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Archie General XLIVAnonymous
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Old Thread: >>>/co/226724

A new board I guess?

Has anyone got Sonic #260 yet?
This is a very ugly thing
Archie Mega Man Robot Master Contest when.
I don't care if it's just an art contest or a chance for kids to get their master in the book, we need one.
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image:139967059000.png(77kB , 319x120 , fakeman.PNG)
new site is a little ugly to look at, but I guess it'll have to do.

Anyway, I sincerly hope the Egg-Dummies/fake eggman robots make a return in the comics in some form. It'd be excelent fake-out material, and it'd be good for the dramatic chair-turn reveals.
don't worry, just testing the spoiler tags on the new site
>Amy's sonic cd dress and haircut returns as a flashback in this issue


this is one of the things I was worried about not being referenced because I was sure Sonic CD's look for amy fell under "can't show SEGA characters age" thing. I guess it was got around by saying "it's just a style change, she only LOOKS older because it was such a dramatic wardrobe change".
Pretty sure it's okay to show her as her CD design because it's a flashback to CD, where she had that design.
Meanwhile the FCBD cover had to be changed to remove Classic Amy's mugshot.

I think Archie is the last company in the world right now that would allow a fan design a character.

Wow this layout is ugly.
If that is allowed, why isn't Classic sonic allowed? He was classic in that game, same as Amy

Because fuck you that's why.
Technically he isn't.
He just has to have green eyes because that's the standard. Shorter quills? Slightly shorter? Sega doesn't seem to mind/notice.

Please notice that Amy's eyes are tinted green in her flashback, as well.
I realise this is coming increadibly late as a warning, but it literally just occured to me, as obvious as it should have been sooner:

Ian, don't forget that Chaos has a tail. Yes, Chaos 0's tail is kind of small, but don't forget about it - Remember that Chaos 0's sonic adventure look doesn't HAVE the tail because of a story reason, so just don't get caught out by assuming it can only attack with four limbs, when it technically has five limbs to attack with (its arms, legs and tail are all extendable), or depict it without that tail once Chaos gets a inevitable action scene. It'd be kind of embarrasing to just forget about it, when even Sonic Battle remembered about it.

This has been a slowpoke warning
You'd be better off reminding the artist.
Also you're trying to warn the guy who remembered who Gala-Na is to not forget a pivotal plot point from one of the two games he references most often. I think he's fine.
Ian Flynn
I know he's supposed to have a tail. Sega prefers we stick with the official art - tail-less.

So... there you go.
... but he has the tail on the most recent official art (Sonic Channel). It's just a nub, sure, but it's there.
Oh. Well, if it's a Sega mandate, I suppose there's nothing anyone can really do about it.

Hopefully theres still something from this situation to salvage, though - I'm certain theres a "Pin the tail on Chaos" off-panel joke in this situation somewhere.
Why does SEGA keep proving how incompetent they are with their own franchise?
Also, Chaos does use his tail for an attack in Sonic Battle.

So it seems we're at a weird standoff, where cannonically Chaos 0 has his tail now, but SEGA doesn't want it to be too visible for some reason.

I suppose it'll come down to how the situation is handled (i.e: Ian will probably be able to use the Tail attack from Sonic Battle for Chaos on the grounds "its in the games, chill, look heres the game footage, see that attack? thats the attack we tried to depict in the comic", but will probably keep it a stump like in sonic adventure to please SEGA mandate, so there'll probably not be a great many action scenes involving it)
Or maybe there was some miscommunication and SEGA thought Ian wanted to add a whole new tail instead of just using the correct, nub design? Because as pointed he does have a tail, it's just a small thing; and it can grow for specific attacks, but not stay like that.
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image:139985117700.png(13kB , 637x138 , chaosusedtailattack-thefandomsdefensehasbeenlowered.PNG)
Yeah, I'll agree we might all be blowing it out of proportion a little

I mean, I can't believe we've actually managed to have a small scuffle over Chaos's tail, of all things - I honestly never thought we'd have a discussion on if it can be used to whack a badguy on-panel or not, or even appear at all

also, here's the sonic battle specific attack in question that probably started this whole line of inquiry. At least this is entirly useable by archie art team - you can't really call a water jet from Chaos's tail nub a "tail attack", especially when Chaos 0 uses various water-jet type attacks in Sonic Battle with various other body parts (which will also be fun to see drawn out - especially if chaos decides to go full "I AM THE OCEAN" mode or even - though I'm not getting my hopes up for this suggestion - Actually be Chaos 1 for a page or so)

Sorry, it seems we probably won't get Chaos 0 doing more dynamic things with it's tail, like it suddenly springing out to knock a badguy's lights out, but hey, we can't really do much about that
Why is Chaos attacking using his tail so important again?
Because it shows that SEGA doesn't pay attention to its own Canon and only cares about superficial things about its franchise.
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image:139990242400.gif(242kB , 160x220 , tumblr_static_a.gif)
Really? It's a fucking nub on a water monster's ass. I'm sure that's the last concern most have while reading the comic.
Penguin God
Honestly I'm surprised it even came up.
Was it ever even said he was supposed to have a tail as Chaos Zero? I always assumed the tail was only supposed to appear later since Chao don't have big tails and Chaos feels incomplete without the Chaos Emeralds anyway. Sounds to me like the usual projecting against the big bad boogieman.

Ian I love you interact with the fandom so much but you've created the stupidest scapegoat in comics since people realised Claremont was kinda deviant sexually.
I mean last night on /co/ someone pondered if SEGA wasn't wanting Silver to show up and that was all it took for people to honestly think there was a mandate that Silver couldn't appear. There's knowledge the readers would've been better off not knowing.
The whole point of Big's story was that Froggy ate Chaos's tail and Chaos wouldn't be complete without it.
Yes, and the tail was reposed on Chaos Six, not Zero; and when we next see Zero (the ending), he still only has a nub. I always figured the tail was only supposed to show up on his more evolved forms, much like how he doesn't have a skeleton yet in Zero form.
>not a big deal

but it is once we shift into serious buisness mode, because we're totally okay with most silly things, but a little inconsistency like "Chaos doesn't have a tail", now thats where you gotta draw the line man

This is almost a heresy, and the SEGA inquisition has already been deployed

Ian got a funny hat for the role and everything, it too late to back out now from hunting down the continuity heathens

make sure to grab your torch and pitchfork for this sunday, fun for all the family
Does anyone know if there's a mandate that Blaze can't show up in Sonic's dimension? I'd like her to show up more often and interact with the Freedom Fighters
Penguin God
Never been one mentioned, and she's done it before. Why would that be a mandate? I don't mean "why would Sega do that" I mean is there a reason to assume it exists?
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image:139993438400.png(44kB , 244x120 , Dead-Line.PNG)
Nope, there's no mandates that I know of that will stop Blaze from appearing in Sonic's World.

The only Mandate (to my knowledge) that will effect Blaze in any way, shape or form is the Eggman Nega Mandate - and no, it's nothing too bad as far as Blaze is concerned, as Ian can still use Eggman Nega's robots, his bases and space stations (pic related, for reference), even Nega's conversations and eggmobile (Treasure Team Tango used this already) - Just so long as the man himself doesn't show up on panel, or at least shows up behind very thick heatproof glass you can't see anything through, everythings alright. (ironically, this mandate actually is in-character for Nega, whos VERY secretive about his plans, and uses proxys to fight battles for him)

so basically, how this affects the archie version story of the game-wise time: Sonic Rush "has already happened" (because it's Blazes introduction game, also trying to work the Eggman Nega plot in that game around the previously mentioned mandate is suicidal), and any suprise appearance of the man that Blaze should know about, like Rush Adventure, can only be alluded too (and was, in the pirate Sonic Universe arc). Doors are blatently left open just in case future games come along.

And thats it. Thats all of Blaze's game stuff that's really effected by mandates, outside of Sonic 06 (and really, the only thing people want from that game - or can agree upon wanting, as there is always one who wants Solaris to be Blaze Dimensions Chaos or something else that cause a huge arguement because, y'know, it's Sonic 06 - is for Blaze to rekindle/reinstate/remake the friendship between her and Silver, because Silver kinda needs friends.)

So, as you can see: Blaze is fine and basically unaffected. Blaze is going nowhere, or possibly going to Sonic's Dimension when she needs too, but otherwise there's no imminent danger of her having a sudden case of Retconitis.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Did we ever get an explanation as to why Nega can't appear?
The only reason people might think it exists is because she's never actually interacted with anybody not from the games, unless you count Captain Metal, but he did originate from a Metal Sonic.

It's almost certainly just a coincidence.
how the hell are you supposed to quote people on this new form?...
secret ## secret
>how the hell are you supposed to quote people on this new form?...

there is a reply icon in the upper right that will quote. if you have text highlighted when you click the reply icon it will >quote it for you

or like 4chan you can manually use 2 carats and the postnum >>1

Because SEGA said so.
Penguin God
Generally Archie doesn't ask.
Surely it can't hurt to ask out of curiosity or to ask for a possible Estimated time they can use a certain character. But then again, this is SEGA, so saying anything to them could cause their heads to explode because they don't think like humans.
File deleted
Maybe instead of worrying and tearing hair out because of stupid little mandates we know almost nothing about, we can just enjoy the stories for the good reads they are.
It's not like Ian hasn't been working under the exact same mandates since he started on the book.
If SEGA has a stupid policy, they deserve to be called out for having stupid policy.

