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image:145313147800.png(35kB , 248x154 , this thing.png)
Channels on video sharing sites dedicated to showcasing new animated works, such as shorts, tests, experiments, and music videos. Let's tell each other about them!

An animation company from Denmark:
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image:145171453300.png(933kB , 307x1460 , youarehereforever.png)
So /+co/mrades, what's the formula of your cartoon/comic?
Wait, I'm not recommending using a formula. I meant this thread to poke fun at the repetitive nature of most cartoons/comics we enjoy. I didn't mean comics you made yourself (however, that would be fine too).
Funny how thing go with that sometimes. Finding out now that my writing is better now after I've written out the story before I work it into a script
Oh, well that is a very different topic. Well in that case, the general pattern in a show I watch is:
1. Character engadges in cuts but midly unsettling or immature interest.
2. This leads too or is interrupted by an equally strange threat of mundane to catostrophic consequences.
3. In either case, the threat is handled violently while characters use is as a vehichle to discuss mundane things.
4. The threat is handled in spectacular confrontation and the main characters of the episode celebrate victory.
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image:143753242300.png(386kB , 1019x1183 , sketch to revision (by Jeff Liu).png)
Steven Universe: Thread 6 (WE'RE BURNING THROUGH 'EM)

Previous thread>>236215

Show's coming back some time in August, apparently.
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boy this show sure has come a long way, huh?
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image:145229913900.png(77kB , 850x480 , Peridoor.png)
These logs were alright, though I wonder why they weren't in minisode format.
Was expecting Garnet to eventually reach that solution to Peridot's discomfort around her.
Peridot's love of shipping I didn't, but should have given how I already thought that she's basically 4chan.
????? ??? ? ????? ??? ?? ?? ???? ????? ?? ???? ??? ????, ??? ?? ?? ??? ?????.
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image:144100786900.png(221kB , 902x480 , Keep Summer Safe.png)
/co/ General: Keep Summer Safe Edition

I seriously believe Rick & Morty is incapable of having an outright bad episode. Mediocre? Yeah. Bad? Hell no.
T4 was here
You lied to me google...
T4 was here
Also I think this thread is dead.
Did all of KC Green's comics go down, or is it just me? Either my connection is having very specific issues, a webhost is having issues, or KC is having issues.
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image:141862951300.gif(134kB , 500x281 , 1399156884200.gif)
LPS finally returned from the hiatus, lets have a thread here.
But lacks the power to make the show good.
Well, it's not like a dog would know anything about fashion.
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image:144917013600.gif(121kB , 235x160 , LPS general.gif)
I have to post this now.
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image:144908135700.png(282kB , 250x383 , 250px-NewPowerPack1.png)
Disney needs to make a animated Marvel's Power Pack movie and keep the characters how they look in the picture
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image:140160478100.png(928kB , 1280x1006 , evangleyne_for_wakfu_tcg_card_by_xa_xa_xa-d5v19y1.png)
Wakfu Thread: The Return of Endless Summer

Ankama finally released the english cast for season 1
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Wakfu "Franga" release date (not sure if you already knew)

6th of May 2016

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image:145497394000.png(1.59MB , 1280x720 , 720p torrent.png)
A 720p torrent of Kerub's Bazaar just came up on t411. Not fully seeded yet but I don't think it's an upscale, so might be worth keeping an eye on it (you'll need an account to download it). Includes French CC.

I had the chance to watch the movie last night (no spoilers although you're clearly asking for it) and damn, that shit was good. It has some flaws, like a little too much humor mixed in with parts that I feel should have been more serious (one scene made me shed a couple tears and laugh all at once, and while they might have wanted to lighten up the mood, I feel it just made it weird and cut short to the emotion), but I'd recommend it anytime to a Wakfu or Dofus fan. Solid animation, generally good humor, very nice eye candy (fight scenes), PLOT TWISTS I never saw coming, and lots of silly innuendo like panty throwing and crotch shots.

I'd be hard pressed to put a content rating on it with all the violence and innuendo, but it's absolutely more mature than Kerub's Bazaar and Wakfu. I don't feel like they made the movie all that approachable to outsiders unfortunately, but that's hard to gauge when I've known the franchise for years. The humor got across well judging by the audience's reaction, but I can only assume that some parts (and especially words or names) left people confused. They quickly start throwing around names like Bonta, Brakmar and Ecaflip, and things like Boufbowl and Huppermages, with little to no explanation. It's not immediately obvious why there's eyes in the walls of Joris's room, and while you soon realize the house is alive, they never mention the fact that it's actually a demon.

I thought the pacing was a bit off the mark although the story in general I have no complaints about. I felt like they packed a lot of scenes into those 100 minutes (not filler, just enough development that they could have made two slightly shorter films) and by the time they actually set out for the Ivory Dofus I was wondering how much of the story would be kept for the rest of the hypothetical trilogy. But the movie turned out to completely wrap the story so that it wouldn't matter if they don't make another, which is good since they apparently didn't do great in France.
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image:144418238400.png(890kB , 610x845 , day3_small_by_basakward-d9bsswd.png)
Because why not.

