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Emulator/Rom ThreadAnonymous
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image:161104512392.jpg(182kB , 1000x600 , emulation.jpg)
An important thing that must be remembered, since particular companies go out of their way to remove Roms from existence of games they will never go back to thus depriving people of a chance to experience them.

This goes double for games that were never translated and thus you only ever had a chance to play through fan-translation-patches.
Anyone have personal stories when it comes to that? Live A Live was mine, in the process became one of my favorite rpgs now.

The ones behind the patching

Feel free to talk/share about emulators overall, which ones you prefer, asking for technical help to get them running optimally or simply express oldfag nostalgia over the topic.
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swf:161106054306.swf(52kB , 550x400 , manboobs.swf)
Zophar has manboobs.

>Anyone have personal stories when it comes to that?

I got as far as extracting text in some games I wanted to see translated, but I don't have the ability to do things like re-arrange script files to add translated text, or get around things like the compression it uses so I can only insert random stuff in RAM while the game is running. Shit is not as easy as one thinks, especially for older games that have script baked in to the game code.
It seems a little late to be posting flash-based files.
Unless there's an emulator for it.
You can still download it and run it on the flash projector or even media player classic.
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image:161125409679.jpg(166kB , 600x830 , 1256322529141.jpg)
There's one game I really wanted to emulate back in the day (Robot Alchemic Drive) because it never came out in Europe. But when I tried the thing was so slow and stuttering as to be unplayable. Wonder if it was a problem with my PC or a problem of emulation.
>PS2 game
You either used a toaster of a PC, or you misconfigured the emulator. I was playing PS2 games on emulators as far back as 2007 or so.
I remember the huge jump in speed when they made it multicore capable, after the first dual core Athlon 64 X2s came out; Disgaea finally ran at full speed.
I played other PS2 games on the same emulator but just RAD didn't work.
Metal Max Returns is another good SNES rpg from amongst them.

What consoles do other people emulate? I've always stuck to the older ones.
yeah, same here, although apparently Xbox OG can be now emulated. That could be pretty neat.
>since particular companies go out of their way to remove Roms
theme of thread
As Nintendo I Forbid Emulation - /v/ The Musical VIyoutube thumb
Mister Twister
In the future I will emulate PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3. Right now however, I need to emulate none of those.
Mister Twister
One day I will listen to the full /v/ The Musical.
I remember back when you could get peoples site deleted by forwarding legal complaints to the host about the Nintendo roms they hosted.
You might find that pretty difficult, they don't seem to have been stored in any ordered fashion?
Its shameful how companies treat their consoles nowadays, when obsolescence is basically built-into the machine mechanically and via software to fuck over the customers when they've run their course.

Praise emulation!
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image:162455415235.jpg(27kB , 500x500 , 453252353.jpg)
like literally shaking fam
Isn't it the case that there are some games that simply don't emulate well?

Or was this more a case when videogame emulators were in their infancy and was more a fault of the program.
>Isn't it the case that there are some games that simply don't emulate well?

That's inevitable given that the PS2 library is thousands of games, but as far as I know most titles already emulate perfect. Worst case is that you have to use software video modes, meaning no upscaling but in return much less video bugs.

N64 and Xbox emulators are the ones still shit, PS2 is near perfect by now.
Speaking of unusual old Japanese games that received fan translation patches as their only exposure in the West this rates

Grimbeard - Mizzurna Falls (PS1) - 100th Reviewyoutube thumb

>Deadly Premonitions before Deadly Premonitions
And on this note, Xbox OG emulation seems to be progressing a lot nowadays, many games are now playable.
Ps4 emulation is a thing now.
Though its still early days and in-development.
That's pretty cool actually.
Does that need to be emulated though? I'd guess it would only need some simulator/wrapper that handles the custom sony parts and then runs everything else natively. It's not like the OG Xbox where it uses pc derivative hardware parts - the AMD console SoCs were actually released on PC motherboards.
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image:163827291782.jpg(157kB , 800x450 , early version of deadly premonitions main character.jpg)
Why was Nippon so into ripping off Twin Peaks in video game form?
It needs to be said again, fuck Nintendo.

