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Just mad, i wanted to make the thread to see any curiosity out here...
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There are people here who were plenty curious about Franco-belgian comics even before 4chan itself had a /co/ board (we used to go to 7chan), but I don't know what is there to talk about.

When is the new Alone book coming out?

Asterix and Lucky Luke is still ongoing, there were a few Spirou books... and a Petit Spirou live action movie (!!) in the past few years.
The guy who does Les Sisters re-used one of the minor characters for a fairy story named... Wat. Yeah, that is the title.
Lou! got new books and a TV series. But I think it still doesn't have english translations past the first few volumes.
The anons doing the Melusine translations still haven't come back, so that series is unfinished too. And the original artist stopped working on it too (maybe for the better given the stupid ending it got).
Barbucci stopped working on Ekho in favor of the Gremillet sisters, there's a thread for that here: >>422719
Gotlib still doesn't have any scanlations as far as I know, and probably never will, lol.
Zombillenium had its final two volumes released in english in an official release.
Lastman is finally getting new english releases for the previously unreleased volumes (the ones after the timeskip, and right off the bat it has a guy doing magic duel dressed as a woman prostitute...).
The guy who did Kairos worked on a new series but I forgot the title, there's a group "working" on translating it but last time I checked it was all behind some private discord.

that's about everything I recall for the past few years. Luckily we get a shitload of BDs translated nowadays thanks to Europe Comics.
>The anons doing the Melusine translations still haven't come back
Whatever happened to the /co/ fan translation sites?

Actually, whatever happened to all the /co/ fan translators? Did they go pro or move on to other things?
>Whatever happened to the /co/ fan translation sites?
you are posting on them. Well specifically it would be >>>/coc/ .

>Actually, whatever happened to all the /co/ fan translators?
Phillywilly is still around. Alice quit a decade ago (apparently she was only translating books for his kid brother or something)? Ouash was frightened away by /co/ and Bellybuttons is dead anyway. Sosich (I think) was using google translate so it's not a big loss.

A lot of BDs get official translations now, some even on release day, so scanlators often don't have to bother (for example Ekho #4 came out in english two months after the scanlation was done). They only seem to happen when the book is *really* popular and official translations are very slow. For example Alone had scanlations soon after the french release but the official english release came out like a year later.

note that this is all from atop of my head so I could be wrong.
>Ouash was frightened away by /co/
That's a real pity, both that he was harassed and that we lost a good translator because of it. As far as I know, some of the projects he was working on (like Yslaire's Sambre series) have never gotten official English translations.
I scanned Alone 14 and did a quick translation, if cinebook don't release it, I'll clean it up and do a proper release. Just search seuls 14 on desuarchive.
And the Kairos thing you're thinking of is Le College Noir. The discord never got its act together to produce anything, but some random guy has done it. Unfortunately not in the format of the original volumes, more like a manga chapter scanlation missing the covers and some interstitials, but all the narrative is there so it's pretty good. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1j7xTNrxkm1Voyae1HitOWvZ5Skke4ZmO
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oh man thank you so fucking much for that. Cinebook is always a year late minimum, they kind of suck. their Melusine releases had quality issues up the wazoo it took so much experimenting to improve on it and release it in a way that looks decent.
plus all the censoring on XIII, Largo Winch, etc...

I mean I'm grateful for what they do, but they aren't exactly stellar. Europe Comics by comparison does simultaneous french/english releases, so I don't get why Cinebook is being like this unless they are tied by licensing deals.
Well, it's because of what each company is and how they operate.

Europe Comics is a joint venture by several Franch/Belgian publishers, these are very large companies and the purpose of their releases is mainly to act as a showcase for the rights to be sold to another anglophone company. You notice how you will have a Europe Comics digital release of something and then later on someone else will do the physical and maybe even a digital and the Europe Comics version will disappear from storefronts. For example the most recent Blacksad.

So they will have more releases because they have more resources to throw at getting several things done at once, Cinebook by comparison is a small company. They also get things done earlier because they will usually have the scripts earlier (pre-publication) to get the translation done.
The majority of >>464381 >>464370 They are European.
Huh I heard of Melusine but never seen it. In Hungary we got a lot of Asterix and Lucky Luke, some Pif et Hercule and Tintin too, but not this one. So is it about some witch girl?
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Melusine had three pages published in Hungary, in Tiszta Dili in 1995, all from the very first Melusine book, back when it was not decided whether she lives in a medieval world or the "real" world (she had modern school equipment, posters of contemporary pop stars in her room, had to deal with vacuum cleaner sellers, etc). She's a teenage witch in training, who goes to witch school and lives au pair in a giant castle belonging to a ghost lady and a vampire and their frankenstein's monster of a butler. It's set in Transylvania but the location doesn't matter a lot. Later volumes focused more on the school cast. Around book 19, the original writer quit the comics scene and the artist tried picking up the slack with mixed (read: poor) results, á la Asterix.

She's also been popular on /co/ even before it existed on 4chan (dating back to the 7chan days), and we scanlated like half of it here on plus4chan: >>>/coc/417376
Thx maybe not all of them but thanks btw.