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somewhere at 4chan:
>LOLLOLOL. Based Zaslav, fuck CN Studios and its last decide shows!
meanwhile me at plus4chan:
>getting depressed over news about Zaslav destroying CN
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I don't watch tv or cartoon network programming anymore, but this sort of executive/corporate corruption and destruction of people's work is disgusting to see.

Reminds me of what happened to Megas XLR, that was a shame.
I don't get it. Explain to me what is going on here please?
Meester Tweester
Cartoons getting fucked by legal bullshit. Not just cancelled, pulled from places you can legally watch them, pulled at least for a long time.
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I mean, as an artist and art enjoyer I sincerely feel sad for all the CN artists (yes, even those working on modern shows) having their work destroyed, at all, but doubly so over something as dumb as literal tax cuts, but as an archivist and anti-IP guy I really appreciate the increased awareness of why the piracy scene is an important social service and why capitalist IP distribution companies deserve to burn.
Meester Tweester
All people need to get through their heads is that creators create, and corporations are the middle man, distributor. To think corporations can "own" your work, and then decide to censor it, or keep it locked in a vault not to be shown to anyone, THAT is evil.

TL;DR a corporation is a distributor, so distribute. If you choose to make a show unavailable, you should get fucked.
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Yeah, what really cemented the point for me was seeing a few years back... I think it was Maxwell Atoms' tumblr, where someone was asking about if he allows Billy & Mandy fan art and he was saying well he doesn't even own the rights to them as characters, when he draws Mandy parodies on his blog, that's legally-ambiguous fan art. He also has made some pitch bibles, this is one that he still owns the rights to, but if I remember correctly there were other pitched ones can't legally be shared, but I don't think they will be made.
https://maxwellatoms.tumblr.com/tagged/the%20upward%20expedition (has a neat little Q&A)
>So yeah, it does hurt to throw so many projects into the vacuum. Sometimes people ask me what I’ve been doing for the last decade and it’s a downer because I’ve made some fun and funny things that no one will ever see. On the flip side, I’ve made enough money from selling those shows to finance the other half of Dead Meat. Commercial art. What’cha gonna do?