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image:148486625000.png(344kB , 979x467 , 1439508667966.png)
Anyone know the artist who drew this? I've tried digging around in the /co/ archives and Pixiv but have come up dry so far.
This picture was from a pixiv chat session from a few years ago, the artist was this fella http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=11890
>original isn't there
He wiped his gallery at some point, hasn't he?
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image:148506004900.png(994kB , 1600x1200 , Lurk_Moar.png)

Not really, he has never posted any of the western characters he drew during those pixiv chat sessions. You might still be able to find some of those pixiv chat rooms with the drawings on them unless the host later made the archive private, just search for the right tags while you do so, as there are quite a few pictures the artist drew but none of them were posted as far as I'm concerned, except this one which made it to paheal and later got deleted when they nuked the Gravity Falls tag from their site.
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image:148446943700.png(125kB , 540x700 , 1484400699247.png)
Apparently we need a new Color Thread.
Noznorohc Thread MK IIAnonymous
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image:147372803800.png(696kB , 1754x1240 , 100.png)
New thread time! Our starter this evening is a little something I made for pixiv commemorating my 200th follow (http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=58958948). Took longer than expected, but as it was meant to celebrate a milestone I felt it had to be my best work. For those curious, the old thread can be found here >>198966.
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image:148831749800.png(199kB , 1354x1102 , alice1.png)
What do you think of this?
That's better, much better!
Carry on!
new thread.
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image:146937364800.png(531kB , 1240x1754 , star vs incog 2.png)
Star vs the Forces of Evil thread 3
what the fuck is this nigga talking about. GET UP IN THAT PUSS
the thread reached its limit.
Avatar: The Last Airbender ThreadAnonymous
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image:143172154400.png(23kB , 300x300 , 21278 - Avatar_the_last_Airbender Toph.png)
I find myself burdened with an inexorable need for ATLA smut. And in the absence of a thread to post in, I turn to making my own.
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image:148389423500.jpg(102kB , 444x800 , cheesecake korra slingshot opel.jpg)
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image:148389426200.jpg(107kB , 495x800 , cheesecake korra slingshot toph.jpg)
Does anyone have the HQ versions of these images?
The links on his Patreon no longer work.
Damn, these are my favorite of his pics and I'm shocked to see I don't have them.
Patrouille 03 ThreadAnonymous
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image:140107472700.png(518kB , 1000x1000 , 1401034921727.png)
...because there aint no no love for this nice show

plus i needed to post on the new site
That sucks.
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image:148308959900.jpg(43kB , 720x576 , dvd_snapshot_00.06.19_[2014.08.12_21.04.21].jpg)
I have uploaded all DVDrips on Kametsu. They are in french, but ce' la vie. At least you can watch them.
You could have posted a link.
New Ben 10 ThreadAnonymous
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image:148002808500.png(617kB , 1020x1320 , Ben10_BenGwenLucyThanksgiving.png)
Time for a new Ben 10 thread on this day oh so oddly dedicated to the consumption of turkey. Old thread can be found being buried at >>209958, new thread can be found here.
Happy Xmas, thank you~
Indeed. You are one of her greatest champions.

Post in the new Ben 10 thread stuff! >>214107
Incognitymous ThreadAnonymous
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image:147829475900.png(542kB , 992x1463 , PowerPack_NewBeginningsCoverResize.png)
Thanks again to my current Patreon supporters. The support is greatly appreciated. If you would like to show your support my Patreon can be found at http://www.Patreon.com/Incognitymous

You can find my latest works at http://jabarchives.com/main/profile/incognitymous

So doing something I was reluctant to do and starting a new thread with this cover for my current project. First time starting a thread without a loli showcasing it so I was rather hesitant to make this choice. I don't have any new relevant loli content to post at this time and do not have this month's calendar girl decided on to make a calendar. Since my thread is already dead and I was going to post the cover of my current project anyway I figured I could just use it in the meantime. Also, since this IS what I will be dedicating most of my time to for this month I figure it's relevant enough to use as a starter for one of my threads.
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image:148267204200.gif(1.66MB , 500x286 , IMG_5199.GIF)
I think she'd make a great little sister
new thread http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t214042.html
I'm REALLY hoping for a third episode..
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image:145972626200.png(232kB , 900x900 , shtcnt.png)
General Rule 34 Thread

Old Thread: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t195617.html
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image:147674643900.png(139kB , 923x892 , 1476721849387.png)
Some more Bikini Cowboy, because why not?
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image:147832910800.jpg(25kB , 1024x1024 , hbwidget1.jpg)
Widget from Widget The World Watcher.
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image:148165829300.png(287kB , 946x1004 , penny.png)
can't see anywhere else for this but here is a penny sketch.
New Ben 10 ThreadAnonymous
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image:147380587300.png(551kB , 1440x900 , GwenNewThreadColorResized.png)
Thanks again to my current Patreon supporters. The support is greatly appreciated. If you would like to show your support my Patreon can be found at http://www.Patreon.com/Incognitymous

You can find my latest works at http://jabarchives.com/main/profile/incognitymous

