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TF2 General 2: Disappointment ahead?Someone with Insomnia
Image:141186811600.gif(1.17MB , 600x325 , Serious.gif)
Old thread: >>187369
Last post: >>190509

> No EotL
> Last TF birthday forgotten
> No new weapons
> No weapon balance
> No optimization
> No major update/event whatsoever
> 645968476151205068985632463599821656957817656152907934873686513725298090 Tours. Still no Australium.

Halloween is getting near, could this be the opportunity for Valve to redeem itself?
Or are we going to receive once again just a bunch of useless restricted cosmetics?
Is TF2 even going to celebrate Halloween this year?
Or is the community going to yell つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE SCREAM FORTRESS at Valve HQ? Does it still even care?

In 30 days or so, we can only hope.
>Valve doing anything for Halloween besides releasing a map that will only ever be played for two weeks then forgotten about and a ton of holiday restricted cosmetics
>Redeem itself
Not a chance in hell

Halloween is still the best time of the year to play TF2 though.
Autonymobile !x4vv0ZYuAo
I still think they should make a "Boss" mode based off of the bread monster. Kind of like MvM, but just one giant boss that will mutate as it takes damage vs 9 players.

Merasmus is still around, he can magic it into something even larger than we saw in the short.
It's a safe bet that one or the other is this years ScreamFortress boss monster.
Hopefully they release none holiday restricted cosmetics and some non-reskinned weapons.

Why can I murder people with a candy cane as I run around in elf booties, but not mow people down with a coffin minigun?
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
>Why can I murder people with a candy cane as I run around in elf booties, but not mow people down with a coffin minigun?
Their explanation in the past is that the Halloween items fuck with the silhouette. Except that most do it no more than regular hats; some are overly large, but applying the restriction wholesale just reeks of laziness, especially since there are many cool items.

Another possibility is that, compared to regular cosmetics, Halloween cosmetics practically rain like candy what with presents in stages, so the restriction seems to include a limit to exclude them from crafting. While it would be nice to craft them into new hats, it would also really mess with the TF2 economy.
Solution: Release fewer hats and add weapons to the roulette of gifts. Alternatively, place craft parts into the roulette that when combinations are mixed, results in a non-restrictive hat.

As for silhouettes... much like the color palette; they really don't give a fuck any more. Hell, look at the Medics priest robes. As for guns i's not modeling that's a problem (community has that in spades), and they certainly have more than an ample amount of effect concepts; yet I doubt we'll ever get one.

Maybe if we're lucky though; we'll get a HHH stragifyer.
Image:141201335700.png(431kB , 788x743 , Heavy_Lifter.png)
Nothing has been so offensive to the game, cosmetic-wise, as this fucking thing.

From a distance, I honestly can't tell if a Heavy wearing this is friendly or not half the time.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Saxxy Nominees are up: http://www.sourcefilmmaker.com/saxxyawards2014/
Is it supposed to be a ref to TFC or eyecandy to all the Heavy fangirls/fanboys, or part of a themed set or what?
You could answer all that by looking on the wiki.

Update time.

>When you mute a player, the mute settings now apply to text chat as well as voice chat. If you want the previous behavior, change convar cl_mute_all_comms to 0.
Yup, I bet they did this for the guys spamming binds. I'm glad it exists.

>Fixed a bug where reflected rocket explosions from non-stock flamethrowers would cause the flame sound to loop
Oh thank god, that was annoying.

>tf_teamtalk is now on by default - the dead can talk to the living
WHAT? Why would you do that? That's a horrible, unbalanced idea. It makes me not want to play Spy anymore.

>Added "Enable/Disable Auto TeamBalance" votes
This doesn't seem like a good idea either. Seems really abusable.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
I agree with all the winners for this years Saxxys. Good show all around.

>This doesn't seem like a good idea either. Seems really abusable.
It could be useful when people are just fucking around (like making towers) and balance might fuck with plans.
>Use sv_vote_issue_autobalance_allowed to control if this vote is enabled on the server
If the default is off, I don't see the problem; if it's on, it could be abused until server admins get smart
>>tf_teamtalk is now on by default - the dead can talk to the living
>WHAT? Why would you do that? That's a horrible, unbalanced idea. It makes me not want to play Spy anymore.

Looks like one of those "people can already do this via workarounds [external voicechat in this case], now it's default so everyone can do it" patches. See also: pistol firing rate.

But yes, the Spy really doesn't need more general nerfs.
Image:141221445300.gif(455kB , 225x261 , Stitch happy.gif)
>When you mute a player, the mute settings now apply to text chat as well as voice chat. If you want the previous behavior, change convar cl_mute_all_comms to 0.
> Added "Enable/Disable Auto TeamBalance" votes

Something good for once. Cheers, Valve.
Damn it, didn't had the chance to vote for this year's Saxxys.
Oh well.

Agreed, even if I don't share your pessimism about the current affairs of the game.

Valve hasn't done much to not take that attitude, though.

Edit: If you just/also said that because of the post's title, that was a residue from the last thread. My bad.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Image:141228251700.jpg(253kB , 1024x768 , TFC04-018.jpg)
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Yeah, for those who didn't notice, Issue #4 is out. http://www.teamfortress.com/tf04_blood_in_the_wate

Fair warning, this one is super long.
Image:141229940900.jpg(35kB , 401x244 , 1355385544510s.jpg)

>Fair warning, this one is super long.
Probably to make up for the ridiculous wait.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Unf indeed. And I wouldn't be surprised if this was originally going to be two issues but they combined it in one for better flow and to make up for the wait.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Also, I wonder if they have any plans to put these to print. The format they're doing them isn't your standard page size, and the partial-show method makes for an intriguing way to set up reveals. Page turns might add to that, but it will still lose something (especially when a click would modify images already on the screen.)
Am I the only one who has a really dumb worry that they're making Medic evil so they can kill him off and replace him with a cheaper or less busy VA? Doesn't seem like Valve to be stingy or fussy about scheduling for VAs, but he stands out as being a triple-A lister in a sea of locals or the like, though he was still a relatively minor VA when he was first cast.
That's stupid. You're stupid.
Well, they have released Dead Tree Editions of some of the older comics...
Oh wow, this issue was great.
Image:141231592900.jpg(48kB , 546x440 , coverblog.jpg)
As soon as I saw this, I knew it would be good. I don't know how to feel about the whole new zealand thing, though...

Still, great comic is great.
I'm sorry but


My sides were in orbit at that point.

Also, Valve should get the voice actors together and record audio versions of these.

Also, Zhanna for 10th class. Or at least a Soldier/Heavy reskin.
They have, but that was before they had this new interactive version. The old comics were plain comic pages on the screen, this is something between a comic and an interactive novel

>new zealand thing,
New Zealand is Anti-Knuckles Sunken Island.
I totally called that twist on Sniper's origin story when he mentioned that it was like he fell out of the sky.
Wait what? When was this?
Did Zhanna always have hair that weird?
Image:141235021800.jpg(582kB , 2048x1536 , Spoiler image)
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
That whole bit of banter as they left the house. Those two were made for each other. Hope he survives
I'm more worried about Soldiers fiance.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
She's fine, Else TFC is dead already. Heavy will Self Uber and its all going to be over.

Now that would be an item. You get a Uber buff but no health effects.
Image:141248734400.png(1.10MB , 1229x922 , tumblr_ncwdfx9j331qkwdtzo1_1280.png)
Those cut pages...
Image:141248739500.png(1.06MB , 1229x922 , tumblr_ncwdfx9j331qkwdtzo2_1280.png)
>despair, but also an erection
I like how in the Workshop there are already some amazing Halloween and space items.
I also find it funny that it seems like people have given up (for the most part) on making new weapons since they know Valve will probably only ever add cosmetics from now until doomsday.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Or if the weapon is added it will be as a skin and no one will care about it.
Pretty much, ya. They seem to have been going off of minimal effort, maximum gain for quite a while and I'm curious to know (since they're probably making a lot less money from TF2 these days) how long they'll even bother to keep things up or when and if there will be another decent sized update that'll give us a new weapon or two.

And even then, why bother with using Halloween themed weapons when they can just pull someone elses model off? (yes I'm still bitter about festive weapons and the like)

On the other hand, there's a relatively neat Spycicle reskin on the Workshop that would turn them into a skeleton rather than freeze them. I'd love to see Valve add that, only when the players die, they turn into an AI skeleton like you could make with spell books a while back. I also feel that the current comic is either leading to TF3 or a drastic revamp... or maybe just space or something since I don't think they've done that moon thing yet.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
The comic does seem to be leading to something, but what is up in the air at the moment>>190700

>moon thing
>since I don't think they've done that moon thing yet.


I'm betting they're dragging out the comic as long as possible because when the comic ends, TF2 ends. They went from bimonthly, to trimonthly, to biannual. At this rate the final chapter will be out in 2016, or possibly 2017, ending it on TF2's 10th anniversary.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
>They went from bimonthly, to trimonthly, to biannual.
That's just Valve Time, dude. Par for the course.

Doesn't mean your idea is wrong, just that the delay should have been expected as soon as they announced any kind of concrete timeframe. However, they won't just end TF2; they'd have TF3 to replace it with. Even if TF2 income is down (I have no idea if it is), it's still good income for cosmetics created by other people.

Also, reminder that Valve acknowledges Valve Time: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Valve_Time
Image:141273083800.gif(2.79MB , 350x263 , 1381888797754.gif)
>77 tours
>No golden pan
>No australium
>No pro kits at all
>Only a sea of specialized kits

>Low tours still getting more australiums than veterans

GG Valve, now kindly go fuck your respective selves, I'm not giving you any more money for this scam.
That's okay. They'll happily take your money when you buy an Australium weapon on the Market, too.
Image:141274418500.png(403kB , 500x571 , fys.png)

I COULD do that.....

