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image:140257077000.png(1.57MB , 1280x901 , 20140610184642!Hyrule_Warriors_Official_Art_2.png)
New LoZ thread for the new /cog/

Could talk a bit about Hyrule Warriors. People hyped for the chance to play as other classic characters from the series?
HYRULE WARRIORS E3 2014 Anounc…youtube thumb
Zelda Hyrule Warriors New Trai…youtube thumb

There's also the "new Wii U game" to discuss as well.
The Legend of Zelda Wii U Trailer - E3 2014youtube thumb
ZELDA WII U Trailer E3 2014 LE…youtube thumb
Eiji Aonuma took back his words; Link is male Link.

The Sneaky Tiki
Well that's a little sad but okay.
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image:140257834800.png(1.49MB , 1280x720 , 123131323.png)
So whats the story for HW.
There's a sorceress who's job it is to monitor the prison of an ancient evil but because she's mad jelly over Zelda getting the Courage-dick she's been left vulnerable to manipulation and corruption by "someone" c'mon its obviously going to be Ganondorf and is now a villain attacking the land?
I'm really curious in regards to what other characters are going to be announced for the game. And I wonder if the generic Hyrule armies are going to have "bigger mooks" like we saw with the Lizalfos being bigger and having more health than the regular beast enemies in the first trailer
I hope Ganondorf is an unlockable player in HW. Also HW is still a super-bland name.
He does say he's interested in the peoples' response to a female Link though, so there seems to be a chance of us seeing something curious in the future.
The Sneaky Tiki
Yeah, name isn't great but at the same time I appreciate the honest of it.

It's literally like just saying Hyrule Dynasty Warriors.

It's a hell of a LOT better than Bloodbourne and ESPECIALLY better than the worst title of any game I've ever heard, Rise of The Tomb Raiders.
The Sneaky Tiki
I'm sorry Tomb Raider, singular, my brain tries to auto-correct how terrible it is.
No one's noticed something about the OP image? Maybe had cooked up some plausible theories based on what it portrays.
Is that spell caster chick on the right from anywhere in the series? I don't recognize her.

Hopefully they don't have many original playable characters, I'd really prefer characters that have already been established in the Zelda series.

A character based on the mask transformations from MM would be really cool. At least one Gorin and one Zora should be playable, with parts of their move sets based on moves from MM. Deku Link was my favorite design-wise but I'm not sure if a playable Deku would fit in this kind of game.

I hope Tingle isn't playable.
>Is that spell caster chick on the right from anywhere in the series? I don't recognize her.
Might be Nayru, but could just as well be an original character.
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image:140259749000.jpg(366kB , 1000x1000 , tumblr_n70gewnaHs1r3ehyeo1_1280.jpg)
Link and Zelda look so awesome in the new game (Impa looks cool too just not as outright amazing, and Midna is just Midna)
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Well if they had changed Midna from a chubby bottomed Imp, there would have been riots.
The stacks MUST be short.

It is ape law.
Midna is rad in all forms. Would have liked TP Midna as a ranged mage but Imp Midna as a... charge character it looks like, works just as well.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Yeah, my guess was one of the goddesses, but it would be odd to have them involved. And, even with the aesthetic changes for the characters we're familiar with, she seems out of place; reminds me more of Shantae than of Zelda.

I wish Midna was in her Twili form. We saw plenty of her Imp form in TP. Of course, if she has a special move that allows her to change, that would be something.
It's how pretty much all of those particular Koei hack and slash games are titled, at least on the Japanese end:
X Musou (Sangoku Musou, Sengoku Musou, Gundam Musou, Hokuto Musou, Zelda Musou)

IMO Naming it Hyrule Warriors makes it sound a lot less awkward than calling it Dynasty Warriors: Gundam. or something like that. Would be nice if it got a tagline though.
Maybe she's a Fairy Queen or something.
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image:140261078000.jpg(34kB , 640x360 , hyrule3.jpg)
Ruddy hell fellows. It seems most probable it is the sorceress Cia when she isn't being evil/possessed.
I'm sort of surprised no one else put this forth here and are assuming stuff like one of the goddesses instead which makes no sense?
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Considering Cia is from HW, many people may not have read the full details about the game's story. I sure didn't. That is an explanation that makes sense.
Fair enough, though I still would have went for "original character created for this game" as my first guess than goddess.
She has two subordinates, Wizro and Valga, who are apparently each a minor homage to bosses from previous games while being their own characters though I wouldn't be able to verify that piece of information.
His original answer did seem to suggest he didn't quite understand the question. Something lost in translation.

Misleading article titles didn't help much either.
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image:140265785700.jpg(164kB , 1280x800 , great fairy screenshot trailer.jpg)
I doubt she's a fairy queen since we'e already seen a Great Fairy in this game. Who certainly lives up to her title.
Ugh, it's the horrible OoT design.
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image:140267967900.png(37kB , 800x448 , tumblr_n72go2MEVG1rx9er0o1_1280.png)
>>Haters gonna Hate

You're gonna eat those words when you see her DROP THE MOON ON YOUR ENEMIES

The moon has the same appearance of the one from Majora's Mask
I'm kind of tired of the OoT circlejerking but it's not like we have a lot of options anyway. TP ones might be a little TOO revealing (and dat terrifying face), Wind Waker's are too bizarre, Four Swords are too generic, and the remainder were just pixelblobs.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
I'm sure there are examples of concept art in the Hyrule Historia that would have worked fine without being the makeup-heavy strippers that the OoT Great Fairies were. If I remember, I'll look it up in my copy later (in the middle of moving, so it's packed up.)
Funny how Kotaku still sticks to the theory of Link being a girl, even after Aonuma explicitely denied it. "Slowtaku" indeed.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Wonder if this will of the Zelda One Time Line. We know they are going with the more open world feel of that game.
Nah, they're just pandering to the SJWs as usual...
Try to same them into changing things?
According th whatshername, they do not trust the source of that interview with Aonuma. Because, some idiotic fan theory on the internet is more trustworthy than something published by Gameinformer.
>I'm sure there are examples of concept art in the Hyrule Historia that would have worked fine without being the makeup-heavy strippers that the OoT Great Fairies were.
>that would have worked fine
>without being the makeup-heavy strippers

