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Archie General: Life without ArchieAnonymous
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image:140911303100.jpg(67kB , 650x366 , 257010-2758d15e-0bcd-11e4-b0ba-27d7e67cfe8c[1].jpg)
Did Mega Man get delayed again? I recently moved and am doing address change gobblygook and can't tell.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Oh yeah, old thread: >>227247
Just got Mega Man yesterday myself. It's pretty good, but X really needs a bump in the rating. It's a little sanitized, and made worse by Jamal Peppers' bad action shots. Good issue overall still, and Cossack and Wily's relationship is very interesting.
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image:140933658900.png(267kB , 571x309 , edgehogboom.PNG)
//youtube.com/watch?v=SD3ouPrg-lEyoutube thumb

>ancient evil awakens


also some shadow footage at the end
//youtube.com/watch?v=1MOSdUF9t3wyoutube thumb

Also here's some PAX footage of Sonic Boom for anyone interested
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image:140952912800.png(192kB , 328x383 , 1401397845150.png)
>Mega Man 7 delayed until late September
>Mega Man 9 delayed until late May
>Mega Man 8 still coming out mid September.

If you mean the reprint graphic novels, Archie's apparently been having a lot of scheduling issues with those lately. Best guess is they had a major printing issue a few months ago and had to push everything back to compensate.

Even so they delayed 7 and 9, but NOT 8.

That doesn't make sense.
...Well then that's just plain weird.
Growlbro !wkJFsRXOQo
So... Crossover is over. That certainly was a thing!

It was the kind of story you know they could have just done in two parts but got stretched to four because TRADES.
It was alright. Not an amazing pitch for X, and not an amazing story for Mega Man, but it was a decent story which used the time to set up other, better things. Waves of Change and Chaos Chaper too both were alright, not amazing but enjoyable little stories. The book is definitely in more of a buildup phase, despite the whole Unleashed world-shattered status quo. Hopefully when we get to Mega Man 3 or Sonic's after-werehog arc or SU's next arc, there'll be less constant exposition and more room to breathe.
So with this DCMA thing going on in regular /co/, does that mean we will never again have another ride?
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Only if Archie submits one and uses the most popular scans to put them in the hash table.
Would Penders be able to sue if we posted old Archie issues he wrote?
Who would he sue? He could get the mods to take it down, but 4chan's not really liable as long as they pretend not to support that behavior.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
While I'm happy this is a thing, Boom is looking up to be the biggest failure since Sonic 06.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Yes, I have seen nothing that says "good Sonic game". I would be quite happy to be proven wrong, but anyone who got sucked into the Sonic Cycle on this one deserves whatever disappointment they get.
I don't think the Sonic Cycle applies this time. This has looked bad from the very beginning. Pretty much every Sonic fan I know knew this would be bad from the moment they saw the four shadows pic.
Growlbro !wkJFsRXOQo

Wait, go back a bit. What? You can't storytime on /co/ anymore?
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Threads can be taken down by DMCA, though that is mainly for /b/ and people positing nudie celeb stuff
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
There's no rule saying that, but now companies can submit images to have blocked from posting, meaning that Marvel/DC/etc. could submit known scans of comics to shut down story-timing.

I'm sure that there would be one hell of a game of catch-up if someone decided to modify images to get around the block.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Oh my Christ, 4chan has ContentID now?
it's had contentid for a long time, the forbidden image database mostly was for cp though
This picture always bothers me

because anything but blobfeet on a Sonic character looks wrong. Except the 3-toed thing Nicole had going on. That or Blob-feet, anything else doesn't work.
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image:141002250500.png(29kB , 445x514 , 1398822675304.png)

Update: Mega Man 8 has also been delayed now until January, at least the order they're coming out in now makes sense.
I'm the opposite. The toe-less design is off-putting in general if the character is flesh. Sega's blob-foot thing just seems lazy and weird.
I dunno, natural paw-looking feet are significantly less creepy to me than the more anthromorphicized ellipsoid-with-toes pic I've seen in a lot of fanart (not sure if done in canon).
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
>not sure if done in canon
I'm pretty sure it has been, especially during the "dark years", and the five toe thing just seemed unnatural to me then. I'll have to look through my back issues to see if I can figure out which issues they showed feet...
Old Archie had a mix of humanoid feet (creepy realistic detail) cartoony feet, and blob feet.

New Archie is just blob feet.
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image:141028174500.png(219kB , 600x400 , Sonic characters have no toes.png)
So how the games do it.
Just because it's how the games do it doesn't mean it's good.

I mean most cartoon characters, especially animals have cartoonish 4-finger hands. Sonic characters have realistically proportioned human 5-finger hands. And yet have blob feet. It's really, really weird. I know they never take their shoes off in the games, but it's still really uncanny.
Blob feet work oddly well with sandals for Sonic characters. It doesn't work when they're totally barefoot, but with sandals it looks pretty right.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
>Just because it's how the games do it doesn't mean it's good.
I don't think that was the implication. The Archie books now adhere far more strictly to game canon and design (was the design a SEGA thing?), which will include blob feet. Thankfully, we are probably going to have few situations where there wouldn't be shoes, and those that do arise will likely obstruct the feet with something.
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image:141031329100.gif(41kB , 314x324 , Big_the_Cat_Sonic_Channel[1].gif)
>They never take their shoes off in the games
some don't wear full-on shoes
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image:141031338600.png(335kB , 393x544 , New_Muttski[1].png)
Not likely
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image:141031344900.jpg(75kB , 248x288 , Pearly_the_Manta_Ray[1].jpg)

They had ane entire arc set with barefoot characters. I don't think a single fish (or aquatic mammal) wore shoes
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
...I thought those were sandals+socks (Muttski) and shoes (Pearly).
Only because with the straps, it looks more like a shoe and thus more natural.
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image:141034602600.jpg(66kB , 170x395 , Razor_the_Shark[1].jpg)
And you thought Razor wore something, too?
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image:141034608900.jpg(172kB , 896x1253 , CBR-STH-02[1].jpg)

They actually designed Muttski with toes, but the final cut did not have them because SEGA style
Sharkman Jhones

This comic comes to mind: http://emeraldcoastcomics.net/Sonic_Eggs/issue2/Page-8.eggs
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
I didn't think anything about his feet, actually. Nor the others until they were pointed out. I'm sure there are plenty more examples of bare feet that I missed/mistook.
Then you would agree that its not as bad as you thought and you just thought itw as weird, because you're imagining sonic (who is never barefoot in the games) with blob feet

because he'd look freaking weird whatever he has because his shoes are a part of his design
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Granted apparently they were originally supposed to have flipper-like feet.
Actually some of them do have flipper blob feet, with a wider toe than heal

Look at Razor
I wonder how the guy who told Iizuka about Archie feels knowing everything that's happened is his fault.
The whole reason Archie has gone through so many Sega mandates is because someone asked Takashi Iizuka, head of Sonic Team, about the Archie comics at a con, and he said he'd never even heard of them and that he'd look into it.
That is pure grade conspiracy theory.
If that's true in any level, then it proves that Sonic Team (or Sega of Japan in general) has their collective heads in their asses.
A comic series based on your bread&butter mascot that's lasted 2 decades, and you're just recent learning about it?
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Japan still has enough underlying xenophobia that it wouldn't surprise me much.
It's still comes off as unprofessional and asinine for someone in his position to be that clueless, even for such a culture.
Iizuka's only in charge of the devs, he would have nothing to do with overseas marketing.
Just saying that the director of Sonic Team should know about something Sonic related that's been around for over 20 years and counting.
Of course, that's if this whole statement is even true.
It's tie-in merchandising that is endemic to a non-native region. While *we* may enjoy it, it's fairly insignificant from the perspective of the people who own the property.
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image:141065444800.png(379kB , 709x543 , wilybuddy.png)
>wily-cossack interactions

If Dawn of X did something right, it was this. We really did need some stuff for Dr.Cossack before Megaman 4 rolled around, and this has been great

I wonder if we'll get a sneaky Beat cameo before his canon appearance?
But it's the principle of matter that he has zero knowledge it before hand. Yes, it's not this job to keep track of everything. But the franchise has always been more successful in the States. His property is doing well, if not better international than locally, and he doesn't even care to know why.
Not even a "Oh yeah that little manga-whatever."
The comic is read by less than a tenth of the American audience, and there are other people who are paid to pay attention to the overseas fandom. His job in no way requires him to know about the comic. And again, this is a stupid rumor that was clearly not the cause of Sega's stricter guidelines since they came about in 2006.
Actually, this was around 2011 or so, when it got to the point of where Sonic's parents were no longer allowed to be called his parents, the SatAM cast redesigns were discussed, and Metal Sonic was denied any form of character development.

