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image:140217430100.jpg(669kB , 1006x1280 , Orochi-Onna - Coils of Extasy (color).jpg)

There wasn't one yet on the new boards, so I thought to start one.

And to hit it off, my newest R34 pic (and probably first fanart of her ever), awesome snake-lady Orochi-Onna from Gegege No Kitaro (specifically, the movie Nippon Bakuretsu).
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image:140291339200.jpg(166kB , 780x965 , If+_8bd696fa4295260e5edf575cfd28e36e.jpg)
Well there is no Antro pony thread yet so...
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image:140329524200.jpg(221kB , 879x917 , Lizard Woman Model Sheet.jpg)
Boy have I got a special treat for you guys today! :-)

I finally got the rather rare New Adventures of Flash Gordon special edition DVD set, and here is an extra feature you'll be interested in- screencaps of the model sheet for the sexy Lizard Women of Mongo !

I put together a turnaround model sheet of these sexy scaly ladies, this is basically everything you'll ever need to draw them - I'll have them printed and enlarged to be available for reference.
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image:140410992200.png(25kB , 666x1129 , nessiepants.png)
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image:140418003100.png(209kB , 1000x732 , 1404173625684.png)
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image:140423672200.jpg(92kB , 1920x1080 , Karai Snake.JPG)
because apparently words are too hard to type in for Anonymous - This is the new form of Karai, the Shredder (or Rather Splinter's) daughter, after her mutation in the Nicktoons. TMNT
T4 was here on PSVita
Its also look that spoiler tags are to hard for too~
Anyway, with her being Splinters offspring and Leo Splinters "son", we are now in weirdest incest ship this side of Ben10.(he turns into aliens to fuck a magic user, just saying)
Does we NEED to do a "My big sister can't possible be this scaley" pic!

Or atlest some tranformation stuff...
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
Shame we'll likely never see actual model morph with her.
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image:140428529400.jpg(47kB , 400x933 , karai_mutant_by_mariekozh-d7oivht.jpg)
Well, they dont want to deal with her pants problem.
But we can make fun of it~
Bunker !OFOzVPOG0g
that would be an interesting change, funny if that is the spoiler figure and Donnie is able to partially cure her into that form.
T4 was here
What are you talking about..?
Because the pic is fanart, just so you know.

The pants problem is that, realistically, her clothes would not be whole.
"Yay, I'm human again!"
"Were are my pants?"
Yeah, she can turn back into a full human body, she just has fangs, snake eyes and tongue.
Hang on, where's the 'lizard themed ladies' thread?
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image:140658518400.jpg(379kB , 2048x1359 , DSC7143.jpg)
This IS that thread. Reptiles are a larger encompassing term than lizards, y'know.

Btw, Serpent Karai is getting a toy, yay! :) Removable snake head to reveal his human head.
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image:140662418400.jpg(631kB , 1280x1179 , Cenicienta (color)1.jpg)
Cenicienta from Sailor Moon. Turned her into a more lizard-like gal. :)
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image:140667756900.jpg(1.82MB , 1930x2860 , Phantom 1463 - The Reptile Queen p005 Sept 1948.jpg)
Golden oldies sept 1948
T4 was here
Aw yeah man, skyrim modding fun!
With others:
T4 was here
Found four more~
And the last is crossing over with the cat thread.
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image:140735712800.jpg(221kB , 1280x1094 , 2d0173fd17ef2196039f21d8b82f2d0f.jpg)
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image:140773808700.jpg(702kB , 1179x1280 , Female-Hydra.JPG)
You will not believe it, but this is an actual baroque painting I found in Austria, depicting Hercules against the Lernean Hydra - with the added change that the hydra is a FEMALE, with six boobs and an anthro look! :D Guess we had furries/scalies back in 1700 too. :)

That's a sexy pose! Love how she is grabbing her own tail.
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image:140910212000.png(434kB , 693x482 , 138132171728.png)
So. Was there anything that was made of the Neopets character Lady Frostbite?
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image:140928840800.jpg(466kB , 812x1300 , Cenicienta 2 (Color).jpg)

Decided to draw a follow-up to this - Duct tape fixes everything! :D
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image:141012164900.jpg(75kB , 1029x578 , QueenGidorah-SpaceDandyS02E09.JPG)
Was just watching Space Dandy S02E09 (man, love this anime... sooo silly and stylish yet) when I had to pause and rewind to be sure I got this right... :)

Yep... female King... erm, Queen Gidorah with huge boobs, in a pink bikini, with feather headdresses and stockings. :D


Wow, who drew that? Source?
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image:141012339300.jpg(32kB , 852x480 , SpaceDandy-S02E09.flv_snapshot_13.19_[2014.09.07_22.53.41].jpg)
She can even dance. Kinda.
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image:141012342600.jpg(35kB , 852x480 , SpaceDandy-S02E09.flv_snapshot_13.20_[2014.09.07_22.53.44].jpg)
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image:141012375400.jpg(42kB , 852x480 , SpaceDandy-S02E09.flv_snapshot_17.57_[2014.09.07_22.59.44].jpg)
And at the end of the episode, she gets de-aged by the extra-dimensional music... into an adorable baby Gidorah. :)

Thanks. Though, cannot find it in his gallery.
it was on page 3 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13515586/
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image:141046956600.jpg(388kB , 1546x768 , First day at job 3.jpg)

Thanks! I was looking in his scraps.
That took too long.
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image:141168293900.png(73kB , 354x736 , FrogButt.png)
I think she's flat tough.
I agree but the artist didn´t overdo it with the boob size.
Like many artists.

Like most artists... -_-
Yeah it'd be nice if Chochi could clear up some details on anatomy.
friggin awesome i love this little pink dragon
Would you like to show her /your/ little pink dragon?
any pics of her with normal anthro proportions?
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image:141357443800.png(1.27MB , 1556x2172 , Alligator_Lady_SuperJail.png)
Here is my take on the Alligator lady from SuperJail!
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image:141357789400.jpg(256kB , 1024x726 , Lizz&Zizzy Christmas.jpg)

Nice work!


