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Xierra Thread 3 - #1 Mom EditionAnonymous
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image:163175946490.png(309kB , 1365x1519 , c278625ded6924d4.png)
Last thread isn't bumping anymore, so it's time for a new one!
In the last episode of Lovin' Sis:
- Lucy got a dildo from her mom
- Susan started fantasizing
- Chloe and Val are off having an orgy
- the girls are still tanned!
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Now that Lucy got a taste of Mike. I'm sure she'll try to arrange a 3some the two of them and Tomas, or Chloe, or Val, or anyone else could think of. I don't Mary is ready to handle an older boy yet so she's out.
PokePorn Live comic threadAnonymous
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image:166263937291.jpg(342kB , 1200x1697 , 00.jpg)
This thread is for the comics from PokePorn Live both old and new.

Starting with the current one in development, "A Lover From the Future".
I saw that myself.
I'm thinking about uploading pages for that comic after finishing Sonia's First Research, want to focus on one comic before going into another.
The Loud House 7Anonymous
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image:164020870655.png(779kB , 1486x1395 , loud house ardidon 5.png)
thread 1: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t181570.html#p181570
thread 2: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t206945.html#p206945
thread 3: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t212387.html#p212387
thread 4: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t219740.html#p219740
thread 5: https://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t225393.html#p225393
thread 6:
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image:168354467418.png(3.46MB , 3074x4492 , Ronnie Anne Santiago.png)
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image:168354469080.png(3.08MB , 2120x4330 , Stella Zhau.png)
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image:168484116642.png(5.1MB , 3200x3920 , Lori Carlota.PNG)
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image:140235505500.png(401kB , 500x526 , tumblr_n6k70mAGVK1rkgi2bo1_500.png)
Webcomics General!

It seems thanks to the Blaster Nation kickstarter, The Rock Cocks are coming back.
Also, diggin' Suria's new look.
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image:168304727252.jpg(403kB , 1013x714 , sleepless domain jcm 2.jpg)
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image:168308671777.jpg(22kB , 790x1024 , page-401.jpg)
Weird to see Sleepless Domain porn, but naïve of me to think anything is protected.

Got some love for "I Roved Out" ?
Fosters Home for Imaginary FriendsAnonymous
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image:142119554600.png(981kB , 1000x1077 , 1316129797785.png)
What's on your imagination?
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image:168475866830.jpg(638kB , 1000x1294 , Frankie 238.jpg)
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image:168478845419.jpg(1.36MB , 985x1373 , 671ede2f9829b53661e355a10f22a63f233e0913.jpg)
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image:168478846824.jpg(465kB , 912x1106 , 1543379b2ce53687a12fa53eb0d2474fdf72874d.jpg)
Unofficial Sonic Storytime: defintiely porn editionAnonymous
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image:167014869844.jpg(636kB , 729x1032 , 0.jpg)
Apparently it might be even too hot for even plus /co/
Title of the comic is
"Say the Word"
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video:168424632483.webm(3.62MB , 854x480 , Sonsal animation 1.webm)
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video:168424645160.webm(9.35MB , 854x480 , Sonsal animation 2.webm)
Warning! Once you watch this, there is no coming back.
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image:168476240202.jpg(214kB , 1200x1200 , 0.jpg)
Sonally smut with long hair. Not that frequent.
Star vs the Forces of Evil 9Anonymous
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image:161556945785.png(3.4MB , 1750x2850 , star vs poland 94.png)
first thread: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t177765.html#p177765
second thread: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t187639.html#p187639
third thread: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t207327.html#p207327
fourth thread:http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t214795.html#p214795
fifth thread: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t218622.html#p218622
sixith thread: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t223795.html#p223795
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image:168470218864.png(2.62MB , 3000x2100 , Starco_4_FULLRES.png)
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image:168470219966.jpg(628kB , 3000x2100 , Starco_5_FULLRES.jpg)
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image:168470221237.png(3.26MB , 3000x2100 , Starco_6_FULLRES.png)
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image:159638913381.jpg(305kB , 1500x964 , 2020JUL29_weebgirls_triple_blow_jobs_colored_serenity_harper_birch_small_rosemary_crop_wip3.jpg)
Its a little weird making thread on my own.

I will be using this thread to aggregate information about nsfw projects that I am working on, primarily /co/ and /coc/ related subject as well as some personal oc projects.