And I specifically remember this "rumor" being spread all around /co/ and even +/co/, with most claiming it to be true, and I believe there was evidence posted as well. Is it a rumor? Maybe, but the reason it's significant is it started spreading BEFORE we ever saw extreme mandates in the issues.
The parents mandate had been in effect long before we learned it was in effect, and Metal Sonic's was clearly in response to Sonic 4 Episode 2. It's a stupid rumor that's easily believable because Sega's a quick scapegoat, but as far as we've seen the mandates haven't gotten "more strict" in years. We're just learning about them long after the fact.
Guess who's gonna talk about Sonic.
Funny, that "cameo" doesn't look like him.
Also, wonder if Ian still comes around here.
Either Ian's swamped with work, or he was told to stay away. Or he just doesn't like us
>Funny, that "cameo" doesn't look like him.
Doesn't look like...who? That was Evan Stanley, the woman who penciled Issue #257.
Like Linkara. She pretty much pointed that out, I think.
Oh, sorry, thought you meant the cameo in the review, not the comic.
The colorist colored his hair differently, probably becuase he didn't know it was a cameo
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image:141091574500.jpg(595kB , 900x1388 , Spoiler image)

Sonic 268

"TEST YOUR MIGHT with the first chapter in an all-new 4-part SAGA! "Champions" Part One: Sonic is in for the fight of his life! Casino Park is holding an epic fighting tournament, and the grand prize is a much sought-after Chaos Emerald! How many fighters will answer the call? Which champions will make the roster? The knock-down, drag-out battle for the world starts right here! Featuring new cover art from Sonic rising star Evan Stanley, plus all-new variant art introducing Breezie the Hedgehog by Sonic artist Jonathan H. Gray!"
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image:141091580900.jpg(604kB , 900x1388 , Spoiler image)

I stopped posting variants for the most part since they've been pretty lazy past few months. I'll make an exception this time.

Sonic 268 Variant.
save file
image:141091593100.jpg(6kB , 900x1388 , Spoiler image)
Sonic Universe 71

"Spark of Life” Part One: Nicole detects a distress signal from the Digital World—but how can that be if nobody is supposed to know about the Digital World?! Sally, Tails and Big must travel to Isolated Island to answer the call for help! Who is Dr. Ellidy? And in what way does he link the lives of Sally and Nicole? Featuring a stunning new cover by Tracy Yardley and “Web Lynx” Variant cover art by rising Sonic star Rafa Knight!
save file
image:141091603500.jpg(71kB , 900x1388 , Spoiler image)
Sonic Boom 3

Sonic Boom #3: Hammer Spaced! Amy’s most precious possession, her piko hammer, has gone missing! And if she can’t find it, her hammer won’t be the only thing she’ll lose! While the boys are on a hammer-hunting quest, Sticks tries to show Amy a new arsenal—but will she survive the experience?! Don't miss the exclusive tie-in comic to the new TV Show and Video Games from Sega, featuring cover art from Sonic comics legend Tracy Yardley and a special "TEAM SONIC" variant edition!
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image:141091613000.jpg(545kB , 1248x1920 , Spoiler image)
Mega Man 44

The blue-BOMBastic conclusion to LEGENDS OF THE BLUE BOMBER is here! The battle is about to reach its shocking conclusion—or will it? Based on the legendary game Mega Man 3 comes “Legends of the Blue Bomber” part 4! Hard Man is all set to destroy Mega Man—so why is he offering his enemy a free recharge? Spark Man won’t hold back as he sets out to avenge his fallen brothers! Meanwhile, Dr. Wily puts the finishing touches on his greatest creation to date, meaning this isn’t the end of Mega Man’s battles!
I really like Breezie's redeign. Sexy but not objective.
now that 4chan is a sjw shithole, I hope this thread will go by much faster.
Aw, don't cry, anon.

You can always go on stormfront if ya wanna speak your mind!
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
I got MM 41 yesterday, which means that my copy of 40 is probably lost to the ages. I'll have to swing by the LCS to pick it up. What is this "Original Archie Seal of Quality"?

Uh, I think anon was hoping that the 4chan fallout would get more people to +4, not that he wanted a place to rant.
If you email Archie's order support and tell them you didn't get an issue in but got the issue after it, they'll usually mail out a replacement.
Am I the only one who doesn't like how "Western" Sonic is nowadays?

I look at Sonic CD and the Sonic OVA, and that's how I imagine Sonic to be stylized. Heavily surreal and filled to the brim with J-Pop.
I always liked 2 and Knuckles, with somewhat realistic environments enhanced to the point of surreal absurdity.
I know I dont like how Sonic hecame Segas only property these days. remember the days of drea mcast when they had a ton of cool propwrties going on?
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Yeah, but going to the LCS was faster and I don't mind doing it for a single issue... except that my LCS didn't have #40, either. Weird. So I guess I'll be contacting Archie.

I would say that, outside of the games themselves, Sonic is a western property. We've had numerous cartoons, merchandise, and other such things. Sega of America had a huge hand in SEGA's general popularity back in the early-mid 90s, doing far better versus Nintendo here than their parents did in Japan. Sonic was a part of that, including a slight rebranding for America.
>What is this "Original Archie Seal of Quality"?

A parody of the Nintendo seal that used to appear on game covers.
I'm not saying he's NOT a western property, but when thinking of "how Sonic should be", at least in terms of setting and style, my mind always comes back to Naoto Oshima's imagining of the series. Surreal, psychadelic, with a hint of classic anime mixed in.

And to be honest, it seems like Sega, at least with the non-BOOM Sonic games, is going in that route judging by The Lost World. It's not perfect (rather than surreal and inspired, it looks more like a typical Mario game) but it looks more like the classic titles come to life than any other Sonic game I know of.

Now if only the writers took notes from Ian and took the game's stories and characters just a TINY bit more seriously...
>it looks more like the classic titles come to life than any other Sonic game I know of.
More than the classic games themselves?

>Now if only the writers took notes from Ian and took the game's stories and characters just a TINY bit more seriously...
How is he not treating Unleashed seriously? To me it seems like he's taking it more seriously than Unleashed did. People are actually freaked out that the world is breaking apart, he explaiend how the oceans didn't cascade into the core, and he's not wrapping it up right away.
save file
image:141173908400.png(373kB , 684x424 , Xander time travel.PNG)
Can we just take a moment to sit back adn talk about what the hell this part was about? I think no one talked about it with all the Sonic stuff happening in this scene
I think you misread my post.

"If only the writers took notes from Ian and treated the games more seriously" as in the official Sonic writers doing that, not Ian.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Well, I gotta hand it to Archie Support. I e-mailed them that I never got MM#40 on Monday, they responded Tuesday that they would send one out, and it arrived today in very nice packaging. I was expecting to forget about it and be surprised by the mail in like two weeks.
Its really interesting. The first question to ask is ¨At what point in the game series does Wily get hospitalized?¨ I'm guessing its part of the Staroid arc.
Friend of mine said he thought the voice was Eggman, and this is the intro to the second crossover.