Not the best of representations of the Lizard Women, the head looks... off. Here, one of my older pics. :)
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image:141357806900.jpg(276kB , 1024x868 , First day at job.jpg)
In fact, I'm gonna post my (unfinished) comic of them - it details the first day on the job (as a slave driver) of a particularly ditzy Lizard Woman (of Mongo), Zizzy. :)
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image:141357813200.jpg(45kB , 1536x768 , First day at job 2.jpg)
The two prisoners are a reference to 'Allo 'Allo 's british airmen, btw. :)
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image:141357825300.jpg(459kB , 1400x696 , First day at job 3 copy.jpg)
Those two dudes are screenshots from the cartoon. Yeah, they ARE that creepy. :)
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image:141444444300.jpg(143kB , 884x1432 , image.jpg)
Does this adorable loli dragon belongs here?

That's pretty good, too bad we cannot see her boobs though. Source?
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video:141448659600.webm(1.17MB , 1920x1080 , 6dbbae2dbfcbd3e26b1fc8c2c7dd0804[1].webm)
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image:141550329400.jpg(158kB , 600x433 , Charmcaster_dragoness_ben10.jpg)
So uh, Charmcaster turned into a dragon. That's new.
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image:141564485400.jpg(19kB , 1400x1249 , Camille_Chameleon Darkwing_Duck Fritz_The_Cat.jpg)
Finally some R34 of the anarchist Lizard Leader from Fritz the Cat!


Yep! I plan to R34 the heck out of that... someday. Plenty of other dragons to draw still (like Narissa from Enchanted).
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image:141564489400.jpg(135kB , 1000x1074 , Fritz_The_Cat Monsters_Inc Randall_Boggs.jpg)
Here with Randall Boggs. :)
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image:141573568600.jpg(456kB , 739x1199 , A-KO Dolls01.JPG)
Okay, this muscle-bound lizard gal wrestler is... awesome. She just appears for a few pages in Caravan Kidd, she and her anglerfish partner get KOd pretty soon by the main character. Aptly, the name of her team is the A-KO Dolls. :D
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image:141573572900.jpg(46kB , 763x1199 , A-KO Dolls02.JPG)
See kids, instead of calling your partner a bitch, you should keep your eyes on the opponent when wrestling...
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image:141573578200.jpg(514kB , 751x1199 , A-KO Dolls03.JPG)
Yikes! Poor gal! With that eye popping to that size and the dent in her jaw... I don't rate her chances high. Hope she survived this, though.
Man, I wish more of the early Jouji Manabe books were translated. They were so much fun. Outlanders was tear jerking, and I'm still wondering how Drakuun ends.
Any anthros in those? I am frankly not familiar with any of the titles you mentioned.
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image:141789393200.jpg(63kB , 897x999 , yuyulizard.jpg)
Source is this guy: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/crypticfigurines/
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image:141806601900.jpg(2.69MB , 1033x3200 , Reptile and Amphibian list 12-8-14.jpg)
I've been updating the reptile list for a while and here it is.

I did it so the next guy wouldn't have much to update.
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image:141841372300.jpg(1.61MB , 1920x1080 , H3HD_Conquer_Fortress.jpg)
Thanks a lot! :)

And here is your latest addition - actually a rather old one. Yep, while the hero portrait icons never showed them below the neckline, I always suspected that the Lizardwoman Witches (Styg and Voy) had boobs. But now, the (coming soon) remastered HD Heroes III screeniee clearly shows that yes, the female Fortress Heroes do have rather shapely boobs. :)

Heeey, only noticed you got the "Big Bad Lizze" from Karavan Kidd colored. :) Where did you get that one, or did it yourself? Cool!
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image:141841477900.jpg(153kB , 848x480 , Chaotic - 074 - Loser's Circle [DarkDream].mkv_snapshot_13.37_[2014.12.12_20.57.09].jpg)

Oh, and Ajara (Chaotic) did appear in the cartoon, too. Here is a screenshot!
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image:141841503500.jpg(126kB , 848x480 , Chaotic - 078 - Elementary [DarkDream].mkv_snapshot_17.21_[2014.12.12_21.09.14].jpg)
And I noticed all the other Chaotic Mipedian gals are missing from the list, too. Here are the two others who appeared in the cartoon:

Silv, the epic-looking four-armed, translucent air elmental dragoness.
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image:141841545800.jpg(163kB , 848x480 , Chaotic - 070 - Kickin' Bot [DarkDream].mkv_snapshot_01.12_[2014.12.12_21.16.32].jpg)
Sexy slinky mugess Na-Inna, sadly she only appears very briefly in a random arena battle.
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image:141841549600.jpg(186kB , 848x480 , Chaotic - 070 - Kickin' Bot [DarkDream].mkv_snapshot_01.06_[2014.12.12_21.15.58].jpg)
Here, a better close-up shot of her.
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image:141841554500.jpg(18kB , 848x480 , Chaotic - 070 - Kickin' Bot [DarkDream].mkv_snapshot_01.07_[2014.12.12_21.16.12].jpg)
Dat ass... :)
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image:141841563800.jpg(581kB , 800x1112 , Chaotic&Erotic 03 - Invisible Voyeur.jpg)
And in case you are wondering, yes, I have drawn R34 of all three Mipedian gals - and more. ;)

