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Survival Horror Video GamesAnonymous
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image:145205361300.png(299kB , 500x614 , tumblr_inline_mqtvr0PDhn1qz4rgp.png)
Of course, always remember the forum rules! I don't know when it shifts from "beat up and bloody" to "guro" either, so, uh, I guess always air on the safe side. And please label what games your pics are from, so we all know :3

This is Henry and Murphy from Silent Hill 4 and 8, respectively.
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image:145205384500.jpg(107kB , 772x565 , Cypher - even more purple.png)
Ethan Mars and Norman Jayden from Heavy Rain
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image:145205414300.png(125kB , 256x400 , 7696190-256-k689140.png)
Chris and Piers from Resident Evil 6
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image:145205436800.png(431kB , 540x778 , tumblr_nb7y1n7WxE1sn7kimo1_540.png)
copcakes!Murphy Pendleton from the "Reversal" ending in Silent Hill: Downpour
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image:145205451700.gif(299kB , 500x333 , tumblr_moi2imZXNF1qj3hv8o1_500.gif)
Murphy from Silent Hill 8
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image:145205492300.png(389kB , 450x600 , 30310498_m.png)
Leon - RE 2, 4, 6, et cetera
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image:145205777400.jpg(61kB , 736x1070 , 6e641c9a6548fee76e33e3146a72d4ca.jpg)
Dante was supposed to be Leon but was so fabulous his game turned into action/adventure....
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image:145205894100.png(131kB , 400x300 , 13078860_p8.png)
dude that clearly also happened to Leon
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image:145205931800.jpg(68kB , 455x600 , 1714830.jpg)
Absolutely. *nods seriously*
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image:145205935200.png(184kB , 400x600 , 30755229_m.png)
by which I mean to say, that's why RE6 was action/adventure
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image:145205954700.jpg(56kB , 405x600 , 1714870.jpg)
Because everyone was too fabulous to not ninja zombies in the face~
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image:145205958300.png(154kB , 500x325 , tumblr_m2tszsW5Zy1r63uo8o1_500.png)
shit I forgot to say that last one was Buddy and Leon from the CG Resident Evil: Damnation movie, which takes place between RE4 and RE6.

And this pictures isssss... Walter and Henry from Silent Hill 4!
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image:145205988300.jpg(39kB , 500x232 , tumblr_loi0y3qNaD1r04x33o1_500.jpg)
More DMC
Dante and Credo from DMC 4
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image:145211400400.png(608kB , 650x768 , nursescomplete.png)
pyramid head
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image:145211496900.png(462kB , 1280x1600 , tumblr_m3ijkemsfx1qfrqzdo1_1280.png)
Murphy and George Sewell from SH:Downpour
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image:145211504200.jpg(113kB , 748x624 , Cypher - makeouts!.png)
Ethan and Jayden again - heavy rain
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image:145213005700.jpg(99kB , 751x625 , Cypher - RIGHT AFTER.png)
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image:145213007400.jpg(120kB , 801x616 , Cypher - drrrrrafting table!.png)
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image:145213008600.jpg(81kB , 771x416 , Cypher - pornporn.png)
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image:145213012800.jpg(82kB , 631x690 , Cypher - adsdgerggd.png)
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image:145213015000.jpg(117kB , 522x784 , Cypher - LOVERUSH.png)
/end Heavy Rain spam
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image:145213141500.jpg(454kB , 1280x1422 , tumblr_mybgp8JvvS1qjgrcxo1_1280.jpg)
Murphy from SH8, Henry and Walter from SH4
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image:145213738600.jpg(153kB , 500x703 , tumblr_inline_mqtvhlc4Vr1qz4rgp.jpg)
I think this is Murphy Pendleton
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image:145213744100.jpg(97kB , 580x600 , Biohazard.600.977814.jpg)
Piers Nivans, Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 6, et cetera
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image:145213755100.png(239kB , 373x600 , Biohazard.600.png)
Chris and Wesker, before Resident Evil 5
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image:145214680900.jpg(71kB , 540x763 , 446bd5b69a224bd8abaa45ec34aba5ca.jpg)
I just found http://noahasai.tumblr.com/

