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1c) Original Content in Western "style" (for ex.: Ganassa, Kyhu, Owler)
1d) non-Western properties by artists predominantly known for Western art or style (for ex. artist generals or art dump threads)
2) Lesbian and Straight-shota are considered /pco/ material
3) Due to the nature of Western material, furry is allowed on all promotion boards!

- MILFToon
- Jab Comix
- John Persons (The Pitt, etc)
- BannaGalactic
- Slipshine (and related sites)

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image:143658003800.png(18kB , 1000x1000 , 999628 - Gravity_Falls Mabel_Pines.png)
The lost and found Thread mark II

I've stored all the images until now, (and a lot of dupes sorry) But I've only saved online a part of it (150gb) the rest will needed a deep checking of my secure disk to reclaim it (and I have some personal issues,of the life or death kind I hope they will be resolved after august, wish me luck if I survive I promise a complete site rip)

maybe for stop the stupidity of that people what can't understand your efforts the artist crew just need a comprehensive index of artists that is kept up to date with a list of core information about them like where they post, what they focus on, what their contact details are(for commissions/comments.or what artist are available for doing request coff like this >>158185 coff) and a dump of zips...

Artists: don't hold back don't surrender don't let them win your gifts are precious and your efforts highly valuable, you can transform ideas into art and that art transmits a special form of divine feeling

All art is sacred blessing all forms of art

cooff coff like a full naked frontal pose of this purple girl coff coff

//youtube.com/watch?v=kEOkYzN-xaAyoutube thumb
I think you can still bump the old one; it's buried in the back pages & only has two posts.
Hum, the board show me some error Let me clarify something

The torrent is from 1, to 787136 (I think) is not exactly in order, but is tagged you will need to unzip to accommodate it properly, and is from 2012 (and is from russia )
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image:143670935200.png(102kB , 1000x1000 , lewd.png)
I liked something about this picture, so I did a quick coloring job.
^this is picture perfect. Love the subtle blush you put on her puffy twat too