Or I could play over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over etc until I win one, after all, anything on the market is brought to users by users.
What grinds my gears is the unlucky streaks one can have, even at the time of trying to win a simple pro kit. And lately, the fellows I have been playing with that obtained at least one have been describing them a "shitty" ones.

IN THE MEAN TIME low-tours players (usually no more than 6 tours) have been getting really lucky, and it has been proven that they have higher rates; there are a lot of witnesses and a few spreadsheets going around made by some of them. I can call myself a witness, too, because the times I have pubbed, I have seen a lot of low tours getting an australium, not all of them were the best ones, but an australium is an australium.
OH BUT THAT'S NOT THE WORST PART, I actually witnessed not one, but 2 drops of Golden Pans (not at the same time), someone with 7 tours and another with 3.

You spend this money, that's ok, your choice. But then you have all that time consumed (about 45 minutes PER MISSION without a fail, maybe a bit more), and if you don't know of any good groups for that or have friends that know how to play and are interested, consider yourself fucked.
Opening crates seems more plausible at the moment, it's a roulette, but the outcome is instant and it's cheaper. However, please let's not go that way...

tl;dr It's the old drop system all over again, with an added favoritism. I mad.
If you play Mann Up just for the loot you're doing it wrong.

When you reach the point where you keep playing despite not having fun just because there might be some shiny trinket at the end you need to STOP PLAYING.

Co-op with players who are actually trying instead of having to deal with bootcamp derps is fun. Grinding for loot isn't.
Fucking this.

Except you got it backwards, because mann up is all about the loot you get in the end, that's pretty much it. If you only want to play for fun, the boot camp is right there, I don't see why would you need to get tickets to play the same maps at the same difficulty.

Oh, but you mean playing on mann up because you can find players that are actually trying?
Well, riddle me this: why do you think you can find almost all of these kind of players on mann up and not on boot camp?
Because they want to win to get loot.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
>mann up is all about the loot you get in the end, that's pretty much it.
I heavily disagree. Sure, there's good loot to be had, and since you're paying money it becomes more important, but the few Mann Ups I've done I did for the challenge with Steam friends and they were good times. (I only have one tour.) Sure, an Australium weapon would have been nice, but the only thing it would grant me is bragging rights, and I enjoyed those even without a sweet drop.

>I did for the challenge
You mean like earning the badge? I will take you on that, there is no other way to get it.

Otherwise, if you already have a group of people and just want to play mvm for the sake of it, the answer will be the same: boot camp. Hell, you can even try Gear Grinder if you want a true mvm challenge, and it's free.

If someone only just wants to mess around, and does it on mann up with experienced people (that happens to be the ones trying to get stuff out of it), expect to be votekicked soon.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
So is there an over/under on how long Valve will let this slow motion bullshit bug go on? It's not that bad for characters, but when it affects the doors opening so you can't see what's on the other side, especially if the game hasn't loaded the models for that side, it can seriously fuck your team.
Image:141298113600.jpg(31kB , 640x480 , Sad clown.jpg)

I had no idea of what were you talking about until I searched and checked; the animations are definitely slower, at least the actions keep the same phase.

How the only dev maintaining tf2 right now fucked this up?
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
They made a change recently about how they loaded weapon models, in order to cut down on memory use. It probably has to do with that.
We are about to be two weeks from Halloween and there has not been a peep on this years ScreamFortress.
I am anticipating a rather large ball being dropped, but then again they've pulled this shit for what, the past three years?

One thing is for sure: I would rather NOT have a halloween special than a fuckton of restricted cosmetics clogging up the game (Backpack and memory wise).
I sadly have to agree, but you know that's exactly what we'll get
A boss battle and a slightly Ruskined map that will only ever be played for a week or two and a shitload of restricted cosmetics on top of it.

The best think about TF2 died with last years event.
Image:141317202600.gif(464kB , 500x338 , fuck my life.gif)

It would awesome getting the bread monster (the giant one) as a boss for this year, though, but knowing how things have been going, it feels like it would be too much to ask.

I actually, kind of ,still have some hope for the game, but
>The best think about TF2 died with last years event.
You pretty much said it...
It's a sobering realization isn't it?
I hope and hope for a big old update that adds some stuff for each class and rejuvenated my love for the game, but it never comes.
It's almost a decade old. It's started sailing towards the undying lands.
>most of the top rated items of all time on the workshop are weapons
>a lot of them in the first 10 pages are Halloween themes
>very few workshop submissions this year since everyone knows it's not worth the time

Why even bother showing us the option to look at the most popular/requested items if you never pull anything from there?
>Valve should add more weapons!!!

Why do people keep ignoring the fact that Valve can't even be bothered to balance all the unlocks that already exist? I'm not even talking about nerfs here, there are tons of weapons that are just not worth using outside of contrived edge cases (and this includes a few stock weapons too).

Do people really want Valve to add another load of garbage along with two or three unneeded upgrades (of which only one will ever be nerfed (after a year or so)) to the game instead of actually improving the game?

The weapon rebalancing update from last year's summer is what I want to see more of, not another update consisting of one upgrade for another unlock, one not-efficient-but-fun gimmick and three trash weapons.
Valve doesn't know how to balance. We have known this for almost a decade.
Have of the shit in TF2 is garbage and will always remain garbage because they just don't godamn care.
Adding a few new things in would at least potentially make for some interesting combos and interactions which is a very untapped niche right now since everyone just uses brute force more or less.
>Adding a few new things in would at least potentially make for some interesting combos and interactions

There's also an equal chance that innovative weapons would break the game, possibly for months thanks to incompetence on both the devs' and the players' sides.

I'd rather not have TF2 rendered unplayable because they gave the Engineer a way to make his sentries invincible or the Soldier the ability to deal full rocket damage at any distance (those are the sort of "innovative" ideas that this game's community tends to come up with).
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Or the spy a watch that makes him near-invincible, fully recharges with an ammo pack, and does not flicker. Or split a pick-axe that gave increased speed and damage with low health and blocks healing into two that only do one or the other, still blocks healing, and, for the speed one, makes you take mini crits.

The community has a lot of bad ideas, but to be fair Valve has already put their own into the game before. That first one at least got remedied, though the second was a "remedy".
it's almost like... almost like players don't stat the weapons and every unbalanced one and fuckup is a result of Valve having no clue how balance works.

>players don't stat the weapons

And God forbbid that day happens.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
New update:

They fixed the Rancho Relaxo taunt, but on mention of fixing the animation of doors (which also includes the area beyond unloading sooner than the door completely closing) or slow animations for headshots and backstabs.
Image:141343815000.png(52kB , 699x480 , wat.png)
>Send trade offer to a guy asking for 1.33 ref for hat
>Put pieces of reclaimed metal in the trade offer
>Accidentally leave out 1 during the process
>Get this tantrum
>Get blocked
>Probably reported as well

I just don't know how to feel about this, part of me just stays shocked, another just wants to burst into laughter. I didn't even add the guy, nor talked before, nor had contact with him, and this happens.

This is probably a good example of damage control at its finest.
Sadly, that is a perfectly understandable response. For every genuine mistake there are several actual ripoff attempts. The TF2 economy is a shark pool. I've had people try to lowball me even when I set a below bp.tf price for my item and I've had enough dumbasses try to guilt-trip, threaten or "GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO" me over low-value stuff.

Except it"s not.
Instead of just doing things like fixing the trade by making a counter offer or just cancelling the trade, of all things, write a wall of text of how much you feel disgusted without even knowing what was behind that.. The guy should have known better since he saw my backpack, dosh isn't something that i don't have.

Also, since I got blocked before even knowing what was the problem, I couldn't even ezplain or fix the trade, which I'm pretty sure it's unreasonable.
>being shocked that the TF2 community, specifically traders are anything other than rage filled man children who lack even the most basic social graces to understand the concept of negotiating or clear thought
Come on now guys
I'm not saying it's right (especially when it's this easy to double-check), but the things I described do happen a lot.

>The guy should have known better since he saw my backpack, dosh isn't something that i don't have.

"Only poor people can be evil" is a retarded fallacy. "TF2 rich" people being obnoxious penny-pinchers and sharks is common (that's how many of them got there).
Image:141358062600.jpg(6kB , 200x200 , the best way.jpg)
>"Only poor people can be evil" is a retarded fallacy
and so it's "everyone must be evil" which is plain fucktarded.
At least that way you can never be disappointed in people, only surprised.
When you're participating in TF2's trading side-game it's not too far off from reality. Ripoff attempts are very common and both the peddler with only a few craft hats and the magnate with ten unusuals will do it.

The old ScreamFortress maps are now live and available which is neat, because I actually sort of liked last years and HHH is always top tier. Time to "practice" while they fish for more restricted cosmetics to proof and shove in for the inevitably super late update this year.
Image:141403573100.jpg(43kB , 546x390 , sfallbosses.jpg)
And it's beginning.

Anyone wanna bet on what is Eric going to add for this year's Halloween?
I'm kind of hoping for another payload race map with a trick-or-treat theme and a set of like 9 weapons that randomly cycle through effects, good and bad, that you can open by crafting candy piles or something. The effects would swap out on respawn. Further pushing the trick-or-treat theme.

Oh and of course everything is holiday restricted as usual.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
>When gift drops were introduced way back in 2011's Scream Fortress update, they were intended to be a small value-add — a simple bonus for all players participating in the update.
>While some farming accounts claimed more than five hundred gifts just last year, the median numbers of gifts claimed was only five.
> In line with our original goals of giving all participating players some free Halloween content without affecting the core experience, this year we'll be giving every player one guaranteed gift bundle just for logging in during the event. This bundle will contain a random sample of some of this year's content, including some that would otherwise only have come from crates. To keep some of the fun of getting multiple gifts through the event, all players can earn a secondary bundle by completing some of the event achievements.
tl;dr: I hope you didn't like gift farming

Article doesn't mention if this affects gifts on existing Halloween maps or not, but considering the "get a bundle just from logging in" thing, I'd say yes.

