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Previous thread (stopped bumping) here: https://boards.plus4chan.org/co/t418918.html#p418918

Let's start with an obscure one -Catherine Binx from the Timesweeper video game! Never heard of her before...
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Nice that finally someone translated Miss Songbird's song from Fugelkriget!
Geez that Cadbury bunny has a voice like a seductress. :D Though I have seen her before I never found the design sexy, but the voice certainly is.
Family Guy should have done its research, that is a MALE pheasant. Females have drab brown coloring...
This guy you linked has some nice videos. Dunno why I never heard of him before. Here, this is a new gal for me, Mousey Galore from Pinkie and the Brain.
Furry Girl Profiles-Mousey Galore [Episode 68]youtube thumb
Meester Tweester
PURRhaps that is the result of reaching Level 99 in art.
File deleted
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/co/ General, a thread for all things Comics & Cartoons: Autumn Edition

Season 3 of Wakfu and Rick & Morty? I am so spoiled with good cartoons this season. It's a shame that Adventure Time is ending soon though, but I've already made my peace.

Old thread ==> >>245029
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I wish I knew what show/series/episode/movie you were talking about. It looks as if your post is reacting to another post that was deleted I guess? What time travel episode to ancient Rome?
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LOOOOL that's a good one.
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For something different, here are the first ~50 pages of Tango Cruzado
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Meester Tweester
I am a pleb and don't speak Romance, what the heck is this?
Er, a comic and and a long-lost interview.
OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes ThreadAnonymous
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I really like the part where KO and Garnet lightheartedly laugh whehn they accidentally hit each other's arms.
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Previous one stopped bumping, so here goes the 2018/July topic!
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And identical twin sister Mindy wants to have sex with him as a revenge for when Yolanda once impersonated her.
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Meister Tweister
Dammit, why is he so ugly?
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Small horses.

Apparently, the old thread was deleted. That may be good or bad, but that means there is no MLP thread.

So I made a new one.
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I think I finally understand why I am afraid to watch every new episode. I know this show has to be dumbed down for its """target audience""", and since it relies on a moral lesson at the end, I am scared that they present a lesson that is entirely unrealistic and utopian, something that will not work in real life.

Well, with each new episodes I am yet to see a lesson that flat out does not work in reality. Good on you, DHX and all the writers.
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LOL, Smolder in a dress? And yeah, she secretly likes being cute. :)
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Spike's mom!!!!
Not really. "Dad" Sludge was just a con-man and it was a made-up story. Still, looks like he got her colors!
Official Win-O'-Thread Backup No. 1Anonymous
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Cut off one limb and two more shall take its place!

>What is a Win-O'-Thread?
Every Wins'day at Win-O'-Clock we gather on 4chan and post links to the latest scans and rips of comic books.

>What is a Win-O'-Thread backup?
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I don't know how spam got to this thread in particular, but hey, free bump.
Hail Hydra.
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>I am so picky with my comics I can afford everything that isn't super rare and/or out-of-print
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image:153453587000.jpg(532kB , 979x1518 , Catwoman_1997_#044_03.jpg)
I kinda only buy stuff I need for reference art - but only if I like the character in particular. Like, I bought some cheap Catwoman comics for Cyber-C.A.T. only, really - and also 'cause some guy was selling them locally, aka no shipping costs.
Voltron: Legendary DefenderAnonymous
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Might as well make a main thread for it.
Feels good, man.
Think they're going to have Vehicle Voltron when they get back to Earth? I know it wasn't nearly as popular but I think there's a chance they'll throw it a bone. One of the Galra Commanders is named Throk and that's a reference.
Homo Shiro confirmed, time to party
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Time for a new one, old one stopped bumping (here: http://boards.plus4chan.net/co/t417463.html#p417463)
So, we got the origin story of Cooch! Censored by default by the show... ;)
File deleted
screenshot from this video
Hotel Transylvania 3 - It's Party Time (English)youtube thumb
Topic stopped bumping, time to make a July topic.
Sorry but I have to ask, HOW did you find this episode? I can find nothing beyond 23 and I looked on Kimcartoon, Kametsu, torrents, Sharemania...
it was on kametsu, just on a difference Hotel forum
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Episode 1:
https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6mrr7i Password: faggots
Episode 2:
https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6mrr7i Password: nuducktalessucks

