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Tuff Puppy thread
Where I can't seem to find it.
Daymn shame, I really enjoyed his work...
Anyone know what is up with tumblr, most the pics I try to view straight from the artist don't work and I get errors when trying to open separately.
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image:142817331100.png(185kB , 801x1200 , Momma Sling.png)
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image:140111868000.jpg(324kB , 835x1443 , 1304672 - Mr._Peabody_and_Sherman Penny_Peterson arkbound.jpg)
Penny Peterson
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image:142522241200.jpg(263kB , 600x1249 , 1548606 - Mr._Peabody_and_Sherman Penny_Peterson Shadman.jpg)
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image:142582616600.jpg(414kB , 700x850 , 1554341 - Hatebit Mr._Peabody_and_Sherman Penny_Peterson.jpg)
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image:142798669500.jpg(518kB , 762x1418 , 1559042 - Mr._Peabody_and_Sherman Penny_Peterson Shadman.jpg)
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image:142793887800.png(1.14MB , 1275x1519 , Jungle Princess.png)
Adventure Time: Jungle Booty edition
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image:142797175800.png(478kB , 1125x1341 , 1330570 - Adventure_Time canyon smut-valerian.png)
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image:142797943500.png(502kB , 1891x2002 , 1331050 - Adventure_Time canyon darkmario81.png)
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image:142797947200.png(97kB , 500x519 , 1568792 - Adventure_Time Fionna_The_Human_Girl QuietStealth.png)
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image:141351959800.jpg(38kB , 576x432 , 59099948_mp4_h264_aac_hq.mp4_snapshot_06.47_[2013.09.09_17.42.21].jpg)
Screencaps thread go
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image:142612184900.jpg(86kB , 798x523 , dfe58a257df9170820aead721edea5ea.jpg)
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image:142617978800.jpg(153kB , 1918x1078 , 1425000297737.jpg)
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image:142679478700.jpg(130kB , 1280x720 , 1426742005490.jpg)
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image:141266753700.jpg(254kB , 590x633 , 1412421704193.jpg)
It's time for Tales from the Handjob Hut! A.K.A. the Handy Jay's thread.

I think I've got all the information so far in the Gdoc, but if I missed something, do let me know.

>Gdoc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oLZiPILc9gzO6EZ0LkjUBhJ47zbHST9MqTZRuwUcF9c/edit?usp=sharing
>Imgur: http://imgur.com/a/98Qyd
Any news on this?
Where is this thread? I can't find it just by searching through the 10 pages anymore.

I'd make a new thread if /pco/ would stop giving me errors every time I tried.

We have new content right now, there's a new artist interested. I want to make a new thread to raise awareness.
We have something new to talk about.

Go here

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image:142172472500.png(156kB , 532x788 , zxcvbnm,.PNG)
The CONTENT Request Thread

This thread is strictly for content requests, ie newly created media based on specific details by an individual(s). If you're looking for an artist or some other source, check a particular thread related to the subject in question.

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These two from dexter pls
I’d really like to see more Anemia in porn, she’s really cute and HOT!
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image:160286946724.jpg(142kB , 1280x603 , anemia_by_mabmb1987_de6q61t-fullview.jpg)
We need more of Anemia, maybe?
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image:140022171400.jpg(414kB , 800x572 , fff2.jpg)
‘The New!plus4 Fapfic Thread’ or ‘Turn the Page, Wash Your Hands’

As for initial recommendations…well, I don’t have any that fall under the rules, so I’ll leave that to you fine soldiers of #fortune.
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image:142401673100.jpg(1,017kB , 800x1067 , 1423978684041.jpg)
>You heard her swallow a breath of air as she wraps her lips around your mast. Despite her violent look and sharp teeth she's being pretty gentle.
>She tries to push her mouth around more of it and you can see her eyes start to flutter and tear up. You could feel the muscles in her throat trying to swallow the excess spit accumulating in her mouth and hear her messily slobber over your cock.
>She manages to push down far enough to where her chin rubs your balls, but quickly reels back, taking in several gulps of air. A long strand of spit and phlegm hung off your shaft, a coating that made it glimmer in the setting sun.
>She looks at you annoyed and sticks her hands underneath her dress.
>"Come on, you still have yet to please me!" Bending over the net, she hiked up her skirt. Between the insane amount of tennis balls, you can make out her bare white ass, toned from her countless days of tennis practice. "Now get over here and fuck me!" She bared her shark-teeth at you, a good enough motivator as any.
>Pulling down your trousers, you shift your hips parallel with hers, trying to move the fuzzy yellow balls out of the way to give you easier access.
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Well shit I didn't think I'd manage to see this up here.