Na-Inna and Munnari here - she's cleaning herself after the battle in that tar pit (fom the episode), unaware of her cloaked observer. ;)
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image:141841571600.jpg(617kB , 1200x913 , Chaotic&Erotic 10 - The Spark of Love .jpg)
Silv and Uro - guess you should be careful not to be grounded when having sex with an air elemental. :)
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image:141841580500.jpg(407kB , 1078x800 , Chaotic&Erotic 08 - Rule #2 of Time Travel.jpg)
Ajara is learning about the wonderful advances made in sex from a time-travelling Melke. (Knowing the rules of time travel, she is probably his distant ancestor, though... :D)
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image:141841605000.jpg(227kB , 1500x1218 , jorre_final_by_jncomix-d7e092k.jpg)
That's all the female Mipedians in the toon, sadly. :( And we have such amazing designs on the cards!
This one took me ages to hunt down, and finally got her thanks to one of the people who actually worked on coloring the official artwork.
Jorre is IMHO the best Mipedian gal - so lean and wirey, yet still shapely and with a very interesting horn and fin design. She is a Stalker-Muge, basically a fighter-mage.
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image:141841616400.jpg(588kB , 1200x862 , Aer'Dak-scan.jpg)
Not a lizard or Mipedian per se but I think Aer'Dak goes here as well - she is probably the only sexy Marr'illian in the game who is not some Lovecraftian horror. Even so, she has her fair share of tentacles, but maaaan... she has some revealing outfit there. :)
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image:141841628100.jpg(208kB , 775x652 , Chaotic__Raquanni_by_Nexxorcist.jpg)
Raquanni - she must be a mechanic or enchanter, based on the artwork. But, as the game got cancelled, this is all we have of her, no card was ever made to my knowledge.
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image:141841636000.jpg(179kB , 900x649 , Chaotic__Silv_by_E_Mann.jpg)
Silv's official art is worth posting here... she has a much more revealing and genie-like outfit unlike in the toon. (and this is the background screen of my phone now)
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image:141841659800.jpg(572kB , 560x813 , Chaotic__The_Khilaian_Sphere_by_E_Mann.jpg)
The cover of the first (and sadly, only) Chaotic novel released, The Khialian Sphere. And yes, the female MIpedian Mugess there is Khiali herself. It's... a surprisingly good read! Takes place in the past of Perim, so no annoying kids, and is mostly Mipedian-centered, with High Mugess Khiali finding the mysterious sphere and unwittingly awakening the Marr'illians who covet it, while also having to deal with her "too ambitious for his own good" novice.
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image:141841669500.jpg(192kB , 1500x1216 , Cirleth_art.jpg)
Another sadly unreleased Mugess, Cirleth! She shows some epic view of her bust, here, and I love her design overall.
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image:141841677700.jpg(193kB , 600x800 , Ebberim-card HI-RES.JPG)
Ebberim - yes, she is a MIpedian singer! :) Seems a bit nervous about public appearances, though.
save file
image:141841685700.jpg(1.1MB , 1100x872 , Ebbikka.jpg)
Ebbikka - my own scan of the card, took me ages to get since it's sadly reflective.
She is a rather raptor-like warrior gal, trying out sabers. Not much else we know about her.
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image:141841700900.jpg(459kB , 870x705 , Kienrah_art.jpg)
Another gal who was never released - Kienrah. I just love the picture - she has epic explorer gear, hood and pockets and all that and STILL manages to look hot while also reserved. Lara Croft, eat your heart out.
save file
image:141841718900.jpg(1.12MB , 1100x864 , Mizkio.jpg)
Mizkio - again, my own scan. I love this picture - sooo many ways to interpret it. Yes, she is a healer btw - card has such abilities - but the way she is holding a dagger in her tail behind her back while helping Qwun to his feet... zoinks! I think the artist wanted to suggest she is actually under Marr'illian mind control, since her card states she gets new abilities if mind-controlled.
save file
image:141841731600.jpg(908kB , 1200x901 , Na-Inna.jpg)
Posting Na-Inna card too - in fact, she has TWO cards! And even an entry in the official Chaotic Guide book, despite her brief role in the cartoon. She is royalty, btw, and has high aspirations, despite not being much more than a Chanter (enchanter Mugess). It's said she and her teacher Dibanni are more than just friends. ;)
save file
image:141841744900.jpg(1.23MB , 1280x1007 , Na-Inna2.jpg)
The first Na-Inna card, showing her using her card-game ability to swap mugic counters between Overworld and MIpedian creatures - basically letting them cast spells from another race's mugic. And yes, that's sexy foxy Kinnianne there. She is the Overworlder ambassador to MIpedim.
save file
image:141841768400.jpg(466kB , 837x604 , Ylinné art.jpg)
Lastly, Ylinné! Sexy and still quite armored MIpedian bodyguard. I bet Prince Iflar is happy to be guarded by her. ;)

There is an odd thing with her card - on the artwork posted by the artist who colored her, she is purple, but on the card she is green-skinned.
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image:141849605600.jpg(2.91MB , 1033x3200 , Reptile and Amphibian list 12-13-14.jpg)
Thanks for the suggestions, Swift.

Anatomy FAIL. I dunno which is worse, her boobs or her thighs being ridiculously exagerrated.
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image:141913347100.gif(5.37MB , 320x240 , Neesgraagon.gif)
save file
image:141928688700.png(197kB , 302x404 , (Creature)_Ophidian_Archer_(Achaean_Way).png)
Can't believe I haven't posted these gals yet... the Ophidians from the online game Pirates101. :)
This game is full of sexy anthro femmes, btw, yet no-one draws them, oddly - despite the game being quite a success apparently.

Their archers come as males or females, the latter with odd horned headdresses and greek tunics. And yes, they have boobs. :)
save file
image:141928692800.png(41kB , 498x531 , (Creature)_Ophidian_Archer.png)
Another version has a leather armor.
save file
image:141928699100.png(106kB , 259x294 , (Creature)_Ophidian_Flame_Dancer_(Troy).png)
Ophidian Mages are called Flamedancers, and they indeed do a quite sexy dance move when attacking you with fireballs. :)
save file
image:141928714600.png(109kB , 245x336 , (Creature)_Chyrissida.png)
Chryssida is an named Flamedancer - though, in this game all creatures have random-generated name, something I find a nice touch.
save file
image:141928729200.png(319kB , 359x474 , (Creature)_Ill-Fated_Serpentine.png)
Ill-fated Serpentine - if I recall right, the same model of the leather armored archer snake gal, used in Wizards101, game from the same company.
save file
image:141928740200.png(67kB , 176x295 , (Creature)_Mari.png)
Mari is a boss and a named Ophidian Archer. She has a different graphic appearance than the rest, wearing scale mail.
save file
image:141928756300.png(146kB , 330x481 , (Creature)_Sssiva.png)
Sssiva (darn that's lot of S-es!) is an unique Ophidian Flamedancer boss, she has a different appearance, having a headdress and more colorful clothing.
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image:141937109700.jpg(2.88MB , 1033x3329 , Reptile and Amphibian list 12-23-14.jpg)
save file
image:141949885300.png(108kB , 500x500 , Viper-KungFuPanda.png)
Too much obscure. Not enough mainstream. You guys forgot Viper. Also, I hate to be "that guy" but I think including vidya characters might be a slippery slope. There are easily dozens of named argonian females in Elder Scrolls games, and that's just the important quest characters, not the hundreds scattered around across the worlds.
You do have a point there but vidya characters will be on this list. i will take what you said under advisement. Also I don't know why Viper isn't there but I will put her in it next update
nvm, she is up there at #13. I am just a retard, and completely missed her because of 2d pic.
I suggest Cynder from Spyro, and Frannie and Charline from "Dinosaurs"
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image:141975662200.jpg(139kB , 800x912 , Disney_Tiana_and_Naveen_Frog_by_FreeWingsS.jpg)
Cynder is already on the list.
But I think there are more Skylanders we could add.