Really, what else is there to this? People are just voicing their opinions. It's not like they're going down to SEGA's offices to harass the staff.
Because it's fucking nothing.
So Ian, think you'll ever throw your two cents in on how people seem to think Coral is a male Betta because of her fins, but identifies as female? I'm sure you'll never get into this conversation over at Bumbleking.
Something tells me the answer is going to be "the comic says Coral is a girl, so Coral is 100% female"

I mean if you want to have "Coral is the sweetest trap" as a in-joke, then go ahead, but I doubt there'll be any nods to it other than in the fandom

also, in before tumblr explodes over this, I'm calling it, it's a shitfest waiting to happen
Penguin God
I really don't think tumblr cares what 4chan thinks about a Sonic the Hedgehog comic book character.
Reminder that Sally was crossdressing for 20 years
if theys tart to adopt how "progressive" the comic is by having a trans character in it, they'll explode if someone says "no, she's not trans."
Talk about overthinking things. Jesus. You'd think female fish couldn't have fins of any kind. This is the comic that used to have a male wallaby with a pouch and no one was making anything of that other than "cartoon convenience."

First we argue about Chaos's Tail, and now we argue about Coral's fins

I'm senseing a recuring pattern here, and the pattern is we're all very serious about our marine biology of aquatic characters

Now all we need to do is argue if Razor's teeth grow back in like a day if someone knocks them out, and we're set for all possible arguements we can have right now
>not trolls

Yes, I'm sure anyone who uses the logic of "we don't see her vajayjay in the issue" is being serious and that anyone honestly thinks this is some attempt to bring up the topic of gender identity in a fucking Sonic the Hedgehog comic book.

They would only adopt it if idiots actually keep pushing it as though it's a valid point of discussion in this case and not people trolling about a cartoon fish.
Oh no, let's go into how Charmy is also secretly transgender while we're at it.
And yet, your whining about other people taking on a discussion board is probably the worst posts on here
.... so we can move on to something else now? Because Knuckles leaving his Island in the current Sonic Universe actually brought up a train of thought:

I'm actually being stumped by the ramifications of Knuckles basically having his own personal island to himself.
I mean, it's not a hard concept to grasp since Sonic 3 sells it quite well, but the problem occurs when I think:

How many countries do you think actually honour knuckles basically putting up a legal KEEP OFF THE ISLAND sign due to his situation (y'know, the whole "He's the last echidna tribesman left" thing), and who enforces it, GUN? I mean, if Knuckles left the Island for whatever reason, and say, civillians actually saw him, would it actually make news, locally or otherwise, or be kept a secret(at least at first, just so Rouge doesn't immedeatly go AWOL to get that master emerald)? Would Knuckles's known friends and aquaintances get to deal with the sort attention that inevitably comes from having a personal ivitation to a flying paradise (imagine it being put in their passport for a moment)?

I realise nobody really wants the comic to be too much about knuckles, but: It's one thing to have Sonic and friends take Knuckles presence in a story for granted, and another for background characters to do the same, especially when Knuckles is one-of-a-kind now - I'd expect at least one guy to try and pull out a camera or for background people to give curious looks at Knuckles, instead of everyone being all "oh look, there goes a endangered species, well whatever I gotta get to work"
Well, the comic does say very few people have even heard of Angel Island existing.

It's probably like the "Lost" Hex. ~SOMEHOW~ a huge floating chunk of land exists flying across the sky and society below just dosen't see it/think its a myth.

My headcanon is Sonic's World is roughly the size of Jupiter so a large flying island is still has plenty of places to hide.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
In the previous continuity, Angel Island followed a precise path, so you'd think someone would notice this big chunk o' dirt floating by once a year. In this new one it might be more random, or even stationary; in either case, this is a planet of humans and furries, so maybe there are many hunks of floating land but Angel Island is the only one that would be interesting if people actually tried to visit it...
Penguin God
Lost Hex is constantly covered in clouds, and going by Sky Sanctuary Zone you might actually be able to say the same about Angel Island. I guess people on Sonic's World are used to giant stormclouds that never disappear. I wouldn't think that the governments would have much trouble staying off Knuckles' island, but I doubt it's recognized as a separate legal entity either. Some ancient cultures have no contact with modern society even after we learn of their existence. Knuckles could be the same way.
Seeing how it rips everything else from Ghibli's Castle in the Sjy, assuming what Penguin God just said is not a bad idea- the Floating Island/Lost Hex are constantly covered by clouds, from down below at least, so it always just seems like a storm.
Despite how much Sega tried to shoehorn the presents of normal human-life into the game series, Sonic's World is still very fantastic and weird. The Gaia Temples and Divine Beast protectors. Forests with bugs the size of buses. Ancient ruins found a few miles outside of every other hover-car fulled city.
Angel Island is probably not that out of the ordinary.
So...what happened to that Sonic Underground epilogue? Did it get Pendered or Sega'd?
Sega'd, thank god.
Fuck you.
Go away, Dante.
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image:140009442700.jpg(5kB , 598x459 , marineboom.jpg)
also some more Boom stuff appeared on facebook, for those interested in how that is going

and yes, most people really are asking "is that supposed to be Marine?"
Got issue 260 yesterday.

I'm sorry but Evan Stanley's pencils need serious work.
Only real problems I have with Evan's stuff are her eyes and the way she does shading lines.
I don't like the heavy brows she puts on almost everyone and some of her perspective work here was really off.
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image:140010982000.jpg(106kB , 640x640 , TailsitisyourDESTINYtorulebymyside - no,myDESTINYistobecomeabodybuilder.jpg)
also, there's this from the same source, but I'm personally not sure if shoop or some weird promotional thing
Why isn't #260 out digitally yet? I thought it was planned for the 14th?
also I was playing the Sonic Advance games again and noticed

Sonic Unleashed isn't the first time Eggman shattered the planet - it actually is mentioned in Sonic Advance 3's manual that the device he used in that game basically cracked the planet a bit (the damage got fixed when sonic got the emeralds back)

considering we're in the unleashed arc, now would be a excelent time for it to be referenced, considering the new continuity for archie
I doubt they will reference it, as 1.) it wouldn't make sense that it woudln't wake Dark Gaia up and 2.) it might work against "muh archives" continuity nods

Maybe Ian will find a way to blend elements from both stories together?
Would be nice if possible - maybe Sonic Advance 3's intro/manual plot can be interprited basically as Eggman running a dry, "safe" test run of the technology that would eventually be seen in Sonic Unleashed or something

the fact it basically locked all travel between Zones down, basically splitting the world, was probably a bonus side effect for what he wanted it to do - which, of cource, was to create Eggmanland

it could probably be compared to old pre-reboot continuity too, when Eggman tried to reset reality to get the robotizer to work again (because lets face it, Sonic Advance 3 has Eggman with a reality-tinkering toy, so you could make a argument that in the nu continuity, Sonic Advance 3 might have happened recently - at least before Naugus and Tails Doll, which we've "seen", since its implied that both continuitys had similar-ish past events.
So, instead of the "Genesis Wave" of old continuity, in Nu continuity Sonic would have instead had to deal with Sonic Advance 3's plot of "Eggman pushes the reality-breaking button, now all the Zones are locked down due to the chaos emeralds power - use warp zones and get too Angel Island in order to use the Master Emerald to undo the Zone lockdown, and stop eggman and his mysterious new robot". You know, sort of how Worlds Collide crossover got re-defined in Megaman continuity as Ra-Moon's "Wily Wave" and started Super Rockman Adventures arc)
Taking in what the manual's story and the gameplay, Eggman probably didn't shattered the planet in Advance 3 but divided the world between Special Zones. Like the Subspace maze in Smash Bros. Brawl. That would explain why you had to use Warp Rings to go anywhere and the colorful traditions between Zones.
So what do you think Sally has found in Eggman's mine that is so shocking?
Since they probably plan to wrap the unleashed arc up sometime before issue 300, I think they still found a Chaos Emerald.

What probably happened is some underground creature, probably some ferocious looking monster thing that scared off Eggmans forces earlier, is using the place as a nest and using the Chaos emerald to sustain itself/her children.

The momma monster probably starts off ferocious but turns out to just be protecting it's children, isn't so bad after all.

Then that's why the third part the group has internal divisions, because they need the Chaos emerald to save the world, but taking it kill the creature/it's babies.

Then they probably find some convenient solution that fixes both their problems.
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image:140024624700.png(946kB , 1089x956 , comparison.png)
Just as a small thing I'd like to add for this conversation:

The Genesis wave and Sonic Advance 3's Intro are actually incredibly similar - so similar I'd be suprised if the New Continuity doesn't use it, I mean just look at the comparrsion in pic related, it's pratically a 1:1 in events

literaly the only difference is: in Archie, Eggman had the Sonic Blue Chaos Emerald, instead of the Green one, but that can always be justified due to that we're in a new continuity, so which Emerald Eggman found can be different than in the old archie continuity.

