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video:145303302000.webm(6.40MB , 1920x1080 , Julith arrives.webm)
Dofus/Wakfu Thread

New scenes from the upcoming movie

Joris and Lilotte working at the store

Khan looking for new Boufbowlers

The arrival of Julith
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image:145354684100.jpg(127kB , 1417x813 , Wakfu s3-Goultard throne.jpg)
Copied from 4chan/co/

New "Letter to the Community" by Tot: http://forum.dofus.com/fr/1081-actualite/2131403-lettre-communaute-2
I won't translate everything because it's probably gonna get an official translation by tomorrow anyway, so just the information about Wakfu season 3 and some stuff about Dofus.
>The word of TOT, screenwriter
>Season 3 continues its path and is going well. As we had explained, we work on a series of 13 episodes and 26 minutes. I objectively think that this is the best work we've ever done in the WAKFU series and I look forward for you to see our work. For every piece of news, we'll try to make a small balance sheet of the production's state.
The word of NTAMAK, director
>When I arrived at Ankama, eight years ago, I could have never thought of having the opportunity of being the director of an animated series such as WAKFU: having the chance and responsibility of taking a lot of decisions, narratives and graphics; of imposing an orchestration, but also and foremost of observing, of communicating, and of having the talents of those around me to achieve the best of each in a common work.
>Season 3 of WAKFU is an extraodinary human adventure, and for me, a child's dream that becomes alive. It's a pleasure to observe that the animation division of Ankama gains more and more maturity. The experience from DOFUS the film fed our talents and it's noticeable!
>For this reason, the stakes are new thanks to the possibility that we have to do a true serial. Narratively speaking, it'll surprise you, because the tone gains maturity. It'll be the opportunity of better digging the story and the past of certain of our heroes, to confront them to major dramatic situations and... we'll not lie, we weren't gentle with them.
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image:145354700800.jpg(493kB , 1417x813 , Wakfu s3-Sadida room.jpg)
Now, Dofus the Film.
>For now, it's hard to say anything about the presence of the film in other countries than France, but know that we've already been chosen for two festivals:
>ANIMA in Brussels on february the 12th
>FICAM in Meknès, Morocco from tuesday 29 to wednesday 30 of march
>Both Tot and JJ will be there to see you during the projection. You'll see, they're quite nice, sometimes they even joke. (Tot : « And they've got nothing against a good couscous »)
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image:145354704300.jpg(215kB , 1417x797 , Wakfu s3-Elelie.jpg)
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image:145354706300.jpg(211kB , 1417x799 , Wakfu s3-Goultard.jpg)
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image:145398120200.jpg(172kB , 1334x474 , Wakfu s3-Protagonists.jpg)
More copypasta from 4/co/

According to the official website, Wakfu season 3 will be released "during 2016", so hopefully they'll release it earlier than they expected at first (end of 2016).
>Source: http://www.ankama.com/fr/animations

Don't forget that the soundtrack of the Dofus movie is already available at the french Ankama store.
The movie will be on the french cinemas next week, and there's no news about it coming out of France, but they're trying their best.
The BD is scheduled for june according to Fnac, and can already be pre-ordered here http://video.fnac.com/a9275440/Coffret-de-pre-reservation-Fnac-Dofus-Le-Film-Livre-1-Julith-Blu-ray-Sauvane-Delanoe-Blu-Ray
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video:145398163300.webm(1.82MB , 1024x576 , lili.webm)
Also some scenes and webms from the Dofus movie from the thread
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image:145398215700.png(771kB , 1024x576 , dvd_snapshot_00.18_[2016.01.27_17.29.16].png)
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image:145398218900.png(715kB , 1024x576 , dvd_snapshot_00.18_[2016.01.27_17.29.03].png)
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image:145398223500.png(739kB , 1024x576 , dvd_snapshot_00.14_[2016.01.27_17.28.44].png)
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video:145398229100.webm(1.56MB , 1024x552 , ankama_girls.webm)
Okay, say what you will about tender american sensibilities.

But these french cartoonists really were horny when they went to the office that day. Not that that's a bad thing. But its obvious. But I like it.

Even though its clear.
That's what the archive is for in an animation department. Get riled up you draw it out and it goes in the archive.
Don't recognize that scene... what episode is it from?
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image:145407183100.png(940kB , 1280x853 , dofus_and_wakfu_by_flowersimh-d8bz61l.png)
Pretty sure it's from one of the Dofus movie videos.
T4 was here
//youtube.com/watch?v=jVV_qAKN6-Iyoutube thumb
Cool, and now we know why they hade those HUGE sales.
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image:145738754400.jpg(203kB , 1280x720 , 1457385815477.jpg)
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image:145742689400.jpg(34kB , 600x338 , CatQojmWwAAKGWl.jpg)
Supposedly this is Eva
Anyone got the original french subs for the Dofus and Wakfu series? Wanna improve my french.
T4 was here
Try youtube for Dofus but Wakfu is on Netflix.
An interesting tidbit from the latest Kickstarter update (in the comments):
>Regarding the release of the first episode, it is actually one of our goals to send the first episode to the backers before the rest of the season is broadcasted. We are discussing it internally to cover the legalities and with our co-producers to make it one of our goals.

Sure would be nice, although I can't expect it to actually happen at this point.
Dofus will be shown at the Non Stop festival in Barcelona in May:
Season 3 teaser. Looks good in motion.

//youtube.com/watch?v=Txf65UQ43YYyoutube thumb
So long has passed since Season 2. I'd be a bit annoyed if it stuck to the status quo... But I still adore the series to bits.

Has there been anything Wakfu since S2 aside from Dofus? (It doesn't really seem like my jam, but if you guys think its worth watching...)
Oh, they've definitely gotten better since season 2. They animated Dofus in a completely different style, then an entire movie. Even if season 3 is closer to season 2, it will definitely benefit from that added experience.

After season 2, there were 3 OVAs released in 2014. You'll find them easily on Nyaa:

Those definitely strayed from the status quo.
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image:146230779000.png(343kB , 474x750 , hype train.png)
Ah yeah! Any word on when Season 3 is starting?
No new estimates since they said they were aiming for the end of the year.
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image:146247363200.jpg(186kB , 888x1280 , groovechampion_000june014.jpg)
Pity, I am really looking forward to them continuing the show.

