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image:166475964998.png(291kB , 631x365 , rukodiora___monster_hunter_frontier_by_vulcemthelonewolf_d4n8bwo-fullview.png)
Discussion of all things Monster Hunter
What's your stance on the current MonHun Games?
What would like to see Return or Cut?
What is your current Armor sets?
What was your First experience with MonHun and how did you find this series?
I've never played monster hunter.

They look pretty cool but look like a grind in terms of gameplay loop, I'm too old and impatient to get into that.
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image:166481046269.gif(996kB , 402x234 , wyvern's fire.gif)
>What's your stance on the current MonHun Games?
Haven't played them although I own World so I should give it a try soon
>What would like to see Return or Cut?
Bring back Yama-Tsukami. One of the best monsters in the series and it's still only in 2 and Freedom Unite. They brought back Lao-Shan Lung in Generations Ultimate so why not Yama-Tsukami.
>What is your current Armor sets?
Idk whatever looks cool
>What was your First experience with MonHun and how did you find this series?
A friend of mine was telling me about it so I picked up Freedom Unite and I loved it. I only really played that one and 3 Ultimate but I had a blast with both.
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image:166482497671.jpg(539kB , 1920x1080 , 25452.jpg)
Was kind of amusing(?) how generic "Monster Hunter" got into marvel vs capcom infinite, albeit as dlc.
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite – Monster Hunter Gameplay Trailer | PS4youtube thumb

