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image:141919762000.gif(35kB , 500x281 , pp.gif)
Cartoon Hangover general

Bee and Puppycat has some interesting questions going for it. Ones concerning the plot, and also how any of it is going to get wrapped up satisfyingly in four and a half two-part episodes. Maybe it's set up so that if it gets enough of a return in ads, they'll use that to make a bit more?
Every post I've seen from you makes me think you are either mentally ill, only speak english as a second language, or are a shitpost bot. Or possibly all three.
Ignoring a poster/thread is usually a good way to go.
It is, and it's probably what I'll do once I get an answer, but I'm genuinely curious about this.
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video:140705150300.webm(999kB , 704x576 , Melissa11c.webm)
I love this 80's cartoon
Mister Twister
I know about flags, and that players can ignore those. But how do you ignore the flags if you play all your DVDs on a laptop with an external drive? Cause I play all my DVDs on my laptop with an external drive. In VLC. Can a computer wizard help me out? Oh, and I am a Mac user.

P.S. I have Birdy the Mighty Decode discs from the UK, and it is 25fps progressive. No artifacts whatsoever.
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video:140713948100.webm(396kB , 640x480 , Melissa42Cute.webm)
The Declaration of WINdependence !7USAetZyzI
A forgotten gem, lost in the seas of nostalgia. Truly it was cherished edition to the furry fandom, even if it was Canadian. At least its legacy lives on in Hobo with a Shotgun.
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image:141422877600.png(1.04MB , 1325x953 , 1414175235894.png)
/co/ General: Rise of the LoliRock!

So yeah, France just made western Nanoha/Precure. And it's ok so far, despite the kind of unfortunate name.
//youtube.com/watch?v=pYxrXH4uAvIyoutube thumb
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image:142753358200.png(403kB , 750x446 , COMIC BOOKS.png)
Just wanted to post. I think it fits here most.
might be useful in all those shitty super tangential threads on /co/ where comics are only vaguely noticeable in the OP pic, then it devolve to feminism/ecelebs/sexuality shit.
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image:141183444900.png(181kB , 479x2169 , THE RAPTURE.png)

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image:160761654772.png(15kB , 500x350 , fef...hap.png)
I miss the days when Homestuck had potential.
That was a very early point, the introduction of the cancer that is the trolls was the beginning of the end.
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image:162853231274.png(77kB , 391x600 , tumblr_33912cc647ac16c60742b548cfd12ce0_aca780df_400.png)
wwhere wwere you wwhen evverythin wwent wwrong
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image:142261033700.png(426kB , 746x1146 , six-string steven.png)
Steven Universe Thread

We've got about a dozen episodes left in the first season. This leg of the journey's almost over.

Who'd have thunk?
Since this thread is in autosage I can say whatever obscene things I want. I want to lick Pearl's nose.
Bump! Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it?
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image:139962580400.jpg(8kB , 578x854 , New52FE0_52a9c1b4ab1f25.44296551.jpg)
DC Thread#1 A Brand New Board

Let's begin
It turned out rocky for the first few years, with some good books. Then DC mostly got its shit together (I don't think it had a controversy in almost two years) and released more decent books. Of course there's still shit (The Earth 2 line, current Wonder Woman), but the good/bad ratio definitely increased over the years, at least in my opinion.

I totally get why New52 is still disliked, but, IIRC, it has yet reach the terribleness of Identity Crisis, Cry for Justice and Rise of Arsenal.
T4 was here
I for one really like TeenTitansGo! I was with the hater at first but then I saw an episode where they all died horribly trying to stop BeastBoy from jumping into a volcano because he thought he was dead.
Thats zero fucks giving I can get behind!
Did Johnny Test end with everyone dead?
I think not!
But to be fair it had ONE funny joke about him burying a robot friend in the backyard and his parents freak the fuck out becaust they think he killed a guy.
That funny and twin science red heads are nice but the rest sucks dog dick.
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Dan DiDio and Jim Lee interview:

It really seems like a genuine turnaround for DC, so consider me optimistic.
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image:141237523100.png(219kB , 1000x1000 , piggie eating vaguely mexican food by gaturo.png)
Designed as a safe haven for Caturday, Feathursday, and similar threads from /co/ proper.