Btw, sharing pic of an Ecaflip background gal from the S1 Boufball episodes - my friend Grooveychampion drew a lot of art of her. We initially called her just "sweater girl" due to her attire, but we eventually settled on the name Trina. :)
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image:146247376900.jpg(56kB , 640x480 , Episode 12 - Boufbowl Hell (Third Match).avi_snapshot_18.39_[2011.03.15_00.34.56].jpg)
Here she is from the episode (S1E12)
So, the Dofus movie has been released on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/fr/movie/dofus-livre-1-julith/id1080577007). Has anyone shared it yet? We need it out, so people can start working on subs.
People are working on the subs as we speak (though it would be more accurate to say we're organizing for the time being). Updates will be posted on /coc/ as usual :)
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video:146519104300.webm(2.61MB , 1280x690 , magical bird messenger also boobies.webm)
To lay the cards on the table, I only watched several episodes of Wakfu. It is still on my "to watch" list.

I did not watch Dofus at all.

But I can tell greatness when I look at it, and I want to share it with you. Damn it France, no bra is a thing I like very very much.
Subs are out!

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image:146598880700.jpg(70kB , 1280x720 , WAKFU série – saison 3 Teaser 2.mp4_snapshot_00.37_[2016.06.15_06.38.58].jpg)
New teaser trailer for Wakfu season 3
//youtube.com/watch?v=zQj_vim6I80youtube thumb
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image:146635818200.png(834kB , 1280x706 , vlcsnap-2016-06-20-01h39m02s464.png)
So will the protagonist ever genuinely defeat the villain in a serious Ankama production or will it always be the bad guy screwing themselves over at the end somehow or some third party actually getting the job done?

We're 4 for 4 so far.
To anyone who missed the Kickstarter and wants a Blu-ray, this year's Gobbstock contest is open to all countries and three winners will get a Blu-ray:

You have two weeks to produce a song!
So uhm...

Emm, not really. The bad guy (girl) realized she did not want to do this after all and sacrificed herself. Really touching ending. I like Dofus/Wakfu because it has memorable tragic villains. I even felt sympathy for Quilby, and he really did some truly horrible things.
If you want your stereotypical "kill everything, destroy the world for laughs" villain, there is still always Rushu.
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image:147045893900.jpg(35kB , 896x504 , Dofus52.mkv_snapshot_09.26_[2014.11.09_15.04.23].jpg)
Just finished the Dofus movie. Praise be onto the subs team over on /coc/! And the animation was fantastic!!
Also, I loved those after credits.

Any word on what the next dofus/wakfu animation is?
Season 3 of Wakfu, expected next summer. 13 episodes this time.
Do I need to watch the Dofus series to get the movie?
Alpharius on the move
I'd recommend it for maximum effectiveness.
has the OST been uploaded anywhere yet?

Or was it too exclusive and we shouldn't expect to see it out there?
So, any news if Wakfu Season3 is gonna happen? Or if they even gonna do an english dub for Season2?

Season 2 is already dubbed with the rest of Wakfu. Season 3 is still expected next summer. No change since four posts above.
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image:147229382600.jpg(651kB , 1472x2168 , les_dessous_de_dofus_eng00.jpg)
Dofus scanslation is finally done. Hopefully there are no errors.
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image:147819623400.jpg(103kB , 1680x1050 , Spoiler image)
Season 3, teaser trailer 3
//youtube.com/watch?v=o8sHhPJpEWUyoutube thumb
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image:147821290800.jpg(418kB , 1472x908 , thosetwo.jpg)
>disdain for plebs
thatother1dude !!/PKS88+dMMc
So, after watching the earliest ~8 episodes over the course of literally two years, I suddenly binged the rest of both season and the specials in a few weeks.

This is probably going to feel weird, because I think this is the only show/franchise that beats Venture Bros. in terms of slow-but-almost-continuous production.

>Season 2 is already dubbed with the rest of Wakfu.
The 2014 specials (though not the Nox special) are as well. They're on Netflix, though listed separate from the main series as "The Quest for the Six Eliatrope Dofus".
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image:149014101300.png(894kB , 1055x768 , 1490126606149.png)
"We are halfway done. It's coming my friends, it's coming"
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image:149452458000.jpg(176kB , 1024x1366 , 1494522605334.jpg)
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image:149690705700.png(206kB , 540x308 , 1496858285221.png)
New saison 3 trailer

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image:149947490000.png(1.10MB , 1024x1366 , 1499472155181.png)
Countdown timer to season 3.
55~ days as of this post.
Mister Twister
Do Blu-Rays with english subs even exist for prior seasons? Last time I checked those were exclusive to KS backers.
Well they exist, but indeed they were printed exclusively for the Kickstarter. Your options for the official subs (why you would want them is beyond me, though) are Netflix, Steam, and Australian DVDs. I don't know about their respective resolutions.
Mister Twister
I would guess fan subs are better?
I can't say I've watched all the fansubs, but what I saw (mostly season 2 and special episodes) was generally pretty good. On the other hand it only took 2 minutes rewatching a fight scene to find a gross mistranslation in the official subs, and I've heard of other issues like using the wrong name for Chibi. Considering the name they used instead is said no more than once in the entire series, I can't even imagine how that happened.

I don't know which reads more fluently, but I would at least trust the fansubs more when it comes to meaning.
So, where is the sub team, working on the Season 3 subs, hm? Episode 1 was released today, you know.
On /coc/, as usual.
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image:150532528700.jpg(205kB , 1440x1080 , [Mr. Kimiko] Wakfu - S03E04 - Not That Stupid [HDTV][h.264][1080p][AAC] [B4502327].mkv_snapshot_00.40_[2017.09.12_20.57.44].jpg)
Weird, no-one mentioned how the first 5 episodes are already subbed? By someone on this site, apparently.