Evil Withiiiinnnnnn survival horror in suiiiiittsssss
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image:145214686200.png(238kB , 463x750 , tumblr_nnqq3eN1o91rdvov8o1_500.png)
shit I'm high and that last picture was not noahasai because I forgot what I was doing in the middle of doing it because Sebastian is hot

okay no for real I think this one is http://noahasai.tumblr.com/
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image:145214690900.png(381kB , 407x750 , tumblr_njgz33ts4K1rdvov8o1_500.png)
I'm having a lot of glove feelings right now
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image:145215053800.jpg(57kB , 501x604 , bc3de9bda0eef05387be85d69142d852.jpg)
help. they're too beautiful
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image:145215302500.jpg(292kB , 900x1125 , tumblr_nerdanHhBt1tb14qeo1_1280.jpg)
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image:145215312600.png(100kB , 400x329 , tumblr_ni63xkHCh41u6jcmao1_400.png)
Okay that whole flood was Joseph and Sebastian from the Evil Within
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image:145220774100.png(427kB , 540x745 , tumblr_nb6aywGwzP1tnq6kgo3_r1_540.png)
Cop!Murphy from SH8 anddd.... Maybe prisoner!Murphy also? Maybe prisoner!Henry? I don't know.
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image:145220778800.png(341kB , 612x826 , tumblr_niwv0lOfwq1sjyetpo4_1280.png)
Pretty sure this one is Henry for real though
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image:145220789100.png(224kB , 1280x501 , tumblr_n15z1h3WFe1tnq6kgo2_1280.png)
Okay so I have a thing for copcakes Murphy
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image:145220791600.png(298kB , 1280x501 , tumblr_n15z1h3WFe1tnq6kgo3_1280.png)
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image:145220794600.png(381kB , 1280x874 , tumblr_n15z1h3WFe1tnq6kgo4_r1_1280.png)
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image:145220797300.png(220kB , 1280x597 , tumblr_n15z1h3WFe1tnq6kgo5_1280.png)
I like to think that he and George are like always up to no good together
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image:145220799500.png(226kB , 1100x950 , tumblr_n15z1h3WFe1tnq6kgo6_1280.png)
Poor Murphy
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image:145229903200.png(526kB , 1280x893 , tumblr_nexxcuEd6r1s402ogo1_1280.png)
Sebastian and Joseph again from Psychobreak/The Evil Within
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image:145229907400.jpg(65kB , 400x379 , tumblr_nfdimptu491tb14qeo1_400.jpg)
Bless this fandom
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image:145229909900.png(293kB , 500x690 , tumblr_nis7o5Reqb1r5hj5co1_500.png)
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image:145229912100.jpg(129kB , 850x1296 , sample-81a20ce04587e86845c6fd79d7f43dd0.jpg)
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image:145229913300.jpg(21kB , 250x258 , tumblr_ng1dtleWFo1qdihvyo1_250.jpg)
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image:145246152000.jpg(659kB , 880x1192 , sh__Pyramid_Ten_by_tentaclees.jpg)
looool Pyramid head from SH2
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image:145246179900.png(483kB , 500x533 , tumblr_m8o94rq4zy1rpf6n0o1_500.png)
Henry and Walter from SH4
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image:145246184300.png(271kB , 736x486 , 60b72c299e465e085e1e0821c997cd4c.png)
More Henry and Walter
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image:145246194200.jpg(203kB , 1200x1566 , tumblr_nf1lftx5lh1qlgahoo1_1280.jpg)
Mmmm Evil Within again... lovely Joseph and Sebastian, as usual 😍
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image:145246198600.jpg(60kB , 462x604 , 5b3b6b6618b187d0228e8e7a86dde880.jpg)
Evil Within -- These jerks are gonna kill me
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image:145246401100.png(647kB , 600x849 , exposed_the_pain_back_by_invisiblerainart-d6c85dv.png)
Man, where all the Alan Wake art be at? This is from http://invisiblerainart.deviantart.com/
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image:145246511600.jpg(87kB , 900x642 , come_in_my_bed____by_theroachsalad-d5eifzz.jpg)
Yo I shoulda just been like "This thread is for violent games with mostly human dudes" instead of "survival horror" but its too late now sooooo whatever

Oh well, here's Alex Mercer from Prototype

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image:145246579700.jpg(69kB , 517x791 , noreason - Glimmer.jpg)
Yo I found this person's Y-gallery... so amazing... their SN is noreason
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image:145246597700.jpg(53kB , 500x706 , large.jpg)
Protoype again; Cross/Mercer
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image:145246599500.jpg(68kB , 538x760 , tumblr_mmybsexh6h1sn6sado1_540.jpg)
Cross/Mercer -- artist is dokyakutu on y-gallery
God took a peek at my room. He was not happy.