>we look forward to seeing you all get your hands on some of it in just a few days.
Scream Fortress confirmed for Thanksgiving.
I didn't even know gift farming was a thing. I did know that gift briefing was though and they won't do anything about that. Boy do I love having to switch to spy or scout in order to try and find the thing only to be shitbasted by camping engines, pyros, and snipers then have the gift reset and have to wait another hour plus for the same thing to happen again.
This would be a bigger problem if any of the gift items were actually other than backpack slot wasters however.

Tonight's the night...
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Ehhhh we had Merasmus and curses and spells last year. I'm interested to see how the bumper cars thing works, I guess...
Like hot garbage.
Last year was fun. This year and mirasmus's first one have been the worst by far and I say that liking the character quite a lot.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Update is now live, though the update page hasn't been, uh, updated to have full details. So there's that.

Terrible update.
Bumper cars control like trash and rather than being a reward at the end of the match like you'd expect, they are a punishment. Especially soccer which I had the 'pleasure' of being in one of those matches that lasted for well over 20 minutes.
The new cosmetics only seem to drop when you complete the achievements they added this year, and in addition to being holiday restricted, they cannot be traded. Good job Valve.

I don't know if it's me, but I played for over 5 hours today and only got 1 random drop and 3 gift drops. I have not played in over a month. How the fuck am I supposed to get metal or drops for the weapons I missed last update?
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
The Bumper cars could be fun, but as >>191070 says they control for shit. I don't expect to turn on a dime, but if I press left I shouldn't turn left a second later. Soccer can drag on since people that fly off can revive and the ball flies fucking high so you're just as likely to score for the opposite team as your own.

All the new spells are relegated to Bumper Cars, it seems. I like the theme for Doomsday, but Doomsday as a map is liked even less than Hightower so it turned a lot of people off instantly. Plus, fucking minis everywhere that wouldn't get destroyed/disabled if we get sucked into dancing, especially for melee only. One guy on our team put up a Lvl3 on the ledge by the capture platform, everyone got taken to do the Thriller, and while it was happening the sentry killed 3/4 of the other team.

Outside of the Bumper Cars, this just seems like a compilation map. Merasmus, "wheel" effects, spells, kritz pumpkins, even Zephania's Ghost. If the Bumper Car game is survival, with the platforms that drop, and both teams survive until one platform remains, then the Horseless Headless Horseman will show up to attack. Monoculus shows up as a spell, but I wouldn't be surprised if he showed up in some other way.

>The new cosmetics only seem to drop when you complete the achievements they added this year
Valve already talked about this. You get a cauldron when you sign on and another for *one* achievement. That is, apparently, it.
There's also a new melee weapon if you get at least 4 achievements.
It is a wooden hammer with a mechanical arm on it, like the cartoon mallet in the new map. Not Halloweeny in the least.
So because valve 2014 servers with the new map on are impossible to find, I went ahead and played on a different random server I picked out of the 4 that we're running and had more than 11 players.
Nothing but mini sentries and try hard demomen. And since it was one of those shitty diner servers, the red team was just filled with bullshit like getting dominations with only two kills and KOing bumper cars when they're at 10%
That's when I remembered why I quit TF2

Worst event map so far.


Fun fact: if Merasmus casts flood during the end of the round and the minigame is the elimination one, it won't end unless one team willingly dies or the team are scrambled.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
So, QUALITY is an anime meme we may need to start applying to Valve. I farmed all of the achievements so I could be done with the map, and after six hours on it (only playing about half that time) I have to say it is not just the worst Scream Fortress, but the worst map period. The level of bugs that went unchecked were higher than ever, the bumper cars always go on for far too long, and not doing anything about sentries during curse casting just fucks people over.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Map idea: pl_burnward

Two-part PL map where you are trying to escort a burn victim to the emergency room. First part has three points, outside, as you escort the ambulance to the hospital. Second part takes place inside, two points, where you escort the gurney to the emergency room (which will be one of those giant observation rooms).

If BLU stays on the cart for more than a minute during the second part, the speakers will start playing lines that rip on RED team, each ending with "SICK BURN", every few seconds until the cart stops.
The map will end with the patient dying unless BLU captures a hard-to-get CP elsewhere inside the hospital
Tomb Raider cross promotion contest:

The TF2 team continues to want the community to do their work for them. Think you might get a newt weapon? HA. Enjoy more cosmetic trash.
>Saved up and bought a Sniper and Demo voice last week
>Let them sit while I think about what to add them to
>Remember it ends on the 12th
>log in
>Items gone
>It ends on the night of the 11th rather than the usual rollover time of the next day
No. It's fine Valve. I wasn't going to use that metal for anything else. Sure you can go ahead and go back to giving me one weapon every hour and a half of play or so. Maybe I'll eventually have enough scrap to make the reclaimed by next year.

Fuck you.
Image:141608066400.jpg(173kB , 479x590 , Pyro Psychiatric.jpg)
I was also thrown off by this. I lost all my spells before I had a chance to do something with them, but luckily, I had all my most valuable ones somewhere else, so I ended applying those without problems.

Veredict for this year's halloween?

The halloween gift system was trash, but oh HEY MORE RESTRICTED COSMETICS.
Nevermind then, I don't care.
No bread monster boss, or boss at all, but instead we got minigames as the main attraction, which are actually fun, adding that on TF2 just expands more its gameplay and I'm all for it.
Still no new craftable stuff using the haunted metal, but, beside the trash cosmetics, we got other insteresting ones, although rare.

Overall, this event wasn't one of the best, but not bad either; what actually saved it were the minigames, which also opened more doors for the community (T2Kart). If they had done something similar like Helltower or another boss that weren't the Bread monster, it certainly would have made it the worst so far.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
People can make a more legit Mario Cart type game now.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
If the cart maps take off in popularity, I can seem them making Team Bumpers. The class-based gameplay of TF2, where the modes are combined with pseudo-demolition derby or racing. Then not only can they do hats, they can do cart customizations. Scout gets a tricycle

CTF: there's already a skating rink map where you auto-move around a track and your team has to carry the other team's intel through so many laps to win. This could easily be changed around carts.
PL/R: Use the carts to pull a trailer. Could even make it off rails to some extent.
CP: controlling gas stations
TC: Fuck TC
KOTH/Arena: Basically the same.
MvM: Your team has to follow the giant tanker carrying the robots and destroy it before it reaches its destination.

Most classes would remain more or less the same. The only ones that I think would really have to change are Medic and Engineer. Medic would act the same, but repairing carts instead of healing players, perhaps bring in the shield from MvM. Because the maps would be about constant movement, a stationary sentry gun isn't too useful, so the Engineer's role would change drastically. Turrets would be little RC carts with guns that seek out the enemy. Instead of a dispenser, he might be able to "upgrade" teammates' carts to refill ammo/health or carry more of the same. Teleporters wouldn't be useful, but perhaps a sling-shot device where the target gets a huge boost of speed or could be tossed around the map (so it can also be used against the enemy.)
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
FYI, if you get a message in Steam like "You will exchange this thing? screen-shot .com/screenshot_XXXX.png", it's a virus. A special one, too, as it will try to steal all of your tradeable items. So if you get that message, don't click it and let the sender know ASAP that they have a virus.

I don't think it's an account hacking; rather, I think it uses the active steam.exe process to set up a Trade Offer and send out messages. Just a theory, though, as I won't try running it myself. the virus may well try to hack the account to gain control of it, but at least up front it's using the running program.

Except this can easily be avoided by not running said file.
Or by looking at the link.
Or not adding anyone with low stats/private profile.

That being said, some people will just fall on that, kinda like the posts with hidden scripts on pictures along with simple instructions getting spammed on 4chan years ago, people would just keep doing that no matter how old and blatant the worm was. Idiots will be idiots.

There is, though, one very effective way for a thief to do this, and it's not in our hands to avoid it; if you know the user pink taco, you already know what I'm talking about.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Great, advice, except...

>Except this can easily be avoided by not running said file.
The link probably tries to use browser exploits to run the file without user interaction, hoping they don't keep their shit up to date so it doesn't prompt them to download anything. I have Adblock+NoScript set up, plus have my browser up to date, so I got prompted when I stupidly clicked the link. I'd hate to think what would happen if I opened it in IE6. Microsoft revealed a huge hole last week in Windows that just requires a TLS request to a listening port; I've read some things that say it could be done through a web page. It's the equivalent of a guy getting into your house just because they knock on your door once. While there's an update to fix it, it doesn't fix it on WinXP and people don't always update their stuff in a timely manner.

>Or by looking at the link.
The link itself appears to be extremely innocent, ending in a common image format (.png); I certainly thought it was just a regular image, and the only difference between the link sent and what you see in your browser is the / at the end in the browser. It wasn't until clicking that I learned it was a folder name; the idea of this had never occurred to me before. Since I deal with sites and programming as my job, I doubt this would occur to a regular user, either.

>Or not adding anyone with low stats/private profile.
I got the message from two people who had been on my friend's list for some time, one for two years year. They had downloaded and run the file themselves. (I think someone in the common group all three of us are part of got the virus, then passed it along to more in the group, etc.)
Image:141622634800.jpg(68kB , 900x506 , see that shit.jpg)
Oh right, remember the End of The Line update? that thing from almost a year ago? They are finally shipping it out, it seems.

Same thing with every update. Disappointment.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Yeah. Considering the trailer, the full short itself could be pretty great. I've played a beta version of the map they made and think it had a lot of potential but also some balancing issues (partially due to spawn locations and easily getting lost). I don't expect anything great from the required cosmetic items or weapon skins. If we even get a single new weapon I will be surprised.

Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Honestly, the trailer was more entertaining than the full short. For a fan-made thing, it's pretty good, especially for clocking at 14 minutes. They should have used more voice lines, though; I think the only time someone speaks is when the Heavy goes "Ha!" during chess. The medic yells while ubering during the trailer, but not the final.

Also I thought they were making a payload-like map, so I'm disappointed that it hasn't been released with the update.
Good short, but it could be better.
And it could benefit of some voice acting.

Also, only one melee weapon? And this is gonna be this year's Smissmass? Goddammit DOTA 2!
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Supposedly the creators said that this and Smissmass are different events, so here's hoping.
But The EotL event is gonna last until jan. 5, how's that's gonna be possible?
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
I think that's just the duck thing. Which has no purpose except trying to collect more ducks than your friends, so far as I can tell. Smissmass and ducks can co-exist, maybe.
Image:141812356300.gif(2.45MB , 494x266 , gmodface.gif)
This expression was completely jarring at the end.

The movie was overall okay, but nothing to write home about. This whole update just feels like a cash grab.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Everything about TF2 these days is a cash grab.
True, but they don't usually feel this blatant.
Man it seems like something happened during the last 'ween update or something. I can't get a stable connection anymore. My ping just seesaws wildly from one point to the next and I just get kicked.
That can apply to almost anything Valve releases lately.

Except Dota 2, because Dota 2.
What? No, why?
DOTA 2 is one of the biggest cashgrab of Valve so far.
They even have their own crates.

Oh sorry, I thought you were quoting >>192026 there. Must be the collateral effects from staying up all night.
Oh, don't worry. Been there as well.
//youtube.com/watch?v=NnMOKCGYw-Uyoutube thumb
People get lost on Steel?
Also, so mad, huh?
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
I played an early version of snowplow one night. The layout was very confusing, even for a veteran player like myself. This could have improved greatly since the version I played (this was August or so?), but if the layout didn't change a lot it's not surprising. I am disappointed that Valve didn't work harder to help them simplify it, but the mode/map wasn't some astounding thing everyone is missing out on.

As for steel, that is a bit lol. I can understand how newer players first on it get confused by the ability to cap multiple points (even if they've played gravelpit), but the layout is far simpler than snowplow, so if someone is confused by Steel I don't have the highest regard for their opinion (though the guy is a really good demo.)
//youtube.com/watch?v=wpyTK7j-3ggyoutube thumb
Oh yeah, that guy is a killing machine with that set.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Image:141929814100.png(309kB , 546x391 , xmas2014[1].png)
>Demoman gets two new weapons
>New multi-class shotgun
>Demoman weapons get a shitload of changes
>Except much whining

>NEW MODE! Mannpower!
>beta CTF-like mode
>permanent power ups scattered throughout map
>no critical hits
>you can only cap when your flag is at your base
>Grappling hooks!
>There's a grappling hook available to all classes in Mannpower Mode. You can equip it in your action slot and use it by switching to slot 6. Press fire to shoot out a hook. As soon as it hits something, it’ll start to reel you in. Release the fire button when you want to detach.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
The biggest single change, at least to me, is quite relevant to >>192322
>Changes to base grenade damage variance now ensure the Loch-n-load does not exceed 124 damage on a single hit.
Looks like Valve agreed that the LnL is very OP and changed it so that it's not a 1-hit kill on the weakest classes (at regular health).

>Blast radius and damage variance for all stickies and pipes has decreased.
>Damage ramp-up is back for Stickybomb Launcher, but only when detonated in the air
Other specific items got various nerfs and buffs.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Oh fuck this grappling thing is awesome, it's like I'm the Goddamn Spider-man.
thatother1dude !!/PKS88+dMMc
It's hilariously easy to cap right now if you figure out the basics of grappling because so many are going in without being able to get it to work. I've already found a route from one end of ctf_gorge to the other that takes about 12 seconds and got 5 caps in one round.

It also turns Heavy into the best intel grabber, especially with the resistance mod.

>"Oh dear you've ruined my work you flying fat man!"
Merry Smissmas everyone!
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g

Any nice drops this year? All I saw was the festive cola.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
In case someone wants to make snow every time they take a shot, put this in console:
bind "mouse1" "+attack; +use_action_slot_item; -attack"
//youtube.com/watch?v=NEcTM_1t1ZEyoutube thumb
Wow, never expected to see STAR mad about this update.
thatother1dude !!/PKS88+dMMc
Now that most people know how to use the grapple, Mannpower is a bit less of a joke, though it still has the usual problem with CTF where teams have too many people on attack or defense.

Vamp is probably the most overpowered, or at least most frustrating to face: if someone has it, kills you, and you did less damage than they did, you have accomplished less than nothing.

Precision is easily the worst, mostly because it only provides a real benefit at longer ranges, which aren't very common in this game, and all the grappling hook movement makes hitting
I still don't understand why the cheapest keys on the market cost more than buying a key from the store. They still sell keys from the 2013 Fall series, so it's not like they're some rare commodity. Not quantity, either, as there are 162 EotL keys and they start at $3.05!
Something strange is happening with keys, they've been slowly dropping in price for over a week now.
It's almost like the last update was so bad and underwhelming in so many ways that people are finally giving up on a 6 year+ old game.
Image:142088665800.png(235kB , 481x427 , Jimmies rustled.png)
Good ol' Xmas event, nothing out of the ordinary, but still as good; too bad Valve doesn't do more x2 drop-rate weeks like the past events, even though I barely get my stuff from drops since I always have things to trade.

>>> EotL
The EotL update was overall BAD, but could have been worse (I'm looking at you Robotic Boogaloo). It was mainly because there were nothing but cosmetics, not even the map is "official" (Valve's logic), although the map itself left a lot to be desired;
Why the fuck we weren't ON a goddamn train?
Just look at maps like ctf_convoy or cp_2train, I have seen one even more refined, and it's a pony map.
They mentioned new balanced weapons, they even said there would be just a few cosmetics, they didn't made "legal" promises, but they did built a lot of hype for many things among the community, and I mean a lot. In the end, the hype train went off the rails.
Still, the EotL short saved it, because it was just. AMAZING. The only thing missing that could have made it PERFECT, with UPPERCASE and bolded, was the use of the voice actors, which I believe Valve offered them from the very beginning, but the EotL devs refused. I wonder what happened there.
I would say they did a fine job on that last one, so I supported them by buying their Duck and Duck accessories.

>>> Actual new content
On other news, THERE WERE NEW WEAPONS AFTER ALL, leaving 2014 with good humour!:
- The Quickiebomb Launcher; a new demo weapon that is not melee-oriented? A sticky launcher, too?!?!
I can see where they were going with this: More offensive (duh), which also leaves out defensive traits from the stock, like not being able to lay traps. So this pretty much effectively turns your secondary weapon into primary, as your main source of damage and breakthrough. Pretty awesome, but it feels like it needs a very small change to be perfect, and it's pretty much related to that damage penalty.

- The Iron bomber; with a more offensive secondary, comes a more defensive primary (if you can call it primary): a better area of denial by maintaining the grenades on their original place. I would say I like the concept, but the stats... not quite, as the static rollers alone is pretty much a neutral stat as long as I see it, let alone the use of penalties to "balance" it out; some would use the mobility of the rollers as extended range and therefore making it an upside, others would benefit more if they staid still to make more careful placements.
They do need to take off the penalties and make it more like The Original: same thing, but different way to handle. Or if they want to truly make it to live its concept, they should do something like an extended arm time and remove the blast radius penalty, I don't know.

- The Panic attack; The Beggar's Bazooka of the shotguns. Now, this wouldn't be that bad. if the shotgun. weren't a fucking shoTGUN SERIOUSLY WHO THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA I CAN'T DO SHIT FOR FUCK'S SAKE

>>> Balance changes
The demo changes were pretty fair, mostly nerfing "winbombing", so demos now will have to aim carefully when trying to airbust, or placing the stickies on the floor and predict the enemy's movement.
Glorious weapon balances, only demo weapons, but still awesome:

- Claidheamh Mor: The most offensive sword in the game, now rewarding skill.

- Scottish Resistance: Meh.

- Loch-n-Load: HAHA WHAT IS THIS SHOTGUN. I really like this change, since it won't one-shot light classes at normal full-health anymore, nor it will destroy an entire batallion due to the reduced blast radius. Normal self-damage, 1 more shot, and dart-looking grenades that somehow can improve your accuracy. I couldn't ask for more.

- Scotsman's Skullcutter: Dangerously near of the "upgrade" zone, needs more testing. But then again, Valve rarely balances melee weapons (See Medic).

- Bootlegger / Ali Baba's Wee Booties: Ok, so Valve now made it clear that, no matter what, these will be always melee-oriented. Cool. Except for the turning control that is barely noticeable, at these heights I still don't know why they keep pushing that matter when clearly other shields need to be put on par with the Tide Turner by changing/buffing the turn limit overall. But it's ok, I will survive as long as the Tide Turner exist.

- Loose Cannon: This. THIS THING RIGHT HERE is what made my day; now double donks are worth pulling off as they will always one-shot light classes. I always found this weapon fun, now no matter how precise I need to be, how much time I spend trying to time the fuse right, no matter the situation:

- Tide Turner:
>Added Penalty: Taking damage while shield charging reduces remaining charging time
Image:142405597900.jpg(173kB , 1440x900 , TF2 Medic Think.jpg)
>mfw TF2 is still on life support.

Have you ever had someone you love, but you can't help, left to his luck and seeing him perishing so painfully slowly? These are my feelings right now.

Of course, much less dramatic, but you get the idea.
But what about the rumors of a Spy vs Engineer update?
Also, keep blaming Dota and the stupid colored weapons of CS.
TF2 died on the engineer update.
It's been about hat trading and class bleeding for years.