New season is amazing and was well worth the wait.
All episodes have subs, but if you want more polish you may have to wait. Up to Episode 7 for polished up subs, while all episodes have roughly done subs. You can find the paste in on 4chan/co/
Yeah I know, I mean why is no-one discussing the show?

either it jumped the shark, or all episodes were released at same time, making the hype already gone.
There doesn't seem to be too many people left here compared to previous seasons. People just talk about the show on 4chan now. But the threads will probably die off soon and this will remain a decent place to have a slower discussion.
Odd, because the movies were discussed here in great detail. Oh well then I will just go to a forum.
No, they are only at episode 7 now.
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image:150821897200.png(229kB , 422x786 , 1508133714598.png)
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image:150898044600.jpg(163kB , 540x540 , 252424_1244988515312_full.jpg)
Is it just me, or did the last few episodes get a bit too silly?
>Oh shit we're running out of episodes to show all we set up, lets speed up this thing
>they removed the dofus movie on steam
Bakara is too grumpy
Could be because of this:


>[Ankama] has sold “Dofus,” the film and TV series, to Ellation.
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image:151933924300.jpg(51kB , 1280x720 , Dofus18.mkv_snapshot_08.10_[2014.11.03_20.28.19].jpg)
So I marathoned Wakfu season 3 a few days ago. I thought it was fine. It had some ideas I liked, but the delivery was a bit weak in places. I can't see it as the huge disappointment I read about it before going in. I'm more than willing to listen to why it's bad and should feel bad.

Please remember to be polite and use spoiler tags to hide spoilers.

I'm not a fan of the Iop wankery that Wakfu is becoming, but that part didn't really ruin the experience for me.
I liked it too. It was too endgame-like, ssure, but I totally understand why the show cannot go back and be about filler adventures and gobball matches again when even season two had higher stakes
Wakfu has been Iop wankery for all of Season 2 as well. Season 1 was more balanced between all characters, but only because they have yet to make half the cast demigods and the other half reduced to plot points.

Iops are the most popular faction in the games, and Grovy is the personal favourite of the writer/creator, so it's normal for them to be used the most often.
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image:152087274200.jpg(192kB , 837x1028 , 1484772418999.jpg)
All hope is lost
Caedo !!q4p6GK9J3Fv
Came across my old working directory for fansubbing this today. The raws (fromankama's streaming service, and the TV rips) as well as the sub files.

Many thanks to those that continued on the work after Season 1. The blue-rays and reworked subs are great (and i can't believe my OP effects lived on through S02!).

So, yeah, thanks to all involved for the end result, and good memories; nostalgia hit me hard.
So will there be a Season 4?
Anyone has scans of the artbooks? I only ever found "Tome 1"... :( Share if you do, please.
I only have the season 3 one.

Wakfu Season 3 Artbook.pdf
Thanks, I have that too. I meant the I think 12 or so "tomes" of the first two seasons.
So, Manga vol 5 is out. Anyone has links to English version?
Wakfu scans are hard to come by, sorry. I have taken to buying the S1 artbooks on french ebay but hard to find them cheap.
If someone wants to gift me the manga on Comixology or provide scans any other way, I'll translate it eventually. Hard to tell when I'll have the time for it, though. Same e-mail as always.
Here is the Wakfu Manga Vol. 5 from Comixology

Thanks. Let’s see if I can do it by the end of the year. I’ll probably post in the comics thread on /coc/ when I get started.
imdb says that the first episode of Abraca (the new show from Ankama) is supposed to air this Sunday (01. September) on france 3 or something. The only thing I can find is the Ludo slot at 6 AM would this be it?

Can't find anything official from any Twitter or news website or whatever.
Mistir Twistir
So........ Wakfuverse is done.
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image:156793177060.jpg(63kB , 1280x720 , Carnissia31.jpg)
Just because they are working on another show? I hardly think so. The games are still going strong in France.
We also started to hear about Abraca way back in 2015 so it’s hardly something they’ve fallen back to while abandoning the Krosmoz ship (unlike Princess Dragon).
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image:156801044054.jpg(1.18MB , 1054x1648 , page000.jpeg)
Translation of the manga is done:


If someone feels like story-timing it on 4chan/co/, I’m not gonna have that kind of time but I’d be happy to hop on and answer any questions.
Do you have a link for the other volumes? I'm pretty sure I missed out on books 3 and 4.
Links in the same thread. #3 was done in several parts:
oh, ok, turned out I had most of the others - but I only have book 3 as separate pdfs (ugh) instead of one cbr.
Anyone has scans of the artbooks as well? I only ever found the Season 3 one, and scans of the first volume from Season 1.
question to translators:
- if raws were supplied, would you guys consider translating Tangomango?
- did the Kabrok book ever get a HQ release? The only translation I've ever read used very, very poor quality scans. If not, would you guys consider re-releasing that using HQ raws?
>Abraca in December
We are going home bros ...
No we are not going home. Abraca is not connected to Wakfu at all. It is its own thing.

That being said some kind anon uploaded the first season raw to mega


Despite the pandemic, Ankama maintain their plan to go to Kickstarter to fund a fourth and final season of Wakfu.

>the Kickstarter campaign we're planning for the 4th season of the WAKFU animated series (...)
>we'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign by the beginning of June.
Here's hoping they'll be able to put effort in it, so it doesn't end up so cheap looking as season 3.
Mister of the Twist
>fourth and final season of Wakfu
Any creator who has the balls to make a definitive ending deserves all the respect. FUCK Zombie Simpsons and everything like it. If the fourth season is the last, then I will likely throw some money their way.
Well, the way Ankama works is a bit different. This would be the end of the Brotherhood of the Tofu's story, but there is still plenty of space on the timeline for other stories in the Dofus or Wakfu era, and the end of Wakfu is supposed to lead to the next era that will be featured in their next video game. So there's certainly some room between ending this series and ending the franchise, whereas I don't really see the Simpsons making that distinction.

And considering how many characters are immortal or functionally immortal, there are at least a few that could make it to the next era as well as being featured in new pre-Wakfu stories (especially Yugo, Joris, Kerubim and Goultard).
Kickstarter campaign planned to launch on June 8th specifically.