Specifically because of the 3ds/Wii-U store going down; their anti-emulation fanaticism combined with their refusal to actually sell legacy content legitimately.
Literally the only way to get access to some stuff is piracy because they just won't let you p[ay them for it to begin with.
Is Yuzu a good Switch emulator?
>N64 and Xbox emulators are the ones still shit
Have an important question, is there a good Xbox 360 emulator?

Interested in tracking down a rom for a game I never got to play back in the day Operation Darkness, not sure what to do in terms of emulation for anything newer than a PS1.
apparently there is one called Xenia which can play games well.
Seems like someone managed to get the game I want playing on Xenia, might be worth checking out
Xenia Canary c0244eab8 | Operation Darkness 4K UHD 60FPS FSR | Xbox 360 Emulator PC Gameplayyoutube thumb
Interesting emulator news.

Basically a Switch dev kit was dumped and the files were posted onto 4Chan of a previously unknown GBA emulator developed by NERD. The emulator is named 'Sloop'.
Interesting, but if it's just a GBA emulator, aren't there a dozen of those already?
Its more everything surrounding this official bit of kit being dumped on 4chan and it seemingly being one designed specifically for the Switch that makes it worthy of attention.
Were there any hardware documents in the leak?
Not that I've seen.
Found something similar to that recently.
Someone hacking a jap-only drama game to localize it for the west.
Sony's Aconcagua PS1 English Patch Releasing July 11thyoutube thumb
A group on Reddit has just released their Persona 2 Eternal Punishment PSP romhack to give it a translation.

Seemed relevant to the thread topic.
re-played Metal Slug 3 on Mame. Couldn't even finish stage 2 from the first credit. It's been so long I played it, most likely because without autofire it's rather painful on my hand.

But I think Mame can set up autofire now? I should look into that.
also, score of 4.93 million, despite not really finishing any of the levels with POWs, only the first one.
Managed to beat the Aztec God boss without getting hit, so there's at least that.

I still need to 1cc metal slug 1 on survival mode on my Saturn, to get the highest rank in combat school mode, and unlock the dragon mode.
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image:166104744268.jpg(311kB , 1920x1080 , ss_107dce5494e32b58fc9a0734fbc53b5ec26aae55.jpg)
Shadow Madness is up and available on Steam. But its just the ROM of the game being emulated through Bleem. Thus it is garbage.

What are other example of official game rereleases that are bad enough that you are much better off just tracking down the rom and emulating it yourself to play instead of buying it?
I'm noticing alot of old but just rereleased rpgs on Steam at the moment, possibility they suffer from the same issue.
People in charge of Nintendo are so out of touch its insane.
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image:166716815502.png(269kB , 583x662 , 34626236.png)
Someone has started on a translation hack for Persona 1 (PS1).

Rom hacker made their own modification of Star Fox.
Looks pretty cool.
Seems most relevant to post it here.
was The Legend of Dragoon a good rpg?
remember people saying it was just a cheap attempt to jump on the popularity that ff7 brought to the genre, much like Shadow Madness
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image:167364291000.jpg(21kB , 640x640 , 1673642048454893.jpg)
Someone shared this translation over on 4chan's /vrpg/ and it actually looks like an interesting game.
>Private Eye Dol is a 1995 detective adventure game developed by HuneX and published by NEC Home Electronics for the PC-Engine Super CD-ROM2 system. Released late in the PC-Engine’s lifespan, it showcases a highly polished presentation that often makes it feel more like a next-generation game, with large and detailed graphics, full voice acting, and features such as text scaling that are rarely seen on the console. Perhaps its biggest distinguishing element is its RPG-like overworld, which provides a higher degree of freedom compared to traditional menu-driven Japanese detective games.

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image:167380554219.png(12kB , 400x289 , 3a4227ed-fcf8-4822-a74d-a23ef8bf8498.png)
Check this translated shit out.

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