Hat trading, yes. It was good to a certain limit, but it has gotten out of hand and the devs expect the game to live only from that. As consequence, they don't care anymore, thus giving arise to all the current problems in the game.
The problem is that they did away with charging for the game (even if $5) and went with hat-based transactions as their sole source of income from the game. Therefore their priorities changes as they want to maintain their revenue, which means introducing new cosmetics at a regular pace.

On the other hand, the game is still getting regular updates and new content (even if the new stuff isn't that great) after seven years. Most games that have this kind of developer longevity are MMOs with monthly fees.

That said, I still play primarily because of one or two communities, so for me it's more about the people than the game at this point. If their TF2 servers went offline, I would likely stop playing.
Monday Night Combat and Loadout didn't seem to affect it much, but those didn't have the powerhouse behind them that is Blizzard.

Besides, TF2 is eight years old. So it wouldn't be some immense feat for Overwatch to take a chunk of the remaining players away.
Image:142588054900.gif(1.59MB , 500x300 , tumblr_nksvjqZZ7C1r61mabo2_500.gif)
Probably. It's been a (mostly) good eight years, but that's still eight years of one game and Overwatch looks like it'll be a breath of fresh (albeit a bit similar) air. At least TF2 has the entertaining comics going for them.
Whoa! Huge update we got today!

Muh cooch
Yeah, but it's mostly a bunch of small stuff and not a who-
>Added new map ctf_thundermountain
Oh my stars and garters, I fucking love thundermountain.
What's with all this matchmaking news on TF2?
TF2 turns into a dating service. Pay in key please.
Valve is finally listening to everyone that's been bitching about F2P, conga, and the idiocy of official servers.
Image:143059359000.png(20kB , 500x400 , boxdog sad.png)

You talk like conga is a bad thing...
When the whole server starts doing conga, it's funny.

When one guy is doing conga when nobody else is, it's a problem.
Oh god I just had a horrible thought. What if the new matchmaking system will be like MVM, where you have to buy tickets to play in competitive servers?
Valve will eventually understand this problem and fix it by forcing all players to conga if one player is conga-ing.
CONGA INITIATED. All players are auto dragged to the conga person in question.
I'm now imagining that they're just zip-lined to the general location, but the algorithm that is supposed to make them all line up isn't bug-tested (normal for TF2), and instead all of the other players conga in the air to form a vortex around the initiator.

And now I want this to be a thing.
Conga Cyclone. Engie dancing in the middle.
Image:143089224800.jpg(25kB , 306x306 , 923667_1417518171870399_1520705224_a.jpg)
>Highlander mode
>class limit is 1
>"There can be only one"

Ffs. How did I not get this until now?
So Lmaobox has completely ruined TF2. Valve places so much trust in VAC that they have nobody to monitor their servers and don't read any of the reports they get. Instead the reports feed into VAC to monitor that player more closely. Which doesn't work because Lmaobox is undetectable by VAC and Valve refuses to do fucking anything about it.
I haven't played TF2 since the disappointing halloween event. What is lmaobox?
Also that should not surprise you since I'd wager they have maybe a team of 5 total doing TF2 part-time, if that. The game is pretty damn old especially as far as multiplayer games go and they're relying on the community to keep it updated anyway, so why would they pour more resources into it?
You could easily google this.

Lmaobox is a fully customizable cheat program. Aimbot, wallhack, auto airblast, auto backstab, auto sticky detonation, no-spread, infinite melee crits, anti-votekick, fake lag and chat spam, among other things. It costs $20 and is completely undetectable by VAC.
I hope you people like workshops, cause we got another one: http://www.teamfortress.com/post.php?id=17092
>The Maps Workshop Beta is an in-development one-stop hub where mapmakers can instantly upload and get feedback on their maps.
Image:143579881100.gif(2.75MB , 360x193 , 9001.gif)

Oh boy, pay $6 to have colored weapons and fuck all else? I'm pretty underwhel-
>New feature : Weapon exchange and pick up. Weapons dropped by killed players can no longer be picked up for ammo. Killed players will now also drop a medium ammo box. Players that can normally equip the dropped weapon (proper class) can look at the weapon and press the 'action key' to exchange it with what they have equipped. The player's equipped weapon will be dropped on the exchange.
...I don't know how I feel about this.

>Changing to a new disguise while already under a disguise takes 0.5 seconds instead of the normal disguise time of 2 seconds
>While invisible, Spy receives 20% less damage from all damage sources
>While invisible, Spy has reduced timer on debuffs (fire, jarate, milk, bleed)
>Decreased the damage penalty on Sentries sapped by the Spy from -66% to -33% (i.e. shooting a Sentry the Spy sapped with a Revolver is now more effective)
I hear the crying now.

>Borneo official
>Snowplow fucking finally released
>Cloak and Dagger - Can now pick up ammo kits for cloak meter while visible.
>Increased base wrench construction speed on hit boost by 50%. Buildings now build 2.5x faster instead of just 2x (additive of 1.5x + base speed)
>Teleporters and Dispensers redeploy +50% faster (2.5x without wrench boost, 5.5x with wrench boost)
>Building pick up speed penalty reduced from 25% to 10%
>On Wrench equip change, buildings no longer self-destruct unless the building type is changed (i.e. Only Sentry explodes when switching from Wrench to Gunslinger)
>Mini Sentries can now be repaired
>Mini Sentries can now be wrench construction boosted
>Mini Sentry base build speed decreased. Mini Sentries that are wrench boosted build slightly faster than previously.
>Mini Sentries start at 50% health on construction and gain health during construction instead of starting at 100%
>Equalizer and Escape Plan - Changed no healing penalty to 90% less healing from Medics while active
And just when I'm slowly coming back again.
Video:143580713200.webm(2.33MB / 00:00:08 / vp8 , 1280x720 , boxtrot.webm)
Image:143580779100.gif(907kB , 476x319 , SniperDealwithitdance.gif)
>Gunslinger nerf
>Dead Ringer nerf
>Spy-cicle nerf
>Big Earner buff
>Escape Plan buff
>Tide Turner buff
>New feature : Weapon exchange and pick up. Weapons dropped by killed players can no longer be picked up for ammo. Killed players will now also drop a medium ammo box. Players that can normally equip the dropped weapon (proper class) can look at the weapon and press the 'action key' to exchange it with what they have equipped. The player's equipped weapon will be dropped on the exchange.

Not a fan of this. It's completely unnecessary and breaks the game's flow. This game is 8 years old, you can't be introducing entire new gameplay features like this. Plus it removes some of the Spy's strategy. Nobody's going to notice weapons disappearing, but everyone notices ammo boxes being gone.
>new maps
>mostly reasonable weapon changes

>>>random damage spread off by default

holy shit I might actually try this update
It's not like they were trying to preserve their art style since adding paints, but Christ there is NOTHING good about this update at all outside of some of the rebalancing.
So much for trick explosions to resupply.
Yeah, I've been working on being able to do that. :(
Image:143625567800.png(291kB , 581x561 , u w0t m8.png)
>2 contracts per week
It's not like I was hoping to spend hundreds of hours doing them anyway...

Have been testing some of the re-balanced weapons,

- Panic Attack: First thing first, still shit -> ●

- Short Circuit: The most awaited one, I must say I actually had FUN with this weapon after testing it, it's like having a fast, short-ranged pistol with an alt fire that casts a field that instantly destroys proyectiles (yes, part of the original concept is back), but better than all, you can't spam such ability anymore. They made it flexible and not super op anymore, they brought a smile to my face.

- Gunslinger: They wouldn't just leave the poor thing alone, would they? With the recent changes to how the sentry in general works, the minisentry was left behind with this one as there is no need to use it anymore now that you can build a lvl 1 stock sentry with the same effort quickly, even better if you are using the current jag.
The whole concept about the mini was quick, support gunfire, but not neccesarily exclusive to spam; they could have followed the amunition concept or do something much more simple like toning down the damage.

As right now, it has:
= Already low health.
= Big hitbox
= Very significant slower build speed
= 50% of starting health
= It can be repaired now, but why would you do that on such a concept in the first place?
= You may punch them now, but by the time you try to get it deployed on tight situations, which is supposed to work best, most of the time you will be already dead along with your unborn sentry child. So long that's been my experience with good players, the poor thing.

I don't know, but if I have to punch a sentry I would rather do it on a lvl 1 sentry that also can be upgraded, has more health, knockback, damage, it has pretty much everyting. At least the whole change made me play stock engy again for a long time, it is more effective and I actually enjoy it, but this change on the gunslinger made me to never look back at the thing, it's just that bad now.

- Jag: Do you love fresh, hot sentries? USE IT. ALWAYS.

- Iron Bomber: It's perfect now.

- Loch-n-Load: It's bad now. Really, it's trash.

- Vaccinator: Oooh, the JOY! You can actually call it "Vaccinator" now. The way it works currently is amazing, you don't need to rely on gimmick techniques to use the resistance you want right away. Well, almost, but definitely a big improvement, I love it.

- Sydney Sleeper: Horrible, you can actually call it a "crutch" now.

- Shortstop: >No longer uses secondary ammo and now uses primary ammo instead
Don't need to say more.

- Air Strike: I found this fun before, now things got SERIOUSLY FUN.

- Black Box: They overnerfed it; the heal gain now is too low that it doesn't compensate the loss of an extra shot. Don't use it if you actually want to live.

- Liberty Launcher: Haven't actually tested it much but
>+25% clip size
>+40% projectile speed
>-25% blast damage from rocket jumps
All this for -25% of damage? Wow, just, I don't know. Now I have to give it a spin.

- Detonator: Thanks for giving it a bit more height on jumps, but WHY NERF IT?

- Scorch Shot: Awesome! It might as well be a grief tool, because you can get people mad with it, heavies overall.

- Powerjack: Silly valve, nobody sane enough uses the powerjack for healing, you might as well remove the ability entirely now that you lowered it further.