moose you aren't making any sense.
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image:140283114900.jpg(272kB , 800x1106 , DCnRLhe.jpg)
I rather liked the adult jokes from the old Zelda cartoon
The OoT fairies are super iconic compared to every other fairy in the Zelda series. I get the anger over boobwitch Cia, but the Great Fairies absolutely deserve to be in. They're a valid design that's just as creepy and strange as it is possibly sexy.
>Funny how Kotaku still sticks to the theory of Link being a girl, even after Aonuma explicitely denied it. "Slowtaku" indeed.
I didn't see an interview where Aonuma denied Link being a girl. I saw an interview where he said that his comment about the character we saw not being Link was a joke, and in that same interview he told people to let Nintendo know if they wanted to play a girl, almost as though saying "Things aren't finalized yet."
I could see it if they went utter open world and all since "Link" for the most is just a player avatar than a character themselves.
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image:140286176000.png(1.23MB , 800x1523 , Saber_2.png)
Am I the only one that doesn't like Zelda's look in this game? I mean I get it she's silly Gonzo fantasy and realism isn't paramount in a dumb action game like this but then you CONVENIENTLY give her exposed skin at her top, thighs and arms and all it does its make me wonder why.

I mean you could've just given her something akin to Saber's armor and I think it would've looked a lot better.
>you CONVENIENTLY give her exposed skin at her top, thighs and arms and all it does its make me wonder why.
Really? You're really wondering why the girls have more exposed skin here?
Shirou !lORCIa01Kk

Oh trust me I know WHY that is. I'm just saying I think you could've maybe re-evaluated your priorities here Tecmo.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Saber is a different kind of Fighter compered to what Zelda apparently is in the game. If she was dressed like Saber you'd expect her to be able to take more damage and move slower than Link. The way she's designed now is that she's clearly faster but also likely needs a more active controlled defense then just being a damage sponge.
Not necessarily slower, but certainly I would expect a character dressed like Saber to be a (mostly) physically based fighter type, and yeah, probably higher defense than Link.
Shirou !lORCIa01Kk

My issue is that she still has armor in her dress.

In fact it's fairly bulky armor on her wrists and legs. That doesn't scream "agile" to me that screams "selective sexual looking protection".

If you want Zelda to seem like a fast ranger/magic type then either give her less armor and more robes or do Saber and portray her more as a front line fighter. Just not this weird middling ground where you don't really know what she is.
Shirou !lORCIa01Kk

Oh and Pauldrons that stand alone. Comparatively MASSIVE Pauldrons that stand alone.

Can't forget those.
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image:140288643500.png(81kB , 593x946 , Princess_Zelda_(Oracle_of_Ages_and_Oracle_of_Seasons).png)
Yea I think I understand where you are coming from on this. Overall I think the idea was to give her a Combat Warrior look while keeping her close to the same clothes she's worn for quite a while now. I've not noticed how long she's had those pauldron as part of her outfit till you mentioned it. Overall it comes to mind something I remember about armor minimalism in protecting the parts that could be crippled in a fight (Hips, Collar bone, Ankles and Wrists)
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image:140288694400.jpg(54kB , 690x690 , HyruleWarriorsCharacter_Zelda-690x690.jpg)

That ain't protecting her collar bone at all. All she's got here is a dinky necklace that could easily be knocked off.

Generally you want armor to deflect things or have it skid past you harmlessly. Doesn't help much when your upper chest and neck are practically exposed.

But again gonzo fantasy armor. The only issue is that it's SEXY gonzo fantasy armor really.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Well at least her fanny isn't hanging out and they didn't jack up her bust size to give her massive cleavage.

So it's sexy fantasy armor. Are you saying it's sexist to have sexy fantasy armor? Like, let's quit dancing around the issues here folks. If you've got a problem with a Legend of Zelda game being sexy, just say it already.
Shirou !lORCIa01Kk

I think it's 'sexy' but not in a not very appealing way is all and I don't think it really fits Zelda, either from her gameplay/fighting style or the iterations of her character.

I don't got a problem with Zelda being sexy, I mean the series has had some vaguely weird partial nudity since OOT with the great fairy (however horrifying it may be). But I just don't think Zelda's armor looks that good! I feel like they should've given her a more complete skirt and a bit more coverage on her top and maybe a bit covering her armpits but I can give or take on that. And the only reason she HAS those issues is that well... they wanted to make her look sexy!

The villainess has fucking sideboobs out the wazoo but I'm more okay with that cause I figure it somewhat fits the idea of her being a jealous seductress type.
Christ people on tumblr are complaining about this less than you
I can't believe we are having this argument. If Nintendo really wanted to give Zelda SEXY AHRMUR then all the pink fabric you see wouldn't be there and instead would be bare skin.

We can see a bit of her thighs, and suddendly they apparently made her design "sexual".

Look, it's fine for people to have different opinions on an outfit. I mean, there are people who look at Superman's outfit and think the red briefs look terrible, there are others that look at it and think it looks terrible without the red briefs. This sort of subjective opinion on whether Zelda's outfit is "good" or not really has to be determined by each individual's sense of style. Personally I think Zelda looks great, but that's just my opinion. From Link's blue scarf to Zelda's armor to Hookshots bringing down Majora's Moon, it's very clear this game is going for stylish over practical, and people who like practical armor will not appreciate the design choices, and that's fine. It just means, I believe, that the game's art direction isn't for them. As long as we aren't suggesting that there's some nefarious sexism going on with the design, there really isn't anything to argue about because you're never going to convince someone to change their sense of style.
Everything else considered, at least the designs don't have the Koei/Tecmo sameface thing going on.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Luna Crusher is an awesome field clearer.
>>All samurai/dynasty warriors look alike to me
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image:140293448300.jpg(15kB , 800x565 , kuruuya_armor.jpg)
The armor debate just makes me want phantom Zelda as a bonus character or something.
>As long as we aren't suggesting that there's some nefarious sexism going on with the design
But that's the whole deal. The whole thing is "aside from Impa, all the designs are sexed up because Dynasty Warriors apparently can't not do that." Nobody's complaining that Zelda's outfit is impractical: it's that her outfit was changed to be more sexy. The suggestions are just to put fabric back on her dress.

