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Obscure Cartoons Anonymous
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So I've been looking around the internet for some old obscure forgotten cartoons and I manged to find some episodes of Patrol 03 a forgotten gem of a show form the late 90's about cops stopping their evil police chief form killing the mayor so far I've only found the french and Spanish version of the show but not the English dub which is sad because I remember watching the English dub as a kid in late 90's early 2000's. So if anyone knows where I can find any episodes of the English dub that'd be great. Or if you have any other obscure shows you wanna share go right ahead.
I am trying to remember an obscure cartoon, but I know of once scene.

The scene starts out red outline drawing a circular thermostat and then the colors fill in. The woman turns up the thermostat to the max, but this causes the entire house to drip liquid and it eventually melts with the woman shouting out "No!"

What is the name of this cartoon?

I have the english one, will upload it to Mega and share the link. It was shared on the old plus4chan board, but the link is dead now.
I asked for the same thing on the furry board. Not sure if this coincidence is funny or unfunny.
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I think he started asking after he saw your question, if I recall the dates right. :)

Anyhow, here is the link to the ISO I uploaded! Don't be alarmed, the language selection says Catalonian and French, but the french audio track is actually english.

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Thanks a lot.

This is all the series I've got, mostly furry. Movies and single episodes of non-furry series not included.
What's Chucklewood critters? Any good?
And never heard of Shinzou Ningen Casshan either... Can you post some screencaps of the notable anthros?

I see you have Megaman too - any chance you have the few japanese-only OVAs? I think there were three, but I only ever managed to find the first. And I think maybe even Megaman X had a short anime, but I am not sure.
Canine list #127 & #128, yes it's good: Frisky=Fifi la Fume but it's incomplete. I think I told you, the slightly mentally challenged Youtube user nuked his uploads before I could get them all. And I literally mean mentally challenged, not as an insult.
The list is mostly furry. Casshan, Megaman and Dynomutt are just there for robotic dogs.
Megaman is the 90s TV series, no more.
Mstr Twstr
You just reminded me Dinosaucers existed. I could not sit through ONE episode, was that dumb of a show.

I see that screenshot was taken before whatever player you use got updated to keep the intended aspect ratio.
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anyone watched this? marcelino pan y vino is actually a good cartoon and I enjoyed it a lot. about an orphan abandoned at a monastery and raised by the monks, in the cartoon he talks to animals and helps his friends in all kinds of adventures! also Jesus himself comes down from his cross and murders marcelino in the last episode.
Mstr Twstr
It looks like you had to be in the country of origin and see it on TV.
Season one and two are on YouTube and in English