Whatever it is, it takes place who knows when, as it could be any time between Mega Man III and Mega Man 10, if Payne is traveling in a straight line to the future.
I think it's Mr. X. I'm not really sure how Mr. X connects to Wily (the comic seems like it might actually support them being different people) but it could be before Mega Man 6.
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image:141211075100.jpg(35kB , 440x480 , ByzTVF3IYAEvEIc.jpg)
Top lel, Archie.
>Another Worlds collide is coming SOON

aw snap

Do you think we'll get a X cameo? It'd be nice if we get a "don't worry, X might still be a thing" moment. Also, due to Dark Gaia possibly being around for the crossover, will we get the introduction for Evil Energy early in Archie Megaman?
save file
image:141272053100.jpg(43kB , 440x472 , 1412718645589[1].jpg)
Why did you spoiler the news announcement?
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
For those that want a link: http://www.polygon.com/2014/10/7/6938879/worlds-unit-in-mega-man-sonic-crossover-series
Wasn't there a suggestion that this would happen a while back? Something in the back of my mind tells me it was hinted at either in the crossover, the comics afterward, or someone at Archie (not necessarily Ian.)

I hope Kaminski understands that if you make this a regular thing you won't see the huge boost in sales every time... Now, if it was lead up to a cross-over Sonic/Mega Man game, that would be something, but I don't know how such a game would even work.

I wonder if this will take over the books again or have its own mini. I'll be highly annoyed if it reboots "Sonic's World" again...

Paul will never understand that. He looks at declining sales and wanting to copy MARVEL since he so clearly wants to work for them does what they would do. Shit events everywhere.
Man I really hope not. Part of why I read ArchieSonic and Mega Man is that they don't have a billion books and one-offs to keep track of. Doing a yearly event that completely fucks whatever storyline is happening would just kill the books for me.

It's already begun, Mega Man will have had three crossover events in a two year period with Worlds Unite, the original Worlds Collide, Dawn of X and Worlds Unite.

I very much doubt Mega Man will go a year with out having an event now.
Animation based on latest StH issue.

//youtube.com/watch?v=dpT34m1pqHkyoutube thumb
Something tells me this is to cash in Smash Bros.
Growlbro !wkJFsRXOQo

>Now, if it was lead up to a cross-over Sonic/Mega Man game, that would be something, but I don't know how such a game would even work.

People are literally playing that game RIGHT NOW on 3DS.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Yeah, that sounds reasonable to me.

That's a fighting game with a whole butt-load of other fighters. I suppose they could make a SonicMan The Fighters game and focus just on MegaMan/Sonic characters, but I was thinking about an action platformer. Of course, that would require Capcom to give a shit about the MegaMan franchise, at least enough to allow SEGA to develop or farm out development.

I also don't know how you'd mix MegaMan's classic difficulty with the desired speed in Sonic games.
It feels like Mega Man needs a serious revamp before it can go anywhere new. The concept's still strong but everything else is still stuck in the NES days.

Well if they didn't have events every fucking year we'd probably be a lot farther now.

Oh and for people wondering no it's not going to be a limited series like some people had deluded themselves, will be taking up comic issues like Worlds Collide did before http://bumbleking.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=409521#p409521
I think >>230439 was talking about the games themselves, not the comic.

I'm one of the few people that think ZX and Advent were great games. If they had a Metroid style map system, they'd be much better, because otherwise it's hard to know where to go. Turning it into a Metroidvania felt like a step in the right direction when it comes to evolving the series.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Yes, a MegaMatroidvania game sounds like it would work incredibly well, especially considering the abilities that MegaMan gets can easily be used as "keys" to new areas.
Play ZX then, because that's what it is.
>I don't know where the "limited series" angle is coming from - a wire got crossed somewhere, I guess.

>"Worlds Unite" will be featured in the regular comics like before. I can't get into anything else - don't want to steal their thunder in NYCC - but it isn't going to be a separate limited series.

Who the fuck thought this was a good idea?

Probably Paul
Yeah come on, we had this shit 2 years ago. Not even Marvel/DC does this kinda shit.

Paul and his raging boner for events/emulating Marvel.
Growlbro !wkJFsRXOQo
...Wouldn't they make MORE money if they sold four comics in a month instead of three? Why this need to hijack the main story now? Penders era Sonic had specials all the time.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
But then you could only have relevant variant covers for one series; if there's anything Paul likes more than "epic" mash-ups interrupting storylines, it's variant covers.

Of course, in all this complaining we should remember that at least he's not paying his wife to write fan-fiction or taking random artists from the web under the guise of "Many Hands".
A.) People want readers to transfer from this event to the main ones, that's easier in the main books.
B.) Buying four comics every month is a huge drain that not a ton of people will accept.

I would have gladly paid extra for this to not take up space in the main series, but having four books wouldn't automatically equal more cash. Especially with a smaller userbase, it could easily cannibalize the other books instead of supporting them. Penders era Sonic had specials all the time, but Penders era Sonic was also renowned for its incredibly shitty business and story decisions. Just look at what the Super Specials were after a couple entries.
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image:141288929500.jpg(201kB , 610x768 , ArchiePred02.jpg)
but why
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Does Paul have editorial control over the Archie side of Archie as well? 'Course, as the article points out, Archie is no stranger to weird mash-ups. Sonic/MegaMan makes sense (blue, platformers, video games, both written by Archie already), but then you have things like Punisher meets Archie...
The issue isn't really the concept, Mega Man and Sonic crossover is a fine idea. It's more the constant events, constant variant covers, and all-too-frequent gimmicks like After the Credits. Combined with Archie's books all going up to 3.99, the business side of Archie's been annoying as all hell lately. Which is too bad, because the writing and art has been top notch, really.
>That's a fighting game with a whole butt-load of other fighters. I suppose they could make a SonicMan The Fighters game and focus just on MegaMan/Sonic characters, but I was thinking about an action platformer. Of course, that would require Capcom to give a shit about the MegaMan franchise, at least enough to allow SEGA to develop or farm out development.
>I also don't know how you'd mix MegaMan's classic difficulty with the desired speed in Sonic games.

At this point, I don't trust either Capcom or Sega to make a crossover game. Sega is too experimental and likes to rush things out the door. While Capcom's greedy slacker style of things has caught up with them as of recent.
Call back with Archie gets the Sonic vs Mario crossover.

That would require Nintendo to even give Archie the time of day.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
While I would be surprised if they contacted or listened to Archie anytime soon, Nintendo has been licensing out Mario stuff more as of late; mainly to companies making products for its consoles (Bayo2, Monster Hunter 4G), but with the huge financial hits they've been taken as late I wouldn't be surprised if they do a short run with Archie to see if they can get some of that sweet, sweet licensing money.

'Course, they would probably tie Ian's hands more than SEGA does...

That would require a fundamental policy change as Miyamoto's "NO STORY. EVER" belief is a lot of whats driving the fact the only licensing Nintendo does being for toys etc. I doubt they'd go for a full comic.
save file
image:141300245000.jpg(481kB , 900x2417 , WORLDS-UNITE-PROMO-0ae53.jpg)
But nintendo properties are no stranger to having comic adaptations in Japan.
Zelda, Metroid, Mario (who even got a movie) all that jazz has been adapted.

Who knows how NOA might handle it, though. They put a lot of work into their image.
I think that picture is draining what little hype I've got for this right now. That they revealed NOTHING during Comic-Con sure didn't help.

We've learned more about it in two posts by Ian at Bumbleking than the entire NYCC panel.

Which is kind of fucked.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Yeah, but sooner than later Miyamoto will retire and whoever takes his place (Sakurai?) might be more open to story.

This is the main problem. They'll get all sorts of stuff in Japan, but for some reason don't like to work with America. Hell, half of the Nintendo property special editions are available only at their single fucking Nintendo store in NYC.

Yeah, we had the Super Mario Brothers Show and more back in the 90s, but after the movie they seemed to really step back from licensing in America.

The move is WHY they stepped back from licensing in America, they've still never forgotten it.
Well from what I've heard, the Pikmin movie/animated shorts are mainly a "research project" for the compnay.
I get the feeling the results of this research would involve more forrays into adapting their properties for cinema and television.

If that means they'll make the products in Japanese territory or if they'll go into Hollywood, who knows.
What the fuck is Archie doing?
What the literal, actual, shitting fuck.

