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image:141100674300.jpg(91kB , 600x338 , final-fantasy-xv-logo[1].jpg)
This just in from TGS: Tetsuya Nomura and friends are going on a road trip to save video games in Final Fantasy 15: Spring Breakers 2.

//youtube.com/watch?v=wT3dyanB3pkyoutube thumb

This looks so fucking awesome.
Man, the Midgar parts of FF7 were so fucking cool. So fucking cool. I just remembered those out of the blue. I don't know why.
I know, right? Like, the game opening up was awesome and all, but those first few hours in magic-cyberpunk-ville got me hype as fuck.

I found it pretty dull and tedious, but I played it long after it first came out.
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image:140813804600.png(14kB , 559x357 , 1408130457378.png)
Moved here because the faggot mods on 4chan keep deleting them.
>the side-text.
Oh nice.

Can't wait to watch the Game Theory video!
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image:142582545600.png(252kB , 495x415 , B7CkehICIAAmNOB.png)
Poor mangle
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image:142582907000.png(616kB , 1437x835 , yHOnKgK.png)
Just finished Markiplier's run. Please tell me he made that and was just messing about.
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image:141221833600.gif(414kB , 250x136 , Shitstorm 3 Shittribution.gif)
Let's Play General: Spooky edition

It's that time of the year again...
//youtube.com/watch?v=sglDGombEBMyoutube thumb
I feel that its like Zelda more Alternates that come from a source but not Sequels. In that I still want a SMRPG2 for the 3DS.
T4 was here
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image:142528583500.png(48kB , 658x346 , we truly are the bio freaks.png)
>Woolie beats Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. (on Novice) and challenges Maximilian to do the same
>Max tries to do it in a stream (and insists on using the highest difficulty level)
>the stream peaks at over 7000 viewers, but Max's crew gets stuck on the last boss (which is nearly impossible because Woolie's strategy essentially doesn't work on this difficulty level)
>Pat and Matt both donate $100 each to the stream

The cruelest generosity!
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image:141625526200.png(1.40MB , 1920x1080 , 2013-03-06_00005.png)
Old one's being too big for its britches over there: >>189967

Picked a random pic from my screenshot folder as OP. Then I had to convert it to .png, which kinda destroyed the spontaneity of it all. Still much preferable to CP, though.
And Club Nintendo went down hard.

Quite sad to see one pass that young.
Sony has sold Sony Online Entertainment

http://www.giantbomb.com/articles/sony-no-longer-owns-sony-online-entertainment/1100-5178/ Now they are gong to go Multiplatform MMO
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image:140736886500.jpg(1.51MB , 1800x3850 , 15a1af4cd5709c0264a3e3878c9e1e87.jpg)
/FGG/ Fighting Game General II

Old one is sageing so it's time for a new one.

P4AU is coming to the US in September.
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Ya, kind of regretting not buying a wiiU bundle with camecube controller adapter. No idea why Nintendo doesn't just make more.

As for Amiibo's... good old scalping. Knew I should have just bought Fox. All I ever wanted was some SF merch... oh well.

In any case... Melee has the exact same set up at EVO as last year so get ready for more hour long sets.
T4 was here
Eh, we dont have an Amiibo scalping problem here in sweden.
Guessing because they cost more here, like all toys.
149kr to 199kr is the standard.

Also no problems so far with the 3rd party gamecube adaptor.
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Between two Smash Bros (fun to play, not really to watch especially with how long sets go), Killer Instinct (tryhard inbuilt hype and general awkwardness), and Tekken 7 and MKX being way too new for mainstage (clunky unfamiliarity) means this is going to be a very sleepy EVO.

Scalping in the US is pretty bad. Little Mac for instance goes for around $50 now. When Nintendo says "limited edition" they REALLY mean it. Unless it's Pikachu and Pario, almost all of the figures are being sold for far more than their MSRP.
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image:141045167700.png(467kB , 1280x720 , SSB_For_Wii_U_And_3DS_Logo[1].png)
You got your Fighting in my Nintendo!
You got your Nintendo in my Fighting!
Snake is still completely absent!

Japan gets the game in two days. Some guy already has a copy and is streaming: http://www.twitch.tv/gema_yue Right now he's fighting some huge shadow monster that's pretty cool
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Hope we aren't saging.

//youtube.com/watch?v=g_2OPd25FOwyoutube thumb

Mat attempts to psychoanalyze Sakurai and the final bosses.
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Mewtwo trailer


Also Lucas was apparently shown to be the next DLC character and there is a write in vote going on as well that will probably be ignored.
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image:140562052100.jpg(1,021kB , 1095x730 , Destiny-All-Cover-Art.jpg)
Well with the Beta out, I think Destiny should have it own thread, so we can talk about it and stuff.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Hearing about the ten year deal for the game makes me feel something similar happened with StarCraft 2, so when is part 3 due out for that anyway? or does anyone still care or remember it's in three parts to get the whole story equal time.
T4 was here
And maybe they could have gotten the point across better if they had more video time for the reviews.
Like Joe here;
//youtube.com/watch?v=gzopWRXK_r4youtube thumb
Got all the bugbears out.
Also I like the multiplayer so Im good.
But guess who missed out on that~
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image:141850694400.jpg(212kB , 419x1909 , destiny_s_a_bitch_by_vangarshriek-d87wktv.jpg)
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image:141011932600.jpg(85kB , 557x425 , 1210376146379.jpg)
/cog/ General: Still bickering, still not caring

