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image:139966907400.jpg(715kB , 2859x2263 , 202413 - Avatar_the_Last_Airbender Katara Sokka TrixTee.jpg)
Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra thread

Previously on Avatar: http://plus4chan.org/b/pco/res/157069.html

Because there just isn't enough Watercest in the world.
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image:141816101600.jpg(159kB , 745x802 , tumblr_ng8m7gOx4I1r7h611o2_1280.jpg)
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image:141990369400.jpg(1.14MB , 1269x1640 , ikkixbolin copy.jpg)
Recent commission from LiquidMark. Never enough Ikki.
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image:140084344600.jpg(71kB , 626x800 , cc2e57e84bceb215f054f9cb7(...).jpg)
Cats thread is here
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image:144226267800.png(234kB , 807x730 , tumblr_nq16hkzMWZ1s029pvo2_1280.png)
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image:144226270300.png(311kB , 1024x886 , tumblr_nq16hkzMWZ1s029pvo1_r1_1280.png)
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image:144252207200.png(667kB , 900x900 , 1442267153_demonroyal_toongod_commission_milk.png)
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image:141059949800.jpg(59kB , 517x699 , 789537 - SKADI conoghi webcomic.jpg)
R34 of pretty much all of Katie Rice's work. Webcomics, animated music videos, the girls from the Ren and Stimpy APC beach episode, cartoon avatars, you name it.
i think this was based off my request
praise be
Please more art! I would love a close up in the dirty bits of purdy being penetrated. I love your drawings dude,w
Any more art? How about Skadi fapping?
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image:140044653200.jpg(226kB , 1255x2383 , RB.jpg)
Let's hope the pictures survive this time. From the first thread:

"So what's this for? Any and all Patreon exclusive works that anyone wishes to share, like what I intend to do for this artist's works... so long as they've been around for quite some time instead of having his recent stuff leaked.

I have a few others from another artist that I might just go ahead and release since their Patreon is well... pretty much inactive.
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Anything on kayla-na?
Does anybody have stuff from the overwhored Patreon?
The link doesn’t work for some reason.

I am looking for everything N647 has done up to 2018 on his Patreon. Anyone have the passwords for his files?
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image:140359419400.jpg(57kB , 360x270 , image.jpg)
In all honesty... It really should be more porn of this show...

Father and son and daughter is best porn
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image:140743772200.jpg(239kB , 614x1000 , 1421728 - Ben_10 Gwen_Tennyson bobsan.jpg)
new Ben 10 thread as the older one its on it limit.
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image:141476541300.jpg(137kB , 1161x1650 , Gwen trick or treat 2014 b.jpg)

you should just stop with the screencaps and guts edit a whole episode or the show instead and I mean te old ben 10 show
what the fuck is that shit
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image:140140934900.jpg(197kB , 601x864 , image.jpg)
Hey guys, Liquidmark here! Making a new thread for requests and to dump what I'm workin on. Ok, once again the brief list of rules and such.

1) be cordial
2) for requests, provide references
3) requests get deliveries based on my taste or mood at the time. Be patient and check back. If it is a good idea that makes me chuckle, it gets to the top of the stacks feeding me episodes of the characters in question helps as well.
4) everyone have fun!
If Liquid still looks at this thread, could I make another request?
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image:143080552300.png(114kB , 533x541 , 1430694293664.png)
Hey Liquid, are you still taking request? If so, could you make some yuri for christ-chan?
well, it doesnt seem to bump anymore but whats up?
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image:140255970300.png(114kB , 600x1000 , simon_madison4.png)
For the new board.
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image:142065547600.png(227kB , 700x900 , 138170990065.png)
....Oooh yeah...Bump.
it can't bump anymore


Why does nobody get that?!
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image:139963181600.png(94kB , 486x750 , 135215802277.png)
This thread is strictly for content requests, ie newly created media based on specific details by an individual(s). If you're looking for an artist or some other source, check a particular thread related to the subject in question.