Relevant story mode scene from game.
Hulk and Ryu vs Monster Hunter's Elder Dragon 'Dah'ren Mohran' | Marvel vs Capcom: Infiniteyoutube thumb
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image:166483616920.png(3.62MB , 1920x1625 , エスピナス.png)
I feel like world is worth a shot to play still especially for G rank expansion, if you have PC you can also mod it if you don't like things like scout flies.
Just give it a go and see if it clicks.
Dog or Cat?
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image:166489527837.png(871kB , 917x917 , 16583458356.png)
I wouldn't let a group of cats prepare food for me.
Monster Hunter World All Canteen Cutscenesyoutube thumb
That shit would end up stuffed with hair, we wear hair-nets for a reason.
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image:166520909135.png(2MB , 1400x1030 , エスピナス亜種.png)
Here are some of the TU2 Renders
Surprised to see Espinas make it into Rise out of all the Frontier monsters Espinas was one of the best picks its not super crazy or over the top design and the Triple Threat status is a neat gimmick although I feel like that effect from Paralysis could be a bit more punishing.
TU2 added in Orange(flaming) Espinas, I can't wait to see how the fight changes for him although I think White Espinas would have been a better pick.
This does make me wonder what else we could get from Frontier as long as they don't add the crazy stuff or at least redesign them to fit in with mainline. Something like abiorugu wouldn't look out of place in mainline unlike
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image:166531546740.jpg(128kB , 1280x720 , 26234.jpg)
What are the MonHun jrpgs like compared to the mainline games? Any Good?
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image:166533673440.jpg(1.42MB , 2749x4096 , 1657719812592.jpg)
Stories 1 is a bit shallow but a fun game
You can get it on 3DS but the English version lacks future updates so the JP version is the best version and you can patch it to be in English but post game content will crash it for some reason no idea if they fixed that but you can enjoy 95% of the games content before having to play in Japanese to see the rest. Apparently a MHS1 is also on phones and is the definitive version but I wouldn't know as I don't mess with phone games but it might be worth looking into because I think it is up to date with the JP version. No idea how well they emulate.
Stories 2 feels much more refined and more fun to play through and I think it has better monster variety, unlike Stories 1 where the great Baggi is at the end of the game and is a low tier monster to boot so you'll pass it up. Also Stories 1 made it so you can use a monster above your kinship level, so they wait in your box until you raise it by playing through the game but Stories 2 drops that as long as you can obtain it you can use it giving a greater risk vs reward. More weapon options Gun Lance, Bow and Hammer bring a unique play styles with them and you can switch weapons mid fight, its often encourage as the Monster's body parts resist and are weak to pierce, blunt and cutting weapons like Bow, Great Sword and Hunting Horn. MHS2 is currently on switch and PC.
I think Both are fun but Stories 2 is the best one by far 1 just feels less refined compared to it and you don't need to play 1 to understand 2 so you can skip it but emulation is pretty easy to set up so you could get your hands on it easily along with Hacking your 3DS and getting the CIA File.
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image:166535564447.gif(824kB , 960x680 , Khezu by SovanJedi on DeviantArt.gif)
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image:166535567770.gif(533kB , 880x680 , Goss Harag by SovanJedi on DeviantArt.gif)
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image:166535569842.gif(548kB , 880x680 , Magnamalo by SovanJedi on DeviantArt.gif)
Horrifyingly Phallic
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image:166537324770.jpg(65kB , 540x720 , mucDaGQn.jpeg)
Adding a little more to this in MHS1 you can change a monsters element with the gene system that changes the monsters appearance as well, pretty fun to mess around with.
It kind of exists in MHS2 as in you can change it but the element they have will overpower it and it becomes impossible to surpass the base element they have so they can change it at like level 1 - 10 so if you like your red stripped tigrex I hope you didn't get to attached its basically a leftover from MHS1 sadly.
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image:166537677920.gif(85kB , 546x244 , Brachydios Sovanjedi.gif)
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image:166537688092.gif(871kB , 960x960 , Deviljho Sovanjedi.gif)
The voracious lurkin gurken
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image:166542330432.gif(786kB , 880x720 , Barioth Sovanjedi.gif)
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image:166544360220.gif(94kB , 344x147 , Glavenus Sovanjedi.gif)
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image:166544362870.gif(794kB , 880x680 , Tetranadon Sovanjedi.gif)
This has alot of elements that should make it threatening but all combined just make it look kind of goofy.
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image:166544680260.gif(819kB , 960x800 , Zinogre Sovanjedi.gif)
I can't help but think it looks like it has a butt chin. Lack of a real background also makes it look a bit funny to me.
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image:166545489553.png(5.8MB , 1920x1080 , Rathalos Sonic.png)
Sonic Frontier will have a suit of Rathalos Armor for him as DLC.
Didn't expect that.
Wait what?
Shame is wasn't Azure Rathalos but that's interesting but Sonic has collabed with Monster Hunter multiple times already so I guess it was only a matter of time.
Still not as weird as the MGS Peace Walker and Monster Hunter P3rd collab where Big Boss fights a Rathalos and a Tigrex
A Rathalos is basically the same thing as a Metal Gear, when you think about it.
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image:166553322819.png(1,013kB , 750x870 , タマミツネ希少種.png)
So far Flaming Espinas feels like a straight upgrade from the normal version but I feel like it doesn't change enough, I would Rather have had White Espinas fire walls I think that would give it a stronger identity.
Violent Mizutune is another fire monster which is really odd how many they decided to add, Thunder Blight would have worked, and Apex already has the same vibe. But Violet so far is my favorite the constant explosions the homing bubbles the flames being spread around constantly does a lot to keep it from being boring overall and I like how much more aggressive it is.
>dual threat: revelry of destruction event quest
>get two rajang hearts
I can't even be upset
look at his flappy ears, dawww, big puppy!
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image:166560553163.gif(812kB , 880x880 , Mizutsune Sovanjedi.gif)
literally just a beta fish puppy
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image:166564501731.gif(1.29MB , 880x880 , Lagiacrus Sovanjedi.gif)
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image:166566181150.gif(697kB , 880x680 , Rathalos Sovanjedi.gif)
Random question, but is there every any conflict involving human-type enemies in Monster Hunter?
Like the mechanics of gameplay is focused around your dudes fighting bigger beasts so don't know if it would even function, but at the same time suppose is plausible your character could come into conflict with like Poachers or something out in the wild.
Nope, they never really focus in on humans doing bad things like that the ancient civilization stuff hinting towards it and World kind of, you try to stop a disaster but in iceborn it implies that you are being a fuck up because things like nerg existed for awhile so if they were so dangerous to the balance of nature nature would have been dead long ago but it isn't and you might be fuckin with the balance in your attempt to keep the order.
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image:166577459523.gif(576kB , 880x880 , Gore Magala Sovanjedi.gif)
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image:166586331308.jpg(13kB , 1005x1000 , 1665788952769446.jpg)
Is this shaped like a friend?
if benis shaped is friendly to you then yeah I guess so
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image:166604299108.jpg(297kB , 1600x1133 , Moonquake, Cessa Lafaliqa.jpeg)
Fighting something underwater horrifies me.

Like trying to stab something that can fly around and divebomb at will you sucks.
But its not the same as being trapped in water and struggling to even float while something unfairly huge and terrifying is gliding around, making use of the properties of the environment to be bigger and faster than it has any right being.

This counts even if you have some sort of breathing source so you aren't also struggling to hold your breath and not die awfully from inhaling all the water around you.

