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image:140029399000.png(164kB , 596x344 , 1115837 - Filia Samson Skullgirls Zone.png)
Might as well start a Skullgirls thread in the new board since the old one's all the way in the 9th page on old /pco/.
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image:140695588200.jpg(989kB , 1920x1080 , 1418127 - Queen_Nancy Skullgirls southpawper.jpg)
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image:140719739500.jpg(286kB , 850x650 , 1403543409036.jpg)
Looks like we're already on autosage but fuck it.

>You looked over your hand at the feral sitting opposite you. She noticed and gave you a humorous glare right back. You probably should've figured a girl like her would be good at cards, but you thought luck would at least have been on your side. Unfortunately your empty wallet said otherwise, as well as your lack of clothes.
>"Feeling chilly, Anon?" That cheeky smirk of hers spread across her face. "If you need a good hand I can lend you one!" You grimaced in response, but you felt confident for the first time that evening.
>"Full house!" You declared, laying down your hand confidently. For some reason, the shame of sitting in nothing but your boxers seemed to dissipate, but that smirk of hers hadn't disappeared.
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image:142042137900.jpg(504kB , 900x1170 , tumblr_nf5omtgkNd1tvl4gto1_1280.jpg)
The lost and found Thread Anonymous
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image:140573351400.jpg(256kB , 664x1590 , 1222300 - Bart_Simpson Homer_Simpson Lisa_Simpson Milhouse_Van_Houten Nelson_Muntz The_Simpsons WKS.jpg)
Wirekisser, AKA wks has requested quite a while ago that all his work be removed..because "reasons" so his works is DNP in the majority of the sources..

now belongs to lost and found...

T4 was here
Well I guess I can post a link here as well.