Heck, Gemerl is probably parrelel to Mecha-Sally in some ways (a previous friend of Sonics - Emerl - taken by Eggman and rebuilt into a fighting machine loyal to him), if you want to go there
Roboticized Queen Alicia and her underground society.
You stop that right now.
We don't bring that bullshit up here.
Actually, while we're on the subject of Sonic Advance games, and how they might fit into the nu continuity:

What do you think Eggman's reason for kidnapping Cream was in Sonic Advance 2?

sure, we could say "Who cares? Eggman kidnaps EVERYONE in that game, probably to robotize them or lure out Sonic, there thats the game plot the comic can go with, its not that complex" and sure, Cream (and Vanilla) probably were abducted mostly because they are helpless to resist him if he decided too, but what if we gave Eggman a slightly more complex motive for his actions in that game, at least for the nu continuity? My personal interpretation basically goes as follows:

Eggman was kidnapping random animals to turn them into cheap labour for building the Egg Carriers (so the game can be set before Sonic Adventure, where which order the games happened in is more up in the air), Zero was built in this timeframe in order to kidnap Tails and try to keep the emeralds out of Sonic's hands (Zero is the reason why I personally put Advance 2 close to Adventure continuity-wise, and it can also explain Amy's Adventure story - In Sonic Advance 2, you needed to collect the seven chaos emeralds with ALL FOUR of the playable characters to unlock her, so it's safe to say Amy probably never met Zero before Adventure in the comics), Eggman probably personally went to kidnap Cream due to whatever it is Vanilla does as a job (My guess is she's in charge of Chao Garden permission planning - it'd explain why Cream's always been so good with Chao, at least. Anyway, basically Eggman just kidnaps Cream to get the information needed for the construction of the Egg Carrier Chao Garden, and then probably just drove off with her still in hand once he got it. Hey, Eggman's done pettier things), and Sonic finally runs into Eggman while he's mid-kidnapping (which explains the first boss of that game), so the rest of Sonic Advance 2 happens and then at the end they crash Egg Utopia/XX zone into a island (My money is that it crashes onto the same island the Final Egg Zone is on, because it's a underground bunker that launches giant ships, also the explosion helps to find the Chaos Murals), Eggman remembers he still has one more hostage to kidnap (Vanilla, who he ignored earlier because he already had her daughter), and the Super Sonic section of that game happens and Vanilla falls from outer space, sonic saves her, the game ends happily (and Vanilla is probably inspired to commision the Chao in Space movie series from the experience, thus explaining the long-standing billboard gag) , and then the continuity can move on to Sonic Adventure (because Sonic is in one of Station Square's hotels at the begining of that game, and that hotel is pretty five-star - it has a personal Chao Garden and is right next to Emerald Coast - so it's likly Vanilla treated Sonic too a Station Square luxury vacation as a reward, thus explaining why Sonic was in the area and the YOUR GONNA CRASH AAAAA scene, as well as giving Cream's DX cameo more story meaning - it allows Sonic Hero's Team Rose to be built in this time frame - and the chao showing up in Sonic Adventure's ending can be for a continuity nod reason, instead of just randomly appearing - Vanilla probably had the Station Square Chao Garden built/approved, and Perfect Chaos's tidal wave probably trashed it, so all the chao escaped out the garden and gravitated towards Chaos, which probably was what got Chaos to finally let go of it's ages old hatred)

phew, what a wall of text for a supposidly simple explanation of "this game should go here for the new continuity's timeline for these reasons"
it'll never happen because Ian reads this forum
Or there is really nothing for him to do with it.
In the comics, Vanilla is no one special and doesn't need to be. And Cream is no better than Amy. At best, Cream can be some sort of prodigy, the Sakura to Sonic's Ryu. At worst, just a random kid with a strong sense of justice, which the games are sort leaning too.
I wouldn't be surprises that the subtext in Advance 2 was that Eggman wanted a house-keep or something and pick-up Vanilla on the way home.
That's not an "interpretation" anon, that's plain making up a story.
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image:140029881900.jpg(865kB , 1200x1500 , Spoiler image)
Some people do. This kind of thing is great IMO.
Well, took a couple of yeas, but once more plus4chan is pretty much the only online place to discuss Sonic now. /co/'s completely surrendered to going back to Ride memes and porn.
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image:140029975300.jpg(769kB , 1429x1920 , lifewitharchie_36_magazine.jpg)
Oh man, my Life With Archie Subscription is only up to 35.
That's 2 short of to the end.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Does he take a bullet for Keller?
It's not going to be a very fun place to hang around with that sort of pompous attitude.
Well yeah, Sonic Advance 2 basically has no story aside from "Eggman is kidnaping animals again, go fast sonic and save your friends and get the chaos emeralds - oh, and Zero is in the special stages for no reason, and the special stages are a pain in the ass to get into in this game"

I mean, sure, the only real references in the actual comic that game will get will probably be when Cream eventually gets her own little reminince panel (and because almost EVERYONE on the Sky Patrol has been feeling the need to rememeber things, it's highly likly Cream will get one too, which conviently explains how she's on the ship to begin with) and eventually, probably a little box that says "*Sonic Advance 2 - the game"

but thats a little dull - it's more fun to speculate and have a vague guesswork outline of how that game could fit into Archie's new sonic continuity. I mean, I even know I'm taking liberties (I mean, what does Vanilla even do? Has SEGA even bothered to figure out her character beyond "shes creams mom"? Is Ian even allowed too build whatever he wanted for her or does he literally have to ring up SEGA and ask them? How the hell does Cream's dad, or her lack of one in the games, even figure into this?), but discussion on world building, and how the freedom fighters would fit retroactivly into the games, is always interesting too me
Don't read it as pomp, it's a honest lamentation. I liked /co/'s Sonic threads specifically because while you had lewd threads, you also easily (normally storytime threads) had threads that just had honest, earnest discussion of the comic and franchise.

Haven't seen one of those in /co/ practically since the first Marathon, and it's become worse with the /v/ ride.
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image:140034051000.jpg(38kB , 421x552 , Mephisto[1].JPG)
I sincerely doubt we'll ever find out about Cream's father.
People have discussed the plot and lore of Sonic to fucking death over the last year.
Nobody's talked about much for a month or so because there's not much to talk about.
Please calm your tits before scheduling the next "It's All Ogre" world tour, people still discuss the comic when they're prompted to.
Oh no wat, I read it wrong.
My subscription goes to 41 (even though 41 isn't going to exist), 35 is the one I just got now.
Yeah, I think the most we'll probably get is a safe "Oh, remember when Eggman invaded Sally's kingdom in Origins? Thats when Vanilla and Creams dad got seperated, hence why we never see him in the games because it's a pre-Sonic 1 event in the comic. Yeah, they never found out what happened to him after that and oh, by the way, Vanilla was probably pregnant around that time too, hence why Cream is the youngest freedom fighter and has a single mom for the games,THERE THATS THE END, NO MORE IMPLICATIONS FOR YOU"

I can only hope that Ian doesn't take the "Baby's First Story" difficulty route mentioned above, though. Probably a few open-ended implications to be smuggled in on the subject, before just letting it be untill Sega is ready for Cream to have two parents, or for her not.

If I might put forward a more risky opinion on the matter (which is spoilered just in case it has any sort of similarities to any future story, so Ian can deny reading it):
I personally hope he is more forward and daring, and goes "AntoinexBunnie is comparable, possibly even parralel to VanillaxCream'sDad" and lets the fandom go off and make the assumptions from the shitload of implications that comparrison could bring, that Ian could later use any of those implications at any point he likes to tease the shit out of people when he ships BunniexAntoine - especially if he gets to play with how antoine and bunnie's relationship started in the Nu continuity ("Super Genesis Wave let their love transend reality" probably will stop holding water eventually), because oh boy, he could really mess with the fans with that one
No, I really doubt we'll have that much of an explanation. Cream is a game character with one canonical parent. She'll get a dad when SEGA shows she has a dad, and no explanation will be offered about his absence until SEGA does so.
Oh, I see we've found something else obscure to bicker over

Anyways, I was giving what Ian said in a previous thread some thought (That there wasn't really much plans for, say, Sonic Labyrinth and other obscurer and harder to work with sonic titles) and realised: one of Sonic Labyrinth's concepts totally can come in handy for the Olympic Games series (because the Slow Shoes would help to nerf ultra-fast competators in the interest of fairness)

>but Ian's already done his plugging issue of the olympics ages ago, thats literally useless

Yeah, true, but I'll bet actual money they'll probably make another olympics game soon (there are like, two already, and Nintendo loves its party-type games, so there'll probably be like 10 party games on the subject by 2017), so it's all good, also it allows Eggman to shit-talk Sonic on a racetrack some more (remember: Eggman usually outruns Sonic in games, like in Sonic 2, and thats without giving sonic a brutal handycap)

Also, speaking of games that might get one-offs: I almost hope they get to plug Smash Bros U in both Megaman AND Sonic comics, considering Archie has the rights too both.
>"I'll bet actual money they'll probably make another olympics game soon (there are like, two already"

Four, actually. One for every Olympics since 2008. The 2016 edition will probably be announced next year.
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image:140044718900.gif(2.33MB , 249x140 , Vector Ribbon.gif)
Which is good, because I like the Summer Olympics more than the Winter Olympics.
Mario is faster than Sonic anyway. He doesn't need to be slowed down to compete with the man in racing.
>Mario is faster than Sonic anyway.

save file
image:140053402800.jpg(771kB , 692x1050 , 404b100c0cb4b20baa5d644323616d7e-d7ir3k5.jpg)
Game theory compared Mario and Sonic's Height and the length of their first stages and the world record times for traveling each stage and Mario came out with a higher speed overall.
Game theory's whole schtick is overthinking shit to annoy people into reacting. Like catching up to the whole "hurr durr Light was the villain all along" bandwagon years after that theory made the rounds.

Sonic's faster, even if the games, for gameplay purposes, don't have him be.
Wasn't that comparison made using Super Mario Bros. or Super Mario World, and the first Genesis Sonic?

If so, I'd have to guess that even if you take that as such, all one has to do is look at Sonic boosting in Generations, and I think it would be safe to assume he's moving much faster there.

Mario MIGHT be able to keep pace with the speed boost a star now grants, since he seems to build speed the longer he goes, but it lasts too little time and there are few good, long, flat stretches to test it on.
He compared Empire City to New York, using the size of a building in New York that looked like a buildling in Empire City to show how fast Sonic is at his maximum speed in Unleashed to show that even though he looks fast, he's still slower than Mario

Recent episode, he did say he messed up on the size of the characters by using Super Smash Bros as a base, so that may have affected the calculations
Ah, so definitely recent. What was used for Mario?

And yeah, SSB isn't a good base; Mario is supposed to be about five feet, while Sonic's around three, I think?
save file
image:140063285000.png(259kB , 268x461 , [sonicdrowningtheme].png)
There better be a sequence where sonic gets the big red numbers over his head this arc, I swear it'd be literally perfect if there was a actual reference to the sonic drowning music

and speaking of underwater - I'm actually suprised that nobody has asked how Shadow and Silver fare with water, and having to traverse it.