Has Archie gone mad? This whole shift into DC-tier of handling things seems so sudden.
Considering Ben Bates recently said he wasn't doing interiors for any comics because he was overworking himself, and he's saying Archie himself instead of the company, I think he's making a joke. Not to say that Archie hasn't been bonkers on the executive and editor level, but I think this one really isn't on anybody.
Oh so is Ben Bates the guy Tyson Hesse replaced?
Ben Bates has done a couple comics for Sonic and Mega Man, but he's never been a consistent like Yardley! or Butler. The Archie comic's been trying out a lot of new artists lately, and with their freelance policies a person essentially has to reapply every month (this is not a great policy for the writers and artists like Flynn and Yardley where they have to renegotiate every month, but it does allow for some flexibility like when Waves of Change suddenly needed a fill-in.)
Thats interesting.

But I can hardly imagine thats an ideal situation for an artist, especially if he's been constantly renewed.
I mean I'm a freelance artist myself and I know I'd trade in a couple of income opportunities for a little job security.
And maybe a few benefits here and there.
Yeah it's not ideal at all, Archie's policies are actually fairly outdated and unfair. Ben Bates hasn't worked on any comic for more than a couple months at a time though, and considering how hard he works already I don't think he ever will even if he comes back to comic book interiors. I was mostly just explaining that Tyson Hesse didn't really replace Ben Bates, he's just one of many in the rotating line of Archie artists, and that Ben Bates isn't talking about Archie the company in his DA post.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
>he's saying Archie himself instead of the company
Yeah, made me think it was a joke or brush-off.

Or Bates has gone stark-raving mad.
Ah well. I see.

...I'm glad for Hesse, though!
Loved his stuff for years.
Sonic Argh?
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image:141376147900.jpg(204kB , 1024x751 , happy_grandparents_by_wanda091-d81ubcy[1].jpg)
Archie Sonic will never again dwell on the background of the characters.
Who's the hippie?
I see you've already forgotten Sonic Origins is a thing. It might not dwell on game characters' backgrounds, but it's still showing us other characters' backgrounds.
Kind of glad for that honestly, I wasn't a big fan of how much the Sonic comic used to obsess over the past.
>with their freelance policies a person essentially has to reapply every month (this is not a great policy for the writers and artists like Flynn and Yardley where they have to renegotiate every month, but it does allow for some flexibility like when Waves of Change suddenly needed a fill-in

Hi, you don't know what you're talking about. Please stop spreading insanity as fact.

Freelancers, once established, are offered jobs when available and appropriate. There's no constant "reapplying" or "renegotiating" every month. You get offered the job and you get paid for your work at a flat rate per type of work, usually per page.
I apologize, the way it was explained to me was wrong. I should have checked into it more.
save file
image:141462010500.png(315kB , 700x659 , aoki_(fumomo).png)
So... no talk about Sonic Boom's time slot? Or do we just chalk it up to Cartoon Network being assholes again?
Someone may not have a lot of faith in the project (for fair reason, the game hasn't garnered much favorable hype) and didn't want to pay for a better slot.
Plus the show looked promising at first, but now interest is dying, because as more trailers and previews come out, the general consensus seems to be that it's just not living up to its potential and hype. Complaints of bad timing, stiff animation, and worst of all, an abundance of cringe-worthy jokes.

I don't want to be that guy, but if Sonic 06 was the 9/11 of the franchise, Sonic Boom is the Titanic.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
>it's just not living up to its potential and hype
I don't think there was any to begin with. When they revealed the cast to be clothed in bandages and scarves (Western version of BELTANZIPPER, I guess), I doubt any Sonic fan had much potential. The Sonic Cycle just never kicked in for this one.

I just don't know how "Jak & Daxter but with Sonic" ever got past the conception stage.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
>Sonic #266
>"either we wrecked their forces super bad or it's a trap"
>"but it's probably a trap"
>"we need to go anyway"
>trap is sprung
>"Oh no I walked us into a trap"

I do like that Roboticization is still acknowledged.
>I do like that Roboticization is still acknowledged.
I don't. That shit has no place in a Game-Sonic centered world
I can't roll my eyes hard enough at this.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Bitch have you ever played a Sonic game the 16-bit games had animals popping out of the goddamn robots once you whapped them roboticization has a goddamn place in a game-centric Sonic world what the fuck is wrong with you learn your goddamn history son.
One would argue that putting animals inside robots to act as pilots is different from turning the animals into robots
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Shh I'm trying to poke fun at someone and sound like a raging lunatic at the same time you're killing the vibe.
Sharkman Jhones

They weren't pilots, I think in the absolute original games they were powered by their life force, or something.

Given that the Freedom Fighters still exist, it can be taken that Archie Sonic is a hybrid of the modern Sonic Games and the old DiC cartoon, so acknowledging Roboticization isn't some sort of Sonic Heresy. Hell, Uncle Chuck still exists.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
I think the animals have been used as an energy source in every game where they pop out of robots. That was part of the core motivation for Amy's story in Sonic Adventure.

DiC probably went with Roboticization because the animal's use in Sonic 1/2 was fairly nebulous; plus, the idea of loved ones being turned against you leads to great conflict stories and worked better in a passive medium than "blow up a bunch of robots to free rabbits every episode." Platform games of the day had little in the way of plot, which is why we got two very different Sonic cartoons.
Thank God you have no say in the matter.
I just think that Ian is taking too much from SatAM. Add in the stuff that doesn't contradict the games. You have a chance to make Eggman Eggman, instead he wants to keep him as "2edgy4u" Archie Eggman
I don't think he's really that much darker than his Sega self anymore. He is a little but not by a lot.

If you want more game-centered stories, why not play the games?
Already did. I would like some more because I think it's an interesting setting that the games, by virtue of being games, don't go as in depth on as they could. We're long past the days where to read Sonic's comic, you first had to hate the source material.
Yes, because comic adaptations have NEVER strayed from the original source material EVER.
"Eggman" Eggman nearly destroyed the planet 3 times on propose. How is roboticization any worse than a eldritch abomination?

So yeah, Sonic Boom is the most hilariously awful trainwreck since Sonic 06. Oh god, Sega. I have no idea how you're getting out of this one.
Sonic Boom is nowhere as bad. It's just average, funny but nothing remarkable.
You link to reviews that call it alright for a kid's show and then you say it's an awful trainwreck?
I mean the entire "Sonic Boom" project, not the show itself. Plus the show is just "ok" and it's in the CN death slot. Not only is it in danger of not even getting a second season, but if it's cancelled it probably won't even be missed. Given how inhumanly putrid the tie-in game is, I'd call it a trainwreck.
Growlbro !wkJFsRXOQo
save file
video:141574373700.webm(2.9MB , 640x360 , 1415739777773.webm)
Oh it gets worse. Much worse.

//youtube.com/watch?v=D8V0vM_ra6Myoutube thumb
//youtube.com/watch?v=u6oVMY4E9KAyoutube thumb

Gentlemen, we are witnessing the new Sonic 06.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
I don't understand what is happening in the second video.
Sound glitches and loops.
This is unacceptable in 2014.
Even games which are considered bad nowadays are playable unlike this.
This was unacceptable in 2006.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I guess SEGA didn’t…
( •_•)>⌐■-■
…live and learn.
One thing is that it's tiny animals that pop out in the games, which might be entirely different from the larger anthropomorphic beings that actually fight Eggman, with the latter freeing the former as more an animal right issue than a slavery one.
Well I guess the question on everyone's minds is:

will Ian give a shoutout to some of the glitches in the comic?

Because I bet he'd enjoy a "one of the gang gets stuck on the grindrail" gag

But I'm not sure if he'll be able to do Knuckles's "I must go, angel island needs me" glitch jump thing
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Even if he'd enjoy it--and many of us would certainly enjoy it--I doubt it would get in. The relationship between Archie and SEGA seems pretty strained at the moment, so putting in something like that which might upset SEGA is a no-no.

An artist might try to sneak something in, but since Archie does month-to-month employment that puts them at a huge risk (it's far easier to just not renew something than to fire.)

Maybe in a few years we could get a joke reference, but certainly not in the Sonic Boom comic. Speaking of, I will be surprised if the comic survives through 2015.
>month-to-month employment

Please stop. Archie writers and artists are freelancers with some exceptions. Just like the writers and artists at EVERY comic company.