- Tide Turner: Feelz god mon. Also, that charge bonus on meele kill is god-sent.

- Claidheamh Mòr: Last sentence also goes for this weapon.

- Booties: Holy shit, booties being actually a sidegrade now? This is really hard to believe.

- Brass Beast: Hey Snipers, hey, u mad?

- Natascha: You know, the damage resistance is good, nice, but why I have a feeling that valve doesn't really know what to do with this thing? They already did some nice reworks, why not do the same with it? Because I really don't think the slowdown effect is going anywhere near a middle ground even if having one, which is pretty much the reason why you are using it. Haters can cry whatever they want, annoying =/= unbalanced, the gunslinger suffered the same fate.

- Dalokohs Bar: Was the 10-seconds cooldown necessary? I would understand if it applied on throw for others to heal, even a longer cooldown would make sense for that, but on consuming for oneself? I don't think the overheal is even working as intended, because it is only permanent up to 350 hp, beyond that it temporally overheals for 50 hp more and decays so fast before noticing it was even there. They just made it worse, although they were very clever at giving the thrown chocolate the small health candy model, yet lazy, even the fish cake doesn't match it.

- Pomson 6000: I hope with this change whiny medics will stop crying, uber drain it's small time when you can perfectly dodge a projectile with the speed of a snail. Despite of that, I still think the projectile's hitbox has the size of a truck.

- Rescue Ranger: Yes! YES!

- Wrangler: Pretty good balance change, and they made it making sense. Engies won't be able to use the wrangler to tank anymore and actually use the passive shield as a support perk.

- Eureka Effect: I guess being able to actually ninjaneer with this thing can be a little too much to support construction? I will need to test this more.

- Bazaar Bargain: Well, the main thing that cripled this was the head loss on miss, and now it also functions as a killstreak on its own. That does sound like a BARGAIN!

- Cozy Camper: I'm flipping shit out of excitement right now, just so you know.

- Spy in general: With the exception of the dead ringer which I think he should be able to survive a charged headshot when triggered at full health, everything is dandy, he really needs a bit of work.

- Panic Attack: It's shit. Did I mention it already? Well, I'm mentioning it again. It's shit.
>Detonator: Thanks for giving it a bit more height on jumps, but WHY NERF IT?

because the pyro isn't supposed to be a real class
be thankful they didn't randomly nerf the flamethrower or airblasting
you can look forward to them slowly nerfing all of its unlocks except for the only problematic one (superfast weapon switch speed broke the axtinguisher (nobody called it OP before the degreaser existed), it still breaks the flaregun and reserve shooter and it made the powerjack "too good")

>Despite of that, I still think the projectile's hitbox has the size of a truck.

the pomson's "projectile" is actually a particle, like the flamethrower shots
that's why its collision detection is so unreasonable
über drain is still a stupid concept, especially on the engineer; removing piercing made it less retarded, but they should just remove the drains entirely and make the pomson into a slightly better bison instead


>danger shield still breaks sniper mirrors, 2 years and counting


playtesting? why, tf2 only exists to sell cosmetic crap nowadays!
>be a consumer whore, pay $5.99 for Gun Mettle campaign
>One of my contract drops is a case
>wtf, no, I'm not paying for a key to open this damn thing
>put it on the market for $7.05
>sells within a half hour
After gaben's cut I made $6.19 or so. Within three days the campaign has (sort of) literally paid for itself and made me a tiny profit, so now I feel quite good about partaking.
//youtube.com/watch?v=9e0-2nqM95wyoutube thumb
Secrets, Secrets for everyone!

I just did the same with the first case I got.
And managed to get a Genuine Dadliest Catch hat in 40 cents, and a genuine Apoco-Fists in 39 cents.
Also, felt tempted to get buds, now that those are at $10.
>Checking Markets after being away for a while

Ouch, Buds based economics just collapsed didn't it. When did that happen?
Over a year ago.
I don't even bother with the market any more since metal just kept on decreasing in value. I knew it would due to the amount being generated every day, but when buds dropped that accelerated that quite a bit.
Glad I sold off my high valued holiday stuff when I did. Guess I'll use the metal I've got to craft hats.
Are Valve servers lagging like fuck for anyone else?
I get spikes like mad though I think it might be more because my ISP has basically abandoned the area.

Running fine from 60-100 area then BAM 800-900 which usually triggers a latency kick.
thatother1dude !!/PKS88+dMMc
It's not quite as extreme, but it's pretty frequent for ping to suddenly jump from below 100 to nearly 200 with the lag being so bad that I have no idea what's happening.
Blame Dota. TI5 started today
I'm starting to think contracts were a bad idea. People are refusing to do things that actually help their team or complete the objective in favor of completing a contract.
It should have been obvious that would happen.
Nothing different than when new achievements are released, but now you'll have a recurrence every Wednesday/Saturday.
Contracts even worth it with the case prices dropping like they are?
Well, that if you're playing on a gun mettle server.
You could still get a weapon relevant to your main class. Right now my only purpose in doing them is to get that gold coin, for the bragging rights. (Sold a case on day two, which payed for my campaign coin, so no salt here.)
Image:143837338600.gif(2.12MB , 380x286 , Neil deGrasse Tyson.gif)
>keys up
>keys down
>keys up
>keys yaddayaddadingdong

You know that I'm not active in the tf2 economy as much as I used to for obvious reasons? But these keys, mon, the keys have proven to be to most unstable shit in tf2's trade history as of now; having some value based on real cash just doesn't help, I'm starting to think they took that more as an "excuse" seeing how things were and how things are now. Are "pro"traders this retarded/much of a scum to fall for their own crap?
I'm always confused as to why standard keys seem to cost above the Valve store price, more often than not. If you can pay $2.49 for a key for Valve or $2.65 for a key from the market, why would you choose the market? I suppose to make sure Valve only gets a portion of the sale, but that seems like spiteful view of someone that has more dollars than sense.

I actually asked that myself too a long time ago. Turns out, people that don't play TF2 may encounter some trades for items they want from the game they do play, but in those cases, the trader asks for (you guessed it) TF2 keys. Knowing this made my view on this practice rather neutral, though, I still doubt if paying a bit more is worth it in comparison to just having the game installed, I guess that's really up for each user.

But in the other hand, we can safely assume everybody is rather naive, as they can just buy them for their original price here:
Keys are still at least holding their value while the other two tiers of the pyramid collapsed when the market opened.
>Engineer contract
>Last almost two hours on the advance objective of "Kill 5 enemies with the same sentry gun"
Finally, this was a true test for my patience, this better be wor-
>A Powerhouse case
Fuck. Oh well, at least I can sell it.

Also, I won a steel fedora for the spy with my last free Tour of Duty ticket.
I think I had to use a mini to get that Engie bonus. It's actually really good if you can throw one down in the middle of a large clash, as it can pick off stragglers and assists count as part of the five.
You know, I get it. Most people are asleep at 4am. So if I play TF2 at that time I'm mostly going to be playing with people from other countries. But WHY are they almost always consistently AWFUL at the game? There has to be some underlying cultural reason for it.
Likely Valve's quick-connect system. The one where you click the button and just choose a mode quickly, and the game finds a server for you. I don't know how it decides which one to connect to, but it seems to prioritize ping very low; when trying to connect to a Gun Mettle server, I've been dumped in Stockholm servers when it's obvious from the server list that there are Washington or Virginia servers closer to me with open slots (but that I can't join from the server list, for some reason.) Player count seems to have a far higher priority.

If they're joining manually, new users, especially ones who have little online gaming experience, don't understand latency. Those who do will stick to servers located in or closer to their own country.

Could also be that they're affiliated with the clan that runs the server(s), but the clan only has servers located in one country.
>here have a sports game in your killing game
I believe I've already done every single existing contract already, and I have the feeling I'll be repeating contracts soon.

Image:143995909200.gif(3.99MB , 600x323 , Frenchy.gif)

It's something, but no thanks, I pass. No one wants another asteroid or cactus canyon.

>having the ball
>enemy tries to kill you
>pass the ball to him
>he can't shoot for a couple of secs
>kill him
>grab the ball back
It's the most exploitable thing right now for those moments when you have someone following you.
thatother1dude !!/PKS88+dMMc
Seems interesting, but the beta-ness is still obvious: right away I encounter some bugs where the speed boosters don't actually make you faster (they just give the "speed boost" visual effect like from the Disciplinary Action and Concheror) and the ball will fail to deploy (leaving everyone with nothing to do until the timer runs out). The jump boosters and where each one leads could also stand to be more visible, since they're the only thing that keeps the map from being unfeasible huge. The huge open area on the rooftops is a kind of questionable design choice given how helpless that makes everyone against Sniper literally half a map away--at least the Wrangler damage falloff nerf happened before this.

Though speaking of Beta, why are Asteroid and Catcus Canyon still listed there? The last updates for each were eight and eleven months ago, respectively, and they basically look and play like finished maps.
>I believe I've already done every single existing contract already, and I have the feeling I'll be repeating contracts soon.
What contracts are there? 9 classes, 3 maps, 1 Points = 13 contracts, but that's only 1690 points (including bonuses) and I'm just shy of 2000. I don't think I've repeated a contract yet...
Oh, looks like contracts can have variations, so you can get the same contract twice but have different objectives. Even though there are four maps (not three), I guess I have had at least one repeat and didn't notice.
//youtube.com/watch?v=oi0lgwLgP58youtube thumb
Yup, is incredibly beta-ish. Plus, I have the feeling this is just testing waters for a different game.

Yup, I got a scout contract that I managed to finish in Harvest. Apparently, some Valve servers outside the new fours can let you do contracts.

>Though speaking of Beta, why are Asteroid and Catcus Canyon still listed there? The last updates for each were eight and eleven months ago, respectively, and they basically look and play like finished maps.