And I saw this movie over the holiday.
Not nearly enough 34 of them doing it as Frogs.
All of them are already on the list
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image:141977888500.jpg(163kB , 872x720 , Saturday Supercade Q Bert in Disc Derby Fiasco Episode 01) (HD).mp4_snapshot_07.05_[2014.12.28_16.00.58].jpg)
Here is an obscure one! Never knew Q*Bert had a show, but apparently he did, and Coily had a girlfriend named Viper!

Vidya? What's that? Also, I am only including characters who actually look different from each other in design.
Viper is not anthro... and neither is Cynder.
And everyone KNOWS mainstream. The point of obscure characters is, y'know, that not many people know them. That's the reason we are posting them. To make them more well known.
save file
image:141977919600.jpg(281kB , 872x720 , Saturday Supercade Q Bert in Disc Derby Fiasco Episode 01) (HD).mp4_snapshot_10.14_[2014.12.28_16.05.18].jpg)
She kinda has a Madonna-like outfit and hairdo. (And oddly, has earrings... what are they attached to? Snakes have no outer ears...) :D
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image:141981628000.jpg(31kB , 320x240 , Frogger Cartoon Saturday Supercade Blackboard Bungle (Low).webm_snapshot_03.45_[2014.12.29_02.11.04].jpg)
Oh, and here is another gal -from Saturday Supercade, too.

Frogger had a show! Yeah, he is an investigating reporter uncovering mysteries... in the human world, while often getting flattened, of course.
And... don't laugh, I am not kidding -he has a girlfriend called - get ready.... Fanny Frog. :D
Yeah, FANNY Frog. That word kinda means something else nowadays in the UK, but I guess back then it was OK for a sexy frog-lady. :)
save file
image:141981631800.jpg(35kB , 320x240 , Frogger Cartoon Saturday Supercade Blackboard Bungle (Low).webm_snapshot_04.08_[2014.12.29_02.18.46].jpg)
Close-up of Fanny (yeah that came out wrong... :) )
Okay again you guys all are aware that frogs and fish are not reptiles right?
Are you really being that pedantic about furry porn?
T4 was here
Still counts as scalies~

But what are bugs then..?
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image:141986088000.jpg(1.9MB , 1033x3286 , Reptile and Amphibian list 12-29-14.jpg)
This will probably be the last update before the new year.

I only found two more.

That why I included Amphibans in the list title. If you mean the thread then considering how slow it is, I don't see the harm in including frogs and toads.
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image:141993532400.jpg(476kB , 1500x711 , Emeraldon Oracle.jpg)
Bugs are anthropods. And yeah, we should make such a list too. Not sure why they put them in /cod though, what's so deviant about busty bugs like Offset or the Roach Queen? :)

And yeah, we are including amphibians and dragons on the list from the beginning. Not fish, though. I think those have a separate list.

Speaking of dragons, why did no-one tell me WoW now has anthro Dragonspawn? They are like draco-taurs, and frankly look pretty great. Come in multiple color skins and twenty names, so just call them female dragonspawn.
You can check the 3D model here: http://www.wowhead.com/npc=1046#modelviewer:10+0

Took some screenshots myself of the various types.
save file
image:141993541200.jpg(112kB , 1500x243 , Infinite Timeweaver.jpg)
Infinite Timeweaver
save file
image:141993543500.jpg(19kB , 1500x240 , CrimsonBorn Seer-model.jpg)
Crimsonborn Seer
save file
image:141993545700.jpg(176kB , 1500x248 , Cobalt Mageweaver.jpg)
Cobalt Mageweaver
save file
image:141993549300.jpg(16kB , 1500x249 , Charscale Invoker-model.jpg)
Charscale Invoker

I have these in HD, but the files are too big to upload here. Mail me if interested
Your obsession over all obscure generic non-characters just because they are lizards is kind of freaky.

There is no logic to it, they don't even share any similar visual appearance or particular reptile like characteristics for you to fixate upon, some are cartoonish and/or obviously non-human animals while others just look like women.
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image:141993950700.png(517kB , 800x779 , Spoiler image)

Have a car fucking a dragon.
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image:141996026800.jpg(344kB , 1024x737 , Iguara - Lounge Lizard (Color).jpg)
Hah! I am obsessed over ALL sorts of obscure anthro characters. Not just lizards... canines, felines, anthropods. It's my "THING". Call it a hobby. In fact I am kinda known for being the first to draw R34 of these characters, too. I am bored by the mainstream, who the heck wants a twenty-thousand and one-more Renamom or Cynder or Crystal picture when we have so many more lesser known, but equally hot or even better looking characters?

And on that note... have some Iguara booty. :)
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image:141996041600.jpg(1.05MB , 1280x1968 , Transformers - Prime Rage of the Dinobots 03 (of 04) (2013) (digital-Empire) 006.jpg)

Why the spoiler tag? Not like this ever happens in the toon, sadly... Ripclaw never made it there:(

But, the comics do have Ser-Ket, who is basically her (never-released) repaint. She totally kicked Grimlock's ass. :)
"There is no logic to it, they don't even share any similar visual appearance or particular reptile like characteristics for you to fixate upon, some are cartoonish and/or obviously non-human animals while others just look like women."