Monday - bark bark woof.
Tuesday - reptiles, amphibians and dragonsdragonsdragons.
Thurdsay - caw.
Saturday - mrr meow.
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Mister Twister
Anyone can say anything on 4chan. The moment you stop treating posts as declaration of actual facts, but as 99% opinions and bait, will be the moment your imageboard browsing experience will become much more pleasant.
friday is furry free
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image:140857560500.jpg(379kB , 1000x694 , a16b29a9d46az.jpg)
Webcomics General Owl Seek and Find Edition

Very cute, hope it can grow.
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image:142380821300.jpg(308kB , 600x900 , ch10_40.jpg)
>That hand on her head

//youtube.com/watch?v=hNvgwBm3jC0youtube thumb
Anyone specific you're talking about?
>webcomic author want to be better, not just slack around, make shit and swim in Patron money with their noses sticking out like shark fins
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image:140697772600.gif(849kB , 250x250 , tumblr_mpi3s5Cmtw1qgc0rpo1_250.gif)
Gravity Falls Season Two Thread

Well, that was awesome! ...And Surprisingly violent!

Kudos to them in the first two episodes actively tying off some dangling threads from the previous season (not necessarily plot things, but stuff dealing with chacter interactions).
thatother1dude !!/PKS88+dMMc
It's not like most other shows are getting knew episodes more than a week into December.

It's been mostly two episodes a month so far, so we'll probably get the next episode a week or two into January.
So, Northwest Mansion Noir on february 16. Is Pacifica going to have to sing a song this time?
Silverhawk Anon
It seems unlikely that Peridot will have anything to do with the crystal gems, but your thesis might still be on point if Lapis returns. While she's friendly to Steven personally, she doesn't have the same approach to him as the crystal gems do.
hey guys, you know where can I find a cool Opal wallpaper ?
Is this thread dead?
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image:140911303100.jpg(67kB , 650x366 , 257010-2758d15e-0bcd-11e4-b0ba-27d7e67cfe8c[1].jpg)
Did Mega Man get delayed again? I recently moved and am doing address change gobblygook and can't tell.
There are all those people in his current forums?
No, that was a chat Ken held 10 or 15 years ago, where he revealed Remington was Kragok's son. Now he's apparently forgotten that. Or he's saying he might not be able to legally use that anymore if Ian was the one who established it in the comic. One of the two.
Serves him right.
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image:141774404800.png(316kB , 349x473 , ForFucksSake.PNG)
All Hail Mordecai

King of the Fucking Losers

The One True Beta
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thatother1dude !!/PKS88+dMMc
>and white elephant was so good.

How do you fuck up that hard?
Someone on 4chan /co/ mentioned it could have been something already planned as a follow up to Rigby going back in time, and that he'll try to undo the kiss in the last episode but go back too far.
Still annoying, but better than if they just went "Yep, this is the best time to do this sort of thing entirely just to do it."
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image:141748048900.png(2.54MB , 1088x1672 , Doom Patrol (1987-1995) 036-020.png)
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image:141757668900.png(329kB , 738x212 , http%3A%2F%2F40.media.tumblr.com%2Fbf84e050c5320204fd06a4dad8a3dc5c%2Ftumblr_ne81617fKg1qbe123o1_1280.png)
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image:141733418100.png(23kB , 1000x788 , newpl8.png)
Do you want to be a hero, /co/?

Want to be a superhero with other superheroes?

Well then come and join in the /co/vengers in Neon City.
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image:141403786900.png(5kB , 932x278 , HAIL HYDRA.png)
Marvel Thread #2 NOW ENTERING ULTRON COUNTRY edition
//youtube.com/watch?v=tmeOjFno6Doyoutube thumb
The problem is that when you give hateful bigots a door into your groups by making it seem as if you oppose the general concepts that they do--for example demonizing "social justice warriors"--they will take it as the opportunity to take control of the narrative of your peer group. They will always be the loudest and most obnoxious people in the room, and the loudest and most obnoxious people in a group are the ones that everyone--often even the other members of that group, including the ones who disagree--will assume is the majority opinion of that group.

By allowing them to think their opinions are tolerated, you allow them to take over. Vocally opposing feminism is almost always going to lead to your group being taken over by hard-line MRAs and misogynists, not just the background-noise level misogyny that exists in any group. Vocally opposing social justice is going to attract racists and homophobes to your cause and convince them that they are welcome in your group.

These are the realities of the situation. The things you say have consequences, and among them are changing the tide and the perceived social acceptability of your peer groups. It is why GamerGate is and always will be a hate group no matter how badly the genuinely innocent people who genuinely care only about "Journalistic Integrity" try to convince themselves their group is salvageable.
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Could Naruto even have a crossover if it involved any substantially capable character who isn't a ninja?
Social Revenge Warrior is a pretty apt way to describe the latter and is harder to shoehorn people into. It doesn't cover the kinds of self-righteous people who invent windmills to get upset over, but they exist in literally every ideology ever. No need for a name besides "oversensitive". Mature people can deal with that on an individual basis.

Yakuza or the Silver Samurai?