Really, it's the middle ground between the OoT fairy and Cia. Cia is godawful on every level and absolutely sexist compared to regular Zelda, Zelda's mostly fine but does have a bit of unnecessary sexy going on, and the OoT fairies are just fine. If anything, this is arguing about the Samurai Destiny traditions and whether they're better or worse than Zelda's.

And we all know the answer to that.
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image:140295041300.jpg(22kB , 600x450 , clock.jpg)
Triforce of Time
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
that this years platinum? if so fuck them. I had to get posters for last year and the mailman fucked them up.
So literal it's painful.

I really just wanted the snazzy game card case but when I bothered to put in all the points it was taken out of rotation.
> it's that her outfit was changed to be more sexy

You know, personally the idea of this new Zelda being "sexy" (or at least sexier than usual) didn't even cross my mind until you made the comment.
Rather than "sexy," now might be a good time to differentiate between the words "sexualized" and "exploitative." Zelda's outfit here is certainly sexualized, in the sense that it's VERY feminine--soft colors, gentle curves, flowing forms, etc. But it doesn't seem at all exploitative to me. It doesn't emphasize secondary or primary sexual characteristics, and is neither overly tight nor overly revealing. I can't say the same thing about all the costuming choices I've seen in the Hyrule Warriors game.
It won't happen but it would be amusing if Hyrule Warriors got a "Hyrule Warriors: Empires"

Ganon and Link become Sworn Brothers while Zelda has conquered most of the world with her Evil empire!
Have your shipping become realized as you hook up random characters using the marriage mechanic!

(Personally I enjoy the DW: Empires games more than the mainline titles, more customisation and being ale to play around with the character interaction elements instead of playing through the ROTK storyline again)
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image:140301436100.jpg(127kB , 817x978 , Zora_Link___Musical_Tuna_by_Rikona.jpg)
I wonder if we'll get a Goron or Zora playable character.
I certainly hope so.
It's sexier than her normal outfit, but it's still Zelda in Zelda-esque. Even Tecmo-Koei couldn't go that far with it.
Zelda's not really the big offender in this case as much as a part of the trend. Cia and the new girl are definitely the big problems.
I know people are taking a feminist approach to this, but you're never going to stop Japan from being Japan. Forcing your own country's ideals on another has never, and will never be a good idea.
>Cia is godawful on every level and absolutely sexist compared to regular Zelda

>Cia and the new girl are definitely the big problems.

Sexy or "sexualized" (I won't even dignify exploitative because you need an actual real person being exploited for that definition to apply) character design isn't sexism. You know what is sexism? Prejudice or discrimination based on a person's sex or gender. Not paying a female programmer the same wage as a man (or believing they aren't as competent purely based on their gender) is sexism in gaming. Not marketing video games to women under the assumption they don't buy games, that's sexism in gaming. It's about judgements and perceptions you make on a person purely due to their sex/gender. The fact that some people (like the previous anons and Aaron Diaz) have distorted the meaning of sexism to include "sexy/sexualized character designs" should be recognized as a misinterpretation or misunderstanding of terms, and not an actual feminist position on sexism. To be honest, it's more of an opinion on censorship than anything.
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image:140304132800.jpg(272kB , 640x1444 , tumblr_n7aejwqntQ1sl5gbeo1_1280.jpg)
Hyrule Warriors isn't an action game, its actually a harem comedy.
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y

...but we all agree that improbably sexy character designs are part of the problem we call sexism, yes? A male character with a design as sexualized as Cia would be notable and highly unusual. Hell, a lot of male zelda fans were rendered highly uncomfortable by Ghirahim, and his design is at least an order of magnitude less sexualized than Cia's. A female character with Cia's design rates, on the other hand, rates a "eh, another ridiculous sexy design" because such designs are common as dirt.

That's not an issue separate from sexism. It's a result of sexism, as common and diffuse as the air we breathe.
You people are either trolling the thread or literally worse than Tumblr, who are conversely rather happy with how many girls are in this game's cast and Zelda getting a chance to kick ass.
I don't know about other people but Ghiranim made me uncomfortable because he was just acting like a creepy fucker, not because of his design at all.
I've always wanted a LoZ game that focused on a wider conflict with more people directly involved.
Not that the way the regular games are is bad but there's always been these larger conflicts mentioned that you never get a real feel for.
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image:140304556200.jpg(134kB , 600x1080 , scarf_by_porto881-d6z49tw.jpg)
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
I'd buy Lorule Link Figma if he came with a swappable bunny hood head
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
I've long imagined a Zelda game where there's a three-way war between the races (Zora, and Goron, and Gerudo?) that is created and fueled by a mysterious group. As Link, you start off as a mercenary and can accept quests from any faction; story quests are what take you into the usual dungeons. If you tip the balance in the favor of one side, you get extra access to their territory, which can lead to useful side-items. You have multiple endings depending on which race you helped the most, and the "final" is getting them to work together to realize they're being controlled and turn against this group (led by, duh, Ganondorf). You'd get the core Zelda experience with a lot of extra stuff, and the three races could even signify the parts of the Triforce.
Can we please shut the fuck up about the sexism thing? Make a seperate thread about it if you have to, there you can talk about how Zelda's or whoever else's booty is degrading to women.

Anyway, on the subject of the game itself, I'm really, really hoping for a good Dark Link battle. Fighting against an opponent who has everything you do would be really different in this kind of a game compared to usual Zelda titles.

I have a question about the Dynasty Warrior games, can you swap out equipment in those? Or are weapons tied to characters? Because if it's the latter then I'd like an unlockable Dark Link character, who has a bunch of the series items that they couldn't fit onto Link (assuming they don't want Link to have, like, twice as many moves as any other character).
>Can we please shut the fuck up about the sexism thing? Make a seperate thread about it if you have to, there you can talk about how Zelda's or whoever else's booty is degrading to women.

Nice job bringing it back up after other people had started talking about other things. People would almost believe you're actually trying to change the subject rather than trying to renew focus on it.
>Nice job bringing it back up after other people had started talking about other things.

Yeah for four whole posts what a trend.

Anyway, which are you guys looking forward to more between Zelda Wii U and Hyrule Warriors? Despite wanting another open world Zelda for a long ass time, I'm actually more excited for Warriors, probably because it came as such a surprise - Hyrule Warriors is the Zelda game I didn't know I wanted.