I mean, they were introduced in the times where going off the stage was a bottomless pit death, so we got the introduction of Death Water instead of the more classic "platform through underwater section, run like hell to the bubble once the drowning theme starts to play", so they've never really gone into a underwater stage.

oh sure, you probably could point out both Shadow and Silver can just avoid water sections but that's no fun (Sonic can technically just run over the water but he still goes through underwater misery), and anyway some those methods were unrelaible as hell (Sonic 06 I am looking right at you - the GUN hoverboat thing had more of a chance of dunking Shadow into the water immedeatly than turning around on command, and Silver uses psychic powers to cheat his way across levels but can just drop like a rock into water anyway because you didn't figure out how to rapidly tap the button to cross the gap and conserve you meter and instead held the button, expecting to make it, and then be dropped just short of the ledge as a NOPE)

In conclusion: I'm going to make a educated guess and say Shadow and Silver do not like water zones anymore than Sonic does, to varying degrees of "DO NOT WANT", and there's likly always going to be something that happens and has them dumped right into the middle of one, despite the measures they take to avoid it (because that happens to sonic too, so it's fairer - not to mention funnier - for it to be that way)

Sonic's super drowning skills are just his character trait. His kryptonite. From a logical standpoint, he can't swim because moves his legs at high speeds doesn't have the same effect in water as it does on land. Or maybe having a body built for speed doesn't allow him to be buoyancy enough.

Silver can move around with psychic powers, and Shadow can hover and teleport. But to go by gameplay logic, neither have that much to fear because only Sonic had to go through miles of underwater ruins and have killer whales attack after him.

For what it's worth, I think Sonic is the only one of the lot who has to use water wings in the Olympic games.

In the comic, Metal Sonic cut Shadow's hovering in Sonic Universe #1 when they were over the ocean, and Shadow managed fine.
save file
image:140068333300.gif(82kB , 500x375 , tumblr_n5hd34DnuL1rqz5qko5_r1_500.gif)

I personally like all the little cosmetic differences like that

I mean Tails has that little doggy paddle and can sort of swim, Knuckles is a decent swimmer (as he should be - his island has underwater sections), game-wise Amy hasn't really gone through water but she appears to be okay at swimming in the comic (probably a mouth-to-mouth joke here just waiting to be made, considering Sonics super drowning ability), Blaze apparently has a palace that is full of water (at least, I always assumed the Sonic Rush Ocean Palace was hers, we never do get a good look at Blaze's world in either Rush Games or any exposition on it outside the little in Rush Adventure we do see), etc

its the little titbits that make it great to read/play
save file
image:140070927400.jpg(588kB , 1248x1920 , Spoiler image)
No one posted the new solicits yet? Well ok.

Sonic 264

A-WOOOOOOOOO! THE WAIT IS OVER! Prepare yourself for the terrifying debut of SONIC THE WEREHOG! “Control" Part One: Sonic, Amy and Sally venture deep into the rainforest in search of a Chaos Emerald. What they find are Mighty, Ray – and serious trouble! Will Egg Boss Thunderbolt push Sonic to the breaking point? Then, in “A Nice Day to Start Again,” Bunnie and Antoine experience the effects of the Shattered World Crisis in a very personal way! Featuring new cover art from PATRICK "SPAZ" SPAZIANTE and an "UNLEASHED" SEGA variant!
save file
image:140070939700.jpg(703kB , 1248x1920 , Spoiler image)
Sonic Universe 67

BRAND NEW STORY ARC! The events of "Shadow Fall" and "Chaos Caper" have clashed to collision in the epic new tale -- "Total Eclipse" Part One! The third chapter in the DARK TRILOGY begins here as Team Dark comes to Angel Island on the hunt for Eclipse. But Knuckles isn’t known for his hospitality! Sparks begin to fly as he and Shadow clash over how to protect the world! Meanwhile, the sinister Eclipse hunts our heroes! It's the first-ever SU TRILOGY and you'll be in on the ground floor with this titanic new issue, featuring cover art from TRACY YARDLEY and a special "PIXEL CUTSCENE" variant from Ryan Jampole!

No Mega Man solicits because yeah.
save file
image:140070991500.jpg(743kB , 1248x1920 , Spoiler image)
Oh wait nevermind here it is.

Mega Man 40

The PULSE-POUNDING CONCLUSION to the latest crossover MEGA-event from Archie comics is here! "DAWN OF X" Part Four: The time-traveling adventure reaches its explosive finale as the mystery of Mega Man’s confrontation with the rogue Wily robot is revealed! X and the Maverick Hunters have their final showdown with the mechanical monsters! And Xander Payne’s fate comes to a startling conclusion! Don’t miss this crossover between iconic eras, with a SHOCKER-ENDING that will blow your mind! Featuring all-new cover art from Mega-artist supreme PATRICK "SPAZ" SPAZIANTE and a time-spanning variant cover by Colin Lawler!
Just as a FYI: The covers (and alt covers) for the next Sonic Universe arc, Total Eclipse, and the next Sonic Unleashed arc, Control, have been revealed, along with their respective solicits

personally liking the sprite art variant cover for the unleashed arc

we're finally getting werehog in the new main sonic arc

oh and we got Megaman 40's covers and solicits for the Classic-X crossover too
save file
image:140076082700.png(146kB , 564x305 , touchfluffywerehog.PNG)
werehog in the next arc

aw yeah, WHAT A HORRIBLE NIGHT TO HAVE A CURSE time is upon us, really hope we get a Day Egg Boss/Night Gaia Guardian dual threat in each region

hopefully, pic related gets a scene in comic sooner or later, I always loved how Sonic himself got a taste of the "oops, Amy Rose mistook a different hedgehog for sonic again" and got really bummed out afterwards
All the levels in Rush are in Sonic's World, all the levels in Rush Adventure are in Blaze's World. Water Palace is just another random bunch of ruins in Sonic's World.
I might be asking a question that's already been answered, but has Ian said if there's any games with Sonic & co in them that can't be used in the book? And I'm not talking anything cute, like Smash Bros or All-Stars Racing.

I mean, the ship is called Sky Patrol; is the game Tails Sky Patrol in canon or is the name just a reference only? Prior to the reboot, the Battle Bird Armada was in the comic (and connected to the Babylon Rouges and Bean); is that still usable?
He's heavily hinted that Dark Brotherhood is verboten
The Battle Bird Aramada debute in Tails's Adventure, and was utilized by Ian in a Ian story, so are absolutly useable. Their background will probably change a little, but they'll mostly be untouched. Which is good - most people like how they were characterized in Babylon Rising and their comic debue (which was a retelling of their game debue)

Tails Sky Patrol is probably cannon in some way - I wouldn't be suprised if that would be when, well, the sky patrol became a thing.
save file
image:140084640500.png(414kB , 1500x850 , Archie Sonic timeline possible 5.png)
There is a list of games that are not canon in this.
If Frenemy was a thing back then, I could have called it Sonic's Frenemy Knuckles.
Friendly Nemesis sounds weird.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
>The word has appeared in print as early as 1953.
I don't think it's any more popular now than it was in the 90s, though.

>Friendly Nemesis sounds weird.
Then we'll call it Fremesis.
save file
image:140089450300.png(334kB , 568x305 , EGGMANLAND.PNG)
We comic adapting the game scenes hopes and dreams now?

I personally am looking forward to pic related - just imagine the sheer ammount of eggman continuity nods Ian will fit into this place along with the "Theme park" jokes that could be made

I mean we could probably get a entire spread of Sonic and Chip (maybe even the other freedom fighters) actually going through (possibly enjoying) all the rides, and the park itself can be full of nods to the old games, Ian can add new rides and arcades to it (like the return of the Whack-A-Sonic game from the Egg Carrier, for example), and since those rides probably distract or take a freedom fighter or two (if they all come along - I hope they do, it might be hilarious if handled right and given the right rides to make jokes with), eventually it'll be just Sonic and Chip that gets to the lowest part of EggmanLand and the face off against Egg Dragoon.

I can't wait to see it happen in comic, although it'll probably be a issue 275 or even issue 300 event, so it's gonna be a long wait, but worth it
So long that Ian hadn't even tought about the nods he was going to put in it, so by specifically saying specific scenes you wanted to see, you've guaranteed you will never see them.
save file
image:140093004500.png(274kB , 1024x574 , sonic feat. starbomb.png)
Sonic's Best Pal Fan-Animated Music Videoyoutube thumb
save file
image:140094425400.png(291kB , 411x304 , hedgehoghammer.PNG)
... but the hammer minigame is from Sonic Adventure 1. It's a Sega Idea from 1998. Ian can use it, regardless of any conversations we have about it, because it was actually in the games before, so there's no "Oh, it's a fan idea, it can't be in the comic now" complications - it's literally just bringing a fun minigame from a 1998 sonic game to Ian's attention so it MAYBE gets referenced in a 2014/2015 Sonic comicbook. Thats really the only ride/arcade game mentioned in the post too, So Ian can still use any and every sort of theme park ride he can imagine without problems

I don't see anything else really specific in the post that'll be a huge detriment to the story, either - asking if EggmanLand will have the freedom fighters or be like the games might be a loaded question, but since Eggmanland is like 75 issues away or more, the answer is just gonna be "wait and see, no seriously pls wait I'm literaly not past the 1st chaos emerald in the story yet". Any speculation about double spreads is too early for the same reasons (although a double spread happening is almost certain - I mean, how would you fit the grand introduction of EggmanLand onto a single page?), and fans talking about how sonic characters might react is never going to stop anything because of its subjectivity.

