that causes sleep.
Master Twaster
Blame the necrobumper.
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image:155432676684.png(125kB , 252x581 , stick it out no need to pout.png)
>That's not her posture. She has a big butt (as most chickens) :P
The super hips are incidental.
Here is how I interpret that 3/4 view, see what happens when the legs and upper body are extrapolated?. The side-on view is even more extreme. I've seen big butts, but that's more like big anterior pelvic tilt.
I realize this is a caricature of how chickens appear and it's a nice design
You should check how Jabberwockychamber interprets it... ;) He is now responsible for like 90% of the fanart/R34 of her online.
Sadly could not find a design sheet for Danger Moth.
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image:144579597100.png(2.33MB , 804x1155 , strangeadventures_015_01.png)
Hey, guess who got banned from regular 4chan!

Yes, again.

Anywho, I've got some obscure comics that Carmine Infantino drew, so let's get on with it, shall we?
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image:144595328700.jpg(14kB , 534x360 , Mike (HoM).jpg)
... and Rod Roddy died of cancer twelve years ago today. He was 66.

Well, that should be it. Once again, you have been exceedingly patient hosts.
Meester Tweester
Did someone necrobump this thread?
The last bump time doesn't reset when a post is deleted (the thread probably got hit by spam). It's on my todo list.
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image:154336620300.png(246kB , 640x480 , dculhoh-imgur_orig.png)
Previous thread (stopped bumping) here: https://boards.plus4chan.org/co/t418918.html#p418918

Let's start with an obscure one -Catherine Binx from the Timesweeper video game! Never heard of her before...
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image:155107804649.jpg(209kB , 720x576 , dvd_snapshot_00.35.16_[2018.04.05_01.23.10].jpg)
Nice that finally someone translated Miss Songbird's song from Fugelkriget!
Geez that Cadbury bunny has a voice like a seductress. :D Though I have seen her before I never found the design sexy, but the voice certainly is.
Family Guy should have done its research, that is a MALE pheasant. Females have drab brown coloring...
This guy you linked has some nice videos. Dunno why I never heard of him before. Here, this is a new gal for me, Mousey Galore from Pinkie and the Brain.
Furry Girl Profiles-Mousey Galore [Episode 68]youtube thumb
Meester Tweester
PURRhaps that is the result of reaching Level 99 in art.
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image:155120247364.png(3.93MB , 4267x3892 , valentines_day_card_2019_by_skynamicstudios_dczq8nz.png)
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image:150518666200.png(223kB , 662x709 , 1417296243043.png)
/co/ General, a thread for all things Comics & Cartoons: Autumn Edition

Season 3 of Wakfu and Rick & Morty? I am so spoiled with good cartoons this season. It's a shame that Adventure Time is ending soon though, but I've already made my peace.

Old thread ==> >>245029
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image:155051877343.png(2.47MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (22743).png)
I wish I knew what show/series/episode/movie you were talking about. It looks as if your post is reacting to another post that was deleted I guess? What time travel episode to ancient Rome?
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image:155051911526.png(581kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (22765).png)
LOOOOL that's a good one.
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image:153720429900.png(2.01MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (13222).png)
Previous thread stopped bumping, so time to make a new one. Old thread here: https://boards.plus4chan.org/co/t418357.html
Young Princess Carolyn - also, maaan this episode was great. Seeing what sort of place and family she came from just makes me respect her even more. She is one of the best characters on BoJack Horseman, despite how "fate" always makes her life miserable, she never gives up.
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image:154326591800.jpg(379kB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (15896).jpg)
New cat lady on Itchy and Scrathy.
Thank You, God, I thought I was the only one who thought that, it's been bugging me as much as the Nostalgia Critic being bothered on how "Star Chaser: Legend of Orin" was trying to ape the original Star Wars

also don't forget about the tough mom that's waifu bait for the fans and it's smart-ass humor it has as well
That made my day ^U^