I'm also kind of skeptical about Zelda Wii U, even though I've wanted a game like it for so long. Nintendo hasn't really done massive 3D open worlds before, and I can't help but wonder what the scope of the game will be. I mean, I really doubt we'll be getting anything close to Elder Scrolls sized, but I feel like a big world with only the usual number of 8 or so dungeons would feel kind of underwhelming, unless the dungeons were really big. Personally I'd prefer a really large number of pretty small dungeons, with a lot of them not even being necessary to complete the story. I think this approach would also help the "open world"-ness because this way there are less dungeons where you need to have already found certain items to progress, but there can still be some where you do need those items so your equipment feels useful.

The most important thing to me regarding Zelda Wii U is that the overworld has lots of actually dangerous enemies. TP had large fields but they were emptier than WW's ocean, I don't want that to be the case here. I'd love a difficulty setting for enemies because I've always felt 3D Zelda games had way easier combat than 2D ones, mostly since the enemies choreograph their attacks too much instead of just coming at you. I hope we at least get some kind of enemies-do-double-damage option (that we don't have to unlock by beating the whole fucking game first). I've always thought setting difficulty levels for enemies were something Nintendo would never do in a Zelda game, but with them actually doing an open world game I'm not sure I can trust my expectations anymore.
I'd just like for a lot of the unlockable items to have lots of versatile uses in the open world and in combat. I remember most equips in Wind Waker getting a lot of mileage outside of puzzles or being useful in general outside of specifically marked areas, such as the grappling hook for looting and power bracelet/leaf for general navigation and so on. Whereas in Twilight Princess most of the equips were kinda niche, like the spinner and statue rod. Skyward Sword was more of a mixed bag for that.

Also, I hope there's a good reason to fight enemies out in the fields instead of just running past them or seeing them as a nuisance trying to get to the next area.
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image:140308233500.jpg(38kB , 500x700 , E081_zps952f3c56.jpg)
Fierce Deity Link for most broken broken secret unlockable character in HW
I don't know if the upcoming mainline WiiU Zelda will really have the expansiveness and exploration of an Elder Scrolls game. It just seems like it will be a larger hyrule field map with prettier graphics.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
We'll have to wait an see. I'm kinda hoping for some Dark Souls type encounters
All I really want is a Wind Waker with more variety in the overworld.
Certainly can't be worse than skyloft at least.
Zelda WiiU by far. Hyrule Warriors looks fun, but between the boobwitch and general musou gameplay getting old very quickly, it just looks like an alright distraction that happens to be Zelda-themed. Open-world Zelda taking inspiration from Zelda 1, with an emphasis on less handholding and more exploration is EXACTLY what I and a whole lot of others have wanted from Zelda from a long time. With Nintendo's general quality it can be trusted that they'll make a unique fantastic experience out of it.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
If Warriors has some kinda multi General Mode where you pit Armies against each other then that would be neat.
>...but we all agree that improbably sexy character designs are part of the problem we call sexism, yes?

Actually, I'm arguing directly against that line of thinking. I believe it is lazy reasoning. Speaking as an artist who draws lewds, the enjoyment derived from making sexy and scantily clad characters has about as much to do with promoting real life sexism as drawing a violent action scene has to do with promoting real life gun violence. I see it more as an attempt to censor and control the content of a creator using the usual excuses of beneficial social goals. If Cia's sexualized costume bothers you, I think that's a perfectly legitimate viewpoint to have. However, it is disingenuous to call it "sexism," and attempts to stretch the term sexism to include sexualized characters weakens and trivializes what I consider to be a very serious issue involving prejudice.

Now, in your post you mention fan reaction to Ghirahim, who was a scantily clad male character. I cannot say anything about this as I have not seen that fan reaction, but I want to point out that I do not care how /fans/ react to Ghirahim. If his outfit makes them uncomfortable, that is their issue. There could be a multitude of reasons why they don't like that character. However if they attempted to pressure the designer of Ghirahim via a morality or social justice argument, I would be arguing this exact same position against them. My position is to strongly support the creator's right to create what they want, whether it's a scantily clad villain or villainess.
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image:140315071700.png(366kB , 527x843 , Veran.png)
> Cia is a problem because her design is not Zeldaesque

Uhm, guys, shw is not the first female villain in the series with big boobs and a sexy costume.
DudeWithMoney !SFwR6DnH/Y

What I said:

>That's not an issue separate from sexism. It's a result of sexism, as common and diffuse as the air we breathe.

What you apparently heard:

>the enjoyment derived from making sexy and scantily clad characters promotes real life sexism

Different things. Here's another example of different things!

> However if they attempted to pressure the designer of Ghirahim via a morality or social justice argument, I would be arguing this exact same position against them. My position is to strongly support the creator's right to create what they want, whether it's a scantily clad villain or villainess.

Attempting to persuade and pressure people not to do things is not the same as depriving them of a right to do things! I have the right to run around in the street and call every black person I see foul racial slurs (and let me interrupt you before you even start: no, not the exact same thing. It's called an analogy. The entire point of it is that it's more extreme, in order to illustrate a point). We live in a country with freedom of expression, I have the right to say whatever I want. However, if I actually did that, other people would be well within their rights to call me a fucking asshole for doing that, and think less of me for doing that, and being less willing to do me favors or otherwise help me out as a result. They would, in short, be well within their rights to apply social pressure to discourage me from being a racist fuck. And doing that is not an infringement upon my right to be a racist prick. I have the right to drop the N-bomb, and they have the right to respond.

The same is true of this case. Criticism of overly sexual designs by pointing out that it's connected to institutionalized sexism isn't an infringement on your right to create those overly sexualized designs. It's just them expressing their right to react and criticize your work.

Now if you're talking some Catharine MacKinnon/Andrea Dworkin anti-pornography laws horse shit, that's a totally separate thing and those people most definitely are full of shit. But that's not who you're talking to here and those voices are extremely marginal in the post-1990s world. Conflating them is neither accurate nor fair.

It sounds to me like you don't give a shit about how the things you choose to say, or creators of things you patronize choose to say, affect the audience--either in terms of the message that what they say sends, or in terms of how they make the audience feel because of any implicit insults present in what they say.

