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image:143803053700.png(677kB , 768x576 , Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist - S01E09 - Annushka's Winter Tale.mp4_snapshot_02.05_[2015.07.27_22.52.28].png)
I think it's hard to find download links here, so from now on, post your links to any hard to find or obscure stuff here. ;)

Let me start with one right off the bat - Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist. I managed to purchase a 6-DVD-set of it - and luckily it had czech AND english audio tracks. Oddly enough DVD1 starts with Episode 9, so we'll see what's in there.

Episode 09: Annushka's Winter Tale
Mstr Twstr
I have decided to watch the official uploads on YT, then back up each episode after I watch (and my method is the best). That way I get the show saved in "original" quality, all the while giving them views and likes.

As to why not registering, I have too many accounts in too many places. And I hate it.
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image:165451794304.jpg(128kB , 1280x720 , Sumo Mouse 116 - That's a Bunch O' Bugs.mp4_snapshot_09.30.625.jpg)
Sharing Sumo Mouse, all 26 episodes, on Mega. Enjoy.
That sumo mouse dude has no dick
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image:165404896614.png(2.67MB , 2032x1521 , 165404797928.png)
Greetings, we are a spanish speaking board for cartoons and comics called /ac/ but now that our site is closing, we have come here to say goodbye.

This pic is something that we have planed to do for xmass and new year, but we can no longer wait until that date.

If you want to send a message to the anons in our board write it ITT, in 2 hours our board is going to close for ever.
I'm having a deja vu. Didn't we say goodbye to Hispachan once already?

>For one side lack of interest from the admin and for another the high cost demanding servers

Lack of interest I understand, but I'm curious as to how demanding the site was. You can get hosting extremely cheap nowadays.
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>I'm curious as to how demanding the site was
According to the admin the server costs were 6000 dollars per semester.
>Shame you couldn't find anyone else to keep the site going.
We did find some place, you can hang out with us here:
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>According to the admin the server costs were 6000 dollars per semester.

No, I mean, what sort of resources did the site need? Huge space or huge bandwidth or what.
Unofficial ConductorUnofficial Sonic Storytime: Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis
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image:164904660655.jpg(237kB , 800x950 , 0.jpg)
Previous thread: >>440121

It happened again. A comic too hot for 4chan's /co/. I'll be dumping the comics here over the next couple days.

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
Password: zCXhuqLwAv
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image:164942793386.jpg(373kB , 850x1954 , d4572bd1011c1d71ee22f4e4dac9ad1f.jpg)
Place your bets
If they are royalty shouldn't the daughter and son be fucking each other?
Viro Veteruscy
Yeah, very old comic. If I do return to it, I'll debate on whether or not to redo it since there are a lot of things I've learned since then. Thanks for the feedback everyone both positive and negative :3
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image:160795749194.png(207kB , 389x412 , 1597968461650.png)
I start
Wrong post number?

>>440542 (nta)
Well, I found all the characters creepy and ugly, and as a kid that was a big deal-breaker.
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image:164752932775.jpg(6kB , 1280x720 , 00F27F49-9654-4219-9B16-0EAC10BA7A3B.jpeg)
Or is it?
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image:164765145078.jpg(59kB , 374x767 , Seamus.jpg)
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image:163664401077.jpg(987kB , 1920x1080 , TITO LIZZARDO & CATTY B🦖😻 El anillo (Canta con Tito & Catty) (1080p_25fps_H264-128kbit_AAC).mp4_[2021.11.11_16.19.52].jpg)
Previous topic here: https://boards.plus4chan.org/co/t436699.html#q436699

Have some more kitties in tight leather pants!
TITO LIZZARDO & CATTY B🦖😻 El anillo (Canta con Tito & Catty)youtube thumb
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image:164500360405.png(317kB , 494x744 , FLMKF8YXEAgWCaK.png)
Sexy new Kirby enemy - Clawroline
Huh, that I did not know about. Probably as I never watched this show. Is this the whole transvestite superhero show where the guy turns into a female hero?
If only fursuits looked this good. Usually they look like plushies with huge, dead unfeeling eyes. I never understood the appeal.
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image:160761523574.jpg(554kB , 2048x1474 , helluvagang.jpg)
Episode 2 came out yesterday. What do you guys think of it?

For those that haven't seen the show yet or what links:

Pilot: HELLUVA BOSS (PILOT)youtube thumb
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image:164460802473.jpg(116kB , 750x945 , FLA_8b8XMAQlKA6.jpeg)
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image:164460803981.jpg(99kB , 750x968 , FLA_8cZXsAc4Bkh.jpeg)
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image:164477814680.jpg(76kB , 828x823 , FK_AK44aIAEgOTX.jpeg)
Does anyone remember this animated miniseries?AnonFG The Last RedOne
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image:164110183359.jpg(293kB , 1600x1200 , 81I7M2VooqL._RI_.jpg)
It was based on a cape comic wasn't it?
It used a old character of the same name and revamped her to be this
The comic is far darker than the toon was. Not a bad toon, but way too short.
Who will you spend christmas with /co/?AnonFG The Last RedOne
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image:164038622861.jpg(307kB , 1463x1463 , EqCxI8vXcAAuYNs.jpg)
I don't really have anyone else, so I guess I'll spend it with plus4chan.
Christmas has come and gone.