Umm, again, that's where you are wrong. If you'd watch my posts - not hard, unlike you guys I am not anonymous - my additions to the list (not the whole list is my work, in case you didn't notice) only include non-feral anthros who have proper, snouted reptilian faces. I frankly am only interested in anthros that look the part. I don't consider gals like Cobra Queen from Freakazoid or Diamondhead and the other serpent society Marvel villains to have a place on this list as they are just human women dressing like reptiles, but again - I am not maintaining the list, Lucedo does (or at least I assume it's him... hard to tell with everyone being "Anonymous" - if I live to be a thousand I would still not understand why you like discussing things this way, where no-one can tell the other apart from the other hundred anonymous users...)
T4 was here
I wanted it to be a surprise.
save file
image:142024108700.jpg(236kB , 1289x1050 , lady-sinestra.jpg)
Going back to WoW.... maaaan. Cannot believe there is barely any fanart, let alone R34 of this gal. Lady Sinestra, aka Sinthara, a giant busty dragoness and the consort of Deathwing himself. Being a giant boss-fight she is only visible from above the waist, sadly. But she is quite busty in the chest region, much like Maleficent.
save file
image:142024138500.jpg(725kB , 2000x948 , Lady Sinestra.jpg)
And see those flaming scars? Yeah, it's offical that she got them during hot steaming sex with Deathwing. :) No, not kidding, the lore says she is the only one to survive mating with Deathwing after the latter became a magma dragon.

I wonder if she goes around asking people "Do you know how I got these scars? The best sex of a century, my boy..."
I didn't know cum is butter.
Why is everyone ripping off the original pic?

Imagine a chick swallows and is like "I can't believe its not butter."
save file
image:142119038800.jpg(82kB , 400x739 , 400px-ESO_Tzik'nith.jpg)
Wow, cannot believe the game has been out for months now and it took this long for someone to finally tell me about the Lamiae in Elder Scrolls Online!

There is even a named NPC called Tzik'nith (pictured), whom you can recruit as a companion if you do her quest.
save file
image:142119044600.jpg(227kB , 1280x747 , elderscrolls_online__lamia_by_beastysakura-d80uivh.jpg)
Original design posted on DA by the guy who made the model himself.
save file
image:142119050100.jpg(68kB , 670x892 , Lamia.jpg)
Close-up of the red-skinned stronger variety (called Lamia Domina). Man, I love their spikey scale-covered look. Remind me of puff adders.
save file
image:142119064300.jpg(63kB , 900x900 , ON-creature-Tzik'nith.jpg)
Tzik'nith and two of her sisters. Fun fact - according to lore, these Lamiae are the offspring of a human explorer who had a Lamia wife. :P
save file
image:142119183500.jpg(199kB , 726x726 , ON-creature-Lamia.jpg)
Regular Lamia
save file
image:142121440000.jpg(69kB , 599x910 , Lamia - Tzik'nith.jpg)
Found this fanart of her on Twitter, only.
save file
image:142133298900.jpg(2.2MB , 1033x3452 , Reptile and Amphibian list 01-15-15.jpg)
List Updated
save file
image:142144579200.png(323kB , 720x583 , Crooler.png)
Oh I got one more!
save file
image:142171346800.png(439kB , 819x1157 , Crooler Legends_of_Chima.png)
Huh, I thought she was already on the list. Yeah, cool design, actually her torn purple bikin looks exactly like Gila's from that Spideman episode!

And yeah she has been R34ed already, though she doesn't resemble the toy much
save file
image:142187753200.png(72kB , 1204x1158 , beatriz.png)
I hope amphibians are allowed here.
Mister Twister
It's funny when you realize she might not even have them.
That Beatriz?
save file
image:142222065500.jpg(112kB , 316x750 , tumblr_nhrrz51OIE1rf5t8co5_500.jpg)
Just found this on tumblr. From some old comic I guess.
But she is still not on the list... I double checked.
Also the brother/sister mindcontroll thing has tons potential.
save file
image:142222090900.jpg(28kB , 300x179 , chima-timeline-p1-13.jpg)
Just look at that face.
So high and happy.
Be he could just eat her pussy up~
save file
image:142222103500.jpg(1.03MB , 1021x1236 , equestria__come_and_heed_us_by_harwicks_art-d89hx17.jpg)
Oh and do this count as scalie?

I suppose! Was bummed they did not turn anthro at the end like Shimmer did in the first movie.


She looks familiar. Isn't she from DC's Legion of Superheroes?
T4 was here
Umm... your post is fuck dude.
T4 was here
Found it here:
save file
image:142330582800.jpg(136kB , 537x800 , AF03p30.jpg)

Nope it works fine when I click the links.

Found Morphea since then, she was from a Marvel comic called Atari Force.
save file
image:142343945700.jpg(62kB , 1280x1809 , 0ca91db9b2091c31579b02565a23486e29bd33cf.jpg)
New Otachi pic (Pacfici Rim). Man she is amazing!

Found source: http://zaggatar.tumblr.com/tagged/myart
save file
image:142601886100.jpg(219kB , 1920x1080 , TMNT2012-MonaLisa.jpg)
Maaaaaan!!! Could she be the reimagined Mona Lisa for the new series? :)
From the latest TMNT (2012) episode, S3E12. She is shown briefly when Kurtzmann accidently switches to this slide while presenting about the Kraang's mutagen missile plans. Hmmm, intriguing. She certainly was there in his office...and wore his hat.
And his shirt, and his boxers. Dude got game. Making Night Stalker proud.
save file
image:142610828600.jpg(173kB , 1280x720 , Kowabunga01.jpg)
Well, he is based on Jack Kirby,after all. He's an old player. ;)

Adventures of T-rex (I am remastering the series now), episode 6 has a funny easter egg - when the T-rex brothers go to the sewer to break into the prison, they meet... those OTHER reptilian color-coded mask-wearing dudes who practice martial arts. :)
save file
image:142610838200.jpg(209kB , 1280x720 , Kowabunga03.jpg)
Except, well... the 5 brothers are dinosaurs, and this is one of the really rare moments of the show that reminds us about just how large a T-rex is. :D
save file
image:142610848200.jpg(261kB , 1280x720 , The Adventures of T-Rex 06 -The Big Freeze.mp4_snapshot_18.10_[2015.03.11_22.14.04].jpg)
But to stay on the subject of sexy reptile ladies!