You can argue till you're blue in the face about whether or not your behavior supports sexism, but you have made it very clear that you consider the ability to not be criticized for juvenile and cynical capitalization of teenage male sexuality in video games that aren't even about sex to be a higher priority than making women feel welcome in gamer communities.
People are just looking for an excuse to soapbox and bitch, its worse than trolls for the thread.

You are misunderstanding me. I know that people crying "sexism!" at sexualized characters aren't in a position of power to prevent said person from making their voices heard. However, the idea that sexualized characters are sexism is the problem, that's why I drew the parallel to blaming someone who creates violent imagery for real-life gun violence.
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image:140318199200.gif(1.3MB , 500x282 , tumblr_n7dvprzRix1sw9a6jo1_500.gif)
This flip-top arrow made me think, how would people feel about a LoZ world with an increased magitech feel?

Nothing super-advanced or sci-fi, just a host of lesser parts that give this particular iteration a slightly changed feel from "earlier" settings. You already see some of it in the games and the enemies/traps of the dungeons.
The likes of airships of the classic "flying wooden ships" style, and some gear on your quest like a "magic blunderbuss" which has various effects that could be used in both fights and puzzles.
Would still include the classic effects and items of the series so its not like I'm suggesting throwing anything out, just that there would be a particular game's setting would be a bit different.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
I could see airships with this increased world size, ohhh I really hope it has a good desert. I think that is one of the few open terrains we've not seen in an game like this.
Dude, you're taking it wayyy too far. I'm a woman and although Cia's design is kinda skeevy (I'm not bothered by Zelda's) I don't think sexy designs make me feel unwelcome or feel lesser because of it, and honestly some of the critique of sexier designs goes overboard.

I mean Tumblr lost its shit about misogyny because Bioware said they'd make Ashley more attractive in Mass Effect 3 by letting her hair down, even though she really didn't change that much and it's not like the graphical upgrades weren't fairly equal opportunity.
The Sneaky Tiki
Onimusha 2 had a cool way of handling most transportation and weapon magitech stuff.

Onimusha 2 [Game Movie] {HD}youtube thumb


I wasn't even saying it was sexist in itself though.
The Sneaky Tiki
Straight up.
Please continue the sexism debate in the proper thread >>188197
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Sexism aside, Wizro seems like the only Tecmo-original character with a good design. Valga and Cia are so goddamn boring and clearly copy-pasted from another series. I'm far more interested in the Zelda stuff showing up than any of the stuff made purely for the game.
Aw, I didn't know they had their names released yet. Kinda disappointed because I thought the guy on the right was Vaati.
Am I the only one who finds a bit odd having this argument while sitting close to /pco/?
Yes because it has nothing to do with anything.
Vaati'll probably be in as a boss. If he is in, I hope he'd look more like himself and not be majorly redesigned like if he were Wizro.
save file
image:140329751500.jpg(263kB , 841x1215 , tumblr_n18ex8a4NL1rt6jeso2_r1_1280.jpg)
Look, you've all been way off base, dragging discussion into nonsensical tangents that don't talk about what what actually matters with this new upcoming Zelda game in the style of Dynasty Warriors.

Which is how are the shippers reacting to the story info that has been revealed so far?
save file
image:140331114100.jpg(84kB , 750x500 , legemd_teamhyrule.jpg)
Shippers have never bothered me; they're usually content to stay in their corner. Of course, I also don't declare my shipping preferences and argue pointlessly with people who I disagree with or, more stupidly, people who don't agree with me strongly enough.
save file
image:140331125400.jpg(276kB , 816x684 , natsuhiko_loz.jpg)
I do wonder if Link will have any "spoken" lines in this though. I'm going to guess he doesn't, nor does the currently playable character.
I've heard that a fairy "speaks" for him in his textboxes, though I can't confirm that.

You could likely doublecheck by watching some demo gameplay vids? I think they were in English text.
I'd like to fight him in his human form from Minish Cap, he was supposed to be a crazy good swordsman but you never fight him while he's not in monster eyeball form. Of course, I'd like him to go all NOW YOU MUST FACE MY TRUE POWER and transform after you beat him the first time. He's supposed to be a wind Mage and I'd like to see that in both his forms, from what I remember he mostly just shot lasers and shit at you in past games, I'd like hinto fight with crazy wind shit AND lasers.

I'd be happy if the crossbow showed up in this game. Maybe as an upgraded version of the bow.
I didn't say shippers bothered me, I'm just asking if they are getting excited about the tangentially shipping-related plot of HW as that has been revealed so far much like how other sorts of fans have been getting excited for other reasons.
I've only heard vague things about it causing reactions since I don't move in those circles.
>>The latest edition of Famitsu contains some interesting new information for Hyrule Warriors. There will be two new playable characters in the game, Agitha from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and a previously unknown individual named Lana. The magazine also confirms that Argorok and Zant from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will be making an appearance. Hopefully we should have some more substantial details soon.
Also new trailer featuring the Fire Rod
『ゼルダ無双』 リン?…youtube thumb

Apparently the Wii U Zelda game will also have sort of multiplayer or non-single player content but that is only a vague rumour I heard so don't react too strongly to it.
>Apparently the Wii U Zelda game will also have sort of multiplayer or non-single player content but that is only a vague rumour I heard so don't react too strongly to it.

It's vague, but it's not a rumor--Aonuma said it. But it was noted that he also considered the Tingle Mode in Wind Waker to be "Not purely single player content," so it's possible he's only referring to something like that
Perhaps it'll be like Mario 3D world where you can play single player with a controller and someone can do things to help you by touching the gamepad.
save file
image:140361084300.png(698kB , 652x1088 , tumblr_n7no3pB7kN1rb5cego1_1280.png)
>>What's this? A Zelda game woefully underpopulated by BEES? A large influx of BEES out to fix that

I think Lana is the girl on the cover.
So that means it isn't another form of Cia, but with the similar pale hair and also being a magic user I still think they have some sort of relation.
I hate Twilight Princess but damn if Agitha wasn't the only NPC that stood out as interesting. Love that choice, nonsensical and wild.
Her weapon is a parasol, and many of her attacks involve summoning insects.