Some of the subjects I'm planning to include in this thread:
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If you also include Gwenpool then she'd have to make constant remarks about what readers expect in a porn manga, and her partner would feel like he is in a reality show without his knowledge.

- Do it in this pose, so everyone can see how deep it goes into my pussy!
- Huh? What do you mean "everyone"?
- I mean the readers of course!
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Not sure of the tone you're going for, but Gwen and Miles are a cute couple.
Could have Gwenpool trying to seduce Miles away from Spiderverse Gwen or vice versa.
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image:168460763800.jpg(147kB , 766x910 , doodle 2022-07-22 birch small from my life me in bridal gown holding onto the groom_rough.jpg)
If this pic is not too late in development, may I make suggestions? Only if they are not too much work to implement, of course. If it would require too much redrawing then please ignore these.
- a clean version where she is kissing the dick, saying "I do", like it is part of the wedding ceremony.
- a messy version with her eyes open and in tears, looking up, panting heavily, her collar is hanging loosely (either broken, or just very torn and stretched), and the dick is dripping with and covered in saliva up to the base with perhaps some loose strands connected to her mouth, implying that she was deepthroating/facefucked.

maybe with some editing you could re-arrange the pose so both her hands are down and she is taking all of the dick to the base. But that might be too much work or require redraws, so it's probably asking way too much.
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Steven Universe 12Anonymous
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image:161739066598.png(1.36MB , 1506x1781 , steven universe somethingrelatedtothisguy connie 40.png)
Show's over, but the porn will never stop

First Thread http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t162060.html
Second Thread http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t175100.html
Third Thread http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t178074.html
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image:168435991883.png(11kB , 680x1017 , 06ce728ebd1e04975a3b981080a057acbd89a131.png)
nice mspaint doodles!
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image:139963153700.jpg(317kB , 660x950 , HF__Morganagod__97162__Pandas-Motivating-Cowgirl-Ride.jpg)
Panda Delgado thread to kick the new board off. :D
The author of Body Bags (the comic that Panda comes from) recently passed away, so there was a bit of new fan art done.
Aw, that's a shame.
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image:168442652913.png(673kB , 900x1200 , Panda Lifeguard.png)
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image:166569177050.png(2.01MB , 1294x1200 , extro_Patreon_Ringu_Sadako.png)
last thread: >>442069
That looks rather painful.
they are trained professionals
don't try it at home
nowadays all my Paheal feeds either don't get any updates for years, get flooded with bara, or get flooded with AI art. The hell is up with that.
Games Wankshop Smut EmporiumAnonymous
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image:165936314519.jpg(256kB , 871x1199 , flickfanfic.jpeg)
Feel like doing something a bit different, a road less travelled.
Let's have a general Games Workshop thread.

Please contribute.
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image:168436019407.png(2.71MB , 2894x2894 , Saltspite.png)
shame its hit the bump limit
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image:168466450507.jpg(129kB , 1000x1415 , 34221662431.jpeg)
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image:168470871436.png(1.48MB , 903x1506 , __warhammer_fantasy_drawn_by_mossacannibalis__80327c1c530385fa584ff6cbd74afbf1.png)
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image:161452965353.jpg(49kB , 1080x841 , 4185318%20-%20CREUX%20Chel%20The_Road_to_El_Dorado.jpg)
+4 needs some brown sugar.
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image:168218772722.jpg(641kB , 1229x1543 , 05b77a794fdb36585f732e662ad852d8216786dd.jpg)
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image:168227278548.jpg(2.74MB , 4093x2894 , 5644208%20-%20Chel%20Miguel%20Morfinared%20The_Road_to_El_Dorado%20Tulio.jpg)
Star Wars threadAnonymous
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image:144660198700.png(1.87MB , 900x1233 , photo_2.png)
Star Wars Thread
>megassa squeeze them!
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image:168375305330.jpg(1.36MB , 2195x3840 , 3473548468583.jpeg)
Wakfu & Dofus threadAnonymous
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image:163994600612.jpg(36kB , 2400x3000 , 2059828 - Christmas Cra Evangelyne Wakfu mr.jellybeans.jpg)
Christmas edition.

previous threads:
>>424988 (the official storyboards were posted in this one)
don't know, don't care
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image:168358577386.jpg(21kB , 1554x2166 , FvjSuUEX0AMqUvs.jpg)
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image:168358580187.jpg(272kB , 1952x1920 , Fu_a7VzX0AEu9o7.jpg)