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Hi guys im a newfag from original "4chan", can we have an owl thread?
Mstr Twstr
Yes, as a matter of fact >we can.
What is Owl? I've never actually seen it.

Does it involve a young girl murdering zombie baby angel heads?
The Owl House is a western isekai (before we get into how its ripping off Amphibia, both were announced at the same time Owl House just came out way later) about a strange girl who gets transported to a magic world where she meets an outlaw witch and befriends her. It was made by Dana Terrace, Alex Hirsch's girlfriend.

Sadly, it's not as good as the picture makes it out to seem. It has strayed away from it's original premise quite a far bit, and a lot of people have valid criticisms, such as I. However, I still do like it and I see the potential it has. I'd say watch the 1st two episodes, and if you don't like episode 2, it probably isn't for you.
I watched like 6 episodes I think so far, not really loving the show, but it is OK to put in the background sometimes. There are quite a lot of similarities to Gravity Falls and Star Vs. but at least the characters are so far, likeable. Just not sure if there is much of a main plot here, frankly.
Gravity Falls and Star Vs were both terrible shows, that also happened to have terrible female leads.

Not terrible for being female mind you, terrible for the writers being terrible.
So basically this is just another cute loli show?
Dammit /pco/!
I did have an idea about there being places of potent power that could be used for human style casting of magic, the materials luz used tend to be whatever she has access to right? So what if she finds some form of a cut or bleeding wound that has the titans blood running through it and that's used for the runes she makes.