Looking forward to it. Reminds me to finally rewatch the show now that I have the Bluray.
That's not a bad idea. Most of the episodes I watched were from the webrips. Watching it again will be like re-playing an AAA PC game with a new videocard where I can finally turn the graphics up.
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image:159079885159.jpg(58kB , 640x480 , Episode 12 - Boufbowl Hell (Third Match).avi_snapshot_09.50_[2011.03.15_00.22.36].jpg)
Oh yeah, I too watched it in low def back in the day, thankfully we have much better quality now. And I need to take screencap of all those background Ecaflips, anyway, for... "scientific research" :P My friend Groovey turned this gal basically into his own character and done tons of fanart and R34 for "Trina"
Supposedly they edited the scenes quite a bit compared to the early webrips though. Some are fixed errors, like when Eva's then-broken bow shows up in the Tree of Life in S1. But I heard other things like they removed one or two scenes, like when child Eva makes a tongue face at child Amalia in a flashback.

I'm afraid that they changed so many things, not big changes, just subtle ones that I found memorable, and if I re-watched it I'd be looking for all those missing parts. It happened to me for a few movies that got new voice mixes or re-dubs for blu-ray and I kept searching for a memorable quite only to find that it was removed.
And on that note, I wish I saved all the web streams early on. I think I only started saving them from the middle of S1 or so.
It was extra fun when I could start guessing the filename based on the episode title and got some episodes 2-3 days earlier.

God, those were so good times, especially since 4chan /co/ was way more laid back and we could actually discuss this show there.

And I'm still gonna call Tristepin as Grovy, not whatever the fuck his new name is in the newly translated version. The original english Wakfu pages on ankama.com called him Sadlygrove.
Mister of the Twist
Only we could make /co/ good. We, as in, We The People.
We're going to have to arrange a side-by-side watch of every episode to spot and document these changes. If I were more obsessive, I'd watch the official subs and dub to spot the places where they did worse than the fansubs (like calling Chibi Glip even though Glip is only ever mentioned once in the series).

Hopefully we can have some more sensible discussions here when/if the last season airs. /co/ was already a shitshow during season 3 (even compared to 4chan's baseline, during the early seasons) and doesn't seem to have gotten better since.
Mister of the Twist
I say go there, and say positive things (if you actually have positive things to say), and do not let the mean 4chan bullies stop you!
Bah, it's not so much that it's intimidating, just tiresome when more than half the posts are idiots insulting each other back and forth or posting godawful memes about which character they want to fuck. It's a bit too much like trying to have a conversation in a public chatroom in the middle of a group argument while a couple weirdos are sexting via emotes in the background.
4chan is not the bastion of good shit it once was, now every board is just plain old shit.
Mister of the Twist
Interesting. I visit /co/ every day, and it is FINE.
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image:159096619301.png(403kB , 492x461 , anon spidey.png)
Current /co/ is a liberal bitchfest not unlike neogaf and the like. It isn't as spontaneous, uninhibited, liberated, and ingenious as it was ten years ago. Well, a few threads are, but they quickly get deleted.
There are also a couple of shows you can't discuss (for ex. Swat Kats), and the janitors freely abuse their powers to spam money referral links in the win-o threads and deleting every post that mentions this, sometimes even those providing alternatives.
save file
image:159096881029.jpg(45kB , 418x600 , co was never good.jpg)
97% of all those posts are baiting. I know it is very easy to see online posts as honest, but over the many years of learning more about humanity I learned to tell the difference. Also, I don't visit win-0-threads, since I normally steal only shows that are rare, and for that I have My Spleen and good old Pirate Bay.

As for the death of the "good old /co/", I blame everyone who left. If good people leave a community, and said community gets worse, guess who's fault that is. I would rather keep posting there than leave like all the other cowards. And for the record, I don't namefag there anymore.
Its not a problem with 'liberals', its just shitposters.

Not everything in the world is either 'liberal' or 'conservative'.
Mister of the Twist
Exactly. If it makes you angry, and you reply, their efforts of pretense were not in vain.
No, old 4chan was full of shitposting that made you angry, but it was harmless because it was all in jest. Current 4chan just makes me not want to bother posting. Partially because every 2nd post gets moderated anyway.
I mostly left a few years ago because of Google reCaptcha and Hiro's commercialization attempts. Some of the mods or jannies were shit to certain good threads but newer boards opened up alternatives.
The few politicfags that invaded my go-to threads were laughed out and ignored, so that wasn't a problem. The only real problem-user was an autistic footfag who flooded a thread every week. Eventually I drew his waifu getting amputated and he left forever, so that worked out alright.
>Eventually I drew his waifu getting amputated and he left forever, so that worked out alright.

Now I'm curious. Post it here please?
Might as well link the thread. NSFW, of course.

Opening ten posts are good for context, fun starts all the way down just below https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/3422955/#3553483
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image:159154161993.jpg(66kB , 1310x743 , EZruYvDXQAAWOOL.jpeg)
Some new images were placed into the recent Yugo recap video:

WAKFU saison 4 - Yugo - Kickstarter Teasingyoutube thumb
Tot interviewed at 14:40:
Ankama pas Live #7 – L’actu d’Ankamayoutube thumb

Talks about the origins of Wakfu and the previous seasons, his plans for season 4 (pretty vague still) and the Kickstarter. Says Ankama is going to fund a minimum of 3 episodes and hope that if there is enough interest in the KS campaign, they can entice previous partners to provide more funding as well and make it a full season (I’m assuming 13 episodes since he still calls it season 3 part 2).

He also explained that getting a French broadcaster to sign them again would be a very big deal, more important than something like Netflix, because that’s a condition for them to receive government grants. So if they get 30% funding or more from a French channel, they become eligible for another 20% funding from grants. With their own investment and the KS money, that would likely take them where they need to be financially.

He notes that with similar arrangements, it took them 10 years for seasons 1 and 2 to become profitable after selling and renewing rights internationally. So the goal as far as I can tell isn’t to break even from the get-go, but to get enough money upfront to absorb the loss for a number of years.

So hopefully we can get a lot of 1-dollar pledges at least from people who are disillusioned but still interested in seeing the series through, to help them convince France TV to pick it up.
What disillusioned me with season 3 is that the animation quality took a huge nose dive. They simplified every character model, removed details (season 1 looks so fucking gorgeous even today, season 2 already has signs of being simplified, but season 3 removes tons of detail), and reused a ton of existing animation both from the season itself and from older episodes.

