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/co/ General: Couldn't Find a Better Pic EditionMister Twister
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image:162657866754.png(109kB , 313x288 , the peak of western art.png)
Old one reached 300.

In latest news, local hero gets recognized as such, after years of hard work and struggle:
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image:168812256748.jpg(241kB , 1039x1193 , 65756974.jpg)
Random DC cosplay coming through
Why did Toxic Avenger get a kid's cartoon, Troma Entertainment is not for kids.
A violent latino heroin-addict pedo. What a guy.
Unofficial Sonic-adjacent Storytime: PSYNAnonymous
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image:166159323511.png(1.2MB , 1614x2478 , Thief in the Night 00.png)
We've covered a lot of great artists during the Unofficial Ride of Sonic fancomics (current thread >>442938), but some of their comics don't actually feature Sonic at all, gasp! This thread's all about showcasing those artists branching out and doing their own thing.

We'll be starting with my favorite artist Knockabiller, who you might remember from The Vulture (https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/128305743/#q128306553), a comic featuring a delinquent Silver that took home several of The Ride's awards (https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/131193200/#q131194985). This is PSYN/Psynthesis (psychic+synthesis, but pronounced like synthesis), and the first comic is Thief in the Night.

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image:168506176611.jpg(4kB , 1280x1615 , remix_brand_compliment__trademark_pending__by_delphoart_dffnj53-fullview.jpg)
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image:168714664793.png(1.14MB , 1668x3168 , rmx_and_clr_slack_off_all_summer_by_knockabiller_dg06qi1.png)
Looks like Knockabiller is back on DA. Not sure if they post anywhere else or if this was already posted but this popped on today.
It's so nice to see fanart of best boy!
What fantastic news! Really looking forward to seeing more of their adventures
The Ghost and Molly McGee - OPINIONSAnonymous
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image:168544765673.jpg(793kB , 1000x1294 , The Ghost and Molly McGee - Andrea - Kiss.jpg)
what are your honest thoughts on the Ghost and Molly McGee? and don't hold back, give me your best shot!
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image:168695782489.png(594kB , 828x1044 , f1c5e766fce5679b6f7c40a2751751adb4cada111e98b9fe543315ce2467cf93.png)
It's an alright show with plenty of cute girls
Unofficial Sonic Storytime Thread #8Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
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image:168540325650.jpg(46kB , 1280x1813 , 0.jpg)
Unofficial Threads #1: >>441769 #2: >>442938 #3: >>444299 #4: >>445531 #5: >>446501 #6: >>447788 #7: >>448671
Sonic Future: >>442673
Sonic Genesis: >>440714
A Sly Encounter: >>440121
Sonic Adjacent Threads: PSYN: >>444737 Sylvanna: >>446269
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Archie Ride update: That's all of Sonic Universe cleaned and organized, including the unpublished #95! I'm not happy with the quality of some issues, but I'll compile a list of the bad ones once I'm finished if anyone wants to source better copies
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
Mobius Legacy Issue 1 and 2
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
New thread! New comic! Let's go!
betaman: tactical waifu simulatorAnonymous
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image:157931472003.jpg(116kB , 848x1200 , waifubot_01_001.jpg)
I'm posting magi's comic here because 4chan captcha makes it fucking impossible to do a storytime.

note: I'm not magi.
OK, cool. It's great that your other projects are actually progressing now, so with that in mind I don't even mind that this is on hold. It's better for your workflow.
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image:168483525303.jpg(152kB , 848x1200 , TWS 01_37 REV 2023-05-23.jpg)
A revised version of the page 37. I felt up to working on something when a robot wife thread pop up on /co/, but the thread was deleted before I was able to post it for some reason.
oh hey, this is still ongoing? Nice.
Post the last /co/ you finished and yfwAnonymous
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image:160795749194.png(207kB , 389x412 , 1597968461650.png)
I start

That cover image is giving me very strong Atomic Betty vibes.
oh god it may have been over a year since I've finished an entire show and not just a season

i may have a problem
Mister Twister
Just pick a short show, or a miniseries, and force yourself. It will get easier after that.
Unofficial Sonic Storytime Thread #7Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
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image:168186087869.jpg(49kB , 800x677 , 0.jpg)
Unofficial Threads #1: >>441769 #2: >>442938 #3: >>444299 #4: >>445531 #5: >>446501 #6: >>447788
Sonic Future: >>442673
Sonic Genesis: >>440714
A Sly Encounter: >>440121
Sonic Adjacent Threads: PSYN: >>444737 Sylvanna: >>446269
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image:168539540868.jpg(2.35MB , 6470x2800 , 0.jpg)
I know I would have done better posting them here directly, but RoseDuelist is a treasure that deserve to be seen by more.
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image:168540156707.png(1.31MB , 1280x1427 , mugshot.png)
Tumblr Comics #14
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image:168540330074.jpg(225kB , 776x683 , legal.jpg)
New thread and story!
The Cartoon Series Sharing ThreadSwift
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image:143803053700.png(677kB , 768x576 , Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist - S01E09 - Annushka's Winter Tale.mp4_snapshot_02.05_[2015.07.27_22.52.28].png)
I think it's hard to find download links here, so from now on, post your links to any hard to find or obscure stuff here. ;)

Let me start with one right off the bat - Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist. I managed to purchase a 6-DVD-set of it - and luckily it had czech AND english audio tracks. Oddly enough DVD1 starts with Episode 9, so we'll see what's in there.