From left to right - Myrna, Ginger, Flo, Mae and the Black Widow.
save file
image:142611673800.jpg(109kB , 1051x1022 , drbigt_tumblr_nij8xf17av1s1unzxo5_12801.jpg)
Lookee whom I found - the sexy LIzard Leader from Fritz the Cat. :)

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/drbigt/
save file
image:142619275800.jpg(104kB , 788x1182 , shinysteel_rec_Dark Queen Oriale Argai.jpg)
Dark Queen Oriale - from Prince Argai. Art by Shinysteel
LOl, guess he saw that pic I posted, too. But drew her using the old design.
save file
image:142831833100.png(965kB , 700x1000 , dragon_flyz_nocturna_by_theoriginalmistajonz-d34mwxw.png)
Yay I found someone obscure, again!
save file
image:142842768300.jpg(693kB , 1398x2490 , Elyrium-Female_Quasit.jpg)
Yeah, I have seen this pic -sadly, pretty much the only pic of Nocturna. Dragonflyz was a fun cartoon. She's sexy, though too much like Demona for it to be coincidental. Pity there weren't more mutant characters.

Here is a rare gal -you probably all know Imps from D&D, their Demonic/Tanar'ri counterparts are Quasits, tiny demonic familiars for evil spellcasters. Well, in Pathfinder - which uses the same open liscense - demons and devils can be male of female regardless of subtype, so... Meet Elyrium, the busty female Quasit witch! :P

I find it hilarious that in her entry, they even describe how her silk gown is worth 85 gold, despite being only fit for someone 2-feet tall. Maybe there is a market for that for, I dunno, dolls?
save file
image:142936097900.jpg(183kB , 720x544 , S04E08.Eek Space 9, The Yawn Of Man.avi_snapshot_11.27_[2015.04.18_14.38.10].jpg)
Here's a new one for ya - General Galapagos's secretary, from The Terrible Thunderlizards (side-show for Eek the Cat)
save file
image:142996607100.jpg(97kB , 500x682 , tzik_nith_by_w0lf_skulls-d8p4ywh.jpg)
Pretty awesome drawing of Tzik'nith (Lamia from Elder Scrolls Online)

save file
image:143069375400.jpg(1.38MB , 2480x3507 , Sailor_Moon emerald esmeraude.jpg)
Daaaayum, Esmeraude is sure sexy.
Jeesala, sexy serpent-woman from a Kull the Barbarian story from Marvel Previews #26
save file
image:143238105500.jpg(831kB , 2300x3197 , bizarre_adventures_#26_p38.jpg)
Jeesala, sexy serpent-woman from a Kull the Barbarian story from Marvel Previews #26
save file
image:143241179800.jpg(716kB , 1300x1139 , Erylium-pleasure-time(color).jpg)
Drew a pic of Erylium, the sexy quasit demon from Pathfinder's first adventure path, Rise of the Runelords
She was the best thing in that stupid movie. :)
save file
image:143326531900.jpg(223kB , 1864x1083 , XCOM2_Viper.jpg)
XCOM2 Snake Woman Concept art!!! Naked concept art. Mmmm.

And ridiculously, they are calling her "The Viper" when she is clearly a Cobra. But at any rate... I am in looove. :)
save file
image:143328418000.jpg(9kB , 1009x407 , 1368068402873.jpg)
Awww, you invaders fucked up. You had a chance but now, you've just activated Humanities Special Movie. A drive stronger than "will it kill me." you are now facing "can I fuck it." We've waged wars on that premise, and now you send this." YUSSSS!!
save file
image:143328888800.jpg(153kB , 795x923 , 9b247fad962286b3e74368bdee11154d.jpg)
I read this to the theme of God Save the Queen

That was quick. Who is the author, please?
Seems it came from here.
save file
image:143340162300.png(463kB , 1018x878 , tumblr_npe61zDp2E1tfkxwjo1_1280.png)
This alien in one trailer really has taken the public by storm
Nice work! Source?
Odd, yeah... When GoW added the actually pretty similar looking cobra-gorgon, nobody cared. And now she is getting more art than anyone from XCOM before. Not that I mind, of course. :)
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image:143351813400.png(16kB , 496x462 , 1433515577371.png)
save file
image:143368655000.jpg(226kB , 1280x720 , tumblr_nphfdl7UeY1rcs9gvo1_1280.jpg)
save file
image:143368658500.png(78kB , 1200x1200 , tumblr_nphr9lOAdb1rcs9gvo1_1280.png)
>We've already captured one snake lady, you can stop now.
save file
image:143369725600.jpg(997kB , 964x1683 , 1433604605208.jpg)
save file
image:143389471500.jpg(111kB , 900x1142 , the_power_of_the_golden_chi_is_mine__by_faybos croc.jpg)
save file
image:143389473300.jpg(304kB , 1024x1507 , cragger_and_crooler_by_aqua_neptune7 croc.jpg)
save file
image:143389475200.png(227kB , 500x700 , crooler_by_baekim croc.png)
save file
image:143389477400.png(683kB , 600x1115 , crooler_and_the_bird_by_amiralda croc.png)
save file
image:143389480500.jpg(474kB , 841x896 , crooler_by_lordstevie croc.jpg)
save file
image:143389482400.png(498kB , 800x916 , 14291005776234234 croc.png)
save file
image:143389495500.png(151kB , 496x345 , Moorna_the_Vengeful kaijudo dragon.png)
Also, There's Moorna, Tatsurian's half-sister. From KAijudo.
save file
image:143448090200.jpg(319kB , 1125x1248 , dark-moltres_dino_time_ss.jpg)
Yeah, I wish she was more anthro and not just a feral wyvern, though. That show has some weird families - half of them are anthro dragons, the rest are not...

