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what would have happened if Mai and Ty Lee, not Sokka and Katara, had discovered Aang.

It's a neat idea, and I know how /co/ loves neat ideas.

Remeber a similar idea being kicked around back in the day. Maybe he'd become some master assassin for Azula trying to take down her father from the shadows. Then we get a heel to face turn when they have to hunt down and stop the Painted Lady terrorist.

Red Lotus comes into the good graces of the Avatar promoting the idea of having the nation's in conflict with each other being the best method. White Lotus plan and stake out the water tribes waiting for the next Avatar and make plans to train them in secret.

Future Tenzin is some military commander overseeing the boarders between the nations.
So are we just going to continue Avatar threads here since /a/'s been shuttered for good?
Mister Twister
You want that to end in group secks, don't you?
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The general thread is still open over there. But I'm fine with avatar threads back on +/co/. It's not like there is really enough to talk about theses days.

Are you saying you condone underage orgies, Mr. Twist? 'cause I think that is what I'm reading here.
Mister Twister
I think you condone young girls exhaling black skulls.
There was a fan fic about exactly that idea.

Mai finds Aang after Sozin's Comet comes and lets the Fire Nation take over