Episode 09: Annushka's Winter Tale
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image:168209271917.jpg(48kB , 768x576 , The Adventures of T-Rex 29 - The Rexmobile.mkv_snapshot_16.54.870.jpg)
Y'mean the weird horizontal lines that appear in some rips? Because this I recorded with OBS Estudio from a streaming service, so there aren't any. Where do you even see something like that?
Mister Twister
In that case the official stream was sourced from an interlaced source which was improperly deinterlaced by someone incompetent. When something is deinterlaced properly, there should be 0 things wrong with the frames, and definitely no lines.
Well, all I know is that this is the best resolution source I found so far, so I am using this. There were french audio torrents but they looked worse.
Comfy Stella and the Metal Men thread.Anonymous
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image:165317044620.png(1.28MB , 1748x1181 , 1651056891960.png)
Anyone here interested in Stella?
Is this real?
What do you mean?
I thought that this was a legit cartoon. It's a pity because it looks really nice.
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image:153302945500.png(209kB , 500x647 , Superman-Print_8x10_sm.png)
Why do Kryptonians and Humans look exactly alike?
Has this been ever covered in a story arc or something?
it has to do with Doomsday, you see, the original kryptonians were some kind of bird/monster/thing aliens who were very smart and lived in krypton when it was still a young planet, waaaaaaaaaay before their sun turned red. they tried to make themselves evolve into the ultimate life form that could survive anything so they started experimenting on the wild animals from krypton until they managed to make one that could self evolve every time it got killed (which later became doomsday) but things didn't went as they wanted and doomsday started killing them and since they couldn't kill it they sealed him away and started experimenting with other animals until they created an incredible super creature, the human looking kryptonians, who were super strong, basically unkillable and pretty smart and tame, and so they still wanted to experiment on them even further, so they went around the universe seeding planets with those "human" things and see how they evolved in specific planets, thus many human looking species started populating the universe and some gained incredible power and other, like earth humans, barely had any good development, but apparently humans have a very basic DNA and are prone to sudden evolution, which later was known as the metahuman gene, also earth humans can interbreed with other aliens from the same lineage as kryptonians.
and, uh, in which comic was this explained?
I know the one where they show Doomsday to be a child who gets slaughtered, cloned, then slaughtered again for 30 years in an attempt to force evolution. But not the rest.
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image:167966659332.png(783kB , 1024x576 , Birdy are you okay.png)
>it's not that altans look like humans, it's humans who look like altans
Unofficial Sonic Storytime Thread #6Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
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image:167753864644.jpg(2.36MB , 3300x6661 , how_rouge_got_banned_from_the_olympic_games_by_pedrocorreia_ddhzf96.jpg)
Previous Thread: >>446501

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
Password: zCXhuqLwAv
Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Fancomic: https://mobiuscomics.com
Unofficial Ride Website: https://the-ride.neocities.org
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A Sly Encounter Part 116
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
New thread!
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image:168186102930.png(2.05MB , 1249x1920 , 0.png)
Sonic Frenzy Issue 5
thatother1dude !!/PKS88+dMMc
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image:147078583700.png(948kB , 1920x1080 , hello.png)
Steven Universe: Thread 8 (Hurtling Through Space)

Previous thread: >>241272
ew, leave that shit back where you came from
Hmm? SU isn't even a thing anymore.
There's nothing to talk about.
Buff scenes of non buff charactersAnonymous
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image:165428275563.jpg(121kB , 1920x1080 , Image0672.jpg)
Post them
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image:165816615414.jpg(57kB , 937x533 , Electric Avenoob 13.jpg)
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image:166947540590.jpg(63kB , 707x697 , 20220531_223913.jpg)
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image:167755150093.jpg(162kB , 1202x888 , Louie Duck as Captain Muscle.jpg)
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image:153005723300.png(699kB , 616x748 , lobo yes.png)
We need some good old fashioned fun, and what is more fun than the Main Man, Lobo? I'll post here some of his achievements, whenever I'm reading his comics.
How many "Lobo Jr" characters have there been? 3?
Or was it 2 and one of them was Lobo the Main Man himself aged down into a teenager for awhile for some reason.
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image:167641838745.jpg(69kB , 1068x810 , Superman_Lobo_team_up.jpg)
I remember Slobo (a defective self-clone) who joined the Teen Titans in the 90s, and as I recall there's another teen lobo who joined them around now. There's also Crush, who is a teenage daughter of Lobo. The 2010s reboots twink Lobo has also been sort of retconned as a "Lobo Jr" deal, I think, I forgot.

One of Lobos powers was growing a full copy of himself from a single drop of blood, this ability was later neutered, but it resulted in him growing different clones which became these "lobo jr" type of characters you mentioned.
Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Sonic FutureUnofficial Conductor
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image:165595971422.jpg(2.97MB , 4001x6000 , 1.jpg)
Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
Password: zCXhuqLwAv

Eggman is dead, Sonic is having a midlife crisis, and there’s a new girl to flirt with. Oh, and a new villain is causing all sorts of trouble. What happens when interoffice romance mix with danger? Let’s find out in Sonic Future! Also, this comic updates constantly so keep checking back for new pages.

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image:167651510998.jpg(335kB , 1364x2048 , 66.jpg)
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image:167651512268.jpg(35kB , 1365x2048 , 67.jpg)
Why is this comic so terrible.