New Impa gameplay trailer
Zelda Hyrule Warriors - Impa Trailer (Wii U)youtube thumb
save file
image:140373874900.png(376kB , 656x526 , tumblr_n7q31u1Ryl1tqe6hto1_1280.png)
Oh rad!
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Well, it's good to see they're doing changes in traditional lore setup as well as gameplay.

Now paheal will have to make a Queen_Zelda tag.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Ohhh, Daddy got dead and she had to take up the sword. Noice.
Queen Zelda is best Zelda

>>but as the story unfolds the relationship between the two greatly changes
All hail King Link
save file
image:140374222500.png(1.12MB , 1024x1920 , _ _ _daaaaaaanger zooooone.png)
So we know the name and some of the details regarding the new girl on the cover now.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Danger Zone
check the filename
It does seem like an odd choice when you have a full legacy of warriors ready and able.
bugs to attack in interesting at least.
Well remember, this game is pure fanservice, maybe even moreso than something like Super Smash Bros. And Agitha was one of the more popular characters in Twilight Princess. She's sort of an obvious inclusion when you think about it.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
I don't agree. Twilight Princess is probably the least popular of the core Zelda games, so pulling tertiary characters from it wouldn't be my first choice. There are many other characters from other games, like Darunia, Groose, Nabooru, King of Red Lions (human form), etc.

If they had to (and I guess they did), Agitha is indeed the most interesting of those from TP. Even the fighters that you join up with in the game didn't have as much personality, though they're more obvious fighters. Zant was a complete waste of a villain, both in story and in character.

Zelda has also had many alter-egos that could be spun off: Sheik, Tetra, the armor someone mentioned earlier.
>There are many other characters from other games, like Darunia, Groose, Nabooru, King of Red Lions (human form), etc.
Yeah, but....while they haven't been announced yet, I'd say there's about a zero percent chance that Groose and Darunia, at least, aren't going to be in. Nabooru's pretty likely, too--pretty much all of OOT's sages, really. King of Red Lions might be a bit more of a longshot though.
>Twilight Princess is probably the least popular of the core Zelda games

Uh excuse me, what?
I don't like it = nobody likes it
> most of the playable characters and the main villain are female
> Impa finally gets an opportunity to shine, holy shit it was goddamn time
> Zelda goes QUEEN Zelda, kicks ass, takes names

As a feminist minded gamer, I choose to celebrate this game beign made instead of being offended at boobs.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
The many alternate timelines of Zelda. So need a Radiant Historia Zelda game at some point.

"In this timeline it was destroyed, but in another there is hope."
Everything but the shitty new character design is great, yeah. a wonderful game with one incredibly black spot.
It isn't a black spot though, it looks cool.
People will always find something to kvetch about, at this point you are just looking for something to be angry about.
Or maybe there is the smallest possibility that I genuinely dislike something about a game even if you don't. Honestly, the level of pain experienced just from hearing someone say "this Dynasty Warrior design doesn't look as good as Legend of Zelda's" is far more absurd than simply saying "Cia is stupid."
I disagree with Cia's design and think it's so revealing it stops being sexy (like everything in Fate/EXTRA), but yeah the people who bitch about it at this point are a broken record.
save file
image:140389124300.jpg(199kB , 1280x1900 , Hilda Edit.jpg)
I'm not offended at boobs, I just think there are actual warriors from the series that deserve a better chance than Agatha and the OCs.
Dramani, Ashei, Byrne. You know. People who can fight or have fought.
You raise my hopes, and dash them against the rocks. I hope at least Ravio has a chance.
Ashei was a completely drab character compared to Agitha, and Darmani doesn't have a chance (if they pick a Goron, it's 100% going to be Darunia) but who says Byrne won't be in? I'm not saying he will be, but what does Agitha have to do with him?
>>Dynasty Warriors Game
>>Not including girls who never fought in the original story
u srs bro?

Her bug master style seems very interesting compared to just another warrior, plus the game isn't out yet.
There's so far been OoT and TW elements seen in-game, and there's also the game art that shows Skyloft above what I think is Hyrule castle. I would say there's alot we haven't seen revealed yet.
Also keep in mind that before we knew most of the characters, the devs said "If you can think of a character from the Zelda series, they're probably in the game." So while they may not all be playables, I imagine everyone naming major/popular characters as "not in" is probably VERY WRONG. It's the more obscure characters I would be worried about. Like the Seven Sages probably all show up in one form or another, but I guess maybe some minor character from the Oracles games might be left out.
You think Agahnim is going to be playable? Or Bunny Link?
I've never played a Dynasty Warriors spinoff bro.

I'm sure she'll be a fun character, I just find it an odd choice. Especially for a game with "warriors" in the title.
Well, costume changes are also thing in the Warriors series.
What, so you're claiming the two Qiao's were actually epic warriors capable of killing scores of warriors in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel? Or Diao Chan? Or is what you actually meant is that you've never played a Dynasty Warrior game ever.
I've played. I know jack shit about actual Asian history, but I've played.

Look, I'm not trying to come off as belligerent. I just would like a game about Zelda fighters to predominantly be made up with Zelda fighters. I'm not even against her, I just think it's weird that they're showing off a character that I would consider a bonus or surprise this early on when we only have 4 actual fighters from the series.
The vast majority of characters from the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series have been noncombatants, whether it be women or or men historically famous because they were rulers and administrators, rather than fighters. I don't see why it would be all different for Zelda, where it's a bit of a popularity contest or who has a neat design.
Long as I get my fighters.
Do the other spinoffs have tons of characters too?
She's a little much for Zelda (most of the OCs are in my opinion) but her attacks seem interesting enough.
A bit too sugoi moe, but I guess that's crossovers for you.
Exceedingly. I actually cringed.
Still hype, but cringing.

I cringed, but it was more because of how that video was put together...

Fingers crossed for Darunia.
I'd be happy with at least someone from every race.
I've heard the "Queen Zelda" thing might have been a mistranslation or misunderstanding.

If that turns out to be te case I will be rather disappointed.
save file
image:140482941100.jpg(41kB , 400x247 , fi.jpg)
People that were getting salty that there was too many Twilight Princess characters can relax.
Oh joy.
I guess they're introducing the characters in game chunks?
save file
image:140483841400.jpg(69kB , 611x548 , 1401226156203.jpg)

I can already taste the delicious tears.
>I've heard the "Queen Zelda" thing might have been a mistranslation or misunderstanding.

