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Movie's made with gmod or SFM
Expiration Dateyoutube thumb
Rappy "n" Demo: Revenge of Ninja Spyyoutube thumb
>Movie's made with gmod or SFM
Is there a big difference in what can be done with gmod or SFM?
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Flash game thread! Any lengthy jewels?
Why did Flash go away? Did something replace it?
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Steve Jobs did not want to pay Adobe licensing fees, so they never bothered to implement it on the iPhone and instead declared the format as dead and replaced with HTML5 (good fucking luck with that). Adobe never really bothered fighting it, and eventually dropped all support for the browser plugin a year or two back.
That's lame.
Random Videogame Image Humour content threadAnonymous
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>The Garland Heresy
Get to actually posting /cog/boys
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Steam/Video Game Sale Thread: Hide Yo WalletAnonymous
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Looks like Steam Summer Sale dates have been leaked, and they're a bit early compared to previous years:
>The Steam Summer Sale will begin on June 11 and last until June 20, according to a prematurely-revealed social post.
Funny gif that is too big to upload here: http://media.giphy.com/media/3oEduNiXJuU6biIYda/giphy.gif
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Looks like Steam got a new UI just now.
Radiant Silvergun is finally getting a Steam release:

however, it isn't done by Treasure themselves like the Ikaruga port was. It is outsourced. Most interestingly, Ikaruga had support for keyboard/mouse controls (odd for a shmup, I know), the port of Radiant Silvergun won't.
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image:144664129500.png(322kB , 512x512 , fallout_4_png_icon_by_s7_by_sidyseven-d9acz5n.png)
So although there seems to be an agreement on this game looking awful, discussion in the General thread seems enough to merit a containment thread. This is that thread.
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Will Starfield be better than Fallout 4?
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For all those Terraria lovers out there, this is where you can now express yourself!
Rules go as follows:
No Minecraft
No Stardew Valley
No StarBound
I always loved Terraria. Here you can share your ideas on new bosses, weapons, armors, ect. And give feedback to people who are still trying to master this complex, sandbox game! Share your experiences in Terraria and remember, Memes are always allowed!!!
I'm terrible at this game and I mean that. Just the fucking worst, but I've found myself a nice little cycle to beat it.

Basically, I'm playing it with my brother and he's really good at every video game ever. So, he advances the game and gets rare and boss items and I handle getting the grindier stuff. It's produced a neat little cycle where we just give each other presents to move further and further through the game. We're gearing up to face the Moon Lord now.

I guess I'll also ask what everyone's favorite playstyle is, too. I like summoner because it lets me tag something and then focus on getting the fuck out of the way. I end up gearing all the stats toward defense and speed. Melee is definitely the easiest, though.
I'm not a fan of multiplayer games so back when I played this would just do everything myself. That was so long ago there wasn't half the content there is now.

Can't remember what weapons I favoured, my home base was basically a tower that reached all the way up to the stratosphere and had a gap tunnel/dry moat beneath it to prevent enemies from getting in because I was worried about all the NPCs getting hurt.
Also carved out a massive tunnel lined with glass along the map beneath it in both directions thick enough to stop Corruption from getting spread to it.
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image:165664317839.png(202kB , 400x600 , Phoenix_Wright_Portrait_AA6 (1).png)
What is his IQ?
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image:166543144542.png(2.16MB , 1075x2297 , big brain rankings.png)
Here's a random tiermaker image denoting group intellect, the most factual of evidence.
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Wright might be the protagonist, but this is one Stone Cold Mutherfucker.
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Amiibo Thread
Who's store is still selling only Wave 1 Amiibo and none of the other waves
Nintendo seems to be really into "forced rarity" if you know what I mean, for both physical and digital content.
Wouldn't mind owning a Byleth Amiibo to go with the new three houses game that is coming out in a few months. But it would set me back almost 30 bucks so can't really see myself stretching for it.
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Never hurts to get a MMO thread. Tell me your fav MMOs. I'll start with PSO2.
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image:160794694458.png(326kB , 500x622 , Disqualifier.png)
The only MMO I've played in recent history is City of Heroes.
I don't play City of Heroes Homecoming anymore but have a compulsive need to log into my account semi-regularly and just check my characters. Its some kind of sickness.
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vidya webms
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Wow, this thread is almost eight years old and finally reached the bump limit.
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video:166071142823.webm(2.27MB , 800x600 , The Path was Closed.webm)
Do we need a new one started?
Let's Play: The Let's PlayingAnonymous
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Kuvo has lost his mind, and he's taking his brother, Geop, Vicas, and some other person down with him

//youtube.com/watch?v=XpDHPnV6fBgyoutube thumb
Read back over this thread and it was kind of eerie, seeing people talk about Two/Super Best Friends so much from before the break up.

Just recently Pat moved all the way across to the other side of Canada with his wife so he's not even in the same city as the rest.
Though him and Woolie still do their podcast, since they got a remote setup going-on for a long time due to Covid.
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>Pat moved all the way across to the other side of Canada with his wife
/cog/ General # Another OneMstr Twistr
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A new Crash game is upon us, it is imminent. News with details soon.

Old thread: >>202315
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I think I liked the soap shoes better.
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They need to be pointer.
Oh wow, a general thread actually lived out its purpose again. Good work.
Videogame Fanart: Third StrikeAnonymous
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The other one finally filled out so why not move to a new venue

Starting off with something of artistic quality
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Random Videogame Image Humour: The SecondingAnonymous
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Last thread is maxed out, why not have a follow-up to continue the image-based fun?

Here to check the previous
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Video Game fan art thread 2Anonymous
File deleted
last thread >>187306
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Huh... the limit is higher than I wagered it to be.