Right, I think I covered all the angles of that, can I put my 2cents of what I want to see in Archie Unleashed now?

I want to see how the differences between the Wii version and the 360/Ps3 version get handled in the comic.

No, really, I'm actually being serious here! The Unleashed Game is different gameplay-wise depending on which version you had. I mean, The Wii verision had no hub worlds, but had Punch Out! with Dark Gaia, while 360/PS3 had in-depth hubworlds, but the Dark Gaia fight was so slow and boring and slow and uggghh

I just want the comic to a be combination of the two, the best of both versions so it can be it's own thing, y'know?
save file
image:140094459900.png(2.01MB , 1470x1900 , tails__sky_patrol_by_drawloverlala-d7h1sy0.png)

Has Ian given say about this, saying it's accurate? Then cool! As soon as I saw this piece of the Sky Patrol characters (which I already know would most definitely NOT be used in the book) and saw how much the S.P. characters could fit in well with the Modern artstyle, I've been all for them coming into the book

We need some more odd ducks like them to pepper up the book.
Ian helped fix it, correcting a few assumptions and telling us which games he currently doesn't plan to make canon.
He didn't help make it right, just not wrong. So don't take it to heart.
To stop an Ian Flynn, take control and press the Ian Flynn.
save file
image:140113407300.jpg(226kB , 612x816 , Spoiler image)
it's chip time. He either has the red emerald (which is orange due to the lighting - notice how it's all red-tinted in the area?) or the yellow emerald (which occasionally is orange for no reason in some games)
save file
image:140114640300.jpg(198kB , 816x612 , Spoiler image)
also Bean is Archie Deadpool apparently
Growlbro !wkJFsRXOQo

I miss many things, but I miss Mastgrr most of all.
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image:140133997800.jpg(1.69MB , 1986x3056 , Mega Man 037-004.jpg)
>Why is he carrying me like this, I can walk just fine
>This is embarrassing, what if someone sees me
>I'm getting hair in my mouth
>He's not even carrying the grenade launcher for me
save file
image:140137640100.jpg(83kB , 500x453 , Sticks.jpg)
for anyone who cares about Sonic Boom news:



Yeah, Not-Marine (who has a Skies of Arcadia Aika hairstyle look) has a SEGA offical thing now
Are we already autosaging?
secret !N1toQkxgzc ## secret
response bump limit for /co/ is 500, so you have quite a ways to go yet
no file response limit
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Nifty a good deal higher than old ones. Wonder if any more new faces will show up in the show and be ported to the comics.
>Give Everyone gloves to make them more SEGASonic
>SEGA introduces their first Gloveless "mobian"

This just gets better and better.
Chip was already gloveless and shoeless AND with toes before that. As they said, they weren't following rules but trying to understand patterns.
You can't blame Archie if Sega decides to change their own rules.
Chip isn't a Mobian, though.
It's an anthropomorphic animal just like the rest of the cast. Don't chain yourself to the word mobian.
No, he's not an animal, he's a little fairy thing. I use the term "mobian" because SEGA adheres to a particular design style for their anthropomorphic characters. The only two who deviate from the mold are Chip (because he's a spirit/god thing) and Big (because he's big)
How does Big deviate compared to Vector or Storm?
save file
image:140170468700.jpg(147kB , 894x894 , knuckles_from_sonic_boom_by_banzchan-d75kfhn.jpg)
Some jokes you run into the ground. And then there are some jokes that run YOU into the ground.

Knuckles Boomyoutube thumb
save file
image:140174409000.jpg(16kB , 1024x881 , Lyric.jpg)
more Sonic Boom stuff - gameplay this time

2 Hours w Sonic Boom Rise of…youtube thumb

1 Hour w Sonic Boom Shattere…youtube thumb

we also learned this guys name
>Make Amy a "strong female character"
>is kidnapped in the very first game

I'm getting conflicting messages from this.
This is starting to look bad. Where are the enemies in the speed section? Why does the combat look so repetitive?
Not really, strength of character and combat strength aren't at all the same thing. Tails was kidnapped in the first Sonic game without the excuse of the villain needing him to find magic crystals, so I'd say there's plenty of of room for her to do important stuff. She's replaced by Styx on the main team, so I think the kidnapping is an excuse to have the boomerang weapon instead of a hammer. Easier to explain why there's a new character than to have an existing one switch gimmicks and try to convince fans that they aren't ruined forever.

Being kidnapped because of your hard-owned skills and knowledge are valuable>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Being kidnapped because you stupidly throw yourself into danger to become the hero's girlfriend.
Speaking of which. Did you know that Bowser originally kidnapped Peach because she was the only one to undo the evil spell he caused
not to interupt the "Sonic Boom looks to be a 5/10 would not go fast again game" party, but people should be receiving thier copies of 261 soon, if not already
"Sticks," not "Styx."
It's been storytimed like three times on regular 4chan already.

Coral is a sad waifu and Nicole is a sassy/logical waifu.
I didn't understand Nicole's change in opinion about the cave, though. Her handheld can take measurements of the cave and direct Tails, but it can't get any (or sharp) visual information without the help of her holographic form?
You realize there's a difference between seeing videos of a place and BEING there, right?
Never heard of "seeing is believing?"

Plus all she was using to direct was the energy trail from the Chaos Emerald, she wasn't measuring. They talked about what the cave might be made of and that's it. That's not the same as standing there and actually seeing that something is beautiful, that's more emotional and psychological than analytical.

You can look at photos of Mt Everest and read up facts about it, do you seriously think that would make you feel the same as actually standing on its surface?
What I mean is, the handheld has some means of detecting physical layout (she tells Tails to "bear left here", so she wasn't just blindly following the energy signal, but what is it about the hologram that somehow sharply improves what she can detect? I thought the power ring was just for projecting, and without nanites how can her hologram transfer information back into the handheld?
I feel like you're over complicating things while simultaneously missing something very simple. She just perceived things differently "in person." It's not hard to understand.

Especially since in the old continuity she never actually had a body made of nanites. It was always some kind of projection that could (somehow) physically feel.
Oh. I thought that while she was in New Mobotropolis, whenever she physically appeared it was because of nanites gathering.
You should read NICOLE's lynx-form debut. She talks directly about the difference between interpreting data and actually experiencing things. She notes that she knew absolutely everything about stars, but had never before actually seen one before.
It doesn't bother to actually explain it much, but she first calls it a "complex simulation" with the problem being that it takes up a ton of power to generate. Sally assumes it's a hologram at first but is surprised that she can touch Nicole, and Nicole scoops up some water in her hands too. After a bit though she runs out of power and fades away. When she gets New Mobotropolis running, she can keep her body going because the city provides enough power (for the most part -- when too much power is diverted elsewhere she had trouble maintaining the body) and she was able to build a support system all throughout the city, so she could appear anywhere in the city. Later I think Rotor modified the HQ in Knothole so she could pull the same trick there (where there were no nanites.) So basically she just makes something like a hard-light projection but it takes up a lot of power to do it, so she doesn't do it outside the city. She could probably build a body out of the nanites since she controls them but what would be the point when the projection can touch and feel already? (maybe she could send it out of the city but that might be dangerous or out of her range or something)

Of course that's the old continuity, here it looks like it's a similar idea but she has to have the extra power from a ring to make her body. And I think she needs to stay close to the computer still.
save file
image:140243099400.png(359kB , 566x308 , soniccannotfastawayfromjuggling.PNG)
Sonic Boom was at E3 (both a trailer for the cartoon and the game), and although they weren't on the stage, the trailers are on the website now
save file
image:140243574300.gif(211kB , 187x277 , 1402434974968.gif)
Amy's still a cutie
Megaman Final Smash (E3 Super …youtube thumb

Super Fighting Robot! Megaman!! Fighting to save the world!!!
I love how comical Sonic Boom is turning out to be.
RIP boring as hell Sanic X
>Sony Pictures is working with Sega Sammy Group division Marza Animation Planet to bring Sonic the Hedgehog to the big screen, according to a press release from Marza.
>Sega's highly successful video game franchise is set to be adapted as a hybrid live-action/computer-animated movie
There is no possible way for this to be good.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Dat crowd hype for Megaman. Puts a smile on my face. (And probably makes Capcom salty as all hell.)
What is it with SEGA and pushing Sonic so hard lately? Not only do we have a new TV show, and a new game series, but also going concurrent with the canon series, tons of third party cameos, the comics of course, and now a damn movie franchise? Not just a movie, but a fucking FRANCHISE? To release ONE A YEAR? We're already getting new Sonic games every year. Not just a new one on consoles, but mobile devices as well.

Jesus christ, what is SEGA's plan here? To push Sonic in our face everywhere until we start thinking his games don't suck?
>what is SEGA's plan here?

To make as much money as possible with their most popular character.
Remember when Marvel was broke and sold their movie rights to anybody who would buy?
Now we can't have Spider Man meets the Avengers
save file
image:140260099700.png(868kB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2014-06-09-00h26m19s195.png)
Unless we go overseas. Sure they are Digimon, but its got a good Spidey.
Not too different for back than.
Two polar opposite cartoons shows. Two comic books. A crap lot of misc toys like rc cars and t-shirts. And seeking aid from Jackson.
Sega has always pushed Sonic hard.
Except back then, Sonic was new. Sonic was hot. Sonic changed the industry, and Sega was actually more popular than Nintendo back then when they were still making consoles.

None of that is true anymore. It's a desperate attempt to still look like they're relevant.
Huh. I guess when I re-upped my subscription something got tangled. I got MM27 a week ago and thought I re-upped too late for 26, but today in the mail 26 arrived in a slightly different packaging than usual...

Oh well, at least I got it instead of having to go buy it.
Someone want to remind me why everyone hates Sonic X?