Thanks for taking the time to save and post it, Anon.

Hope to do more in the Toonami threads. This show is just ripe with potential.
I ment yea where's incog and where's jk/eviluigi?
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image:142708419800.png(507kB , 925x925 , 1426089947744.png)
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image:142360180900.png(160kB , 459x772 , Just go to paheal already. There's what - like only 5 pages of her or something.jpg)
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image:142393089500.png(116kB , 512x467 , 1423859142881.png)
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image:142809240700.jpg(237kB , 1500x1080 , crockerbuttfuckedfinish.jpg)
Some recent new work.
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image:142335038900.png(1.06MB , 1058x753 , Gravity Falls double pines 230.png)
New thread because the old one stopped bumping
something was wrong with my web browser so I accidentally created 2 extra threads sorry about that...
also put the wrong pic on this one double sorry.
if an admin could delete the 2 extras that would be great
i had this before some posts take a long time to show i guess it's do to lag
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image:139965319800.jpg(352kB , 894x765 , 1095038 - Candy_Chiu Dipper_Pines Gravity_Falls Mabel_Pines Pacifica_Northwest Tambry Wendy_Corduroy garabatoz grenda.jpg)
Gravity Falls thread. New season coming soon.
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image:142297505500.jpg(712kB , 565x5000 , 673f0dfa63763c1e0ad38b6ff2877466f4e5e724.jpg)
very nice. thanks good sir.
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image:142334729500.png(532kB , 825x562 , Gravity falls double pines 225.png)
The twins and tyrone in a bath. How can Tyrone be in water? Because stupid au fan fic rules shut up.
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image:142111756800.png(950kB , 1157x1380 , 1130894.png)
100% not begging for fresh updates

When he changed his name to "Tekuho" BECAUSE of the moralfags yeah. But back when he was originally "TENGU", he made superb loli art.

You're obviously a newfag who didn't know who the artist formerly was.
>You're obviously a newfag who didn't know who the artist formerly was.

I think that doesn't fuckin matter
>You're obviously a newfag who didn't know who the artist formerly was.
My my, we have a true expert there.
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image:139972659300.png(402kB , 600x1000 , 138386904250.png)
Steven Universe thread.
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image:142243355900.png(230kB , 593x700 , 1422381161573.png)
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image:142243358600.jpg(1.19MB , 1280x1024 , tumblr_niu3t2tGPW1tvx2gko1_1280.jpg)
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image:142243361200.jpg(175kB , 531x700 , tumblr_niveeb6jXm1u8gtxbo1_540.jpg)
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image:140261719300.png(319kB , 1280x924 , tumblr_n5ivi7nfs31r2pmuzo1_1280.png)
The lewd thread.

The only NSFW story so far: http://pastebin.com/7ik9AbBA
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image:141316140300.png(261kB , 650x1124 , 1413160773536.png)
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image:141316302200.png(250kB , 650x1124 , tumblr_ndcy517kXF1rcxda0o2_1280.png)
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image:141994645800.png(391kB , 1280x1067 , Star-Striker x Kid Striker.png)
Star-Striker & Kid Striker
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image:139966907400.jpg(715kB , 2859x2263 , 202413 - Avatar_the_Last_Airbender Katara Sokka TrixTee.jpg)
Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra thread

Previously on Avatar: http://plus4chan.org/b/pco/res/157069.html

Because there just isn't enough Watercest in the world.
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image:141816101600.jpg(159kB , 745x802 , tumblr_ng8m7gOx4I1r7h611o2_1280.jpg)
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image:141990369400.jpg(1.14MB , 1269x1640 , ikkixbolin copy.jpg)
Recent commission from LiquidMark. Never enough Ikki.