Dumped by his girlfriend, fired from his job, and newly homeless, hapless everyman Donald Duck's fortunes appear to flip when he inherits the dilapidated, but antique-engorged estate of his great-grandfather, Clinton Coot. Along with his fellow heirs, Donald wastes no time in trying to profit from the horde of priceless artefacts, only to be dragged kicking and screaming into an immense and deadly cosmic war.
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image:153005125500.png(482kB , 848x480 , 1x2 Labyrinth And Repeat_26 Jun 2018 at 6.13.58 PM.png)
Second Video:

Google Drive Collection:
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Why bother with such complex ways and passwords when you can just watch them here: http://kimcartoon.me/Cartoon/Legend-of-the-Three-Caballeros
Because it’s more exclusive and underground this way.
You don’t want to end up on Disney’s radar when they come around to nuke anyone leaking their secret show, now do you?
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Marvel thread

I'm liking the new Venom dynamic.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Jesus Hamilton Christ, what the fuck possessed Marvel to publish that awesome action page with that shitty dialogue?
Thanks to Axel Alonso's insane diversity hires, all good taste was temporarily suspended.
See also: "literally anything in America"

Out of all the cancellations, I'm only really sad about Gwenpool. Kinda wanted to check out generation x, but...
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image:152872123500.jpg(651kB , 1024x768 , 90s heroes.jpg)
This current decade was like the 90s. They tried revamping all their characters, but with the keyword being diversity while in the 90s they just made everything "extreme". Then they found out they failed miserably and reverted everything to be more closer to their classical status quo (x-men went back to being a school, avengers went back to... existing, I guess, etc).

The current stupid trends are already blowing over slowly, and they are only being held up by the political climate. I'm hoping by the 2020s we'll get back to having good comics.
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An Eerie Ensemble of Foreboding Fables and Tense Tales from the supernaturally blighted town of Ouija Falls. These are MoVille Mysteries!

Raiders of the Lost Jock Strap
//youtube.com/watch?v=tvxdNDiom0oyoutube thumb

The Tell-Tale Recliner
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Cartoon Animals Thread number...... should we delete older threads?Anonymous
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No, srsly, deleting some of the first threads would be a good idea.

As always, please refrain from posting porn of fetish images (/pco/ is that way>>). Pet the bunnies, but not that way.
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Anthro thread
File deleted
from a 2018 Disney Calendar
Mister Twister
Neat, but it also reminds me how laid-back and absent of antagonist competency Robin Hood was.
Cartoon Aminals Fred Number Who Cares at This Point?Anonymous
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Post them screenshots and GIFs and WEBMs and links with them critters from them western animations (a little animu is okay too I guess).

Do not post lewd, for the love of God.
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image:152272547500.png(3kB , 182x184 , Dogaressa.png)
I spotted two duplicate entries in the Dog List. Dotty Dog from the Get Along Gang, and the Hawaiian Fox Women has an extra entry as Hula Girls. The Canine List needs Dogaressa from Undertale and Momma Mutt from Samurai Pizza Cats.
Mister Twister
I prefer Sci-Fi.
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image:152280156100.png(1.26MB , 1203x900 , kiwi nurse.png)
How about an alien lady in a sexy nurse's Uniform?

I almost included the Kiwi kid's mom from The Adventures Of The Galaxy Rangers (this isn't her) but thought better of it since they're only superficially rabbit-like. Could probably go under Other Species. Maybe a furalien heading?
I'd forgotten how many furry-esque races there were on that show.
Cartoon Animals Thread 2017/12Swift
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image:151311216700.png(295kB , 720x390 , Wolves.2014.BDRip.x264.AC3-playSD.mkv_snapshot_01.25.46_[2017.12.12_21.49.51].png)
The old thread stopped bumping, so time for a new one. Old thread here: http://boards.plus4chan.net/co/t247054.html#p247054
Anyone heard about this movie? Wolves (2014): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1403241/?ref_=nv_sr_3 - a kid finds out he is a werewolf, but instead of the usual "Oh I have to live with this curse" shit, he rather tries to find his real parents and gets to a town of werewolves to find himself in the middle of a conflict. I liked the costumes (noses are nice and wolf-like) and the whole difference between born and afflicted werewolves - the latter being not nearly as powerful, as well as the otherwise rarely seen thing that they can change at will.
Sorry totally forgot, as the episodes are released totally out of order on Kimcartoon
I knew about the shark dude, main villain, but the female fishies are non,anthro sadly. What episodes had any others?
season 2, episode 40
I checked but Blue Submarine only has 4 episodes, and no seasons...?