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Sony hates the PS Vita – why?Anonymous
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It was visible from the beginning, but now it's just blatant. Sony does not give a shit. If Sony wanted, they could have ordered the development and release of many great titled on PSP 2.0. With the system's power in the right hands, most games could be developed for/ported to it. Vita has enough power to handle most games that aren't TOO big or TOO long.

But Sony is not supporting the system, and I think it is a very deliberate move on their part. Is it because they fear the PS4 will fail if they won't delegate ALL resources to it? I want to know what you think (if you give a fuck to think).
The Sneaky Tiki
Monster Hunter.

It's fine.

True they aren't backing it like they could but considering it can actually complete in a race so dominated it's impressive in it's own right.
Mister Twister
It will be a shame if Gravity Rush 2 will be a PS4 exclusive. Competitiveness is fine, but if it does not get the types of games I like, it's personal.
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//youtube.com/watch?v=REaUzHef9h4youtube thumb

though that is just barely and not outside Japan. I think if they had

A.Not gone with expensive memory and just used regular SD/Mini cards.

B.Better marketing

We'd still see them as a strong contender and companies would be putting money towards Vita titles. But when a handheld system takes about the same development as a regular console, things have to be decided which would be the best benefit.

I mean I'd love to own a Vita, maybe even a Vita Slim since the OLED screens have a relativly short lifespan and are kinda supersaturated for my tastes.

Also the Library is so sparse and only getting worse, I can't see myself making the investment when there are only a handful of games I want on it.
>Also the Library is so sparse and only getting worse
wat? Are Vita games actively disappearing? Otherwise that statement makes not sense.
Also, the Vita is an amazing system, if you're a huge weeb, which I happen to be. It actually gets tons of games on that front.
Library = Games + Time. Not literally, obviously, but there's a certain inflation that's relative to a console's life cycle and the titles released.

Unless you do Visual Novel games - those get released pretty much every day given how cheap they are to make - titles and development for said titles is waning.
Ultimately I think the issue is threefold.

1) Sony has tried to set themselves up as the core gamer option for handheld gaming, but core gaming isn't something that has ever TRULY taken off in the handheld market. AAA titles on handhelds don't make as much money as AAA titles on consoles, so a lot of what comes out ends up just being ports of console titles, and a lot of people who would want to be playing those would rather play the console version. Meaning to really make the Vita shine, they would need to either get Vita games that have the same sensibilities as 3DS games, or they would need to embrace the "pure" casual market.

2) Nintendo has always been dominant in the Handheld Market. Sony did way better than anyone could have expected about carving out their own niche with the PSP, but they still didn't really come close to beating Nintendo, which means they're comparing their own sales to a money-making juggernaut. There are many ways to beat Nintendo when it comes to making game platforms and even video games, but generally speaking you don't beat Nintendo at their own game. You beat them by capturing a different market. Trying to steal the 3DS market is a very tricky proposition at best.

3) The other option, casual gamings, are sadly an even worse option due to the rise of the Smartphone. People who want pure casual gaming are better off getting a smartphone than a Vita. The prices on games are better, the options on the device are better for non-gaming purposes, and they're easier to carry around with you. I don't even feel like this one needs any support beyond that--if all you want to do is kill ten minutes while you're pooping and don't want a "true gaming experience," smartphones are just flat out your best option.

So that's where Vita stands. That being said, I own a Vita and I have a lot of fun with it. I think it's an underrated system with an underrated library of games. But I understand 100% why it's not as popular, either with Sony or with gamers, as the PSP was.
Every Playstation other than the handhelds has used some form of storage media that was common at the time, and often helped push that media into common usage. Their handhelds, however, do not attempt to push some common storage format for handheld devices, instead sticking to entirely proprietary methods with no implementation other than the handhelds themselves. I find this annoying, as I am entirely sure Sony would be able to develop a common portable format but chooses not to do so.
Sony develops their formats in the hopes that they become common, and then they can charge huge amount for patent licensing. Thankfully, outside of Blu Ray the industry has happily ignored their often middling offers.
Yea a format was better than their myriad of Storage Media they attempted in the run up to MP3 Device Standardization and their replacement by phones and tablets.

And really that kinda game is fine when its new to market and their competitor hasn't been out there for over twenty years with successful handhelds. Really if the VITA had used standard MicroSD Memory Cards . It would have been a much harder choice between the two handhelds.
They used CDs and DVDs with the first two Playstations, though. And for something they wanted to push, UMDs and Vita cards aren't even used with other Sony devices.
That just means they hadn't developed a "reasonable" competitor to CDs/DVDs at the time. Also, part of their reason for supporting DVDs was that it made the PS2 one of the cheapest DVD players on the market at release and so helped to sell a lot more.
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Sony truly hates the Vita
Mister Twister
They half assed it, and abandoned it quickly. However, perhaps a major reason is not just Sony being assholes, but also them realizing splitting their market, while spending MORE on game development. Nintendo did it better, I admitted that years ago. Put all your money into ONE version of a game, choose if it's portable and running on limited hardware, or NOT portable but running on a stronger CPU.

I would LOVE a PSP 3, but that will never happen and it will just cost Sony more than they get, if they ever try.
Sucks because the original PSP was really damn good.