Season 3 is a fucking hanna barbera show compared to how ultra detailed the first two seasons were.
Mister of the Twist
The tragedy of the animation industry. The best shows made with passion usually get little money, or NO money. Anyone not satisfied can only keep watching safe GC family crap. Or 5 minute long shorts.
They are up to 700k when I checked just now, so halfway there.
Just saw the trailer. This is pretty amazing stuff. So I am guessing that's Yugo at the end - he sure grew up! And the kids got some space armor? Also the baby can already do some epic stuff - guess he is the new Iop god. And Quilby is back somehow? That's Adamai and the dragon eggs he has... trapped?
The big matrix-like portal makes me think the invaders are the machine empire whom Quilby once attacked out of boredom, and who almost eradicated the Eliatrope race. Just a guess.

Kidding? Season 3 had some amazing fight scenes, like with Toxine. And the locales were breathtaking, that tower sometimes seemed to have limitless dimensions. I did not notice any drop in quality. The character models to me also looked the same as well. I was just a bit sad the whole season was one big story without intermissions or sidequests like the previous two. It left less room for character development. And Oropo was nowhere as an interesting villain as Nox or Quilby.
Well, it's 910.000$ pledged now already, so 10 episodes are for sure now. Just pledged the option with the Blu-ray, as sadly this was the only way to get the first two seasons on BR too.
The Blu-ray is season 4 only.
Mstr Twistr
I am glad financially you are in a good position.
Yeah I know. I already got the first 2 seasons on BR - some of the kickstarter BRs make it to ebay sometimes.
I don't need to be super well off to afford 75$... And I wasn't saying what level I took to brag about my income. I live in Hungary, I know for a fact that a cleaning lady in Switzerland earns more than I do. Money is relative compared to where you live.
save file
image:159198878441.jpg(55kB , 700x391 , unnamed.jpg)
11th episode reached. :)
Sadlygrove with Rubilax Armor?
save file
image:159201582267.png(257kB , 687x606 , Image1.png)
If we reach 1.4 million euros, they'll do a nude episode.

There's a cra with bangs using the same armour so it's most likely Flopin and Elily (pinpins children) in some kind of Rubilax Armor.
Nah, that's his daughter Elely. He is being proud. :D
€1 million and 12 episodes reached now.

LOL I did not see that nude one mentioned... but that duck indeed is indicative of that. :D
That's a fake. They said the secret episode is secret because saying what it's about would spoil season 4.

Could be a sort of epilogue of the Wakfu era, showing the devastation of the world after Yugo fucks up for the last time.
apparently the duck was there but they removed it once it was spotted.
So they apparently hit some record about European kickstarters - and yeah, now both extra episodes are unlocked.
hey does anyone here have a place to DL the translated comics? the Tumblr that was made for it is long dead and the current project thread is a continuation with no old links, so itd be rad if someone here had like a MEGA or something to help out
Does anyone know where Evangelyne was actually born? Has she been in the Sadida kingdom her whole life or did they move there?
Also, we're seen Ecaflip City in Dofus, the Sadida Kingdom in Wakfu and there's various divine realms for different classes/gods in the MMO. Does anyone know if there's a Cra city/kingdom?
I don't know if it was ever said where she was born, but most Cra were living in the Sadida kingdom and Eva was shown to meet Amalia when they were small children (it's unlikely they'd set up someone to be a royalty's bodyguard unless she was close by already, so that rules out someone from another city). Given that their world is supposed to have large empty spaces and only few cities due to Ogrest' Chaos, chances are she was born in the Sadida kingdom.

>Does anyone know if there's a Cra city/kingdom?
In Wakfu, they live in the Sadida kingdom. There may have been a place for them in Dofus, before Ogrest wrecked the planet.

Early designs had Eva as a spy working for Cra forces. You can see remnants of that in one of the episodes where she separates from the group one night to shoot a single arrow very far - it was meant to carry her report. But this was dropped from the story very fast.
To be fair, even Cleophée's existence involved retconing some scenes.
Source on the cra in general living in the sadida kingdom? In season 2 they have faction leaders for each class attend a summit, I always assumed the Cra present in the kingdom were a military group sent to aid the Saddida and they were just close allies, especially with how few in number they were and how the local commanders attended their faction leader
I don't remember, I may have read it in the artbooks. They are close allies at the bare minimum, given that their army was there to help defend against Nox and that Eva was made a bodyguard to Amalia. But yeah, maybe I'm wrong and they don't live there.
The episode you talk about mentions a Cra City.
that's appreciated, I'm just trying to write something and it seems the lore for wakfu is really vague.
Also has anyone here ever seen any Eniripsa female that doesnt have fairy or butterfly wings? I'm trying to determine if it really is only the males that have the bat wings
I don't even remember seeing male eniripsa now that I think of it, although the games probably have them.
Lore-wise the physical attributes of a person change more drastically the more "faith" they have, so I guess it wouldn't be impossible to have a character who is Eniripsa but didn't fully metamorphose to a fairy. Like how in the Nox special, Nox looked like a normal guy at first too (before he goes insane), and his Iop wife was a gentle normal woman too not an anime Red Sonja.
Of course such an eniripsa would by definition have less powers, due to having less faith in their god.
I haven’t been immersed in the lore in some time but Daïe Guéri from the TCG was depicted with angel wings, which I think has more to do with her alignment with Bonta, but no visible fairy wings at any rate.

Likewise for Klara Bôss and her bat/demon wings from Brakmar:

Technically, Naima from Tears of Blood was an Eniripsa without wings, though the artist also didn’t give Nausea wings and she has them in the animated series, so take it with a grain of salt. In the first couple pages of Boufbowl 3, Kriss’s father is treated by a female Eniripsa that doesn’t have wings. Then there was Opus from the Remington comics. So no wings at all is pretty common in the comics.