I watched all of the Japanese version for the hell of it, and for something Sonic related, I thought it was very well written. Second only to Ian's stuff.
Something stays relevant as long as they push the product. Sonic may not be new anymore, but he never disappeared. He's still around because Sega pushed him. Look at the likes of Ninja Turtles

1) The series was less about Sonic and most about Chris, the most uninteresting and annoying character in the series.
2) The bulk of it's original content was very poor. Any real praise that's given is about the Adventure game adaptions, the half-hearted DBGT rip-off.
>Any real praise that's given is about the Adventure game adaptions, the half-hearted DBGT rip-off.

I don't Chris is REALLY as bad as everyone makes him out to be. Yes, he's a product of marketing and is pretty bland, but he's tolerable. Actually, what I really enjoy about it is the way the characters are written.

Everyone acts exactly like how I would love them to act, how their characters SHOULD ideally be written, and there are a lot of little "moments" that show the writers weren't afraid to try and evoke feelings from the audience. It was the first and only time, to my mind, where if something was "dark and mature" it wasn't forced like in the games, it felt natural. Sonic and just about everyone else has personality and depth that no other Sonic media ever even attempts to show besides the comics.

Japanese Sonic X Episode 49 Pa…youtube thumb
>how their characters SHOULD ideally be written

I hope you never write Amy.
Chris was tolerable at the start, but he and the human cast very quickly outstayed their welcome. In Chris's case, there was some sympathy to be had (inattentive parents), but he proved himself to be a selfish, cheating little bastard. He didn't grow or mature, he degraded into clingy and irrational. I'm thinking specifically how he punks his BEST FRIEND during the (idiotic) fighting tournament and when he denies Sonic the chance to go home.

The best parts of the show were the start of Episode 1 and the majority of the last episode of Season 2 - where it was Sonic & Co. battling Dr. Eggman. The 30+ named human characters were a distraction from what should've been Sonic's show.

(That said, Mr. Stewart and Ms. Garcia's investigation that led them to the man who shot Maria was a good use of the human supporting cast)

>...where if something was "dark and mature" it wasn't forced like in the games...

I'll go with your as far as Season 3, and then we're parting ways. Season 3 was needlessly gruesome and grim. I hate the Metarex Saga pretty much entirely.

>Sonic and just about everyone else has personality and depth that no other Sonic media ever even attempts to show besides the comics.

I call bullshit on that. There was no depth beyond the characters' archtypes. Those were showcased a lot (when they weren't be upstaged by the extraneous cast) but there wasn't any consequence to it.

I dunno - you seem to have gotten a lot more out of it than most people. At best, it had some pretty art and some fun moments. But it was a largely forgettable experience for me.
not that guy, but:
>Tfw you liked some of the Amy moments in Sonic X (both dubbed and japanese)

Keyword: some

For example (from the top of my head): I liked how Amy made a little bracelet for Sonic as a good luck charm, because she was concerned that sonic's phobia of water would mean he wouldn't enjoy the beachtrip and wanted him to be there, and I also enjoyed how Amy slapped the shit out the killer robot that accidently broke said charm so hard Eggman actually ran away.

I liked how in the tournament arc she was the toughest opponent Sonic had to face not because of her hammer prowess, but because she put Sonic on the spot about if he actually gave a shit about her infront of a live audience comprising of everyone watching national television, because it was a actually interesting dilema for Sonic because Amy unwittingly cornered him between trying to keep his proud "2cool4u" image and not hurting Amy's feelings, and I hate how it was resolved with "SUDDENLY, A WILD EGGMAN APPEARS"

I liked how she basically became Fleetway Super Sonic pissed off tier because Bokun dissed her relationship with Sonic over the Eggcarrier loudspeaker one too many times in the english version, and how in the japanese version of that same episode they have Sonic give her that rose to nothing but music, because if I ignore the shipping, it reminds me of my favorite scene in Sonic and the Black Knight where Sonic gives Merlina that flower and tells her she should enjoy things while they last, giving him some much needed character depth

I don't really remember anything else, like the meterex saga stuff, but as you can see: most of the stuff I liked turns out to be the stuff that adds too Sonic and Amy, or too their cat and mouse relationship, because it did more than the game Amy's "stalker with a hammer" personality she had at the time as it actually showed glimpses of Amy with the compassion she was supposed to have. Obviously, Archie Amy is best Amy because they know when to turn Amy's psycho hammer valkyrie mode on and when to turn it off.

Hey, don't judge me, Amy has been depicted as a qt in the comic so far, and I liked how Sonic carried her across a runaway train and there wasn't a huge comotion over it. I like how Amy is so much calmer and actually reasonable in Archie than the games, and if at all possible I would love to see how Amy went from the games "stalk sonic untill he dates me, hey get back here don't make me hammer you" to archies "we flirt mid-crisis because sonic flirts with danger all the time, respect yo" when Ian is ready to present such a thing from his Continuity Corner (which, if i have to guess - which is foolish, I know - will probably be soon, because Werehog interactions and all, get hype, etc)
>I don't Chris is REALLY as bad as everyone makes him out to be. Yes, he's a product of marketing and is pretty bland, but he's tolerable.
Every other human characters was more than twice as interesting. Chris acted like he's always alone, but he has 3 good friends at school, a butler and maid that treat him like family, and granddad that lives up to his namesake. All that sympathy goes out the window very quickly. He's almost as bad as Princess Elise.

>Sonic and just about everyone else has personality and depth that no other Sonic media ever even attempts to show besides the comics.

Besides a few tearful moments with Emerl and Cosmos, the characters had as much depth and development as a paper towel. But it still beat the Sonic Team given them the depth of a wet paper towel.

Beside from the Metarex season(which was rumored to be more for the American fans ), Sonic X tried to play it too safe and come bland.
Yeah, chris is all "boo hoo, n my parents don't love me," when they very obviously made sure that he would have not only people to keep an eye on him, but his own dang grandpa around at all times while they go win the bread to live in a super cool mansion.
we gave her most of our lives
sacrificed most of our lives
we gave her everything money could buy
>Letter from Archie
>Explaining that Life With Archie is ending before my subscription to it does.
>The excess of my subscription to it will be automatically converted into an Archie Double Digest Subscription.
Oh, that's nice of them.
Archie is nice.
save file
image:140297111000.jpg(28kB , 612x816 , Spoiler image)
Mega Man 38 spoilers are out, http://board.sonicstadium.org/topic/16514-archies-mega-man-discussion-thread/?p=895960

Amazed Paul didn't take the opportunity to plug Worlds Collide here.
That's certainly nice of Ian to make that reference.
They were probably stepping on too many legal toes as it was here. Without mentioning who the giant talking animal is, they could tell SEGA and Capcom that "no, its not Sonic or Tails"
save file
image:140313801200.jpg(46kB , 300x462 , Spoiler image)
Haha time for solicitations.

Sonic 265

'Control,' Part 2. The Werehog is unleashed! As the jungle collapses in flames, it's up to Mighty to bring his feral friend to heel! But can Sonic even tell ally apart from enemy anymore? Then in 'The Grand Tour,' Rotor shows off all of the Sky Patrol's abilities; unfortunately, it's right as a Badnik Horde attacks! Don't miss a moment of the action, with cover art from the titanic team of Yardley, Austin and Stanley - plus an epic Sonic Adventure variant by the newest Sonic superstar Rafa Knight!
save file
image:140313805800.jpg(34kB , 300x462 , Spoiler image)
Sonic Universe 68

The first-ever Sonic Universe trilogy continues here in 'Total Eclipse,' Part 2! Knuckles leads Team Dark's Rouge and Omega into the wilds of the Red Mountains, searching for the mysterious Dark Arms. But while the echidna's away, the darklings will play - but darklings don't play for fun-they play to kill! With Knuckles' back turned, the evil Eclipse attacks Shadow the Hedgehog! Can even the ultimate life-form withstand Eclipse's terrifying Monster Form? Don't miss the new cover art from Tracy Yardley and returning Sonic painter Ben Hunzeker-plus an all-new 'Tabloid' variant cover by Jonathan H. Gray, Jim Amash and Matt Herms!
save file
image:140313811000.jpg(47kB , 300x462 , Spoiler image)
Mega Man 41

The all-new storyline begins here! The epic adaptation of the legendary game, Mega Man 3, begins with 'Legends of the Blue Bomber' Part One: We've seen Mega Man battle Robot Masters plenty of times before, but now witness the mechanical madness unfold as only the Masters' masters see it! Get a birds-eye view of battle from the lens of the great (and not-so-great) Doctors that have created our heroes and menaces! But how is this all playing into Dr. Wily's hands? Find out in this battle royale you definitely won't want to miss out on! Featuring new cover art from Patrick 'Spaz' Spaziante, plus an awesome 'movie poster' variant from Vince Riley!

Good, if obvious cover to homage.
I wish I had a clean version of that art. I'd edit it and put it on thecoverproject.
I'm going to say that Eclipse is going to die by the end of this arc
But then he can't fight the Werehog and the Dark Arms storyline will seem silly and short.
>Silly and short
It's lasting aYear, a YEAR!

Firstly I love that cover. Second:

>mechanical madness

Oh you clever man, you.
happy 23rd birthday, sonic
save file
image:140359530100.jpg(982kB , 1783x2361 , inks_to_colors_sonic_boom_by_herms85-d7n49ux.jpg)
Sure it gets a TV show, but will it get a comic???
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Considering that this is another company altogether doing Sonic Boom, I'm doubtful. However, if SEGA wants to really push it, they could get Archie to do an SU arc. If it gets popular, I'm sure Archie will want to cash in. Has Ian stated any heavy interest in doing a Boom arc?
Ian has been very Hush Hush about Boom in general, mostly because he has inside info, it seems.
I know this is a LONG way from now, but I can't wait to see when the Mega Man comic touches on the time between Zero and ZX, having humans and reploids agree that humans should become cyborgs (called humanoids) and reploids being gave lifespans, so they can be equals. Light's dream coming true finally, ironically due to Wily's robot ...Till they all die and get replaced by fake copy humans in Legends.