Noticed the Ben 10 thread had hit maximum capacity so I decided to do a quick Gwen piece to start a new one. Kept the colors simple since I have other stuff to get to. The Patreon banner was put on in a way where it can be cropped, and I made sure there was no gradation under the logo in the top left so that the rest of the white could be removed with some simply color sampling, if you so wish. I'm going to try and keep it as a flat, rectangular margin from now on so that it can be cropped out, but I just kept the logo at the size I imported it into Clip Studio Paint as there was plenty of space. Old, dying thread can be found at >>208022. New thread can be found here.
If only this was slower
This game is shaping up great!
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image:146860894900.png(808kB , 1000x1048 , loud house 2016-06-26-luna-loud.png)

New loud house thread
Would love to see him shove his entire head up her ass lol
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image:147631721000.png(1.53MB , 1200x1140 , LoliClub_HalloweenStandResized.png)
So I just got hit hard by Patreon. Turns out that email from before was real and that Patreon uses a very unprofessional format for their Trust Safety, using a blank email template through a public domain as opposed to their Mandrill App. I just sent them a response via email as to getting my page back up explaining the misunderstanding and the things they did to make the email appear falsified. This is a hard hit but I'll see what I can make of it.

At this time I'd like to hear everyone's ideas as to options I can take. I really don't want to do commissions but apparently I may have to open myself up to those while I wait for something else. Luckily I only had 3x guaranteed request slots left to fulfill so I'll still get those done and post them as appropriate as I have already received payment. This further indicates that I really need to get that understanding of hosting my own domain...

Right now I am creating an account at Enty.jp as someone has suggested to me in the past. I will be trying to recreate my Patreon after I hopefully receive a response from them, but apparently their rules are now no loli so I'll likely have to make rewards in that direction and just do loli free on the side as far as Patreon goes. If I cannot use Enty and/or get it figured out and feel I have to open commissions I will discuss the details here but I would like to hear feedback.
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Message too long. Part 2:

>I know there's a moral difference and you want to avoid "encouraging" the production or whatever, but don't you think that that's a touch hypocritical? I mean you make the guy sound like he drove a van around with "free candy" on it to recruit for his secret rape dungeon where he tortures babies and sacrifices goats, as opposed to a single drunk accident where he did stupid things and almost killed himself.

Yeah, I see that as the major problem. It's not about anyone saying what he did was okay, it's about acknowledging that people blow it out of proportion. Pedophilia is no different than any other form of what people today consider "sexual deviancy". People these days are rising up and protecting gay/bi/trans/whatever rights on the basis that people cannot choose their sexuality, which is a point I feel more and more people can agree on. To all of the "normal" heterosexual people here that may disagree with this statement, when did you actively make the decision in life to like members of the opposite sex? I can guarantee you did not and that you just followed your personal biological functions that found them appealing.
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I'll admit to being condemning of Johnston initially until I read his story. You really have to read it to see the full picture. He's drawn comics about it while in jail which are in his blog. Personal, remorseful stuff.
New thread http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t212166.html
Furry/Anthro threadAnonymous
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image:141989459500.png(2.36MB , 919x1500 , 1399293199.daxzor_gadget_linework.png)
Old thread

Reptile thread >>164399
Cat thread >>162087
test post please ignore
Your fortune: Very Bad Luck

test post
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image:147755002800.png(2.34MB , 1722x1418 , 1046900 - Daisy_Darrett Flora Inspector_Gadget Jayce_and_the_Wheeled_Warriors Madoc Mysterious_Cities_of_Gold Penny Pole_Positio)
Question for you guys?

I need to know, how many NSFW patreons are known from well known artist

I am only awere of Incog, and Madoc (pic is from him BUT NOT FROM HIS PATREON)
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Apostle has one too, but he doesnt take commissions....

Well, I don't know if I could be considered 'well known', but I've got one.

Incognitymous ThreadAnonymous
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image:147398741700.png(633kB , 1650x1275 , LoliClub_Calendar09SeptemberRavenResized.png)
Thanks again to my current Patreon supporters. The support is greatly appreciated. If you would like to show your support my Patreon can be found at http://www.Patreon.com/Incognitymous

You can find my latest works at http://jabarchives.com/main/profile/incognitymous

Finally time for a new thread. With the new thread, here is Raven colored for the September calendar. I ended up just going with a fall theme for the background. This piece took longer than I intended, but not because of the piece itself but rather because I stopped to mess around with Clip Studio Paint materials. I was able to make some grass/leaf brushes for future comic background use, and now that I know more how to get desired effects I'll likely make other materials in the future to save time on coloring.
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>Incog's Patreon page has disappeared. Anyone know what happened?
>Yeah, I cant find it either. This worries me.

Hell, that makes 2 of us. I just made a new thread discussing the issue since I want it to update. Apparently that email, despite all of the contradictory evidence in their header, was actually real. That was a very unprofessional way for them to handle the email but I just sent them a followup email regardless concerning the misunderstanding. Looking into further options so hopefully that thread is up in a bit but feel free to discuss here before then.
New thread to discuss the issue here: >>211266
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image:147632600800.gif(1,02kB , 500x500 , image.gif)
Seriously they're pulling this now?!