Here’s another young one without wings from the TCG: https://fr.shopping.rakuten.com/photo/1129025844.jpg

As for females with actual male Eniripsa wings, I can’t think of one, though I’ve seen various liberties taken in fan art.
save file
image:162151548550.jpg(107kB , 900x675 , 217893eecbec5208cd6c2dfea3137a00.jpg)
the closest I could find is this, but I think she's supposed toe be a Sram. It doesn't help that these themes change depending on what looks neat, and if it's Dofus, Wakfu or Krosmaga or whatever.
It's all very inconsistent which is fine, but I don't want to overstep the few rules they DO have.
save file
image:162151650284.png(232kB , 661x233 , unknown.png)
Oh shit I found one
That fat man-fairy is amazing, looks like bean daddy
Looks like these are concepts for Dofus 2, so I don’t know if they made it to the game/canon - I don’t even know what version of Dofus is current at this stage.

it looks like it ties in with the paladrir and necros thing they were doing with Krosmaga, with characters corrupted (by stasis?) and their opposition. Wakfu S4 looks like it might be addressing this split too.
I think we only ever saw an Eniripsa in the council meeting of season 2. Sadly for all the worldbuilding the show did, it still relies too much on knowledge needed from an MMO I have no intention of playing
>I think we only ever saw an Eniripsa in the council meeting of season 2.
Pretty sure they had some healers around at SOME point, although I can't think of any right now (Boufbowl maybe?).
save file
image:162156788402.jpg(58kB , 800x600 , b84ccc5056e71ebe0dd09634df45375b.jpg)
Definitely during Boufbowl and the one treating Qilby in season 2. The only noticeable role was Nausea in early season 1

That was my first thought too, but they look far less hardcore/more normal than the Necromes and Paladirs.
save file
image:162156890535.png(751kB , 1578x714 , Eni.png)
That reminds me, this Eni had smaller, seemingly dark feathered wings instead of the usual fairy wings.
save file
image:162157787403.jpg(85kB , 600x600 , 08f.jpg)
Oh no, there's a couple of enis sprinkled around. Sidenote, what classes have pointy ears? I noticed all the bridge staff for the Sufokian prince have pointy ears.
Huh, nice. I never noticed those were Eniripsa. I mean without the wings they might as well be Cra.
Lots of species have pointy ears - I am still unsure what the difference between Sacrier and Iops is for example.
I think Cra much more consistently have long, pointy ears and my argument for thinking theyre Enis is because they do not stay cool under pressure, which makes me think theyre more built for a support role.
Sacriers also come with mandatory tattoos they use for weaponry and utilize a lot more self harm to empower themselves. In Krosmaga they get unique bodyguard abilities and bonuses to themselves or allies when their own units get injured. Iop meanwhile gets First Strike.
save file
image:162204092924.png(1.22MB , 2000x2800 , cf8f95a3edfad78e96428d9acd0c9792.png)
Why are there so few fucking Sram designs?
Ah, I never played the games so I did not even know they had tattoos or what their powers are. I mean the only Sacrier I remembered was the Boufball player... Kriss Krass, or what was his name?
save file
image:162236101377.gif(66kB , 512x512 , steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net.gif)
Kriss (la) Krass was a Sacrier yes, as was the guy that killed Goultard's family. In the games they have a lot of mechanics where causing self harm buffs their abilities. pic related is the Krosmaga take on the god Sacrier
save file
image:162236111070.jpg(173kB , 811x1111 , Wakfu-dofus-Sacrier-фэндомы-2765956.jpeg)
I only played an online game for these shows for a short time, it was the free version and it was because of a girl wanting me to play it with her.

Christ that was easily more than a decade ago.
Wow so they are masochists? That'd unnecessarily edgy. No wonder the cartoon left that out.
save file
image:162262375727.png(456kB , 590x890 , 1391285101384.png)
reading about the lore a bit recently, it looks more like its about compassion and a willingness to suffer on others's behalf. Which explains why they have Bodyguard in Krosmaga. In short she was the first one to actually start giving a shit about the suffering of the mortal races of the world of 12.
Osamodas are actually masocists, as their name is literally sado maso spelled backwards. But thats more about taming animals or something? I still need to read up on them.
The masochism part about sacriers was greatly downplayed as Ankama became more mainstream. In the original Dofus they used their shed blood as weapons. This was changed to some brownish energy whip by the time of Wakfu.

I'm not sure if Osamodas are masochists, their name may just be a reference to the fact that they are beast tamers and hence use whips.
But then Kabrok made jokes about sleeping on a spike bed so I really don't know.
save file
image:162267449619.jpg(46kB , 640x480 , Episode 12 - Boufbowl Hell (Third Match).avi_snapshot_04.39_[2011.03.15_00.14.46].jpg)
This reminds me how many cute background girls this show has. My friend Groovechampion practically adopted this Ecaflip gal in the sweater - we named her Trina and he drew a ton of art of her.
Oh yeah I have known that, same as Ecaflip Pilface backwards which is a shortened version of the french word meaning "heads or tails", indicating their luck-based powers.
Heh, Kabrok said that? I need to rewatch the show. I have the BluRay, it's just I cannot take screenshots of those sadly (PowerDVD and other players do not allow it) and I wanna screencap it again.
>Heh, Kabrok said that? I need to rewatch the show.
It was in the comic. Miranda walks in on him during a stormy night wearing nothing but a drenched pajama, and Kabrok starts shaking at her sight. Miranda asks if he is afraid of the thunderstorm too, and Kabrok just jokes that he is shaking because he was sleeping on spikes. Then she tells her that's good, cause it would be a real shame if a great Osamodas like him couldn't "tame her felinity".
>The masochism part about sacriers was greatly downplayed as Ankama became more mainstream
That's lame as fuck
save file
image:162272585206.png(331kB , 377x471 , Capture d’écran du 2021-06-03 09-01-50.png)
If you are referring to this panel, having pins and needles has nothing to do with sleeping on a bed of nails. He’s saying he slept on his arms and they "fell asleep" and are now tingling as they "wake up" (obdormition followed by paresthesia).

I guess with so many kids playing the games, self-harm wasn’t looking great as a central theme for one of the classes. They changed the blood to ink to keep the same mechanics, though tattoos don’t really have anything to do with their goddess’s domain.
yeah that's the panel I was referring to, I guess either the fan translation is wrong or I didn't knew that "pins and needles" idiom in English.

Getting your arm paralized when you sleep on one of the veins and block the flow of blood, that sucks a lot by the way. Whenever that happens it feels like my heart is about to explode from the extra blood it has to pump.
>Whenever that happens it feels like my heart is about to explode from the extra blood it has to pump.
Uh, that's not normal. Getting pins and needles in your arm just makes your arm feel funny for a while, then it returns to normal over a couple minutes, I'd get that checked out if you don't live in the U.S.
>Getting pins and needles in your arm just makes your arm feel funny for a while,

Yeah, but it's caused by you accidentally reducing the flow of blood to an appendage, for a short period of time. Then when the blood flow returns to normal, you have your veins fill up with the proper amount of blood which makes your arm/leg all tingly and hard to use for a little while. Hence the term "pins & needles", I guess.