Considering what >>196743 analyzes, we'll probably be seeing them after the end of the Gun Mettle.
Image:144071845100.png(304kB , 680x518 , 1435312244437.png)
>Buy the Boxtrot taunt
>Decide to try boxtroting on Suijin
>Cap the point on a second try, be the box
>No one notices me for at least 1:30 min, not even a soldier
>By the time a scout manages to find and hit me, it's already too late as the whole team is on the point
>Survive with 3 of health
>A team member baffled about this just asked: "How they didn't noticed you?"

This is how it feels?
To be THE BOX?
Suddenly a new TF2 comic

Only one more remaining! I figure we'll see it around 2018.
Oh, two issues left. Well, 2025, here we come.
Not sure how much I like how edgy these are getting. Each issue seems to be getting darker and darker. Hell, Soldier almost seems out of character at some points.
Dunno, I think the tone hasn't changed much; it's only what's been revealed. From early on it was obvious that it was working towards a giant endgame, though whether it will be the end of the TF2 comicverse altogether or a lead-in to something like TF3 remains to be seen. I wouldn't be surprised if the comic was intended as a lead-up to TF3, and each comic is released when production reaches a milestone.

I just really, really hope they don't pull a "and everything returned to normal, the end".
My only problem is the ending. It made me cringe, like seriously that makes me uncomfortable just looking at it.
I wonder if the comic is going to kick off a wave of Medic/Sniper shipping. I know whichever update gave us "C'mere cupcake" spawned a whole bunch of Soldier/Medic fans and caused a big conniption between them and the Heavy/Medic bulwark for a while /popcorn.gif
makani art is always such a good thing
Image:144153281500.png(104kB , 346x252 , virgilmad.png)
>Soldier contract
>(Advanced) Kill an airborne target with your secondary: 5 CP
>Almost 4 hours to get that advanced objective for the bonus points
>4 hours

Could've gone to Hightower to snipe all the jumpers with Reserve Shooter.
No need to hang in GunMettle servers for contracts, apart from specific map ones.
You know, by the end of this Gun Mettle campaign, Powerhouse will may be the new Hydro.

I ended going a couple of some non-Gun Mettle and managed to get most of those points there. I wish i could thought of hightower before.
You guys like aliens, right? I hope you like aliens.

//youtube.com/watch?v=8wDRQ4Dj72Myoutube thumb
//youtube.com/watch?v=E8vKbDydELQyoutube thumb
>Someone did a Rick & Morty voice mod with the Dota 2 pack

>Video not available anymore
But yeah, this is gonna be interesting.
>Next major update, including another Campaign, coming "out by the end of the year" (ahahahahaha, except it in the summer)
>Last Gun Mettle contract is Sept 30th
>No Halloween update, just more community items tagged as Halloween
>Community items that are added this year will NOT have the Halloween restriction, so they can be viewed anytime
Well this pisses me off more than anything else really. But it's a low droning rage reserved for something like not quite making a light while driving.
>Hey the only good halloween updates we had were Monoculous, H3, and Race to Hell... so fuck it you bitches just do everything this time.
>Oh and we'll just dump some more cosmetics on you or whatever that you can wear all the time or whatever. We somehow care less than 0 about this right now so like... whatever.
>you're gunna need mad keys and shit to get those cosmetics though
//youtube.com/watch?v=-yQlDnIAR14youtube thumb
And it's on!
>New maps and a reskinned map!
>Buy a pass to, uh... points! And stuff.
>Apparently no actual aliens!

>Throwables (Jarate, Mad Milk, Flying Guillotine) will now pass through friendly targets at close range. This is the same behavior as rockets and grenades.
About damn time! This was so fucking annoying, and this one change is more important than the entire Invasion update.
"Players who own an Invasion Community Update Coin will also receive exclusive Invasion cases as random drops. All cases require a Invasion Community Update Key to open.

Proceeds from the key will be shared between Valve
and the Invasion Community Update Team."

>But this ticket to play, then pay to open the crates you can only get if you pay
I'm not even surprised
>Reskins and cosmetics
Browsed through all the new halloween stuff submitted... once again very very few good ones with the highlights, once again, being themed weapons we'll never get.
Maybe the maps will at least be ok.
>top players are medic and pyro on my team who pocket each other
>run past defense point that actually needs defending to rack up more points
>me: "Um, how about coming back and helping defending"
>medic: "how about sucking my ass"
>guy sounds like he's in his 20s, at least
>both him and pocket spam lenny in chat constantly
Sometimes I legit wonder if people like this are sociopaths irl. I used to shrug behavior like this off, but it really frustrates me to no end to see how toxic this community can be.
On the server I main, we'll often have this guy come on who is insanely good but cares only about being top of the scoreboard. He's so focused that he'll do it to the detriment of the team, and one or two others that visit frequently will deep pocket him.

For instance, he'll go Engie and run mini sentry/shotgun-that-uses-metal (I forget the name right now). Him and his pocket will just go wherever they expect the opposite team to be; no defense, no offense, just minis and metal. Won't drop a dispenser, won't drop a teleporter. But, because he's Engie, people see the "1" during class selection and figure we don't need a second Engineer, when in reality we don't have an Engineer at all.

It's extremely frustrating, to the point that if he goes engie and our team is failing the objective I'll votekick him. (I've asked him in the past to at least drop a teleporter, and he did... with the exit at spawn.)

We had some regular players who were recently banned because they would not only teamstack, but brag about teamstacking (not using that word, and would deny it when called out) and even had a hashtag and group spray. On the server's forums, they would claim that they were just trying to have fun, and playing on the same team as their friends was how they had fun.
Scream Fortress out of nowhere!
Aaaaand nothing new, just a compilation of all of the previous years.
We've know this for quite some time
The comic is at least food though
So, new maps are nothing new?
>complete meramission
>get case
>sell case on Market for $2.50
TF2 cosmetic speculation must be an insane market. Whatever, I made $2.50 easy.

Sinshine and Hellstone are new official maps (Hellstone has been around for at least a year, Sinshine probably has as well.) Two Event versions of existing maps (Gorge, Moonshine). There's also a brand new map for Mannpower mode.
Okay, what the hell? Valve closed all other servers besides those that host Halloween events? Is it like this every year? What if I just want to play normal-ass TF2?
Most valve run servers do convert, yes.
There are still tons of indipendent ones to pick from though.
Everything about Scream Fortress 7 has been a giant disappointment.
It's your fault for having expectations.
>Oh cool Halloween contracts
>Nobody has the required maps running
>Official Servers are nothing.

Too many damn maps last best one was Helltower. Now that was a fun time.
Image:144650147200.png(18kB , 325x172 , awful.png)
>No halloween gifts
>Inconsisntent contracts
I got lucky with a contract that had a single mission for 100 MP: Defeat Monoculus (and only on Eyeaduct) The server I joined to do so was already fighting Monoculus, and it died two minutes later.

If not for that, it would have been a complete pain-in-the-ass contract.
I miss the MLP Team servers I used to play on. Good folk decent number of skilled players to keep combat working. Not looking for that again but a good solid community server to play on again would be nice.
Image:144650777400.png(302kB , 600x450 , madddd.png)

When I mean "inconsistent", though, I mean like they not dropping at all when they clearly said it they were at least 13 per week.

Oh, and I also forgot to add to my previous post, "no more halloween paints" or being able to craft the saxton mask again because, while you still have a chance to get one of the required masks from the BIGASS OCEAN we have as item pool now for the halloween crap, they are not craftable anymore.

How valve manages to fuck things up this badly is beyong me, sometimes I swear they do it on purpose, deliberately trolling everyone because fuck you. Or maybe it's valve's way on how they manage their projects/games as any employee is free to take or leave it at any moment, which it's still a fuck you from them.
>When I mean "inconsistent", though, I mean like they not dropping at all when they clearly said it they were at least 13 per week.
Oh. I find I have to be on a Valve server for 10-15 minutes before mine will drop.
I like the Voogru servers. Only problem with their main server (Crazy House) is that it's not that active until late at night, and once it gets full you have a pretty decent chance of getting kicked for donator.
Funny, most of the merasmissions I've done keep giving me more pyro cosmetics.
But at least I've managed to transmutate things I've been wanting to get rid off.
I completely missed voting for Saxxies. FUCK.
Did someone on the TF2 devteam seriously come out and say Miss Pauling was lesbian? Because normally I'd be ok with that, but if that's true than I'd be well-annoyed.

Where did that start up? No hint of that in the comics where it seems Scout is still given chase and she's not shot him down.
Writer of the comics made a tweet and that's where it started.
I usually don't side with /v/ on things like this, but I do this time. Holy shit that is forced and I refuse to acknowledge that it's canon.
>I usually don't side with /v/ on things like this
Yes you do.
Not that anon and I haven't been been to /v/ or /tf2g/ in a long time, but for some reason I feel kinda... disappointed? I dunno. I'm female and bisexual, I should be excited about this considering all the other fictional lesbians I love, but for some reason not this time and I don't even really know why.

Maybe it's because I would've liked her to be a girl who likes dudes but just doesn't care about the ones she spends the most time with, and they for the most part share that disinterest or keep the courting to a fairly respectful level.
Seems kinda sad, I mean there are no ladies about other than Heavy's sisters and the only one out and about has taken to Solider. Maybe if she had talked about it, or they hadn't made Scout so hard up to ask her out and then for her not to just break it to him that she's not into guys.

Course her being a professional killer/cleaner and not being able to put that out there I can get. I say Valentines Day issue and get it all out on the table via talking to Spy and how he handles being a professional killer and having a thing for the ladies (Scouts Mom in particular) Maybe explore the reason she's not shot down Scout, or maybe he's just dense and she's already told him and he doesn't grasp it(which seems likely).
I don't oppose to the idea (as long as they could manage to pull a good execution), but, only Valve has the last word on this.
Say a cosmetic reference.

