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There's been some sort of news in the webcomic world so might as well have another thread.
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Anyone reading anything good/news recently?
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This is something I've been reading. Its another fantasy roleplaying-humor comic on the internet but its pretty fun.
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>This is gonna end like when you try to give your cat a bath
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This is actually pretty funny.
Mister Twister
I did not know doxing people was pretty cool actually.
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Mister Twister
If silly little guys are our best hope, so be it.
I wonder if he realizes the absolute irony and lack of self-awareness there.
Do the Dox was real the, how did it happen?
Any examples of this? only adventure time comes to mind mind right now, but that's not a webcomic.
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Penny Arcade, still fuckin goin.
Randomly came to mind so went and checked the website out.
God, I wish Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff was also still going.