What I meant is when I sleep on the side and rest my head on one of my arms, and the weight of my head blocks that vein below your biceps. This happens during sleep, so it's like that for hours, enough so the arm will completely empty of blood. Then I wake up to have one of my arms completely unusable, only feeling the weight of the dead meat hanging from my shoulder (no blood means the muscles can't work and my shoulder has to bear all the weight).
Then, since I moved my head, the blood flow returns, except now it has to fill an entire arm and not only does it feel like pins & needles but ten times worse, but it also forces my heart to suddenly pump more blood and beat much harder.
Well, two things. One, I’ve had that happen multiple times, sometimes to both arms at once (I have bad shoulders), and I’ve never had heart palpitations because of it, so I would agree with anon above that that isn’t standard.

Two, your arm isn’t literally empty of blood even though it feels "empty" or dead. That blood would have to go somewhere else in your body and there’s only so much room. What’s in it is stale, deoxygenated blood.
save file
image:162275605006.jpg(607kB , 1077x1077 , 1584525370698.jpg)
So what is the deal with the Sofukians? Are they a faction seperate from the nation state we see in Wakfu? What is their relation to the stasis weaponry Foggernauts use? They aren't unique to Sofukia.
ok, fair enough.
I don't eat or live very healthy (no exercise) so it would make sense if it happens because my heart is weaker than normal. Plus I'm tall, so it has to do more work.

Maybe it's only the stress and the pain that causes the palpitation, not the heart overworking itself. Because it feels really fucking awful.
Yeah, I panicked the first time I woke up with both arms paralyzed. Now it’s more like "Ugh, I hope it hasn’t been like this long enough for too many cells to die."

I think there were two kinds of Sufokians, and two kinds of Steamers, but I was never clear on the specifics. Something about a social and religious schism sometime in their past leading to some of them becoming essentially robots, but I don’t remember who’s who.
I've never even watched the show and yet I love this crazy shark-toothed bitch from all the times I saw her on 4chan
Anon see a doctor
It's not a big deal, it only happens because I always sleep on my side.
Mstr Twstr
Anon, I slept on all kind of body parts in the past, which led to partial loss of function when I wake up (for about a minute maybe), but my heart never ever in my extra long life of 200 years felt like it was about to blow up.

Your heart will blow up soon if you don't see a doctor.
I agree with >>436827
The only excuse I can think of for you NOT going to the doctor is that you're American and thus liable to go destitute if you do.
I'm looking for background waifus and NPC designs, can anyone help out?
It seems like you'd have to narrow down exactly what you want before anyone would be able to lend you aid.
I'm just trying to put together a bunch of background characters. I just need some variety, like there's next to no SRAM background characters out unique npc designs in their games. Stuff that deviates from the standard class design.
Anyone know where the old brotherhood of tofu season 1 and 2 subs are currently hosted?
I still have mine but I wanted to give a buddy the link to whatever is current before uploading all of that.
Mstr Twstr
Cannot help you, but what's wrong with the current official subs? If you are adamant, ask on /co/ Prime.
The official subs just transcribe the english dub which is... not good. "Sadlygrove" eugh.
Not sure which fansubs you are looking for, but there are torrents for both the VODs and Bluray rips that have both French and English subs and dubs.

Sadlygrove was his official English name when the series started (they changed it after re-doing the English sub/dub), and it's also what all the fansubs used way back when we kept saving the stream episode every Friday and make fansubs for it.
Grovy sounds nicer than Dally.
And Pinpin is better than both, and what they actually say.
Yeah but if you keep his name untranslated, then you miss out on the fact that it's a pun (it translates to "sad pine", and Sadlygrove is a good enough approximation of that). Also Pinpin is pronounced differently in English and French.

I don't see why you have to be so anal about that, it was a good translation. Better than swapping his names around and using Percedal/Dally of Sadlygrove.
Why is she bullying me through my monitor?
Does anyone have the pastebin with the krosmos info? the old one got taken down.
What kind of info? Or do you mean the download links?
oh haha, I have those rips too.
save file
image:165184513857.jpg(40kB , 796x448 , Jak and Daxter no way.jpg)
>english dub
Mstr Twstr
I am sorry to love quality. I apologize.
Did a website for the download links since the old pastebin got taken down: https://co-me.ga/posts/wakfu/

If you have anything to add drop me a mail.
noice. Wakfu has a ton of great designs, but Cleo was always my favourite.
What is the deal with count harebourg? The timeline says he froze time on frigost but on dofus you can also kill him? Was his entire island frozen on time for 400 years? Is he that old or did he the island and it's people just not age all that time? Where did the ice dofus he got from Jiva come from? Is it a lesser dofus? Where is it now?
wtf I love the french now.
Question, I know that the soundtrack for the show was released, but was the soundtrack for the Noximilien special ever released anywhere? The existing OST release does not seem to include that.
I'm looking for one song in particular, that one theme of Nox when he uses his "tunnel vision" to see the graves of his family and goes insane. It's the same song as "Rewriting time" from the season 1 OST, but it has a longer, creepy intro.

That old browser game, Wakfu Les Gardiens, used this version as Nox's theme.
I’m not too versed in that part of the lore, and I don’t know why or when exactly Harebourg froze time. But as for the Ice Dofus, according to the wiki, it "came from Aguabrial's 'frozen hole'" and is "rumored to be a tear or a ball of snot".

>was the soundtrack for the Noximilien special ever released anywhere?

Not that I know of. I’m not sure the special uses exactly the same track as Les Gardiens either. They’re both longer than the OST’s version and have a similar build up, but the special’s seems to last longer than WLG’s track "Redemption". I think it was fairly common for Ankama to reuse different cuts and loops of base tracks/themes throughout the seasons, and I would guess they used the base track for WLG and an extended cut for the special episode. It’s probably the closest you’ll find, though.

In case you don’t have them already, WLG tracks:
The last thing I remember about this series is everyone blowing up about that brown chick cucking the kid with his future self, which is entirely natural because its French.