Here, someone finally R34ed the Dino in Red from Dinosaucers. :)
save file
image:143455194600.jpg(625kB , 773x1000 , 00038_full.jpg)
On the ball as always, I see.
save file
image:143469613100.png(471kB , 1530x990 , Blue.png)
It's 2am and I'm doing preliminaries on Blue. I think I went wrong somewhere.
T4 was here
Just remember to keep it antro.
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image:143481904400.png(609kB , 996x665 , missbirchpinup.png)
Character from a webcomic from /co/
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image:143486641200.jpg(697kB , 1576x1176 , Dragon_Girl_v2.jpg)
save file
image:143525876900.jpg(184kB , 1600x1100 , IMG_3863.JPG)
I wouldn't mind more blue.
Ha ha Raptors with 2 fingers
Well cloned my friend.
save file
image:143537215900.jpg(256kB , 853x700 , IMG_3866.JPG)
T4 was here
The I-rex has that too.
Guess that another reason for the heel turn.

It whipped "it" out~

In my head atlest.
save file
image:143539396100.jpg(99kB , 1047x1280 , de8ba9d51fa62d05e6d4666df7fd662a.jpg)
And finding antro blue was hard then is should have been...

Also hope for a "sexy" team up with: //youtube.com/watch?v=luQXes0BbBwyoutube thumb
After all that is what the fatass wanted to make.
save file
image:143573906600.png(322kB , 1200x1200 , tumblr_nppmmce0dT1rcs9gvo1_1280.png)
save file
image:143575842000.png(612kB , 1240x763 , xcom_2_snake_woman__4_by_gannadene.png)
save file
image:143575847700.jpg(467kB , 1278x1632 , tumblr_nphlak55LT1us3w38o1_1280.jpg)
save file
image:143575857500.png(1.15MB , 1280x1280 , tumblr_npr6caiHBX1s1mjr7o1_1280.png)
save file
image:143575954300.png(1.16MB , 1280x1280 , tumblr_npr6caiHBX1s1mjr7o2_1280.png)
save file
image:143616949500.jpg(526kB , 2000x2000 , e6c51d42f8e662a6dd00d523e8ae0ab8.jpg)
save file
image:143628434900.jpg(577kB , 2038x1374 , 16ee345677c4ef6c7b55bf449736765f.jpg)
T-rex took a curious glance down at Raptor who had been steadily stroking himself as soon as Mosasaur bottomed out into the female’s pussy and couldn’t help but notice the look of jealous regret on his face. He shifted his feet and watched how I-rex arched and ground her hips up toward the thrusting male on top of her as her snarls, while still ferocious, were beginning to take on a needier tone with her entire pussy stretched by Mosasaur cock. T-rex smirked a bit as he lightly toyed with something in his hand and patiently waited his turn.

With a sharp grunt Mosasaur finally sat upright, shifting I-rex onto her back with a heavy smack and holding each of her thrashing legs in his hands. Her cunt leaked with mixed dino juices every time the male’s hips pulled back to give her another thrust as he watched her body bounce against his hips. The two locked eyes and Mosasaur grinned as he saw a fierce flash of lust behind her glaring expression and the layer of raptor cum sticking to her scales. Slowly, he licked his muzzle again and leaned forward, letting her legs go as he firmly braced his hands against the pavement above her shoulders. Feeling her legs free from his grip, I-rex immediately tried to pull them back to kick the male off of her, only to stop short when he slammed into the back of her pussy once again. The motion was stronger, heavier at this angle and pressured her walls in toe-curling ways, leaving the wriggling female no choice but to hug her thighs around Mosasaur’s hips as he plowed her gripping pussy.

It didn’t take long in that position for Mosasaur to quickly approach release, his clawed fingers digging into the pavement and his hips reeling back for one more shove into I-rex’s hot, squeezing cunt. As he felt her legs lock suddenly around him the aquatic predator let a nice, big grin curl across his face before his hips crammed as much Mosasaur cock that he could fit into the female’s waiting womb and flooded her in an instant. Thick, intensely hot ropes of cum filled I-rex to her core, making the load she had taken from Raptor to her face feel like a mild splash compared to the dense shots she felt flooding her insides. Her muscular legs twitched every time she felt the thick Mosasaur cock throb inside of her and her walls couldn’t help but urge the male’s orgasm onward until her pussy was overflowing with thick, hot pools of the stuff.

Both males on the sideline stared as every time Mosasaur’s hips slowly pressed back into I-rex’s crotch another seemingly endless gush of sticky cum bubbled out from around his massive shaft, leaving the female’s lower regions just as much of a mess as her face and chest. Mosasaur finished with a triumphant snort, eyes opening and glancing down at his work with a satisfied smirk as more and more dino cum just poured out of the dino’s stretched pussy.
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image:143630398800.png(1.34MB , 1066x1280 , 15f45226d55e9b1437abde56f449a0c4.png)
>they're all canonically female
>turns some of them into males instead making them go after human guys
Some people just can't do anything right
T4 was here
I know right.
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image:143712467700.jpg(14kB , 786x1017 , pack_leader_benefits_by_hattonslayden-d8wxqzr.jpg)
Nice, a shame they died.
Bru-chan didn't.
save file
image:143993361600.png(383kB , 634x719 , Skylor_Anacondrai.png)
Lego does it again.
save file
image:143993370300.jpg(119kB , 640x360 , tumblr_nlmp9fx7oD1sx8gb1o1_1280.jpg)
save file
image:144005214000.jpg(34kB , 550x310 , TheCataracs-AllYou-2-550x310.jpg)
Anyone has or can make a toon version of this epic lizard (snake?) lady from The Cataracts 'All You' video?
The eyes! The make me harder than steel!
The Saprophyte
So this is the current Reptile thread? Is so, I can add a few more to the list. Say, 40+ entries? Not counting multiple characters from individual franchises.

After the list holder has finished incorporating entries from up-thread and the archived thread that didn't get added yet, of course. (Unless you'd rather I let other people have some fun too.)


A valiant effort, T4, But I was under the impression Canopians where insectoids? I'd have to wade through my Atari Forces to see if they ever stated it explicetly (DC Comics BTW) but they're depicted as a eusocial, hive-like society. All female, with a big, fat queen.
The Saprophyte
So this is the current Reptile thread? Is so, I can add a few more to the list. Say, 40+ entries? Not counting multiple characters from individual franchises.