Yep. Archie Boom comics inbound.

inb4 Bandage mandate.
This is extremely sad. This huge push for Boom, not to mention it's been announced for Japan as well, plus the movie franchise. And yet, as both ProJared and SonicRetro have said, the games coming out are bland and boring. The show probably won't be anything particularly great either.

If Sonic is all you have left, maybe you should pull out all the stops to make sure your games are really good instead of pulling this EA-like strategy of throwing money at something so people fall for it.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
>In addition to this, Sega are also looking to work with Archie Comics to ‘explore publishing’ which would suggest a comic book adaptation.
While being incredibly vague, it likely means they do want to do something, but that something is not yet certain. Fallback in the main series? SU arc? I'm betting an SU arc; if Boom somehow does really well (lul) then it might get a second arc on into a full series (ala Knuckles).
>Sonic gets ANOTHER book
Mega Man Struggles to keep one despite having the franchises for multiple

Sonic still gets video games made so kids know who he is.

Even back when he was still getting games Mega Man's were geared towards older fans.

It should not be surprising the Sonic comic is doing better.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
We need to start a campaign to get Nintendo to let Archie do a Smash Bros. mini series. Archie already does comics for two of the major non-Nintendo characters, and you can use Mii companions to avoid having characters like Link and Samus talk. (Hey Ian, what do you think of writing Pac-Man?)

In addition, ArchieSonic has two decades of existence; people who read and played it as kids still read and play it today (not all of them, of course.) While those who played Mega Man when they were younger likely do as well, but they didn't grow up with a comic book; now that Capcom has seemingly abandoned Mega Man except for cameos in other games and the comic, it also doesn't have any current popularity to build off of. I think having an established writer and artist on board when it started up gave it an early boost from Sonic fans, but gaining traction since then without any heavy Mega Man games has been quite hard.
I like how Xander's whole plan was to go back in time but he ended up going forward. Is that not one of the basic things you should know about a time portal you're about to jump into?
Just to add to this, Capcom was never that big on promotional to compared to Sega. Even other Sonic game has a handful of tv ads each with stuff like these
Progressive Insurance - Sonic The Hedgehogyoutube thumb

While these are all that Megaman got outside of Japan.
Mega Man commercial - 2003youtube thumb
Mega Man Legends (PSX) - Commercialyoutube thumb
That's actually the same problem Wily runs into in Mega Man II. The Time Skimmer's supposed to go everywhere, but it only goes forward (and then back to its original point.)

Nintendo has turned down Archie not once, not twice, but three times in the past.

I very much doubt they'd give them the time of day regarding a Smash Bros. mini series.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Oh? That's disappointing. Any references on those attempts, per chance?
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
When was the last time they pitched to them? Because this last year is when they finally got their heads out of their bottom over not marketing their stuff.
No offense to Archie, but that's probably for the best. Can you image the how much of a shit-storm it would be if they, correction, anyone tried to adapt the Zelda series into a on-going comic? Especially before the official timeline. Mario isn't much better. And Smash Bros. is too demanding.
Nonsense. Nintendo properties aren't so sacred that a baka gaijin can't adapt them well. Maybe that was true in the 90s when nobody respected video games, but not now.

Smash Bros is one series that seems to take American sensibilities into account, so a tie-in comic isn't so far fetched. Persistence is key.
Zelda I can see being complicated, but what's so bad about Mario or Smash Bros for adapting? I mean, besides all the tons of rights archie would probably have to buy for Smash. Those two are pretty simple franchises that could do with just being fun action-adventure.
Shiggy Miggy doesn't want Mario to have a story.
He doesn't want games to have story. His philosophy is all about gameplay over story, and isn't just for Mario. I don't think he cares one whit about whether a Mario comic has plot.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
But a comic might give Mario some sort of personality, and we can't have that.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g

Maybe just offer up Luigi for something then? They seem to be open to letting Luigi do just about anything.

What's he have to say about Other M, then? Or the last few console Zeldas for that matter?
Not a lot, because Sakamoto and Anouma are the guys in charge of those series more than he is?
More appropriately is that he got mad when they slipped story into Mario Galaxy

Don't forget what he had IS do to Paper Mario.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Don't even care anymore.
The guy on the left looks like there's something wrong with him.
I hope I die before this gets out.
This is just embarrassing.

It's the fact of a man paid to stand next to a poster and look like he's having fun and realizing it wasn't worth the twenty bucks.

Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Oh, Penders.

Your project will crash and burn, and this picture will be all that remains of what you thought it would be.
I don't feel there's quite enough Penders here. You?
Ken Penders' Sonic movie pitch to SEGAyoutube thumb
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Oh cool an Super Dark Sabrina series coming out in October. I guess I understand their interest in those writing these series, though I question the market for something outside the "Walking Dead" type storyline.


The Mega Mail for issue 39 all but confirms an X series!

>Is there any chance that a Mega Man X comic series will appear in the not-too-distant future?

>As for the Possibility of another comic series, all I can say is look forward to the future!

Tis a good day to be a MMX fan
I don't know how the hell Ian's going to juggle 5 books without burning out, unless they bring in a second writer.

And we already knew there was going to be an X book anyway, the demand was enormous and they wouldn't have done the backup stories otherwise.
The reason we got "Dawn of X" was to convince Archie/Capcom that people wanted an X book
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Ian could take on a "lead writer" role, getting the major plots down, and have a junior writer who fills in the minutia, approving scripts before they're sent to Archie.

Of course, considering the employment set up (pure month-to-month contract) I doubt that would work. I'd love to see him be hired in a permanent position as Senior Editor or whatever, though.
Ian the editor might actually be better than Ian the writer, though speaking of writers, what do you guys think of Aleah? I find some of her dialogue is unnatural
I thought the opposite? I really liked the characters having small moments with each other. But the whole thing felt kind of cramped, though that could of been because it's back-ups.
When's the last time Ian ever posted here anyway? Seems like he never visits anymore.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
With all the hubbub at Archie he's probably plenty busy. He also might not have seen the message about these new boards; the old ones are still open, but I'll be locking them (as much as I can) this weekend and making it more prominent that we've migrated.

While I liked him stopping by, he's under no obligation to visit/post. (And, who knows, maybe we're "hot" and he can't visit.)
So, Dark Circle Comics. What do you guys think? Like a darker super hero stuff for Archie, or do you think they're being stupid for turning their all ages work into something more akin to Marvel or DC?
They'd be stupid for turning their superhero stuff into Marvel and DC if their Red Circe comics ever came out. Aterlife and Sabrina are wonderful though.

Jennifer Hernandez has a meltdown. We should do something nice for her.
Thinking her art will never take her anywhere right after she gets a professional two issue gig? I'm not sure how to deal with something like that. She probably should lay off on the cons, but even with her apparently missing that deadline it's a big step up.
Seriously? That sounds really dumb. And I say this as someone who's for gun control.
>I'm not sure how to deal with something like that.

That's because you don't really have any respect for the amount of work artists do nor how little they get paid for that work. And "laying off cons" is a good way to stop getting commissions and jobs that you need to stay afloat.
>implying this is the first time Archie Comics hasn't been full of attempts to win over liberal street cred in the most hamfisted ways possible

This is the same comic that touted Archie getting with Valerie in 2010 as if it was SO BRAVE. Yeah? Maybe you should've done that twenty five years ago if you were sincere about making a difference.
Kevin is a freaking bullet magnet. Should have gone down saving Pops, Lodge, Jughead or one of the girls. Someone else other than the Golden Boy that is Kevin Keller. Just wish he had some kinda personalty and wasn't some kinda farcical Mr.Perfect. Like the bit where a woman objects to him kissing one of his boyfriends in public they then gang up on her in front of her kid and proceed to run her out of town.
Besides, they've been building toward this ever since Kevin's husband was shot.
save file
image:140554784100.png(417kB , 300x461 , Spoiler image)
Solicitation time again.

Sonic 266

'Ambushed,' Part 1. Sonic's in need of some inner peace, but it's going to take more than yoga and meditation! He seeks the guidance of Mighty the Armadillo's mentor, Moss the Sloth. Can the sage sage help Sonic tame the savage Werehog within? Meanwhile, Sally leads the Freedom Fighters in recovering a Chaos Emerald - but could she be leading them right into a trap? Featuring all-new cover art from Lamar Wells, and part 3 of a 3-part connecting 'SUPER SMASH' collector cover set!
save file
image:140554792100.png(415kB , 300x461 , Spoiler image)
Sonic Universe 69

The first-ever Sonic Universe trilogy rolls on in 'Total Eclipse,' Part 3! As the Dark Trilogy inches closer to its shocking conclusion, it's a no holds barred battle between Knuckles and Shadow for the fate of Angel Island and the Master Emerald! As Sonic's top rivals clash, the rest of Team Dark and Relic are attacked by Eclipse and the terrifying power of the Dark Arms! Featuring all-new cover art from Tracy Yardley, Jim Amash and Ben Hunzeker, and part 1 of a 3-part connecting 'SUPER SMASH' collector cover set!
save file
image:140554797300.jpg(38kB , 300x461 , Spoiler image)
Mega Man 42

The battle rages on! Based on the legendary game Mega Man 3 comes 'Legends of the Blue Bomber,' Part Two. We've seen Mega Man battle Robot Masters before, but now see the fight unfold from the perspectives of the villainous robot adversaries themselves! Shadow Man recalls his humble beginnings and how they brought him to his deadly duel with Mega Man! Gemini Man is ready to ambush our hero with his hologram copies! But while the battle rages on, Break Man is behind the scenes on a mission of his... own - why is he hunting down Dr. Wily's first set of Robot Masters? Featuring all-new cover art from Patrick 'SPAZ' Spaziante, and part 2 of a 3-part connecting 'SUPER SMASH' collector cover set!

