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Fuck me. The last third of the DLC is so fucking hard. So, so fucking hard. About to give up and summon.
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If you've had trouble getting the Platinum before, the OP DLC weapons make it easier than ever.
Oh shit! Please be good.
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Let's Play General 2

Apparently the old one is saging.

Anyway. SBF squad finished up TMNT week. Movie Review is all that's left.
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//youtube.com/watch?v=tm_tfY_JJTkyoutube thumb

Woolie's suffering continues.
Best Friends Play The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
//youtube.com/watch?v=ZZUSyGm90VQyoutube thumb

Woolie, Mat, and that other guy who isn't Pat play Twilight Princess for the first time.
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New thread for LPs and other such things.
Old one's still gonna be on the first page for a while with how dead this place is, but here's a link anyway: >>193479
Also, you should all watch the Contradiction Quick Look on Giant Bomb. It's amazing.
Seriously, against that boss? These two are so incompetent it isn't even comical.

Glad I didn't follow this lp.
//youtube.com/watch?v=xdYMCKAAbSMyoutube thumb

I'm no RPG expert, but boosting the physical attack of your resident spellcaster seems like a pretty pointless endeavor. This LP has become a comedy of errors.

Who's up for Evrae Round 2?
Sword of the Berserk Guts Rage Grumpcade with Ego and Ross. That's right two 's's, fuck you Ross.
//youtube.com/watch?v=bBzBm4SfPT0youtube thumb

Posted that because their has been a over abundance of Best Friends in the threads.
Now to post three Best friends LPs.
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I believe a thread was not made so far.

Go buy it. Then fucking play it. Then come back to talk about it.
You shouldn't be namefaging if you want to be called anon.

I'm uncertain about another thread at the moment. I really don't feel that 2nd thread will have enough to talk about.
Mister Twister
Well, we're all anons here. Namefagging is simply to ease communication and minimize trolling, which forced anonymous inevitably brings.
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>we're all anons here.
Obviously not, as there are namefags and tripfags. Please stop projecting your opinions and ideas onto others.
>Namefagging is simply to ease communication
Yes, but posters still have the option to remain anonymous. But it also allows posters to stand out and/or attach a personality to their posts, or a myriad of other reasons.
>and minimize trolling
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BUSINESS THREAD: The industry Nitty Gritty

Starting off, Activision just had a massive layoffs and a possible studio closure

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Yea the City Scape they build looked really nice. Now they just need to expand on that a bit more.
>Activision is just gonna throw the license and some pocket change at someone to shit something out for the movies, why not let it be the only studio that can delivery quality on those terms?
Because Activision has not, does not, and never will care about quality, only the bottom line. Now clearly SOMEONE there likes Platinum because they've been fished for 3 successive tie-ins (or the deal stipulated 3 titles to begin with but this isn't 80's Hollywood so) but did Korra or Transformers actually do WELL?
Well is actually the perfect descriptor for how the sales did for both those games and as such I'm saying you can look at this with a cold and calculated business eye and see platinum as an ideal rubber stamp "sure do whatever within these guidelines."
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image:144908032300.png(105kB , 1000x562 , Disney-Infinity.png)
which other Disney, Marvel and Star Wars characters do you think should be in Disney Infinity
How so?
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

I recognize the spoiler code.
T4 was here
I just got 2.0 on sale for 99kr.
Too bad the swedish dub is putting be of to play it...
Will try to fix that later.
Warframe General ThreadAnonymous
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image:145418089800.png(597kB , 2500x800 , Logo-orig13-dot-deviantart-dot-net.png)
Curious if anybody here plays this game.
Been meaning to try it out.
T4 was here
I'd on the PS4 when not that many other games was out for it.
Went all in for prime rhino! What a badass.
Tried to make a clan but noone I know wants to play...(same problem I have with HOTS)

Great game doh.
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Video game parody thread

//youtube.com/watch?v=VeWC9V2qH-8youtube thumb
Charts in spaaaceAnonymous
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image:141062016900.jpg(757kB , 1680x1050 , 1357861719601.jpg)
I beseech you, servants of the Imperium, for help. "Stars of Inequity" for Rogue Trader has some very fun planet generation rules. Of course, these rules are stretched across miles of paper and there is no consolidated chart segment in the book. Does /cog/ know of any simple random number tools I could use to autogen planets using preestablished charts? I definitely don't want to spend hours rolling d% in front of my players, and I don't want to do it in advance because discovery should be spontaneous and pull in the players with novelty and mystique. I was thinking maybe a VisualBasic program or something similar for the tables--any ideas?
I know the thread is old, but just in case you are still around here somewhere and haven't solved your problem, I might just write a simple program for that. From how you describe it, it sounds simple enough. I know nothing about the game itself though so maybe there is something not immediately apparent that could be an obstacle.

