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Sexism and Videogames ThreadAnonymous
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image:140324940600.jpg(193kB , 840x951 , girls_and_videogames_by_eleyonart-d5vmcve.jpg)
Is sexy the same as sexism?

Are sexualization and objectification the same?

Discuss these intriguing questions in this thread (and not in the Zelda one).
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Noting is wrong with wanting more of X. That's not what we're seeing. What we're seeing is "I want more of X, but will complain about Y because it's the opposite of X, and when X comes out I won't buy it in lieu of complaining about Y2, and if anyone calls me out on this, I'll blame the publishers of X for not marketing it enough, the fans of Y for being immature misogynists, and then move onto Z when I've properly shamed everyone and absolved myself of any fiscal or even proverbial responsibility to actually support the things I'm demanding."

That controversy only makes sense if you've bought into the dogma, or speak it fluently enough to farm it for pageviews.
> And if a game said they made sure not to have any black people and you said that'd be great, you'd be racist.

Are you for real? GTA SA had no asian main character, and at no point there was the intention of having one, so by argument anybody who liked it is a racist. Sleeping Dogs had an asian main character which means he wasn't black . Totally a racist game!

Come on man, think a bit before posting.
>See Third wave feminism which we are still kinda in is the best wave of feminism yet

Yeah stopped reading there, you're giving feminism a bad name. Though I guess it fits with most of this board having mental illness.
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image:140058323600.jpg(1.02MB , 1920x1063 , Transistor_art.jpg)
Transistor Thread!

The long wait is over!

Considering it's self published it's got decent hype and attention.
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The Sneaky Tiki
Yeah, I'd call it a tragic romance.
quick post to get spoiler off the front page
I don't know what the spoiler is even after reading the post.
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image:139985311800.gif(13kB , 41x106 , mm7c1.gif)
General speaking, what's the order of importance.
Gameplay > Music > Graphics > Story?
Graphics > Gameplay > Story > Music?
>There seems to be a misconception that graphics don't matter, because NES games are fun. I really don't get that. Yes, NES games are fun but they're just that: fun.

In reality, a LOT of those old games also had pretty damn good graphics back in the day. The first Super Mario may look crude today, but to a wee lad like myself back in the 85 who was stuck with atari (and my bro's commodore 64) graphics, that thing looked unbelivably cool and it sure is one of the reasons why the game attracted my attention. Graphics have always mattered, it really isn't a modern trend.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Right. And the 80s/90s are probably the only time you could really make a distinction between graphics and art direction. Games like Final Fantasy or Legend of Zelda had great concept/official art, but the graphics at the time couldn't even begin to express it. These days, though, there's no need for that distinction: even our handhelds are capable of amazing detail, so there's no excuse for graphics not to match the concept art except, perhaps, in very little details.

Take Child of Light, for instance. In one of the "Making of" interviews, someone (producer? art director?) said that the concept art wasn't meant to be some ideal, but to actually be within the game. Transistor seems much the same.

However, I can understand someone liking the graphics but not the art direction. Wind Waker is a good example of this: the animation and graphics are awesome, but the choice of cel-shading turned a lot of people off.
The difference between graphics and art direction is the difference between some "Real is Brown" shooter and Okami, or Katamari Damacy. It's saying that a game might have lower polycounts or lower res textures, but still look better than a game with more because of the artistry involved in using what they have.
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image:139977658100.png(248kB , 250x456 , ADN19-Box-Right.png)
So, /cog/. Android: Netrunner? Do you play? Would you like to play it? You should, it's rad.

Here is a helpful video to sell you on it and give you an idea on how to play it: Android: Netrunner - Complete Tutorialyoutube thumb
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image:139977776800.jpg(61kB , 423x535 , cyberpunk.jpg)
I play at least a few times a week. It's a really great game. It's about cyberpunks vs corporations in a shadow war done over the net.
Dr.Gradamit !ayvek5nFcU
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The corporations are trying silence Dr.Gradamit! This will not stand!