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This is a thing I had on a "watch later" list for years, after discovering it on the Internet, which I finally got one day (and it was amazing). Apparently a really good composer wrote the score, as well as really quality songs. That was good enough to remember.

So I watched it, and I liked it. Yes it's dated, but in a way I like. It came from a mind of a visual genius and a lover or classical music, and a man very much stuck in the 60s/70s, Mike Jupp. He put together a team and somehow managed to get funding tow make 2 seasons, and lucky enough to get commissioned for 2 more. Oh, and it's a show from Britain.

The premise is that on a planet (just a planet) one half is the Land of Dreams (see: utopia) with little to no conflict and the residents getting pleasant dreams at night from a wizard, and the other side being the Land of Nightmares (clever name) with a population being more-or-less parody of working class british men ruled over by lord of all nightmares. Pretty much every episode the lord of nightmares sends his very british minions to the other side of the planet to steal the Dreamstone, a dream transmitter or close to it, to send everyone constant nightmares. The underlings frequently succeed, but thwarted at the end by various means.

If you look at the show from a perspective of an average 21st century young adult viewer, it may seem bland or too weird to like. But if you use your imagination a little, and see it as a children's cartoon made by a psychedelic rock band from the 60s, you'll get it.

A couple of links:
//youtube.com/watch?v=EmjtSBIY8sgyoutube thumb <promo from the 80s
//youtube.com/watch?v=Ec9-PuYm8L4youtube thumb <the first episode

Since it is now an obscure show, not all episodes are yet online. But some people, some fans and some official companies, are slowly working on it.

In b4 "this show is bad"
Strange some of the eras that were really into Wizard mentors ranging from semi competent to bumbling into. luck.

Not a bad thing mind its just a very interesting thing to come up every few entertainment cycles.
Mister Twister
The wizard feels VERY british to me. Maybe it's because I consumed enough british media, but I think if americans were writing the show the Dream Maker would talk completely differently, and have different dialogue.