So, from how I see it, you just need a number of parameters to be randomly picked from pre-established ranges, some of which (the individual parameters, not the ranges) may affect availability of parameters in other ranges.
I don't have anything to contribute but that ass is fantastic.
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Awaken my child, and embrace the glory that is your birthright. Know that I am the Overmind; the eternal will of the Swarm, and that you have been created to serve me. Edition

Old thread: >>197063
T4 was here
Let the merchandising begin!
//youtube.com/watch?v=PQEVgbMqq7oyoutube thumb
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//youtube.com/watch?v=-dnSORl9_oIyoutube thumb

It makes me sick knowing all these potentially good games were abused or trashed.
With Killer Instinct out on PC I gave it a try, but even though it seems fun, I really can't get on board with this business model.

I feel like they're shooting themselves in the foot by only having one free character at a time. It really doesn't let the player try out different stuff and get a good feel for the kind of content they'd be putting down money for.
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Sony General - Onimusha Souls Edition
Last generation: >>187247

PSX keynote just happened.
Anything that caught your eye?
Personally the most excited for Ni-Oh and Hob. FFVII:R was obviously exciting, as well. Though I still remain cautious.
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Bought The Order: 1986 for $9 during PSN's Black Friday deal. Haven't played a lot of it, but it definitely relies too much on its impressive graphics and tedious quick time events to get by. I also picked up Until Dawn and was pleasantly surprised by how entertaining it was. An engaging "cinematic" game that subverts some of the tropes - like how we respond to QTEs - while overall being a fun horror story that hits all the right notes.
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video:144970776700.webm(2.94MB , 1280x720 , myplanetneedsme.webm)
PS4's share function actually has gotten me into making webms now. It's fun.
//youtube.com/watch?v=annuTcmB1rwyoutube thumb
Relevant to this thread. Kojipro is a Sony go go.
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wind of luck = worth?
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EA General Thread

How do you feel about EA?

//youtube.com/watch?v=e-LE0ycgkBQyoutube thumb
//youtube.com/watch?v=CjYEi4PEqF4youtube thumb
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image:144731251600.png(171kB , 942x468 , BoycottBattlefront.png)
Here are some reasons why you shouldn't support EA and Disney's new Battlefront game this holiday season and how they'll convince you to pay for game with a fraction of the features and content Battlefront II, the ten year predecessor to EA Battlefront, had for almost double the price of a standard AAA new release. But most importantly, this will show you why EA should not be supported and how entrenched they are into gaming journalism and the likeliness that they will make sure to maximize review scores and praise in order to sell their projected 9 million copies among PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Information regarding game content and pricing:

* An example of the content difference between EA Battlefront and Battlefront II: https://imgur.com/YgOmHX3
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T4 was here
I already knew that.

fucking hell, a question should be should one really pay 60 bucks for a MP only game not if it will work. Answer is no BTW
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image:144418780800.png(68kB , 796x796 , photoh.png)
who thinks Cartoon Network needs there own version of Disney Infinity
Nah, they would probably have to make girl toys then, and girls don't buy action figures according to the people who own CN.
But the same is true of Disney itself, otherwise we would have Motorcity.
Not into the whole figurine system myself, but I'm not expecting marketing to get in the way of cashing in on a giant lucrative trend.
Fusion Fall was like half of that. But without the physical medium part that makes up those others
/cog/ General: Cammy's Butt Has Server Issues EditionAnonymous
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The shitty launch of Magic Duels on Steam made me think. Has there ever been a single game with online features where servers didn't completely shit themselves day 1?
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So the playable demo for Indivisible just came out, and I had a lot of fun with it, though things are too hectic to really pay attention to the artwork. Thoughts?
Looks like Platinum redeemed themselves with Transformers.
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image:144428177600.jpg(46kB , 630x477 , hatehatehatehatehatehate.jpg)

Redeemed themselves from Korra, I take it is what you mean, the $20 game that while short had extremely tight gameplay and a fantastic combat system that seamlessly allows you to cycle between using all four elements?

No yeah I can see how they would need to be redeemed from that, what a tragedy that was.