Guess the cast was getting too crowded with both the MM2 and MM3 guys around.
save file
image:140554803900.png(43kB , 300x461 , sonicboom1.png)

Sonic Boom 1

Here comes the BOOM! Based on the new hit TV and video game comes Sonic Boom, a new ongoing Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series from Archie Comics! Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends are back and ready to do battle with the evil Dr. Eggman and his diabolical death-machines! This ground-breaking new chapter in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise puts a new 'spin' on all your favorite heroes and villains - plus new faces and hilarious new stories chock-full of action! Featuring a stunning first issue cover by Sonic art legend Patrick 'SPAZ' Spaziante, and 4-part 'Here Comes the Boom' collector covers from series artists Evan Stanley, Rick Bryant, and Matt Herms!

So much for Mega Man X.

As an aside there's so many variants this month due to Sonic Boom launching and getting like five of them I'm not going to bother posting them, you know where to find them if you care enough.
This has to be a mandate.
So many goddamn variants, Paul's off his meds or something.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
...Huh. I thought for sure that Boom would get an SU arc first. I guess SEGA wants to push this shit hard. Now we know why Ian's been hush-hush, at least.
>I guess SEGA wants to push this shit hard.

All for a game that looks and plays like it came out in 2002. With the world's worst lip sync.

NEW! Sonic Boom Cutscene "Amy and Sonic"youtube thumb

Paul's never had the chance to launch a comic since his variant fever set in. Since many new comics get lots of variants first issue it was sort of inevitable.

If Mega Man X ever gets a comic, which I have to say looks less likely now, it'd also get a shit ton of variants first issue.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Team Sonic has an allergy to new assets.
Why does it look less likely now?
I don't think it's less likely, just delayed. I doubt anyone asked for a Boom comic, while many have wanted an X comic. But, one of those has a game being released it needs to coincide with to have any traction, and the other has been abandoned by its parent company. So any progress towards an X series gets pushed back until Boom's sales are dismal and Archie/SEGA lets it drop.
What? Why would they have to drop Boom to do X?
They wouldn't have to, but I think it's far more likely that Boom drops and they move forward with X sooner than Boom has moderate sales and X gets pushed another year or so.
So it seems Ian is ignoring the whole point of the Werehog
Yeah, because the solicits would NEVER try to hype things up with danger or anything.
Man if those solicits are lying, they're doing a damn good job of it. Werehog going feral and attacking Mighty, then Sonic having to learn control from a mentor doesn't really sound like "you were transformed physically because you can't be turned into a monster mentally."
You mean taking the half thoughtout mess that Sega usually churns out and doing something interesting with it?

I get it - Sonic was too pure hearted to get fully corrupted but there was never any struggle. Nobody seemed to really care he was a giant monster. It had zero impact on him or his story. "Oh, Sonic turns into a monster every night? How horrible! Oh, wait, no, all he does is gain new super powers."

I'll wait to see how the comic reads first. Given his track record, I'd trust Ian before I started crying over the accuracy of the adapt.

The solicits ALWAYS blow things way out of proportion. And the fans always lose their shit over it. And then they like what's in the comic. And the cycle keeps going. No wonder Ian's disappeared from the web.
Why would Boom have any impact on X?

Boom has a giant multimedia push behind it. Archie would be stupid not to capitalize on it.

X is a practically dead franchise of a company that can't get its shit together. Mega Man is barely pulling in enough readers to stay alive. If Archie thought an X book would make them money, they'd put it out there. Sonic doesn't have any influence over that.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Because Archie only has so many resources at its disposal, and if they had to make this on short order (be it SEGA mandate or just Archie thinking they have to throw in) they probably didn't have time to hire more staff (assuming they even would) so something gets pushed around.

Of course, this all assumes they actually were working on an X book.
Just because they have finite resources doesn't mean one book destroys the chances of one other book. They could easily publish two books, and it's been clear for some time that Sonic Boom was not a last minute decision.
I didn't say it would destroy it (at least, I didn't intend to), but that Boom's apparently-sudden appearance means that any work/plans for an X book have been pushed back. Those plans would be moved forward if Boom happens to die quick death.
That's more reasonable, I think that they aren't crowding each other out as much as you think though. Archie's been unsubtly hinting at a Sonic Boom book since the show was announced, and X's plans have been going through around the same time. If Sonic Boom did push back X, it would have pushed back the crossover too.
The company has been using the same writer and editor for 5+ books - books that all require extra approval time from two different licensers. It's pretty shameful how cheap Archie is.

And according to Ian, Boom-the-comic has been in the works for at least a year - nothing sudden about it.
save file
image:140571644000.jpg(58kB , 630x308 , 1405680918115.jpg)
I suppose it'd be excessive to show Archie dying twice, but it is weird that since the one story is happening in both universes the plot has to go out of its way to make it explicitly one or the other.
save file
image:140613818800.jpg(18kB , 264x207 , 1406136449250.jpg)

some of the background Boom characters are offical today

also a behind-the-scenes video shows orbot and cubot in background sketches:

Sonic Boom: Behind the Scenes …youtube thumb
At least they're not covered in bandages.
Pretty boring for the most part. Perci's reception is more positive than I would have guessed, considering she looks like Tiara Boobowski 2.0.
More like Not-Julie-Su.
Here's a question for you guys.

If I were to buy, say, Sonic Digest 6 on either the Archie App or Comixology, would the resolution/image quality of the reprints differ from buying the issues the stories come from individually or buying the Archive versions of those reprints?
So did we learn anything interesting from Comic Con?

I suppose no Mega Man X

Nothing we didn't already know besides a page of Mighty and a preview of the Antoine origin story.

No Mega Man at all.
save file
image:140655545700.gif(668kB , 245x170 , 1403987222710.gif)

>The very worst game in the line-up was Sega’s Sonic Boom, which was so unspeakably awful we couldn’t even force ourselves to play through the whole demo. Sonic: Lost World might have been a disappointment, but at least it seemed to be trying. Sonic Boom is just a hateful bore of a game, that seems to exist only as a showcase for every mistake you could possibly make when creating a 3D action adventure.

>The camera is constantly staring at the floor, or anywhere other than where you’re going, the combat lacks any kind of skill or tactility, and the puzzles and level design are so migraine-inducingly banal it almost seems like some sort of meta criticism of the whole genre. The fact that the new character designs are so ugly, and the graphics look like a first wave Xbox 360 game, are so far down the list of problems we dread to think what else the final game will get wrong.

Exactly in line with what both ProJared and SonicRetro have said. This is about to fall flatter than a motherfucker.
Well cartoon still might have a shot. Though I'm hard pressed to find a reason to get into the comic book version, unless it does a crossover, of course.
I keep hearing that the game is the least important thing to them anyways.
It's solely about the cartoon.
save file
image:140684863100.png(86kB , 615x530 , wired.png)
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
What the fuck, Polygon. I thought we finally had a reputable gaming news site. I'm not against humorous side things or editorials, but this is neither interesting nor humorous and I had higher standards for Polygon, anyway.
>Being reputable and not just hipster vydya
Leaving aside the good reports they've done for Street Fighter, the SF movie, among others, I couldn't expect any less from them.
I guess I haven't been paying attention? At least last year they seemed the most balanced, straight-forward gaming news site.
Why did you expected that from the people that gave Gone Home (an okay/average exploration adventure game) a 10/10 and called it a masterpiece?
You do realize not everyone is going to share your opinion on a game, right?
So um things seem kind of slow lately... was #262 delayed or something?
No...? A lot of people already have 262 in.
Well, of all the other reviewing places, they where the only ones that named it GOTY.
And that's says a lot.
I'm not sure I see your point. It'd be a weird pick if most other reviewing places gave the game mediocre reviews, sure, but most places gave Gone Home 8.5 or 9/10s. Some big places like IGN and Gamespot even gave it 9.5s. It was pretty well-liked.
Gone Home was liked by reviewers, not gamers. But this is getting off topic.
//youtube.com/watch?v=cRO5H_aBwyUyoutube thumb

metal sonic basically all but confimred for Sonic Boom now
The video literally shows him. That isn't "all but" that is confirmed.
save file
image:140849555200.jpg(186kB , 612x816 , Spoiler image)
Did the transition to here kill most of the traffic? This thread is dead even for this site.
yeah, I'm really sad about not being to discuss things.
save file
image:140883115200.png(343kB , 640x351 , blazefamily.png)
We could always try to generate a little discussion

for example:
Sonic Rush adventures actually mentions Blaze's Family (pic related)

do you think Ian will think of a reason to use this somewhere down the line? It might be nice to see it implied or outright shown when we inevitably get the spotlight on Blaze's Dimension again. Even if it's something small like "Blaze uses a Royal insigina stamp when writing offical letters", I think it'd be neat lore oppertunity. (note: I don't actually expect Ian to go whole hog and make Blaze a entire royal family tree)

Karl Bollers didn't know anything about the Reboot

Archie got rid of the characters without contacting him
He testified on Penders's behalf during the court case.

Isn't this thread in autosage by this point? People presumably aren't replying more since it's in page 2 and sinking.
Somehow I doubt we'll be seeing him make The Mina Mongoose Chronicles. I doubt we're going to get Karl's characters back, but I really don't think the guy's going to do anything like Ken did.
So apparently Pender's can't use Athair in his trainwreck anymore, and has replaced him with a new female guardian called 'Auri-On'.

I'm so happy Gallagher finally saw his 'project' for what it is and changed his mind about letting Penders use his cast.
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