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image:158233260799.jpg(184kB , 543x720 , Les Soeurs Gremillet- Le reve de Sarah.jpg)
So Alessandro Barbucci is joining the scenarist from Monster Allergy,Giovanni Di Gregorio to make this new series
Dont understand much of it, but it seems to be a fantasy book for young people, about 3 sisters that discover that their mother (no longer with them) had a secret.
First tome is coming out 27 of march.
there are some pages in french here

Oh nice. I was just wondering the other day what he was up to, since Ekho was not getting any more new books.

Here's hoping it will get an English release like Ekho did.
Mister Twister
Ekho was on my "read later" list for centuries. Did that series end conclusively?
Not as far as I remember, it just kept going with new stories, but the tension between the two main characters was left unresolved and straight up ignored after issue 2 or 3.
Mister Twister
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image:158275465618.jpg(699kB , 1920x2744 , 001.jpg)
On that note, Monster Allergy seems to be getting newly translated by Europe Comics. So far it's only the first 4 issues, and it seems they only have the main stories, not the ton of extra stuff from the paperback releases. They seem to use a brand new translation.
This is notable because their releases are super high quality, while previous ones have been low quality scans or scanlations.

Still, it will take a while to get the 30 or so issues all released, if they even intend to.
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image:158769707625.jpg(263kB , 1080x1472 , (00).jpg)
Lord of Burger was scanlated by Alice years ago, and I never noticed.
Mister of the Twist
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image:159493234130.jpg(595kB , 1203x1600 , RCO001_1594832232.jpg)
This is out now in english as The Grémillet Sisters #1, thanks to Europe Comics.
Read this last week.
It's about 3 sisters trying to find out an important secret their mother has been hiding, from before they were born. Given how the story builds up (the girls are led on the path through repeating dreams), and how Barbucci's stories usually go, you'd expect that the secret would be something like being the guardians of an ancient relm using magical powers hidden from humanity... but it's something much more down-to-earth. It was a pleasant surprise from all the anime fantasy books I've read, I forgot that stories like this also exist.

This is the kind of book I'd TRULY recommend to children, simply because it deals with such a realistic story.
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image:161008013736.png(989kB , 788x650 , compare.png)
It's a new translation, but it's similar to the old one, with some exact lines being used. Better in some places, worse in others.

It'll take them forever to finish, though, and if they do ever pick up Evolution, that's even longer than the original series. It's on issue 35 now.
Yeah, I read the existing scans, and it's actually pretty good and keeps the story going - it's not just new stories with no change in the status quo, things advance. But damn it's very long and most of the old scanlations are terrible quality. I hope they can do the whole thing but at this rate it will take them decades.
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image:163288467396.jpg(1.36MB , 1920x2542 , The Grémillet Sisters 002 - Cassiopeia's Summer of Love-000.jpg)
Book 2 came out recently by the way.
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image:169455933898.jpg(1.30MB , 1920x2542 , The Grémillet Sisters 004 - The Mountain Goat and the Comet-0000.jpg)
The series is now up to 4 books released in English!