(But seriously, what started this? This is the second time someone has been "GUYS THE ARCHIE ARTISTS ARE HIRED MONTH-TO-MONTH" in this thread.)
I'm sorry. I just asked about Tyson Hesse (who's work I really really like) replaced an artist on a certain book.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
I'd have to see if I can track it down, but I recall that being said by Ian himself on the prior boards. Not that they have to renegotiate every month, but that there's no guarantee they'll be the ones doing the next issue after they complete one. Month-to-month (or issue-to-issue, if you prefer) sounds like freelance to me.

And just because it happens at every comic company doesn't make it a good thing.
save file
image:141601938800.png(58kB , 1834x776 , DELETEME.png)
Ah, here we go:

Image related in case link becomes broken. So unless something has changed in the last year, looks like it's (roughly) month-to-month employment.
save file
image:141607894800.jpg(79kB , 1280x720 , Rotor tries to explain his fetish.jpg)
save file
image:141614687300.png(19kB , 726x362 , IseeDouble.png)
Other than the color and vague catness, what's so similar?
I think he's making a comment on how there are both anthro and feral cats.

Though it's not like cartoons haven't done this before.
I swear, I don't see how it's so difficult for so many to understand! The animals that walk like humans, talk like humans, and wear cloths likes humans are a different species from the animals that do not walk and talk. It's not that complex.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Yup, like how we have pictures of humans and monkeys together. 'Course, most people don't keep monkeys as pets...
Yeah, but that's not because of any sort of cultural taboo or because it's weird, it's because monkeys are a lot of work and aren't truly domesticated and are expensive. If monkeys were as cheap and as easy to raise as cats, I guarantee you they would be at least the third most popular pet in the world, if not #2 or even #1.
I watched the existing episodes of Boom, and honestly...they were pretty good. Episode 4 wasn't all that great, but the other three were pretty good at least. The jokes made me legitimately laugh at times, the animation is passable, and Eggman is awesome.

My only real gripe is that the show *begs* to be a full half-hour instead of two separate 11 minute episodes. The plots feel a little rushed as it is. I'm hoping it switches to that format once the show enters its second season, but I won't get my hopes up. I also don't like Sticks. She is horribly unnecessary, and so far she hasn't contributed anything to the show. Plus, she's just not very funny, which is probably why I didn't like episode 4 as much. She's tolerable at least.
save file
image:141641009400.jpg(109kB , 700x737 , B2z58dbCUAAa7oA.jpg)
No need to get all crotchety about it.

It's pronounced kroh-shey.
Do we know how much hair has Ian pulled out of his head from all the nonsense in the Sonic Boom story?
-Shadow for no reason
-Shadow is a jerk for no reason
-Sonic and Lyric forget each other between games
-The games having a totally different tone from the show
-there is absolutely no explanation for anyone.
Is it true that Ian submits scripts to Sega for every Sonic game recently released, but gets rejected?
Fortuantly, Boom doesn't seem to have any "this episode takes place after this episode" sort of content, so with a little leeway Ian can do pretty much what he wants, so long as there isn't already a epsiode about it upcoming

As for Shadow being kind of a ass: It's very likly he had no MARIIAAAA moment because GUN probably doesn't exsist in Boom, so he's more like Sonic Adventure 2 Shadow, but with no reasons to become a good guy at the end.
save file
image:141652526100.jpg(5kB , 300x461 , sonic270.jpg)
Solicitation Time

Sonic 270

'Champions,' Part 3. The battle for the Chaos Emerald is reaching a fevered pitch! Hero versus hero! Villain versus villain! Will Dr. Eggman be content to play by the rules? Will Metal Sonic come in and shake things up? And what exactly is the secret history between Metal Sonic and casino mogul Breezie? All of the answers await you in this thrilling, penultimate chapter! Featuring all-new cover art from one of the newest Sonic superstars Jennifer Hernandez, plus a special 'Marvel at the Showdown' variant cover by the incomparable Brent McCarthy!
save file
image:141652534800.jpg(38kB , 300x461 , Spoiler image)
Sonic Universe 73

It starts with a spark! 'Spark of Life,' Part 3. Shocking truths are exposed as Dr. Ellidy reveals the tragic origin of the beloved A.I., Nicole! Meanwhile, Phage erupts from the shadows of the Digital World to sew chaos on the island! Can our heroes rally to save Nicole and drive off this new threat? Night is falling, and terrible monsters are closing in! Don't miss this exciting next chapter in the latest Sonic Universe epic, featuring all-new cover art from Sonic artist supreme Tracy Yardley, and a special new 'EXTREME BFFs' variant cover from My Little Pony artist Agnes Garbowska!
save file
image:141652542300.jpg(49kB , 300x461 , Spoiler image)
Sonic Boom 5

Sonic Boom is your antidote to comics that lack amaze-ma-tude! Eggtoberfest! Dr. Eggman's sick and tired of no one trusting him! How on earth can he take advantage of people if they don't trust him to begin with? The answer? Eggtoberfest! Just one small problem: the mechanical master forgot to hire ride operators for his carnivorous carnival creation! So it's Sonic to the rescue! If a good guy helps a bad guy, is that 'helping' at all? Ponder this and other philosophical queries in the latest action-packed issue of Sonic Boom, written by Sonic Boom TV Series writer Bill Freiberger! Featuring cover art from Patrick 'SPAZ' Spaziante and an X-RAY variant from the newest superstar Diana Skelly!
save file
image:141652549000.jpg(44kB , 300x461 , Spoiler image)
Mega Man 46

DING DING DING! Get ready for the fight of the century with: Mega Man versus Break Man! 'The Ultimate Betrayal' Part Two: This is it, the day has finally arrived-it's the epic-beyond-epic duel you've been waiting for as brother battles brother and the Blue Bomber brings the ruckus to the Prodigal Son! Everything has been building to this battle of two siblings-and the fate of the world is at stake! The Mega Man 3 game adaptation reaches a fever pitch in this exciting installment, featuring cover art from Patrick 'SPAZ' Spaziante and a special 'brother versus brother' variant by acclaimed artist Justin Harder!
If the Boom comic doesn't bring back El Gran Gordo, all hope is lost.
>Bill Freiberger
Hm... don't see his writing credits for Boom. Only credits I see is for "Riese of Lyric"

Well that sucks.

I kinda doubt SEGA is gonna allow that.

If they did we'd have gotten El Gran Gordo on the wrestling themed variant cover for the regular book announced awhile ago.
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image:141657805500.jpg(267kB , 992x735 , censorededit_by_glitcher-d86ykwi[1].jpg)
Ha! I didn't know this was a thing
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
>phew, we put a vest on her, she's not naked anymore
Should we make a separate thread for all Sonic related stuff now that Boom is out, and leave the Archie thread for MM/Worlds Collide/other things?
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image:141660758300.jpg(81kB , 500x400 , 1416578782683.jpg)

SonAmy shippers rampaging in the streets. There's fire everywhere, people are dying. Please send help
What gets me is that he's still wearing those stupid bandages.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Nah. On the old boards we mulled that same question after WC came to an end and decided that the Archie threads were never fast enough to need to be broken up. They're only slower now...
True, but isn't it strange calling it Archie General when let's be honest, most posts here are going to be related to Sonic and of course Boom, which isn't even Archie related save for the comic?
save file
image:141662237500.jpg(1.62MB , 1986x3056 , Spoiler image)
I'm still sad that Archie died.
we talk about the Sonic and Mega Man games and they are only tangentially related to the comics

>Mega Man

I don't understand.
Xover was a thing (and still is, until March), when these threads started
Did Penders argue that he owns the idea of an alternate, evil Sonic? Could Ian not take Ashura and slap it over Scourge's character, bringing him back in?
He's argued he owns the idea of alternate evil Sonic.
save file
image:141690419900.jpg(89kB , 313x334 , 1372881087760.jpg)
How...but...Shadow? Metal Sonic?

I know it's been two years but WHAT?