1) When requesting some, provide as much detail & reference pics as possible in the initial post.
1a) Check several Rule 34 sites before requesting a series in general (for ideas/references), and glance through this thread to see if your request has already been posted by someone else.
2) Any discussion that does not directly contribute to getting a request fulfilled (especially "me too" posts) will eventually be deleted.
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image:147361963400.jpg(1.81MB , 1436x1756 , 20160910_210450.jpg)
/pol/ has been losing their minds about this. Could we get someone to do something with pic related? Whatever you want just give us something please. The more pics the better. Also if you upload to rule34 do so under Hilloli, its our official name for her thanks!
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image:147361980400.jpg(1.63MB , 1439x1656 , Hilloli.jpg)
anything of pic related pls. /pol/'s newest waifu. if u upload to rule34 tag her as Hilloli, thanks
Can someone do Emma and Mina from Lou! too?
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image:140406432300.png(203kB , 1000x1000 , 1404059883804.png)
Somebody made a thread about this Australian movie on 4chan and it was promptly deleted. However, the characters were cute and several artists took interest. So I remembered this board and figured... why not make a thread here? Maybe when the new art is eventually found, it can be posted here.
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image:140505193000.jpg(212kB , 1024x867 , hbpepper2.jpg)
Any chance any artist could do a drawing of Pepper wearing a Leotard and legwarmers from the Flashdance movie?
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image:140943936600.jpg(331kB , 1000x1513 , P4U_CWoO-3-065.jpg)
Well I got banned so I'll just finish the storytime off here.

1st thread
2nd thread
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image:141004697700.jpg(184kB , 1000x1350 , P4U_CWoO-6-160-bc.jpg)
And that's it. Because I have no idea on how Comixology protects it's comics and if they put watermarks on it and no available way to download volume 8 I'll just storytime Digger next week.
This could be banned too, for not being porn.
Why the efford uploading it here when all issues are on G.E Hentai and more easily accessible.

Well... it's at least 25% porn.
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image:140849160900.jpg(788kB , 3760x1360 , SBFF-SG Study02a.jpg)
Model Sheets-Rule 34: If a model sheet exists, somebody must have made a porn version of it! This is intended to be a handy artist reference thread. Bring in your model sheets, height comparison, Breast size Comparison sheets, etc. To Start things off are some Super Best Friends Forever Model sheets that were on the old board, but got lost somewhere.

Is that really you Roonghler? Is this where you uploading your stuff now?
Yes & no! Yes it's me, but I'm not uploading all of my stuff, just some of the things like the model sheets. I figure putting some of them out may encourage others to try something with them.
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image:140560492200.jpg(152kB , 530x700 , 138233450737.jpg)
The Amazing World of Gumball

Blue Cats?

Jolly Good.
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image:141975029200.png(1.02MB , 960x1920 , tumblr_nh4kvsy7FI1spl6m7o1_1280.png)
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image:142103215300.png(776kB , 1080x728 , tumblr_ngx9o0rbAu1u6qsnyo1_1280.png)
I'll contribute my own OC, even if its not that good.
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image:142195151300.png(388kB , 1200x849 , 1461591 - Darwin_Watterson Gumball_Watterson Nicole_Watterson The_Amazing_World_of_Gumball.png)
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image:139964054200.jpg(2.21MB , 1920x2560 , 332a0670988c733a321a9e0300ff79c67e3d4221.jpg)
Ben 10
Right, and seeing Gwen over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again isn't.
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image:140715613000.jpg(30kB , 514x371 , image.jpg)
Where da Gwenz
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image:140735040400.jpg(699kB , 1522x945 , 1420991 - Ben_10 Gwen_Tennyson Inspector_Gadget Penny crossover tekuho.jpg)
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image:140029399000.png(164kB , 596x344 , 1115837 - Filia Samson Skullgirls Zone.png)
Might as well start a Skullgirls thread in the new board since the old one's all the way in the 9th page on old /pco/.
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image:140695588200.jpg(989kB , 1920x1080 , 1418127 - Queen_Nancy Skullgirls southpawper.jpg)
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image:140719739500.jpg(286kB , 850x650 , 1403543409036.jpg)
Looks like we're already on autosage but fuck it.

>You looked over your hand at the feral sitting opposite you. She noticed and gave you a humorous glare right back. You probably should've figured a girl like her would be good at cards, but you thought luck would at least have been on your side. Unfortunately your empty wallet said otherwise, as well as your lack of clothes.
>"Feeling chilly, Anon?" That cheeky smirk of hers spread across her face. "If you need a good hand I can lend you one!" You grimaced in response, but you felt confident for the first time that evening.
>"Full house!" You declared, laying down your hand confidently. For some reason, the shame of sitting in nothing but your boxers seemed to dissipate, but that smirk of hers hadn't disappeared.
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image:142042137900.jpg(504kB , 900x1170 , tumblr_nf5omtgkNd1tvl4gto1_1280.jpg)