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3) Due to the nature of Western material, furry is allowed on all promotion boards

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- Jab Comix
- John Persons (The Pitt, etc)
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image:141333663600.jpg(362kB , 1280x1263 , tumblr_nddexbWNyM1tqxrj9o1_1280.jpg)
We’re in the fourth and last season, and there are more than enough male characters over the age of 18 that are begging to be portrayed in an erotic way.

Let’s start with Prince Wu and Mako.
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image:147838915700.jpg(26kB , 1280x896 , tumblr_ofrwotHqI11vcra3yo1_1280.jpg)
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image:147844657000.jpg(405kB , 1280x1833 , 2019066 - Bolin Mako Suyo The_Legend_of_Korra.jpg)
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image:152300020200.png(24kB , 500x500 , 916886 - Avatar_the_Last_Airbender Bolin The_Legend_of_Korra.png)
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image:139999235600.png(555kB , 800x800 , 139246437027.png)
It is now open!

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image:149293851900.png(148kB , 640x345 , agent-min_640x345_acf_cropped.png)
Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent thread

Alright artists, puritanical christian activist group One Million Moms just announced their homosexuality free cartoon, Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent, where Secret Agent Ryan Defrates solves problems with the power of the bible, and no gays are allowed ever.

Your time is now. Go forth. FLOOD THE INTERNET.
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image:149309627200.png(24kB , 200x290 , Ryan Defrates doodle.png)
Why the hell do I want to fuck this anti-gay character?!
Oh well, he's cute. I'll draw some stuffs, here's a very small practice.
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image:149309635800.jpg(419kB , 1096x638 , 666.jpg)
Also, these guys are the devil!
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image:140832776400.jpg(189kB , 504x800 , 134388363262.jpg)
Superman/Batman thread? Using the OP pic from the previous thread because why not.
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image:145010420000.jpg(136kB , 462x650 , 26637251_p7.jpg)
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image:146074164200.jpg(97kB , 900x721 , 22356.jpg)
BvS may not be Quality Entertainment but it brought in a lot of new Superbat porn.
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image:148897712000.jpg(155kB , 540x765 , 1485032814326.jpg)
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image:148057094400.gif(233kB , 691x604 , Dipper.gif)
I'd love to commission some more shota. Who's a good artist for drawing naughty naked boys?
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image:148079755300.jpg(511kB , 700x1210 , DiazDiaDePadre2.jpg)

I'd love to provide said shota for you. I'm currently having a Christmas Sale so check it out here: http://knullmannen.tumblr.com/post/153907867233/its-that-time-of-year-folks-could-really-use

Examples of my work:
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image:148335549900.png(169kB , 485x607 , Liam Footjob.PNG)
I have started taking commissions recently. Because I just started, business is slow. If you're still actively checking this thread, I would be more than happy to provide content. You can contact me at either Hiccears or Pixiv.

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image:147176835700.jpg(378kB , 1280x1565 , 1471490541589.jpg)
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image:147259406200.png(206kB , 511x1050 , chat noir13.png)
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image:147651977300.png(1,012kB , 690x1157 , 1998755 - Adrien_Agreste Cat_Noir Miraculous_Ladybug bili.png.jpg)
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image:146124405900.png(15kB , 500x348 , trenchkoat01.png)
DC Dark characters because Constantine is officially bi again.
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image:147559913200.png(1,02kB , 1000x1346 , karnessah - 752743866.png)
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image:147559919000.png(414kB , 850x1067 , trenchkoat13.png)
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image:147559922700.png(416kB , 750x407 , trenchkoat10.png)
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image:146834470500.jpg(126kB , 595x842 , 1395503433267.jpg)
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image:141729551000.png(311kB , 457x750 , SB - i.png)
How about a Danny Phantom thread?
All I have I this comic-y thing
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image:143398249800.jpg(211kB , 700x990 , danny-fagton.jpg)
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image:143398274600.jpg(313kB , 800x821 , danny in drag.jpg)
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image:146766653200.jpg(253kB , 900x1191 , DannySelfcest.jpg)
Indeed it is.
Time for pornography? Trying to bring coq back from the dead. I know it's not in character and I managed not mention genitals... should I blame it on being English?

I have heard that fast-food workers don't eat the stuff they make and that people who stare at a screen all day for a job don't want to do the same for fun. I can understand that. After an exhausting day manifesting my will it is nice to submit to another’s. I think he would see it differently. After not having things do as he wished it must be nice to get exactly what he wants.

I have walked on far off planets. I have seen solar systems engulfed by stars. I have seen a thousand civilisations in battle. I know how transient things can be. Yet within the chaos and emptiness of space I have found a home. Safe and warm. Within his arms.
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image:146675992700.png(361kB , 600x605 , CcXqoOZUcAAAkNQ.png)
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image:140549378200.jpg(84kB , 640x960 , grayson-midnighter.jpg)
Apollo and Midnighter thread, celebrating that Midnighter is going to be a regular in a title again and isn't wearing the stupid chinspike
Really, I thought it was great.
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image:146675983000.jpg(63kB , 540x497 , 1462609102644.jpg)
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image:142178129600.png(56kB , 542x436 , draw.png)
Since there was a COQ request thread in the old board, why not have a COQ request thread on here too?


Source of pic: http://plus4chan.org/b/coq/res/58223.html#84683
But he's 16 going on 17 in the show. That definitely ain't shota terriotry
While this is true you have to understand
>/aco/ mods
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image:146535917100.png(1.65MB , 1918x1076 , bb.png)
Requesting Beast Boy performing autofellatio.
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image:145213063300.png(279kB , 411x810 , tumblr_nl9excwrYG1qcircwo1_540.png)
Kingsman thread pls
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image:145263341500.gif(655kB , 365x358 , tumblr_nkz2paAoY61svub81o1_400.gif)
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image:145246780100.png(118kB , 400x496 , bdyHv.png)
Sherlock Holmes thread -- Any iteration!
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image:145246788900.jpg(159kB , 400x500 , 5035177031_9ef25ac2bf.jpg)
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image:145246790100.jpg(48kB , 327x411 , 127823910510.jpg)
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image:145246792500.jpg(88kB , 1000x442 , Lascaux - Sherlock Ohai Jim.jpg)
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image:145213721200.jpg(597kB , 879x502 , 126629060564.jpg)
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image:145213724900.jpg(73kB , 600x496 , itsbaru - Timelord Biology Lesson.jpg)
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image:145213727700.png(316kB , 900x620 , 12636281075.png)