Archie is such bad standing with SEGA they don't dare question anything Penders does at this point just to shut him up.
They're not alternates, just doppelgangers.
No, he argued that he owns the idea of "Evil Sonic". He owns the evil Sonic from another dimension, which is what Scourge originally was, and still was by the reboot. And it could be argued that he owns that concept.

However, he does NOT own the concept of an alternate evil Sonic. He simply owns the concept of the evil Sonic that he created: Sonic, from an alternate dimension, only evil. If Eggman had created Scourge from scratch, based on Sonic's DNA and abilities, Penders could not claim to own that.

I'm not saying Archie should ever attempt this, but it's important to know.
save file
image:141696770500.jpg(99kB , 400x619 , 69436.jpg)
It's similar to Medieval Spawn aka Spawn On A Horse.

It was one of the characters Neil Gaiman co-created and successfully sued Todd McFarlane over. McFarlane created Dark Ages Spawn to take the character's place. The courts ruled against McFarlane and said Dark Ages Spawn was derivative of Medieval Spawn making it also co-owned by Gaiman.

I'm sure if Archie ever did attempt a new version of an evil Sonic that wasn't from another universe Penders would double down and say he owns the idea of an evil version of Sonic.
Sonic Boom #2 was just read and it was pretty good, but the best part was the cover reading "Based on the HIT video game and tv series!"

The series is mediocre and the games both suck. The comics are the only really enjoyable part of the franchise, yet SEGA has them jump the gun to try and get people to think this train wreck of a franchise is any good. Reminds me of how Penders called the "lost ones" a hit series. Really, they should know by now that Archie Sonic fans know the word "hit" means nothing.
Newest episode of Sonic Boom had a Sonichu reference!
The Sneaky Tiki
DS version didn't suck, it was just mediocre, though your point remains valid.
The show's ratings are actually pretty good, it's doing surprisingly well.

And even then, a terrible Sonic game is still more successful than any of Penders' projects will ever be.
why do you suppose CN put it in a death slot?
They don't own it, and CN does not give half a shit about shows it did not make itself.
then why even put it on CN?
It's still a huge network, and it's not as if Disney or Nickelodeon are incredibly different in that regard.
Because no matter how bad CN treats shows; it's still the best option between them, Disney's Tween Station and the Spongebob Channel.
save file
image:141843287600.jpg(131kB , 720x997 , worldsunite.jpg)

Sticks: "I knew it. The Robot Apocalypses is here. But I was ready for you. I have my Anti-Robot Apocalypses necklace on."
X: "....I've never meant an organic maverick before."

Countdown to Sticks/X shipping fanart in 10...9...8
Why though? Is Boom being a part of this a Sega mandate?
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Could be a SEGA thing, could be Archie trying to use Worlds Unite to get more interest in the Sonic Boom comic.

But how will it work? Will there be only Boom Sonic? Both Boom and regular Sonic? A half-Boom, half-werehog abomination?
Maybe it's just ohIdunno for fun?
Sonic Boom isn't fun though. In fact I'd call it anti-fun.

The show and comic are fun.
The show is quickly becoming The Eggman Show Starring Sonic. It's ok, at best. The schtick of "Eggman isn't evil this time, really" is already getting old and the jokes make me roll my eyes. TheAnd the comic is far too early in its run for a freaking crossover event. Plus since the show writers will be taking over the comic soon, that will probably just be "ok" as well.

Sonic Boom as a whole is a shitstain in the franchise's drawers right now.
Seeing as how the Sonic franchise has had a spastic colon for over a decade or two, that must be saying something.
Anyone see Ian's response as to why X should be in this? it's a bit worrying and he shows his lack of understanding of the franchise.
The whole thing screams "We are still hip with the cool kids! Look how relevant we are!" But coupled with a disaster of a broken game.

Sonic has been trying to reinvent itself with every game sense 06. They really have no idea what they're doing, and it's only become more and more obvious with each release.
The incomplete fairy tale collection for the Wii
Unleashed adding a pointless and sluggish battle system to the mix.
Colors trying to give less serious tone back to the series.
Generations trying to marry the classic style with the modern.
Sonic 4 trying to continue the old series.
Lost World adding yet another style to the mix.

There's no direction to this. They just keep pressing the big red reset button on it and seeing what sticks, then ignoring what does to try something else. I certainly don't want the series to go stale, but at least try to find a general tone and style to agree on.
its like Sonic is the opposite end of the spectrum from Mario. Why did they decide Sonic needed this sporadic change anyway?
In truth, in most of the games after Sonic'06, Eggman is the only character that's enjoyable.

Partly to experiment on the "speed and coolness" of Sonic's character. Partly to cover up all their corner-cutting. And partly because they know the games will sell regardless.
>In truth, in most of the games after Sonic'06, Eggman is the only character that's enjoyable.

Part of Sonic Boom's job was to reinvent the characters, not just redesign them. Make EVERYONE enjoyable. So far it's failing that job, badly.
Grow the fuck up, Mav. You don't speak for everyone, stop acting like it.
Not really, he's right. X isn't doom and gloom all the time, it's allowed to be casual or make a joke every now and again. It's serious, but not so serious that it'd be destroyed by something poking fun at it. The only series that is unrelentingly grim is Mega Man Zero. I'd worry more that the crossover looks like a clusterfuck than "not getting" the franchise. Mega Man X is not particularly hard to understand.
>it's allowed to be casual or make a joke every now and again.

Not to be that guy, but when has the X series ever had comedy relief?
Dedicated comedy relief? They don't really have that unless you want to consider Double before he betrays the group. But characters like Douglas, Axl, Layer, Tornado Tonion? They are absolutely silly and fun, and wouldn't be able to exist if Mega Man X was immune to fun.
Exactly. If the series was 100% serious GRIMDARK and there were worries about disrupting a tone, you would NEVER have a reploid who apologizes while attacking with giant fucking cat paws, a superstrong plant/ballerina reploid who attacks because she's pissed you walked in on her practicing her dance moves, or goofy cameos like Auto watching TV or, yes, Street Fighter Dr. Light. If they can include anything like that, and they have, then there's no harm in occasionally treading into lighter territory.
Silly, until you realize he's a cold-blooded killer.
He never did anything at all, let alone anything silly.
Ok, I'll give you that. But he shows up waaaaay late in the series.
What? There's nothing silly about her. Do you mean Palette? Even then, it's not her character that's silly, it's her voice and design.
>Tornado Tonion
You could name several bosses honestly, but they're cannon fodder for specific issues, not like they're recurring characters.
For starts, the Mavericks bosses are robotic cartoon animals. Even the threatening one can't take them 100% seriously. And some of their reactions to the weaknesses are comedic. Prime example is Crystal Snail and how you can play keep-away with his shell.

Everyone has made jokes about Zero's gender-confusing design; Alia's bad timing as a navigator, or how Dr. Light has upgrade capsules for everything everywhere.
>For starts, the Mavericks bosses are robotic cartoon animals. Even the threatening one can't take them 100% seriously.
Why not? Most every one of them, especially in the original game, are bigger and stronger than X. You make a good point about the comedy in the boss fights, but most of that is not related to the narrative at all. When Spark Mandril freezes then unfreezes constantly, that's because you know, as a player, how to fight him, not because he was intended to be a comedic character.

>Everyone has made jokes about Zero's gender-confusing design; Alia's bad timing as a navigator, or how Dr. Light has upgrade capsules for everything everywhere.

None of these are intended bits of humor. No one in the series ever asks Dr. Light how he gets the capsules everywhere. No one confuses Zero for a girl, and no one notices Alia's bad timing. heck, if anything, Alia is frustrating, not funny.

Even while you do something silly to a guy like cut off Flame Mammoth's nose or leave Magna centipede limping without a tail, that's not really all that comedic. You're still a pacifist forced to KILL YOUR FRIENDS because they all decided to KILL other people.
>Grow the fuck up, Mav.
I've actually been doing quite a bit of this recently, believe it or not. I was focusing on some of my other annoying tendencies, but yeah I'll work on that next.
>Why not? Most every one of them, especially in the original game, are bigger and stronger than X.
Look at them. They all have very bright and colorful designs. It the same with comic book heroes and villains. They CAN taken seriously but not so seriously that you feel truly scared of them.