We should blow up the ocean.
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image:166630699076.png(2.07MB , 1000x1414 , 202Vincent on Twitter.png)
I miss Tri Underwater Combat just due to how scary being underwater was to me, nothing else has brought that kind of dread then seeing a monster that is specially adapted to living soup.
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image:166654360263.jpg(205kB , 1080x608 , new operator cats.jpg)
There's a collaboration between Monster Hunter and Arknights happening if anyones interested
Capcom Monster Hunter & Arknights Collab PVyoutube thumb
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image:166659581461.jpg(143kB , 2048x1363 , 16254214562980.jpg)
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image:166667479710.png(3.24MB , 2000x1333 , adriana-chechik-twitchcon-injury.png)
>that pic
At least no one broke their back in 2 places at the dash-con ballpit...
poorly planned publicity event is poorly planned.
Surprising just how wrong some of these events can go like dashcon or rainfurest.
This gives the mental image of a bunch of furries trying to party in the Amazon jungle. Dying of heat-stroke, malaria and actual animal attacks.
It was a furry convention that got cancelled in 2015 after it had a disastrous convention worse than Dashcon. Here's the tl;dr on what happened then:
>Somebody loosened a bolt on a toilet causing water to flood the entire first floor of a hotel
>People would disable the fire alarms in the hotel rooms so they can hotbox it
>Somebody rolled up towels and put them into the pumps in the hot tubs, causing them to all break
>Another person took all the towels from the spa and threw them into said hot tub
>Someone got banned for drilling a glory hole in one of the stalls
>Multiple people got arrested for possessing and dealing drugs like mushrooms and narcotics
>People were walking around in full diapers and also were throwing diapers onto people's cars
>Elevators were out of order due to people breaking the buttons after trying to press them with their feet
Basically everything that could've gone wrong did that weekend
>This gives the mental image of a bunch of furries trying to party in the Amazon jungle. Dying of heat-stroke, malaria and actual animal attacks.
That's a pretty nice mental image. Someone should draw it.

To be honest, that sounds like it would make for an awesome movie. Something in the lines of Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas.
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image:166689878961.png(3.96MB , 1920x1366 , かいいこくふく.png)
>Movie based on Rainfurrest 2015 from the perspective of a drugged-out journalist wondering what the hell he's got himself involved in
Sounds kino
I was thinking more from the perspective of the furfags. Really, from that description, it already sounds like how Fear & Loathing went. Except that it would involve several dozen drugged-out crazies not just one, plus they'd all be perverts to boot.
I'd still watch that so long as Jake Gyllenhaal and Christian Bale are in it
No David Attenborough, No Buy.
Can't wait for TU3 for Rise I heard that they made a Fire Astolos. Fire Kushala, and a Fire Rathalos.
>I heard that they made a Fire Astolos. Fire Kushala, and a Fire Rathalos.
Yeah this is pretty fire
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image:166742342703.png(206kB , 250x448 , 1564346609885.png)
Anyone here have Munhun headcanons you want to just spill out?
I don't have headcanons.
Presumably you have some? Might as well lead off.
Probably with how much more realistic it looks in contrast with goofy blue needle mouse if it had Stories type of color and shading it would fit better.
Holy shit Risen elders have new armor they finally atoned for their sins from the apex monsters being such a miss opportunities.
yes I have been living under a rock and haven't played all the TU2 stuff
If you were to play the series for the first time whats the best game to jump in on?

The newest one or maybe one of the older games.
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image:166912651758.jpg(1.92MB , 1500x3944 , Q8BHwWL.jpeg)
World and Rise are the newest ones and are the easiest to get into, so consider those. If you can deal with jank and some harsh difficulty spikes, then check out one of the early ones. Check out pic related for a more detailed guide despite it being a little outdated. The best ones are the G rank games since those have the most content.
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image:166982633215.png(1.04MB , 2464x1890 , __deviljho_monster_hunter_drawn_by_milkpanda__.png)
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image:166992085562.jpg(236kB , 1020x689 , __kasodani_kyouko_and_yian_kut_ku_touhou_and_1_more_drawn_by_onikobe_rin__a4c88639ea53c780cdf2aed2492b5ea7.jpg)
Humans are evil.
There should be a game where you play as the noble beasts and eat all the humans for their unnatural sins of science and technology!
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image:167017006122.jpg(255kB , 1332x850 , OP monster-hunter-4-capcom-art.jpg)
Don't like layered weapons, but it does allow for nice themed sets, Full gore set, bloodlust and a poison weapon to emulate inflicting frenzy on other monsters.
I'm trying to make out what exactly the yellow/blue dude's weapon is meant to be.
It looks like an enormous scaly 2-handed sword but it has chunks missing and is sparking alot.
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image:167055264202.jpg(525kB , 4032x3024 , egg.jpg)
Do Wyverians lay eggs?
Y e s
Would you still lover Wyveruan wife if she laid an egg?
Well as long as its your egg it should be fine right?
Otherwise she has cheated on you.
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image:167274484930.gif(687kB , 400x262 , Blaze like a King.gif)