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We're animaney! Totally insaney!
Seed and Feed derangey
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Perhaps, but none of you are no super teen extraordinaire.
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Jannies are absolute faggots edition
Keep all tourney talk in this thread.

Timer: https://itsalmo.st/for-qualifiers-yluh

The 2’s A /co/ tourney is a single elimination tournament where teams of 2 duke it out for both the glory of being the best tag team as well as snazzy and horribly inefficient championship belts.
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Black Hand ## Developer
595 posts, wow, nice thread.

>How the fuck did you do the bold
[b], [i] and [u] shortcodes work, and you can also use the corresponding hotkeys, ie. ctrl+b, ctrl+i and ctrl+u. Ctrl+s is spoilers like on 4chan.
You can also use #fortune and #heroes in the name fields.
Black Hand ## Developer
Your fortune: Excellent Luck

there's also [s] for strike through.
But I don't think that one has a hotkey.
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You can't just explain how to format posts!
That makes me feel angry!
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Sure hope the folks here are fine with us moving this here due to shit moderation on /co/

Keep all tourney talk ITT

Timer: None yet
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Yes, thank you
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Nominating Lilo and Stitch
Starring Lilo and Stitch
From the movie and animated series Lilo and Stitch
Anonymous ## Mod
So it has been willed, so it shall be.

Attention to everyone participating: New thread is here:

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Previous one stopped bumping.
So, there was a Garfield Pet Force comic, apparently! Also nice villainess. Her name is Invisible Squirrel (not that she uses invisibility at all, just force fields) She only appears for a few pages, because the heroes literally been briefed on how to get out of trouble and defeat the villains, and turn them back to pure energy. Pity, she looks hot.
Is there a torrent of Eek! The Cat?
"FINALLY my arm is complete again!"
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gif thread

Gif thread anyone?
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You'll need a new thread, this one is autosaged.
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/co/ General: Spiderverse won best animated picture edition

Also, I can't believe +/co/ is still alive. Even if it is in this zombie forme it shambles along as.

>>247173 old thread
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Considering how the app is streaming numerous classic anime films and shows…I would say yes, they are.
Mstr Twstr
Word on the street is that Hullabaloo project had hit some REALLY nasty roadblocks several years ago, and that is why production slowed down considerably. HOWEVER, it is still slowly crawling to the goal:
I love her design.
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Fan Art General Thread

A tribute to all show that are awesome.
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Next thread
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post your favorite comic strips here
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For something shorter and funnier, there's The Anime Club (5 scenes + bonuses)
http://gunshowcomic.com/archive.php (search "Anime Club" and "Suicide Club" for the bonuses)
goddamn niggers get off my lawn.
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I guess the first webm thread is full of webms, time for a new one~
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video:160763456092.webm(2.21MB , 1280x720 , definition of insanity.webm)
I just threw up a little. That was horrid. Carmen is an uncatchable international thief, not a fighter, not a talker.
Rabbit racism.
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Powerpuff Girls Thread
For discussion of all things Powerpuff, even the reboot
I hope the ridiculous blur effect on his glasses is just screenshot artifacting as opposed to them being that lazy.
From the thumbnail I thought this was art from Bleedman.
Cartoon Aminals 2020 #2: Thinking Hippo EditionMister of the Twist
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Though I am (not) the king, can we cut down on waifu posting a little? Preemptive thanks.
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From Robot Chicken. They call her Felicity Hoppman... if that's a reference to something I don't know what.
>I seen her appear with Croc in those comics, but did not see it mentioned. Was she in the games too, or just the spinoff comics? Man that kid must have looked weird.

I don't know about the games.
In the comics, they were both part of the suicide squad, fitted with exploding chips in their heads, and then Raʼs al Ghul made them his lackey using the same chips. Ra's goal in the comic was about trying to save endangered animals, going so far as threatening to destroy the human civilization that endangered them. After Croc and Orca married, Ra's deactivated the chips as a wedding present, as they are bringing a new and unique life to this world, which is what his entire crusade has been about. They ate Ra's immediately afterwards.
Dorm Zero
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was Eddie Brock a chad or a cuck?
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image:158959753167.gif(49kB , 271x297 , jameson more pictures.gif)
Post more pictures!

Pictures of JJJ!
The incriminating kind!
Knowing him, he would still just order MORE!
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image:157698880293.png(859kB , 800x600 , CB31.png)
It's that time again. TONIGHT:

Relationship Status: It's Complicated And So Much More: eps 37-39
Into The Spy-derverse: eps 29-30
Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Space Cowboys: eps 22-23
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Not sure what the point of his streams was, anyway. I can find all these shows on Kimcartoon or Watchcartoononline for free anytime already.
Mstr Twistr
Streams exist so you could chat with other viewers as you're watching. Which is something that goes out the window the moment you need to register. Screw that.
I thought you need to have some account for streams too. But I dunno why some people find it so hard to register a junk mail account on Yandex for example and just register with that on Disqus? Better keeps track of conversations too. I dunno about you but when I watch something I prefer to watch that show, not chat about it while watching. I will add my comments afterwards.
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Hi, I got into the mindset lately of writing my own cartoon. Whenever I listen to music or read new articles, all of a sudden I picture a setting with distinct characters and plot points for no real reason. I thought to myself that this would be wasted if I didn't do anything about it.

I'm new to writing and can't really draw but animation is really the only thing I watch and really love (next to video games). I don't know if this the right place to do it but if you guys think it's a good idea to share and improve my story here, I'll gladly do that. Thanks.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Yea sure if you feel comfortable with it, nice to have a place to spitball some ideas.
So, uh... did you ever think of it?
Mstr Twstr
OP almost definitely immediately gave up. Wanted attention, didn't want to actually do anything.