>Broken Hearts Club Headband

>"Hey Scout, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Just not Ms.Pauline, because she's into girls. Sorry Scout."

Spy also gets one.

>Speed Dater

>"Ms. Pauline enlisted Spy's help in opening up to "others" about being a professional killer. Spy Tweaked this old model Disguise kit so he could take the appearance of many different women in succession. He has since set it to just swap through random disguises to keep things from getting awkward...again. Sorry Scout.

>Each Watch Time Out Resets the Disguise Kit to a different random disguise, Watch must be at Full Charge to reset counter.
No I don't. I recognize progressivism when it's actual progressivism. But Valve clearly never intended Pauling to be lesbian, otherwise they would've never teased a ship between her and Scout, regardless if she rejects him or not.

Contrary to popular belief, not every video game absolutely needs an LGBT character.
They don't need them, and I concede your point about the shipping hints, but given the statistical prevalence of such people IRL (about 10% or so in the US), it becomes statistically unlikely that nobody in a 20+ something cast is. It doesn't necessarily have to be Miss Pauling though, and I'd rather she wasn' (I'd settle for pure asexual), but if she is, it's not like her lesbianism has ever been forced or anything. It's done in an even less intrusive way than Dumbledore.
It's not even about progressiveness, it just seems to me like another of those general "nuh uh, MY vision of the character is the one I'm putting my foot down for, even though other writers think of and have written her in a different direction" problems that happen in a franchise with multiple writers. The fact that the issue happens to be over who Miss Pauling would rather fuck makes it seem political, but the crux of the issue (and a lot of the more reasonable opposition) doesn't look to me that much different from the infamous "is Lockjaw a dog or an Inhuman" debate from Marvel comics.
>they would've never teased a ship between her and Scout
Dude, people tease ships between characters with incompatible orientations ALL THE TIME.
>but given the statistical prevalence of such people IRL (about 10% or so in the US) it becomes statistically unlikely that nobody in a 20+ something cast is.

The last Williams Institute estimate from 2012 actually states 3.4% for the entire United States. Most of TF2's characters are in New Mexico, which has a 2.9% estimate. In Australia, according to 2014, it's 3.1%. And this all accounts for both genders, not Lesbians specifically. Knowing this, it actually does become statistically unlikely to me.

Not if the writers are actually smart.
Niggas just salty their waifu wouldn't like them.
I am deeply offended that the SJW menace has tainted that holiest of holies, TF2 lore.
>And this all accounts for both genders, not Lesbians specifically.

That's how percentages work, right?

Ms.Marvel and the current Ghost Rider was one of those.

I'm chill with it if she'd have a chance with someone else instead of being forever alone.
Nah. If anything it means she would like me now when before I wouldn't have stood a chance but it still doesn't seem right to me.
Maybe she just doesn't really want or feel ready for a relationship.
Wonder when Expiration Date happens, because she said she had plans during that, but their antics meant she had to go on a cleaning job.
Well, in the wacky world of TF2, I don't exactly want to see political statements being made.
Other than Solider and his strong stance against enemies of AMERICA.
I like your ideas, son.

Did that even got resolved? I think there was a Secret Wars romance thing special that tried to touch that, but I'm kinda lost.

If I can get a handle on Modeling and Design I may submit those.

End in GLORIOUS FRIENDSHIP. Yea it was a total tease but a fun one.
Image:144826583300.png(38kB , 218x203 , Toolbox engineer.png)
Don't mind the random weapon idea after that i-just-don't-feel-like-playing-tf2-for-a-good-good-while period. At 2 in the morning.

So I just stumbled on an old tf2 discussion talking about the sidney sleeper, got some outcomes after looking at the whole picture:
First of all, let's ignore the DDS for a moment.

> The dart gun
>+ 25% charge rate
>+ On Hit: Jarate applied to target and visible for your team for 2 to 8 seconds
>+ Headshot immunity
>- No random critical hits
>- No headshots

> True piss gun
>+ 25% charge rate
>+ On Hit: Jarate applied to target for 2 to 8 seconds
>+ On Headshot: Jarate applied on a radius around the target, for 2 to 8 seconds
>+ Headshot immunity
>- No critical hits (but can be crit boosted)

> The tranquilizer
>+ 25% charge rate
>+ On Hit: Jarate applied to target and slowed for 2 to 8 seconds
>+ Headshot immunity
>- No random critical hits
>- No headshots
The movement penalty shouldn't be that harsh, around -15% or so.

> True support
>+ 25% charge rate
>+ On Hit: Jarate applied to target for 2 to 10 seconds
>+ Can extinguish burning teammates
>+ Headshot immunity
>- No random critical hits
>- No headshots

And yes, basically every version has headshot immunity, like it should have been instead of slapping it on the DDS. Pick your poison, cog.
Post archived in case the board gets wiped, btw.

Also, what I meant to say is "rework", balancing the sydney sleeper to make it more viable.
>The Batusi taunt didn't made it for the contest
//youtube.com/watch?v=opjjvyo-CGgyoutube thumb
No deal, then.

At least the winners are pretty cool.
Here's your Smissmass update (I guess?): http://www.teamfortress.com/toughbreak/

New Campaign, taunts, skins, maps. And balance changes:
>B.A.S.E Jumper
> Removed hidden property of up draft when on fire
> After removing a Sapper from a sentry, there is now a 0.5s delay before the sentry is active again
> The Jag
> Added damage penalty against buildings. Now takes 3 hits to destroy a Sapper.

> Pyros like to collect rainbows! Extinguishing a teammate will now return 20 health to the Pyro.
>The base Flamethrower's damage fall off over distance has been decreased, resulting in higher damage output at range
As a Pyro main I have gone from Credit to Team to Creditest to Team.

> No longer boosts all-around switch speed. Instead, boosts switch-to speed by 60% and switch-from speed by 30%.
> Increased Airblast cost by 25%
> Properties changed
> 100% Chance to crit against burning targets
> 33% Damage penalty
> 20% Slower attack speed
> 75% Slower switch-to speed
...but... but my Puff'n'Sting... fuck.

> When activating 'MMMPH', the taunting Pyro gains temporary invulnerability and immunity to knockback effects
I know some people will complain about OP, but the knockback immunity is actually good for those going against Phlog. If someone activating MMMPH was knocked back (like an airblast, or FaN) they would be able to start firing before the taunt completed, giving them a longer MMMPH time. Granted, it means you can't airblast them into a conveniently-placed pit, but I think it's a good tradeoff.
Removed Targe fire immunity.

Well shit, someone is a Pyro fanboy on dev team.
Hey thanks, almost forgot I need to sell all my TF2 shit
Image:145039339200.gif(2.78MB , 360x200 , OMG SO COOL.gif)
Since a lot requires some testing, I will just comment on a single thing:

>'Gifted by' Tag can now be removed from items via 'Restore?' Context action from the Backpack view
Yea I've got about twenty odd in key and some strange festive stuff, wondering if I should sell the Strange Pan.
Image:145040057700.png(153kB , 505x315 , 1313671753659.png)
>Medics now have slightly higher health regeneration when healing a hurt patient
>Crusader's Crossbow
>Healing a player with an arrow now grants a small amount of ÜberCharge

Insomnia, do I have you on steam?
I can't remember your id.
Shit, dammed cookies.
That was me btw.
>Notes missed from the previous update:
> Huntsman
> Can be fired while off the ground
The Vaccinator has become so OP that I no longer care about the stock Medigun. Still use Kritz for defense though.
Image:145082673100.gif(355kB , 676x480 , Infinite_facepalm.gif)
>Play on landfall for a contract
>A heavy just keeps keybind spamming "the phlog is fair and balanced"
>Another guy keeps spamming the chat with the same phrase, but it's obvious he's just copy/pasting it
>Any voting to kick him is futile since there's not enough votes
>I complain how obnoxious is that and ask him to stop being a baby
>The other spammer goes by "who cares, you're just keep feedign teh trool"
>suddenly this guy proceed to voteban me for "accused of scamming"
>I got immediately banned by most of the server, obviously including the main spammer

Valve seriously needs to retool the voting options

Also, avoid this manchildren like the plague.

The problem is, unless the voting system were exploited by bots, bugs or something similar, there isn't much to do since the inputs were done by real persons. Yes, idiots will be idiots, but valve pretty much proved that it doesn't matter the effort you put on it, one just can't fix stupid from night to dawn.
>Updated the Phlogistinator
> No longer restores player to max health on MMMPH activate
> Increased amount of damage required to fill MMMPH meter to 300 from 225
Fuuuuucking finally. What the fuck did they think would happen?
OH fuck, that antivirus thing might make Steam workable on my computer.

I barely PC game because Steam almost always tries to make my CPU explode.

Matchmaking is coming boyos!
And now Hydro is having some sort of renaissance thanks to that last update.
Thanks Valve!
Image:146198722700.jpg(20kB , 251x251 , OMMOSED.jpg)
>LMAOBOX Premium finally got detected
>Mass-vacbans ensured
>a drizzle of salty tears flooding everything in its path
Image:146199922600.png(229kB , 298x368 , belto-san's face.png)
Good riddance.
Image:146201144700.png(431kB , 470x574 , WnMkpt9.png)
Based be Gaben.
Maybe play some TF2 again now.
Image:146269282300.png(724kB , 558x725 , Mann Co. Monthly.PNG)
A fanzine?


I enjoyed it quite a bit, would love to see more of these as a serious thing.
>Join a valve server
>Someone crits everyone all the time as scout

Cheating was still bound to happen. It always happens. But holy shit mon.

Although, even if known cheaters make new accounts, all those +3k accounts, along with their items, medals and whatnot that were recently banned are lost forever, not to mention their steam account will be marked as well.
I just wish valve wouldn't take too long taking care of those things.
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More info on the next major TF2 update via VNN.
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