>None of these are intended bits of humor.
In universes that's true. But it's things that players can and have make fun of.

Megaman X has dark themes but the setting isn't grim. We are never meant to be weighed down by the morality of X's position. We know he hates fighting, but we never, EVER see him depress or mourn over the lives lost. Even Zero, who we see to have real emotional attachments isn't bothered by his actions for very long.
There is enough darkness added to make you think about the seriousness of the story. But not enough to make you ignore the silliness. Just like a lot of anime and comic books.i
At the end of the day, it's just a few humanoid robots in oddly designed armor fighting robotic versions of Disney or Looney Tune characters.
Long as you don't internalize it into self depreciation.
>You're still a pacifist forced to KILL YOUR FRIENDS because they all decided to KILL other people.

And if you just pick up the game and hit start, you don't know that at all. You know that you are a bright blue humanoid guy shooting the bad guys and the elephant's nose fell off. You can look into backstory and frame a context around it and tell yourself it's so sad and deep and angsty, but that's not the tone actually being portrayed right then and there.

There are dark themes in X, even if you have to look for them and excuse the awkward presentation, but not so much that it's absolutely immune from lighter stuff. It's not like looking at the Holocaust and saying "No, no humor there. Ever." You can skew things towards darker and grimmer if you want, but you can also inject some lightness too. If it was such SRS BUSINESS from the start they probably wouldn't have let the colorful dancing cucumber robot get past the early concept stage in the first place.
save file
image:141868635100.jpg(1.14MB , 1193x1835 , Spoiler image)
Time for solicitations.

Mega Man 47
The penultimate chapter to the ultimate Mega Man epic is here! “The Ultimate Betrayal” Part Three: Mega Man must brave the many difficult challenges of Dr. Wily’s newest castle! Awaiting Mega Man in the trapped-filled halls of the ferocious fortress is the vicious and super-powerful Doc Robot! After seeing the pure destruction from this ferocious machine at Light Labs, does our hero even stand a chance? Or is the dreaded Doc Robot truly unstoppable?! The answers to these questions and more, plus cover art from the legendary Patrick “SPAZ” Spaziante and a special new variant cover from fan-fav T.REX, all in this latest MEGA-issue!
save file
image:141868643300.jpg(1.23MB , 1193x1835 , Spoiler image)
Sonic 271
Grab a front row seat for the finale to the brawl-iest, punch-iest, contest-iest Sonic comic saga yet! “Champions” Part Four: It’s the battle you’ve all been waiting for (again!): Sonic versus Knuckles—for the title and the Chaos Emerald! The old rivalry blazes to life as the True Blue and Rad Red throw down for glory—and for the fate of the entire world! But with the vengeful Hooligans waiting in the shadows, and Metal Sonic en route, will they even get to finish their fight, or will their foes beat them to the punch? Featuring new cover art from Sonic art legend Tracy Yardley and a super-special new ARCADE VARIANT by the latest Sonic art superstar RAFA KNIGHT!
save file
image:141868651700.jpg(1.03MB , 1193x1835 , Spoiler image)
Sonic Universe 74
The final showdown for the fate of the digital realm is HERE! “Spark of Life” Part Four: It’s pandemonium aplenty in this conclusion to the stunning “Spark of Life” story arc! Who, or what, is Phage? Introductions aren’t necessary—she’s creating havoc for our heroes anyway! Tails and Big—menaced by badniks and Dark Gaia Monsters alike! A Chaos Emerald—about to fall into enemy hands! Nicole—on the brink of deletion! Will Sally sacrifice it all to save her friends and the world? Only the dramatic conclusion to SPARK OF LIFE can tell! Featuring cover art from Sonic comic artist extraordinaire Tracy Yardley, and a special SEGA-art TAILS variant cover!
save file
image:141868660200.jpg(1.17MB , 1193x1835 , Spoiler image)
Sonic Boom 6
What…What is that sound? No, really—what on earth is that noise? Waitaminute… is that the sound of go-karts??? IT… IT—IS! LET THE RACE BEGIN IN “EVERYBODY’S SUPER SONIC RACING” PART ONE! (IS THE CAPS LOCK STILL ON, OH WAITAMINUTE, there we go. Much better.) When Dr. Eggman sponsors a go-kart race around Sonic’s Island home, you know that dude is up to no good. The rules are as follows: no special powers, no weapons, and everyone has to drive a kart to keep things fair. Since when does Eggy care about “fair”? What will happen to throw this race into a SPIN? How many rhetorical questions can we ask in one paragraph of solicit text?? Find out in this hyperbole-packed issue! Featuring cover art from Sonic comic extraordinaire Tracy Yardley, plus a new BOOM-Crew Sega art variant!
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image:141868667300.jpg(1.29MB , 900x1213 , sonicsuperspecial14.jpg)
And Super Sonic Special Magazine 14 has a Worlds Unite prequel so I'll post that too even though I don't generally post reprint issues.

As Archie Action Comics races toward the WORLDS UNITE crossover event, prepare yourself with an all-new prequel tale: THE GENESIS PORTAL! When a strange energy signature appears on Sonic’s shattered world, what could it mean for our heroes and their fight to save the planet? And what ominous implications will this have for the WORLDS UNITE event? Featuring new story and art from the superstar Archie Sonic team! The SONIC SUPER SPECIAL MAGAZINE gives you the world of Sonic the Hedgehog comics as you’ve never seen it before, with tons of comic stories, special features and exclusive articles on the latest and greatest in the world of everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog-hero! This issue also features a special encore selection from the history-making “WORLDS COLLIDE” storyline, and much, much more! All this plus the extra features you love, an interview with Sonic newcomer Diana Skelly AND a super special shiny foil-enhanced cover featuring art by Sonic comic superstar Ben Bates!
>And if you just pick up the game and hit start, you don't know that at all.
The problem with that argument is that we're talking about translating the elements of the game into the comic book. They aren't going to ignore all the story bits, because they can't exactly adapt gameplay into narrative formula (at least, not as much as they could adapt the story).

Look, design, I can get. Some of those dudes can be a bit ridiculous looking, however, their stories and such, while on the back-burner in the games, will (or should be) at the forefront of the comic.
Is it not alright for someone to have a crisis every once in awhile? I had a lot of stuff going on in my life last month.
So you think that with MORE room to actually talk and interact with each other on a more personal and realistic basis outside of a video game-based structure, the characters will never be able to crack jokes or poke fun at things.

Not him but of course that's going to happen, it's Ian Flynn. Just never to the extent Classic does, surely.
Why not? Arguably the characters in X are supposed to be more "human" and emotional than those in Classic. Unless everyone really wants X to have no personality beyond fret and mope.
>They aren't going to ignore all the story bits
They're not going to ignore all the ridiculous bits either. Even tragedies can have a bit of fun sometimes.
Well for one thing, a more serious tone would set the book apart from MM Classic and give it its own identity.
It would also get really boring really fast. You need a bit of lightness sometime. I'd already argue that the MM comic is already tackling the source material with more depth and seriousness than the games. You seem to be caught up in this tornado of panic that the same wouldn't happen to X for some idiotic reason.
Mav here

I'm not saying there shouldn't be light moments in the comic, but I agree with >>232064 and >>232067
I really don't want to see, and really don't expect to see, for example, things like when Mega Man was confused about the stage design in Mega Man III. Most of the locations in X are quite clear about what they are.

There are a lot less things that make sense for the characters to riff on, especially personality wise

>Unless everyone really wants X to have no personality beyond fret and mope.
During the events of the games, that's all X ever does. If he starts wise-cracking between being fretting over everything, it would be extremely out of character. There are rare moments where X is happy. Heck, I think the only time in the X series X isn't sad or worried was when he found out Zero was alive. The highlight of his existence is finding out his best friend isn't dead. He's a very sad person and has a very sad life.
>During the events of the games, that's all X ever does. If he starts wise-cracking between being fretting over everything, it would be extremely out of character. There are rare moments where X is happy. Heck, I think the only time in the X series X isn't sad or worried was when he found out Zero was alive. The highlight of his existence is finding out his best friend isn't dead. He's a very sad person and has a very sad life.