And please remember, pron goes elsewhere.
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image:144786496800.png(1.37MB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot_2015-11-18-19-28-02.png)
Looney Tunes Rabbits Run is out.
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image:144786505100.png(1.29MB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot_2015-11-18-19-32-36.png)
He likes the height
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image:144810557500.png(665kB , 967x833 , bait for freehaven.png)
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image:143966822500.png(536kB , 600x900 , badhabit10.png)
Webcomics general - Where did the last one get to edition

Lucy holding down a job? I had the impression she lived in the woods all her life, but maybe she's done this before.
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image:144682328800.jpg(187kB , 600x849 , 00001589.jpg)
Well then, you called the shit outta that.
Keep it simple, maybe we'll see something that they had a nice chat about things and decided they need to work together towards her best interests.
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image:144705718600.jpg(35kB , 600x849 , 00001590.jpg)
Why that sneaky little...
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image:144656749000.png(2.20MB , 768x1092 , men's_adventures_012_01.png)
Remember when I said I wouldn't have to storytime here any more, because I'd make sure not to get banned in future?

Yeah... I don't even know what's going on with me any more.
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image:144667693800.jpg(4kB , 130x148 , Badger (Adventures of Toad).jpg)
... Paul Eddington died 20 years ago today...
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image:144667699900.jpg(6kB , 300x168 , Odette (Swan Princess).jpg)
... Michelle Nicastro died 5 years ago...
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image:144667713500.jpg(423kB , 1024x1536 , Ultimate Spider-Man by Dale.jpg)
... and Jeremy Dale died last year.

I really, really don't want this to become a regular thing... honest.
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image:139964145900.jpg(14kB , 336x313 , 1397023921729.jpg)
Hottest Animated Character Thread

Who do you think is hot and why?
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image:143796015900.jpg(152kB , 1344x816 , 003-UNDERGRADS.jpg)
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image:140600917600.png(88kB , 266x224 , hi.png)
The ONE and ONLY cartoon animal thread (volume 2).

As before:
Monday - canines
Tuesday - reptiles & amphibians
Thursday - burds
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image:141230916800.jpg(219kB , 500x730 , daily burd.jpg)
The first and last post for today's almost missed Feathursday.

Ha ha, time for viral marketing! ... or friendly promotion, whichever you prefer.

The thread is long abandoned. Here is the new one: http://boards.plus4chan.org/co/t239109.html#p239109
Who's she, btw? Someone ripped off the frog lady character of Chochi?
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image:140117974400.png(846kB , 1920x1080 , 1400010296678.png)
Ruby Gloom thread :3
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image:144420880900.png(1.02MB , 1280x1283 , tumblr_nvkp7pVdkP1u2eeulo1_1280.png)

So, there is a FOURTH Power Puff Girl? :D I mean, the design is eerily similar.
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image:144489020600.png(372kB , 500x386 , bunny the 4th powerpuff girl.png)
There in fact was a fourth Powerpuff Girl!
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image:143918724000.png(1.38MB , 1024x768 , Storm Hawks converted to PNG so I could fucking post it.png)
A 2007-09 show about heroes fighting against bad guys who want to take over the world. Very original. And they do battle on motorcycles. Which can transform into flying motorcycles. And there are also lightsabers. With superpowers.

The premise is very basic, but the execution is more than wonderful. The final product is what you'll get if someone decides to cross Wakfu with Super Sentai. It was made by canadians who watched too much anime, but in a good way. The animation, the design, the dialogue, the gags; they're all great.

It ran for 2 seasons, and was cancelled before they got to do a 3rd. Since the show was only 50% arc-based, the cancellation is only 50% tragic. It is now available on multiple DVD volumes (cause full season sets is dumb right?) and from good pirates.
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Mister Twister
Well shit
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image:144434503500.gif(590kB , 351x267 , the white border on the right annoys the Hell out of me.gif)
Storm Hawks had better animation than Wakfu:
Heh, true... Is that Slugterra any good, btw? I only watched a few episodes, and while I liked the demonic invasion and the designs of the guardian-things, I think that only happens late in the season.
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image:144434474300.png(876kB , 2980x2292 , The Goon- Once Upon a Hard Time 004-023.png)

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image:144487892000.jpg(957kB , 3551x1081 , 1444877156922.jpg)
Holy Shit Powell, I get it now.

This fucking art jump is unreal.
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image:144487940500.jpg(277kB , 1396x753 , 1444845516051.jpg)
Also Roscoe is going to become one of the single most badass characters to ever exist.

He is a born werewolf, adopted by the Goon and Franky who are teaching him the skills for almost every illicit activity, circus acrobatics and the strong man training Goon learned from his Aunt Kizzie who "could explode the heads of cattle with a single punch."