Wouldn't they have caught the misunderstanting by now, and had it corrected?
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g

Likely just the autists that don't like the idea of Queen Zelda
What is this, a picture for the Minish? Also neat. Wonder how Fi is gonna attack besides shoot magic at people.
She is, after all, a living sword.

I've heard part of her moveset involves transforming into the blade.
T4 was here
Oh I did just watch a vid on Fi.
WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE FI? - J…youtube thumb
And I agreed!
His reasons for Fi being bad are exactly the reason people hate her, not her character itself. When she's overly technical, breaks the flow of the game from constantly popping up and giving you extremely obvious advice, I have no care in the world for her character. You can't ask me to look past how annoying she is. I'm only human. She breaks any immersion the game might have had, and so I feel absolutely no kind of emotion other than "Whatever" whenever she dances or at the end of the game where she, predictably as hell, dies. I mean, this is a moment where the developers EXPECT us to be sad. And it clearly didn't work.

Her robot talk gimmick was supposed to be funny, and it's not. Her dancing and singing were supposed to be surreal in a good way, juxtaposed with her technobabble at the same time, instead it's in a bad way and it makes me shift from feeling uncomfortable. Fresh and new does not equal good.
Not having any personality may be fresh for a Zelda game, but that doesn't make her something to care about. She shows literally nothing up until the very end of the game to justify so much dialog and lectures from her, and her only good scene (the dance) gets repeated until that just becomes as dull and mechanical as the rest of her. She had a great concept, a great design, and was absolutely wasted to the point of anger. I'm interested in her for Hyrule Warriors, but she is by far the worst part of Skyward Sword. Navi is a better companion.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
Yeah, she's worse than Navi: she wrests control from the player far more than Navi would, even if Navi was more consistently annoying with the HEY! LISTEN!. At least that spawned an amusing meme.
For all that's been said about Fi there's ONE scene that IMO redeems her in my eyes.

When you need to take the dragon cauldron and Fi suggests using the robot you repaired. If you say no she suddenly gets really irritated with you and tells you to shut up and do it and stop being a whiny baby.

If she had more lines like that in SS I think general consensus on her would be higher.
save file
image:140494644700.png(212kB , 260x545 , tumblr_n8gnk2eq4n1r2h3o8o1_400.png)
Damn Ghirahim, lookin' like a palette swapped Mistral here.
So all the sages.
I didn't like it when Midna was useless and bitchy so why would I like Fi more if she where also useless and bitchy?
Even then, Midna's SUPPOSED to be useless and bitchy. So that her character actually develops and changes over the course of the game to NOT be that way, and your opinion of her changes over time. That one comment from Fi is from the developer saying "Ha ha! She made an out of character comment! Isn't that funny?!"
Hey, a dude this time...sorta.
He's not the first male enemy to be in HW, Zant was also introduced alongside the TP characters.
Wonder if there will be any male heroes besides possible Darunia and maybe Linebeck. Hoping for Makar to show up at some point, he was adorable as fuck.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
If Groose isn't a hero in HW, the game will be worthless.
And his special attacks need to involve the Groosenator.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Wonder if anyone from Lorule will be added? wonder what Ravio would do for weapons? Hilda would use staff attacks most likely.
save file
image:140504481900.jpg(955kB , 2716x1682 , hyrule-warriors-scan-1-1.jpg)
Is that the Wind Waker Zelda's wielding?
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Looks like it
save file
image:140513488900.jpg(55kB , 800x450 , tumblr_n8ifih2Ja21qigxf4o1_1280.jpg)
Who knows
Its possible that it is just a usable object on that stage and Groose will not be playable.

On the other hand maybe Groose will indeed be playable and his moveset will be more about his Loftwing.

Just be prepared for either eventuality.
Don't you tell me what do you Youtube
Especially when the guy writes off Wind Waker's art style as terrible and "chibi" and won't listen to any defense. He's entitled to his opinion, of course, but I think he's being rather close-minded.
Am I the only one who prefers Gamecube WW art style to the WiiU remake? They shoulda gone full cel shade mode instead of the wooden dolls with waaaay too much bloom look.
I like it better too. It's especially pretty when emulated.
Oh not at all. There's a lot of people who preferred the GC style.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
Any comparison images? I haven't played it and can't recall a change in the art style outside of the clearer textures.
save file
image:140527327300.jpg(19kB , 1500x843 , wind-waker-comparison-2.jpg)
>That fucking pillar from OoT
>Skyward Sword remix
'K, starting to get pretty hype for this

Also, Sheik, Ruto, and Darunia confirmed: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2014-07-22/hyrule-warriors-wii-u-game-adds-ocarina-of-time-sheik-ruto-darunia/.76918
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
that's a big critter. Awww Hilda is Costume..bummer.
That's not Hilda, that's Twilight Princess Zelda.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Ah okay, wow they look a lot alike when compared. Must be her darker color palette.
save file
image:140607026000.jpg(35kB , 400x248 , imageforantsandtinybabbies.jpg)
Sheik, Princess Ruto, and Darunia has been confirmed for Hyrule Warriors in this week's Famitsu.

save file
image:140607563700.jpg(71kB , 639x480 , cry_Vexus.jpg)

>Princess Ruto

thank u nintendo

thank u tecmo

u da bes, da bes evur
Do we know if Sheik's a girl or boy this time? I can't believe there are still people who rage over Sheik being a chick to this day.
That's pretty cool.
They should drop all other characters and make the cast entirely Link with a million different items and weapons.
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Probably still Alternate Timeline Zelda.
T4 was here
Now we just need a Deku and the mask set will be complete.
save file
image:140616829000.jpg(359kB , 1075x1322 , tumblr_n96m72TiTn1qfwzeuo3_1280.jpg)
So what exactly does Ruto fight with? Magic?
She probably has the fin sword thing and all the other moves that Zora Link had in MM.
Summon Bigger Fish.
I think they are going by this translated trailer
Wii U -- Hyrule Warriors Trail…youtube thumb

If its just the english translation of the game changing it from Queen to Princess because they consider people too stupid understand that something like this is different from the other games I'm going to be pretty pissed off
I haven't looked much into the matter, but I've seen people claiming that the japanese trailer also labels her as a "princess".
From the wording of the sentence, I highly doubt it's a mistranslation of the interview, since Hayashi says both terms. (>>188432) The interview itself included Aonuma, so it's not like Nintendo was completely out of the loop on this one (http://mmgn.com/wiiu/articles--hyrule-warriors-interview-aonuma-koinuma-and).