So yeah, if you want to keep talking about all that wankery/bickering fest of those people, keep it over here ok?
In other more worth news, what have you been playing lately?
I didn't know Medievil was a collectathon platformer. I always assumed it was a typical action/beat em up. Games "aging" means practically nothing to me, so I might try it out anyway.
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image:141634666800.jpg(42kB , 1023x423 , B2wNc8vCQAAEm_0.jpg)
Oh boy, it's like each time one band shoots themselves in the foot, the other just escalates it!
Please, that kind of political gaming is so weak, there's no need to say "You're loyal to us but don't even know it!". That kind of lame reasoning only leads to corrupt practice like what GamerGate supposedly organized to prevent. Just let the handful of people who care support to the degree they want to. Gamergate is an arbitrary affiliation and can easily get replaced if something filling its purpose is needed again.
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image:141615723300.png(1.66MB , 1600x900 , DAKeep2-copy.png)
Dragon Age Keep is out, wanna have a Dragon Age General to talk about it or the game it is creating a story choice file for? Anyone have any strong feelings about it?
I'm undecided if I'm actually gonna get Inquisition but this thing still seems pretty interesting.

I'm kind of lost on the DA2 section choices though, never played it since it was awful. Surely some of the rest of you must be in the same situation when it comes to that.
Leliana always starts hardened in Inquisition, but you can unharden her through two plot events as long as you didn't do that spoiler.
Wait, shit, by spoiler I meant killing Marjolaine.
So killing Marjolaine makes it impossible not to make her unhardened in Inquisition? That sucks, you could kill her in Origins and still leave Leliana unhardened
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image:140960305600.jpg(110kB , 500x304 , nintendo-mario-logo.jpg)

Because I'm not digging through the ooze of the general to talk Mario &C/O.
There are some pretty cool offers right now.
Grabbed Liberation Maiden and it's pretty funny. Maybe I'll get Attack of the Friday Monster as well.
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image:142259029000.jpg(65kB , 640x388 , image.jpg)
code name Steam demo is up to download on 3ds
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image:141356851600.jpg(288kB , 510x708 , Hound_of_Abaddon_Chaos_Marine.jpg)
War Games General!

Come get you some.

Handy resource:
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Just buy recasts because GW are fucktards with their embargoes and constant price gouging.

Any fellow war gamers here?
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image:140019378200.jpg(622kB , 1920x1080 , EotL.jpg)
- Ye Ol Thread: http://plus4chan.org/b/cog/res/182453.html
- Ketchup: http://www.teamfortress.com/catchup/
- EotL Trailer: End of the Line Trailer [SFM]youtube thumb

> Unoptimizations
> Forsaken Fortress
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Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
>You have rated every video submitted to the Saxxy Awards!
...no, I'm pretty sure I haven't...
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image:141186362500.jpg(34kB , 720x480 , TF2 Day.wmv_snapshot.jpg)

>Team Fortress 2 in 60 seconds
Oh man, I remember way back when the Saxxy Awards started, when it revolved around the Replay function.

I used the same concept, except it was called "A day in Team Fortress 2: in 1 minute"; since I was alone on this, I went on a server (goldrush) and recorded everything and started editing. It didn't also help that I didn't have that much experience on editing videos, so I had to work only with what I knew and what I learned on the run (which were a lot of interesting things).
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image:141186820400.jpg(34kB , 367x283 , Sinking.jpg)
Thread is sinking earlier than expected.

New thread: >>190510
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image:140621663600.jpg(24kB , 720x350 , valve_pad-720x350[1].jpg)
Last thread: >>187245

>Valve has revealed a new version of its Steam controller, now with added analogue stick.
What are you doing Valve. Why.
>In politics, no party is ever without fault.

You sound like someone who gleefully and frequently engages in the Golden Mean Fallacy, in that case.
No matter what side you're on, there will always be a supposed ally who makes some really stupid statement and objecting to that will get you labeled an enemy.

According to /pol/ (and /n/ years before) I am both "MRA scum" and "feminazi" because I dared to not 100% side with either.

Life is rarely nice, simple and binary, that is all.
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image:139968253000.jpg(23kB , 348x242 , TBFPcomedyoferrors.jpg)
Let's Play general

TBFP plays Resident Evil 4 is more hilariously terrible than The Last of Us.

Pat & Matt for some bizarre reason are under the absurd impression the TMP is useless and sell all of it's ammunition despite it being one of the most useful guns in the game.
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//youtube.com/watch?v=W9Zu7lwFnEAyoutube thumb
Oh boy, who's ready for a wild ride?

//youtube.com/watch?v=iibER92yLmYyoutube thumb
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Guys I'm at an impasse. When the Game Grumps lost Jontron I quit watching them. Then Max and Matt did attempted a playthrough of Super Metroid on his YoVideogames channel but seemed to abandon it. Now I'm jonesing for a playthrough. Should I watch the Game Grumps Super Metroid Playthrough.
Its along with SM Sunshine just about my favourite one they've done. Yeah, watch it.
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image:140688974200.jpg(39kB , 375x523 , Mr_T_magic_card_by_rockvillepictures.jpg)
So, with Hearthstone out a while now, are there any lol cards on the internets yet?
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image:140719691000.gif(415kB , 213x201 , angry-dome.gif)
>trying out other people's YGO decks
>find a Fish deck
>modify it a bit
>try it out
>"Holy shit this kicks ass and it's really fun and not meta!"
>half the cards are OCG only
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>Arbitrary bullshit rules
There's your problem.
Because Konami doesn't care about Yugioh's quality as a game, only about how much money they can squeeze out of kids by repeating the print broken shit -> ban it -> print more broken shit cycle forever.