So will you anons happen to be any more social with your fellow man when the New Years comes?
Mstr Twstr
I had a fine Christmas, and will have a fine New Year. Online? I guess I will try to join/have streams more. Always more fun to watch stuff with people you know and like. 4chan-wise, I had a successful SS (Secret Santa).
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image:161444857805.png(283kB , 720x748 , 1614446730615.png)
yuuup, i’m doing it

here's the rules: request a bootleg bart shirt design and i might draw it

also if you guys like my art and want my socials, they’re on the image
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image:163962379053.jpg(145kB , 830x1200 , EmYwshjVoAcoFTq.jpg)
Bootleg Bart meeting a fellow bootleg, Bart Americans.
The videogame development workers in America have finally begun unionising, because conditions have gotten so fucking ridiculous the anti-union pro-corporate propaganda can't forestall it any longer.
Mstr Twstr
Unions are fucking great. Just don't join a Socialist movement, and everything will be fine.
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image:164036889697.png(8.24MB , 3840x2916 , tarjeta.png)
Another year has passed and we do not forgot about making our christmas card.
From /ac/ólito (hispachan's /co/) we desire a merry christmas and a happy new year!
As fas as I know the american Ips are allowed, I'm not sure about other foreign IPs, thought.
Tell me what you wanted to post and I'll do it for you.
If you are interested on this, the guys from PLW, smuglo and anoncafe organized a global christmas crosspoting event
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Just wanted to post a greetings from plus4chan, nothing fancy.
Use a VPN or proxy, as I stated before, american IPs works just fine.
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image:158719948808.jpg(966kB , 1988x3156 , RCO014_w_1575090678.jpg)
June Branch is an A+++++++++ female protagonist.
#7 is out, for those reading this.
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image:159597374053.jpg(724kB , 1987x3056 , 67hrnro8khh41.jpg)
I've read Plunge lately, turns out it's also by Joe Hill, with art by Stuart Immonen (probably what got me interested). It's about a salvage operation of a direlect ship, where they find intelligent alien bugs with a hivemind who took over the crews bodies, driving them like zombies, they want the salvage crew to open the hatch under the derelict where there's a giant egg for the bugs to mate with. So far. The book is not yet complete.

But it adds just another layer of creepy with every single new issue, solving part of the mystery but making it deeper and worse. I really like the timing of each issue; it gives you what you want and also makes you want to have more.

Are the rest of Joe Hill's comics like that too? I might have to start checking them out, which one would you recommend?
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image:164023542400.jpg(6.09MB , 1988x3057 , Spoiler image)
Not that OP is still here to read this, but Basketful of Heads got a sequel. It's titled... Refrigerator Full of Heads. Anyway, it's a continuation of the same story, with now even more Norse artifacts, and even more chopped down but still living heads, starting with a great white shark.
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image:160756710813.jpg(298kB , 1535x2048 , 1607003975428.jpg)
A continued tribute to all show that are awesome, because the previous one autosaged its way out of the limelight.

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image:164053601469.png(1.84MB , 1619x2728 , Toph roller derby color.png)
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image:164053604451.jpg(4kB , 600x776 , Toph 1273710365223.jpg)
also Toph as Venom has been a thing.
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image:164053605681.jpg(23kB , 400x577 , Toph 1273009104022.jpg)
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image:163881061941.png(38kB , 153x163 , Ghost.png)
Hello, it's me, the Ghost of Sh*t post past! ... what are you currently watching?
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image:163881876430.jpg(33kB , 318x299 , XBi9a.jpg)
oh, ok.
I was watching Centurions lately. It's a typical 80s cartoon with no over arching story, each episode being a big toy commercial. But it's surprisingly anime-like visually, and the animation is also typical 80s TV anime (few high-budget repeating scenes, lower quality for other scenes). I'll have to check the credits to see if it was actually animated in asia or not. Jack Kirby contributed to the character designs.
It has the usual inconsistencies regarding the characters powers, one issue they are pushing tanks around or flying in outer space (despite the obvious gaps in their armour that even shows human skin), in another they are only human strength and have to worry about asphyxation. But with that said it doesn't suck as bad as Transformers.
And the music is pretty good, catchy synth music that gets stuck in your head.
A funny thing is the storyline, apparently the main bad guy has diplomatic immunity and most of the Earth are too big pussies to cut through the red tape and take care of him, so they fund the Centurions to battle him.
>apparently the main bad guy has diplomatic immunity
fiction writers will never understand how diplomatic immunity works
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g

I think its good progress as some have just been getting miserable about working in this industry and not being able to be represented in it. If this leads to some action cartoon in a couple years with gay or lesbian main relationship. Good progress, and at least the one everyone hoped for got the conversation started.

Clarence is a good show for this kinda thing just the overall mentality that it has for stuff lends itself to handling it well. They were parents concerned for their son a good solid introduction.
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kool kiddo
>>2281she is so funny, i own the clarence oop eek yikes book(i forgot the whole title it’s sorta long)and she is so funny in it
kool kiddo
this had me laughing so hard
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image:140106208700.png(249kB , 497x496 , rc9gn-season 2 sorcerer.png)
Season Two is still a thing that's happening. Yay!
Could have been a spam bot.
Black Hand ## Developer
No, there's nothing in the logs. Which is odd.
Next time it happens, please bring it to my attention and I'll do another check.
Black Hand ## Developer
Actually, it looks like post deleting successfully resets to the last post, so that should not be the issue. So it's definitely not deleting that makes the threads bump up, which explains why I couldn't find anything in the logs.

This is curious. Definitely drop a note in >>>/baw/419846 if you guys see it happening again.