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I miss /a/vatar.

There was still good content being produced long after the shows have ended.

Plus with a resurgence happening thanks to the newly created Avatar Studios and the upcoming Netflix adaption.

It would've prospered.
You could ask the admin on the stickied /baw/ thread to open it again.
No one is talking about it on /co/ to begin with, so no point in reopening it.
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Avatar really went to shit after the original show ended.
Hell to be honest it was starting to go to shit in the final episode where Aang was whining too much about having to nut up and kill Ozai and instead gets the double whammy of a magical creature showing up to give him a new form of bending letting him get out of it and getting the Avatar State back via randomly slamming against a pointy rock on his scarred back injury mid-fight with no ill effects.

It only got worse from there when Korra appeared with her show, then on top of that the post-series comics featuring Aang and friends were fucking terrible worse-than-fanfic drek that destroyed the character writing of everyone.
Mister Twister
Well, it's really the Ozai fight Lion Turtle copout solution + WHERE IS MUH MOTHER unnecessary cliff hanger. Otherwise it was a great show that did a lot of great things (an anim00ted show with a beginning, middle, and end MOSTLY well planned). Otherwise,
People could start talking about it. At least to remember old times. At least to hate watching it, I think that would be fun.
Yeah, the Turtle was quite dumb, I don't understand what they were thinking. Avatar has tons of potetial for lateral development but they have proven they don't know how to do it properly. Case point: Korra, Wan, etc.
Mister Twister
Korra was made when Bryke regressed as writers, spent too much time on Tumblr where they learned all critics are haters to be ignored, plus the main other writer of Avatar left and did not come back. I think the terminally edgy boi E;R got is almost entirely right.
I listened to the Avatar episode of Nickelodeon Animation Podcast; Avatar creators explained Korra's finale was so shit because they rushed production and they actually say "sorry", lmao.
I should try to watch Korra again, my mind just zooned out around the fifth episode of season 2 and haven't tried it again since.
Mister Twister
If you have a rushed production, do not dedicate a whole episode to a stupid luv triangle drama.
The couples in LoK are all garbage.
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Its somewhat masturbatory but the only thing I miss about Avatar is the fan works, as in very specific ones where places like /co/ would collaberate as a whole on having fun and actually managing to come up with amusing stuff.
Certainly more amusing than what we got from the actual sequels.

Man I loved Gaang Jr.
Why did the the writing after the original show was over seem to hate Sokka/Suki so much? The comics had that random teasing about her and Zuko of all people.
Why didn't Sokka get any children mentioned unlike the rest as adults? If anything he was the one most likely to have 'em.
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what is azula had been a dude

would things have gotten super creepy if zuko had also been flipped?
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Mister Twister