It would be out of character to have X be a smart-mouth, but it wouldn't be OOC to see him have some moments of fun. They can show that he has a interest in music, sports, art, cooking, and/or animals. They can give him friends outside of the Maverick Hunters Units and/or a love interest like that mermaid Marty from the manga. Even just commenting in things like how Mega's comment about Crashman lack of hands.

The comics allowed them to give classic characters a lot of personality beyond what can be seen from the games and that can be done for X too.
If all X ever did was mope and whine, I'd probably want the book dead and him with it. He has a life with a lot of tragedy, that doesn't mean he has to Hamlet-monologue every minute of the day.
>The highlight of his existence is finding out his best friend isn't dead. He's a very sad person and has a very sad life.

Jesus, no wonder you aren't happy with anything. This is what you want. This is what you look forward to.
I'm happy with plenty of things.

I'm only looking forward to it because that's how I understand the franchise to be. That's just what I got from the games. Fun games about a tragic character. X is a tragedy. He has a crappy life, and it ends by becoming a cyber elf and Elpizo stabbing his body.

I've played all the games, they're all rather pessimistic, to my understanding.
I will admit I tend to talk about what I don't like over what I do, though
I thought that they had forgotten they were going to convert the rest of my Life With Archie subscription (cut short due to it ending) into something else, but here I have my copy of Archie Comics Annual #256
It's gonna be a real slow burn if this is a literally annual publication.

Not unless #1 came out in 1759. They changed your subscription to Archie Double Digest. It comes out monthly.


I don't know why #256 is randomly called an Annual. That's weird.
Dying to read Lost Hedgehog Tales...
I bet the new crossover sidetracked that just a little.
Oh god youre probably right. BRB after crossover.
I guess it must be the annual xmas special.
What a nice gift to get something worthwhile in the mail.
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image:141966953000.png(613kB , 717x697 , latest.png)
Please, Ian, you have to make a reference to how Toadman would always never attack you if you shot at him and just ran to the otherside of him when he jumps over you.
I'm guessing that was to balance out his attack being undodgable, but dang Toad Man. That's pretty lame.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

The only boss in MM history easier to deal with than him is Metal Man, and that’s chiefly because Metal Man’s pattern is easy as fuck to work around. (Also in the Robot Master Rematch you can use Metal Blade to kill him in, like, two or three hits which is fucking hilarious. God bless the Metal Blade, brokenest of the broken weapons.)

Only if you use certain weapons though.

Try hitting him with something other than the Mega Buster or his weakness and he'll tank it and do Rain Flush anyways. Most notably if you try to fight him with Rush Coil for whatever reason. Weird AI quirk I guess.
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image:141979946200.jpg(523kB , 1916x1172 , cubot on the subject of eggman lackeys.jpg)
If I didn't know this was Sonic Boom, that would be interesting.
T4 was here
//youtube.com/watch?v=8Uj0K4GvRIcyoutube thumb
And now I want to replay it...
Has it ever been said what the original Death Egg's purpose was? The official media has never stated it, and western media said it was for mass roboticization. As far as the games go, the only harmful thing it was doing was using the Chaos Emeralds to fuel it.
It doesn't use the Chaos Emeralds to fuel it in the games. We don't really know what it was going to do in the games, aside from be a giant aerial fortress.
To blow up Alderaan, duh.
Any chance that the new franchise the one Archie guy said would be in "Worlds Unite" being Freedom planet? that would be quite spiffy.
It's technically possible, but incredibly unlikely. Freedom Planet's way too tiny to warrant a comic of its own or be a real selling point, whatever's planned to be in Worlds Unite will likely have its own series coming out of the event. It's probably something else from Sega or Capcom, with the highest chances being Mega Man X (while not an exciting answer by any means, we already know it's in and it will likely finally get a real debut afterwards.)
So Ken Penders is now claiming that he didn't establish Remington as Kragok's son and that Ian did it. I swear this man is a poster child for 1984-style propaganda.
Technically he didn't, did he? He badly implied it a lot but he never actually got around to saying it or doing anything with it. The other writers had to pick up his slack: this is something he absolutely should admit to, because it's admitting his lazy ass didn't pay off even the most basic story beats it set up.
Question: where is he saying that? His forum is even deader than it used to be and his twitter is nothing but trying to sound like an expert on social issues.
That's the thing, he DID say it. He said he didn't know when he'd get around to telling it in the comic and so flat out announced it years ago. That's why Bollers and Flynn used it at all.

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image:142093807100.jpg(352kB , 703x850 , revisionist history by Ken Penders.jpg)
Here. It's interesting how he forgets his own Word of God stuff but manages to "remember" being responsible for starting Antoine and Bunnie as a couple.
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image:142120147500.jpg(246kB , 771x1186 , Spoiler image)
Time for solicits again.

Mega Man 48

"The Ultimate Betrayal" Part Four: The cataclysmic conclusion! Dr. Light built Gamma to be the definitive answer to all global disasters—unfortunately it looks like all of its power might just be turned against poor Mega Man! As the battle rages, the entire castle stronghold begins to collapse. How will anyone get out of this one alive—and will they at all? Don’t miss the epic conclusion to this Mega Man 3 game adaptation storyline, featuring new cover art from fan-favorite Brent McCarthy and a special Capcom art variant!

Side note, especially lazy variant for this using the Game Boy Mega Man 3's promo art. With Skull Man dead center.
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image:142120156300.jpg(245kB , 771x1186 , Spoiler image)
Sonic 272

"A Ray of Hope": As Sonic and the Freedom Fighters continue their journey to save the shattered planet, Sonic and Chip journey to Apotos to uncover the secrets of the Gaia Gate! Meanwhile, Knuckles and the Freedom Fighters take on a TITANIC challenge of their own! Does Sonic have a hope in saving the world? Will battle tear the freedom fighters apart first? Find out the answers to these and more exciting questions as our heroes journey to the much-awaited crossover event of the year—WORLDS UNITE! Featuring new cover art from Edwin Huang (Uncanny Skullkickers) and a crazy-new Metal Sonic game art variant provided by Sega!
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image:142120165300.jpg(195kB , 771x1186 , Spoiler image)
Sonic Universe 75

Which has a whopping EIGHT variant covers.

"Fury": The race is on as Sonic chases down Metal Sonic for one of the sought–after Chaos Emeralds! But when their chase takes them to a very unexpected place, Sonic’s worth as a hero may be put to the test! Can Sonic win the day, secure the emerald and retain his sense of self by the end? As our journey to WORLDS UNITE crashes to a close, join us in celebrating the longest-running Sonic the Hedgehog spin-off comic in history with 7.5 variant covers from your favorite Sonic artists! Featuring cover art from Patrick "SPAZ" Spaziante, Tracy Yardley, Ben Bates, Tyson Hesse, EGA Studios, Patrick Thomas Parnell, Lamar Wells, Evan Stanley and Jonathan H. Gray! To name a few!
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image:142120169700.jpg(351kB , 771x1186 , SonicBoom7.jpg)
Sonic Boom 7

It's wacky-racin' adventure in "Everybody’s Super Sonic Racing" Part Two: Dr. Eggman’s fun and “friendly” go-kart challenge has turned deadly! But, really, who didn’t see that “twist” coming? Can Sonic salvage the race and prove to the bad doctor he can win fair and square? More importantly—can Sonic survive long enough to return to the race course?! Discover the fate of life, limb and ego in this super-fast story with cover art from Sonic comic fav Jamal Peppers, and an all-new "insubordination" variant cover from painter Erik Ly! …And BOOM goes the dynamite!
Also some more info on Worlds Collide Complete, mainly it has material from Mega Man 23 & 28 and Sonic the Hedgehog 247 and 252.
There are all those people in his current forums?
No, that was a chat Ken held 10 or 15 years ago, where he revealed Remington was Kragok's son. Now he's apparently forgotten that. Or he's saying he might not be able to legally use that anymore if Ian was the one who established it in the comic. One of the two.
Serves him right.