Which could be someone at Nintendo or even Tecmo just writing up some quick script and going with the familiar "Princess Zelda". Calling her "Queen Zelda" is relatively minor at this point, so hopefully it's just overlooked and Queen Zelda sticks around in the finished product...
Why is this somehow such a big deal? Or is this another social justice warrior thing?
No, don't be a twat.

Its just cool and different that a separate continuity Zelda was actually a Queen leading her armies personally, Its a neat change.
She is the sole ruler in this case as far as I've heard.
Autonywork !x4vv0ZYuAo
I think people would be disappointed if the game used the standard Zelda setup instead of this neat change. I know I would be disappointed (though not nearly enough to not buy the game when I eventually get a Wii U).

Like if we had a game where Link was a Prince who lost his throne, but in the end they decided to make him an everyday guy that just happens to hold the Triforce of Courage or otherwise stumble into shit like usual.
Hey primary fighting style seems to be water magic, though its possible she might get another weapon to be unlocked. Impa was revealed at the same time these characters were announced to have a (flame-element?) polearm in addition to her default big sword and Lana got an interesting new weapon too in addition to her block book.
The Sneaky Tiki
I kinda feel like Lana sticks out like a sore-ass thumb, otherwise I'm excited.
What are the odds of seeing True Midna in the game? I really liked her desing in TP, for all the fifteen seconds she gets onscreen.
save file
image:140629839000.jpg(5kB , 640x360 , 95b38725e79b9696949ef732b0b6a2081406217501_full.jpg)
So, male or female?
It's Zelda, and that's all we need to know.
So is this thing just a schism between the worlds bringing them all from different ones? Maybe there all being brought to the realm of Queen Zelda or something.
It's not a part of the timeline or anything, just an AU or something, enclosed off in its own dimension or something.
Cia uses the Gate of Darkness (which is also the Gate of Time I would guess) to bring in all the different eras (not worlds, times.) It's not canon itself.
There is no Queen Zelda. Move the fuck on.
Don't be a dick, you are randomly getting on people who are just looking for information.
Yes there is. Even if not in Hyrule Warriors, she was described as Queen in the Japanese version of A Link Between Worlds.
What Japanese gaming articles for Hyrule Warriors call this Zelda (going by Japanese Wikipedia, is apparently true for the Link Between Worlds and possibly Spirit Tracks versions too like >>189026 said)
>Zelda, Hyrule Kingdom's Queen

What Zelda is referred to as in past games like Ocarina etc.
>Princess Zelda

The kanji don't lie, the difference between 王女(lit. "female king" aka queen) and 姫("princess") is pretty explicit here. So any references to Hyrule Warriors Zelda as anything other than a queen would have to be the product of furigana or liberal translations because 王女 and 姫 have very different implications from each other. There's no doubt what the intent is.
save file
image:140634128900.jpg(127kB , 900x1009 , princess_ruto_by_maniacpaint-d5im89q.jpg)
//youtube.com/watch?v=lcdfju_OF7Yyoutube thumb
She actually looks kinda cool now. Never did like how she looked in the original art because man that stuff just looked creepy/skeevy. I wonder how many people became scaleys over her.
>I wonder how many people became scaleys over her.
Not as many as will become now.

She's a lot more humanish looking now, I don't know if being into that qualifies as being a scaley.
Come on. Give me some creepy Majora playable characters already. Please?
It's worth noting for anyone not familiar with Japanese that even if they are using furigana to make 王女 be pronounced "hime" or "purinsessu" or whatever, the kanji's meaning would still stand. If that were the case, I would still interpret it as meaning the "Princess" of a Principality--i.e. the head of state in a nation that simply considers Prince/Princess to be the highest rank.
So kinda like Dorne then?
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Or, ya know, historical Principalities.
Or fucking Rome, where the Caeser was known as Princeps for a good 300 years.
So will Link and Zelda bang in this one or what
save file
image:166070821835.jpg(44kB , 828x466 , 4767383689.jpg)
Its rather funny looking into the past like this and seeing BotW described as the "new Wii U game".

Also all the discussion about the at-the-time upcoming/current Hyrule Warriors is nice, was a game I really enjoyed.
Why did Age of Calamity suffer such janky performance in comparison to its predecessor?
Groose was too Based to be in Hyrule Warriors.
02 GROOSE - Soniconda - /v/ the Musical VIIyoutube thumb
save file
image:167604143140.jpg(539kB , 1080x1350 , FojGvUGXEAQxFwL.jpg)
This is official art, but seeing the Master sword all broken and melted away sort of loses impact with how dirty it was done in the previous Breath of the Wild just so they could cram in that mechanic of carting around a whole assload of breakable weapons.
I've lost faith in the master sword and its credibility so its much less shocking.
What if they made a Zelda game that was a party-based RPG?

Or if instead of a Dynasty Warriors-style game they made a LoZ game that also involved Link and Zelda using an army to beat the villains forces instead of him doing it alone but in the tactical/strategy genre?
save file
image:168004403287.jpg(1.31MB , 2800x2240 , FsUy_JlXsAEEdnZ.jpg)
So the big gimmick of the new Zelda game is... fusing?
save file
image:168030545133.gif(1.12MB , 600x338 , Thinking quickly, Link constructs a homemade megaphone, using only fuse, a keesee and a megaphone.gif)
Newest trailer for the new game
The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Official Trailer #3 (Nintendo Switch)youtube thumb

Guess whose managed to come back again, shocking everyone.
save file
image:168142998247.jpg(142kB , 1792x828 , qlq4gxxxzqta1.jpg)
save file
image:168442521934.jpg(399kB , 947x881 , plant cruelty.jpg)
Are Koroks really that annoying?
save file
image:168452778362.png(3.11MB , 1280x1418 , ZEON DID NOTHING WRONG.png)
People are recreating the colony drop from Mobile Suit Gundam on the fuckers.