Is there anything else going on since then?
save file
image:167033538438.jpg(392kB , 1920x1080 , e5f6a0ff3b4d897cae58cd7de5981d4b.jpg)
>Is there anything else going on since then?
There's this new animation coming out based in the same world called Lance Dur which is about an old king going off to save his granddaughter with his old adventure buddies and his cowardly son.
We are still waiting on season 4 which has the ginger loli getting demon armor.
Meester Tweester
Funny how that is mostly accurate.
One of these things is not like the others
save file
audio:167292960029.mp3(2.41MB / 02:06s / 160kbps , 44.1kHz / 19_wg_Musique_Redemption.mp3)
Full Nox Redemption theme from Les Gardiens. It's supposed to loop, so there's no clear start/ending to the song.
Does anyone have versions of the wakfu episodes with dialog audio seperated from the SFX and music? I'm looking into this for AI generated voice reasons
Meester Tweester
No, (un)fortunately. I fucking hate AI and want it to die, but I also love shitposting with fake voices.
I just ran into a much more organic sounding system, some people trained it to convincingly come across as a human on 20 minutes worth of audio so im interested in seeing how far you could take a model like that
save file
image:167511107670.gif(474kB , 500x272 , 1339042927281.gif)

an attempt was made
Maybe you could feed it interviews the VAs gave. Wouldn’t sound exactly the same, but the audio should be cleaner.
For those who also work in high-profile video games, maybe you can find clean audio files there as well. Amalia’s VA did work for Overwatch, Breath of the Wild and The Last of Us. At a glance, her Overwatch character sounds pretty close to Amalia. She also voiced a talking gun in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel if you want to focus on her psycho aggressive side.

BOGANELLA - Borderlands the pre-sequel version française !youtube thumb
So nyaa has S1-3 and the OVA but where can I find the specials and mini-wakfu?
Aren't the specials packed together with the seasons? Season 1 had the Noximilien episode, Season 2 had the Ogrest one but that's basically a separate OVA.
There's the Goultard special which kind of predates Wakfu, but they released it as part of it due to the network fucking them.
Mini-wakfu was never collected as far as I know. Wasn't it just a bunch of mini-story at the end of every episode?
Mister Twister
You just reminded me I never watched the specials. Fake fan.
Thanks for the clarification. I thought mini-wakfu did Nox's backstory?
The Nox backstory was in Noximilien l'horloger (Noximilien the Clockmaker), the special ep for season 1.
>Fake fan
Yeah I don't think the specials are packed. I can find Ogrest but not Nox or Goultard.
The first two seasons ha d26 episodes and there's only 26 videos in each pack
which comics do I read for harebourg's story? Also are any of the links still alive? Last I checked they were all stored on pastebin and got purged.
Mister Twister
I am wary of tie-in comics released at the same time as a show. Like, is there any continuity, and will the show ignore the comics? (the answers are usually no and yes)
Harebourg is involved for a time (heh) in the Ogrest manga, but hardly the main focus. I think his backstory is mostly explored in the MMOs, and there are conflicting stories there. I don't remember there being comics about him specifically.
save file
image:168409647820.jpg(790kB , 1551x2327 , The_Black_Raven (13).jpg)
There is a nice prequel comic showing how Miranda and Kabrok met, which is sort of canon.
save file
image:168568843517.png(36kB , 1110x257 , Screenshot 2023-06-02 164548.png)
You can see in this unseeded torrent (https://downloadtorrentfile.com/hash/d57e4ae96283b6d0b8528767fbaf225edff3694c?name=wakfu) what is and isn't part of the currently seeded torrents.
These versions of Seasons 1 and 2 are the alt torrents on nyaa, They along with thsi specific season 3 are available in a pack on TL, the Dofus miniseries is not simply the nyaa one with renamed files (I checked manually) and besides other private trackers everything else is unavailable outside this torrent according to the DHT search engines.
save file
video:168675744422.mp4(5.57MB , 640x360 , 8500aa393bcc775846b3f872ad6bb82d_h264_high.mp4)
They just dropped a teaser of season 4 on the Kickstarter.

Of course the friggin Iop newborn will get more action than Ruel.
Mister Twister
Sukoshi, subarashi, really nice. Tres bien or something.
Well that dude is certainly a dude.
Man the new villain looks intimidating.
>Of course the friggin Iop newborn will get more action than Ruel.

That's normal, they are the DPS faction in the game. And Ruel will go Super Saiyan at some point.
If you guys join oldtoons.world The entirety of Wakfu and Dofus is all there
Found this place thanks to staying after the credits of an episode.

Does anyone know the source of that "Dark Piano" music sting? I've heard it in a bunch of videogames.
Care to be more specific? What episode and when?
This tune:
Heard it a bunch in early Season 2.
Okay, looked it up, and this turned out to be the answer to my concerns: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/VideoGame/HalfLife1

>A number of tracks use stock music cues from SCD 709 Dramatic Workshop 26 - Moodsetters, Links & Stings
Sadly I cannot. If public registrations do become available again, is this a case where you need to have a seedbox or you can be a lower level user as long as your ratios stay up? I'm doing pretty okay on TorrentLeech without one.
save file
image:169964522199.png(298kB , 1280x720 , Wakfu.Oropo.Special.720p.FRENCH.SUBBED.WEB-Bernd_Lauert-00:20:44.080.png)
/co/mrades made a thread, and OP shared the Oropo special with english subs
I will assume that link will not be up forever.
got it, thanks.
Huh not sure how someone did that. I watched it today via the link given due to me supporting the kickstarter, but it overlays your email address on top of the video... so whoever ripped it would be exposed.
At any rate the special was great. I never expected we would get to see more of the Eliotropes and the special still made me care for these characters, even knowing by the time of season 3 all but Oropo were dead already. The battles were epic, but the touching moments Oropo had with his brothers in the flashbacks were the best.
Also, this reminded us again what an utter powerhouse and badass Grougaloragan is. And did we ever see grown-up Chibi before?
Hi guys, does anyone know about pastebin containing active links to Goultard, Nox and Ogrest specials and season 3? Tried to search everywhere but all links seemed to be dead :/
Mister Twister
Specials excluded, the entire show is on Netflix.