After the list holder has finished incorporating entries from up-thread and the archived thread that didn't get added yet, of course. (Unless you'd rather I let other people have some fun too.)


A valiant effort, T4, But I was under the impression Canopians where insectoids? I'd have to wade through my Atari Forces to see if they ever stated it explicetly (DC Comics BTW) but they're depicted as a eusocial, hive-like society. All female, with a big, fat queen.
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image:145325345700.jpg(66kB , 383x535 , 1679728-serpentina.jpg)
Yes? No? Maybe? Moving on.... (BTW, it won't let me delete that double post)

We'll start out slow for now with a few rep-themed humans.

First up, Serpentina. X-men 2099, Marvel Comics.
save file
image:145325357500.jpg(5kB , 269x525 , shedragon2.JPG)
She-dragon. The Savage Dragon, Image Comics.
save file
image:145325376700.jpg(7kB , 567x640 , 1047005-scylla.jpg)
Scylla. DC Comics. (Consider this one a harbinger of things to come.)
save file
image:145445972800.png(1.55MB , 1038x748 , Ruby1.png)
Picking up a few spares....

The Land Before Time. You've got Cera and Ducky but Not Ruby,
save file
image:145446040600.png(355kB , 584x502 , mamalongneck.png)
...Or Littlefoots's mom, and probably a whole herd of other MILFerals I'll let somebody else look up.

Full body ref: http://www.cornel1801.com/animated/Land-Before-Time-1988/characters/Mother.jpg
save file
image:145446078500.png(72kB , 563x516 , Haley_long's_dragon_form.png)
American Dragon: Jake Long. I understand the focus here is on obscuria but you skipped over some fairly obvious ones for some reason, like Haley: (season 1)
save file
image:145446094800.png(605kB , 747x562 , sun&haley.png)
Haley (season 2) on the right. Left, Sun Park.
save file
image:145446145500.png(248kB , 821x576 , changold.png)
Councillor Chang. (Season 1)
save file
image:145446157300.jpg(96kB , 691x525 , Chang1.jpg)
Councillor Chang. (Season 2)
save file
image:145446176400.jpg(88kB , 536x735 , Omina1.jpg)
Councillor Omina. (Only shot I could find of her)
save file
image:145469794300.jpg(26kB , 407x287 , un anime trash scigirlizard 8a21b0e6fb43b0d37ffd597325d88c1f.jpg)
And less we forget.
save file
image:145469937600.png(895kB , 1000x563 , tmnt raph gets laid IMG_1905-1-.png)
An space rep is still rep.
save file
image:145469943400.gif(1.34MB , 540x303 , tmnt raph go space lad tumblr_nz6t9gk76D1u7fmeoo1_540.gif)
save file
image:145470136500.png(128kB , 788x658 , c tumblr_nyst4s7E8Q1r5h2ogo1_1280.png)
So is http://tgweaver.tumblr.com/ gator girl Caimon good for the list?
save file
image:145470139100.png(31kB , 907x679 , c tumblr_nz8tu6PHir1th8zpyo2_1280.png)
Or is she tumblr trash?!
save file
image:145470275000.gif(2.1MB , 480x270 , Lizzie rainbow reaction.gif)
T4 was here
Also bad dragon hotties~
And that undertail comic I tried to post:
save file
image:145470679900.jpg(113kB , 852x937 , 1395419 - Lizzie Phobos-Romulus Rampage.jpg)
save file
image:145470684200.jpg(172kB , 612x792 , 588966 - Lizzie Rampage.jpg)
save file
image:145470689600.png(523kB , 1000x1000 , 1782453 - Jaden_Sanders Lizzie lonbluewolf.png)
save file
image:145470750100.jpg(309kB , 1932x413 , 596839 - Big_Barda DC Green_Lantern Green_Lantern_Corps Hawkgirl Infectious_Lass James_T._Kirk Legion_of_Superheroes Leonard_McC)
The only rule 34 Sensor pic on paheal.
save file
image:145470768700.jpg(174kB , 700x962 , 1613779 - Masters_of_the_Universe Saiyaman Teela snakewomen.jpg)
save file
image:145470799000.png(779kB , 721x1024 , T-rex na kanojo 001.png)
T-rex waifu need to be on the list!
save file
image:145470803800.png(245kB , 721x1024 , t-rex waifu is not the smart 002.png)
Its TONS of fun.
save file
image:145470882700.jpg(177kB , 885x905 , breeze tumblr_na8lo7ZWIB1sbfuf4o3_1280.jpg)
And from Skylands we got: Breeze! (underage ban)
save file
image:145470892900.jpg(114kB , 700x700 , echo_6kn.jpg)
Echo the seahorse dragon!
save file
image:145470905200.jpg(94kB , 621x640 , 4575227-spotlight_promo.jpg)
And Spotlight the dragon of LIGHT!
save file
image:145470917000.jpg(65kB , 1131x707 , cutie_ember__3_by_fluffy_tales-d52uetk.png)
Also Ember from the Spyro games.
save file
image:145470981800.jpg(682kB , 1900x1400 , winter wyrm FVstAAx.jpg)
And from DOTA2 we got the all new Auroth the Winter Wyvern.
save file
image:145470991000.jpg(22kB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg)
>Like many great poets, Auroth just wants time to write, but the Winter Wyvern's life is full of interruptions. The epics of the Eldwurms have a long and colorful history, but some fear that the remaining dragon scholars are not as prolific as they once were, with few lines added to the Eldwurm Eddas since the last age of greatness. Auroth laments: "We forget that there is more to life than triumph and dominion over enemies. We must also live our lives in the pursuit of creative expression." She embarks on research expeditions, collecting books for inspiration. But all this research can be terribly distracting, and she spends less time writing than she should. Although she knows she should be lurking in her lair, adding to the Eddas, she finds herself engaged in epic battles against powerful enemies. She loots castles, raids ancient libraries... and if she happens to heap glory on herself in the process, she tells herself that it's merely a side effect of her research. The fact is, while her skill and power on the battlefield are legendary, her scholarly travails have thus far hardly been the stuff of literary acclaim. But she is not content to stand as a protagonist of heroic lore. She wishes also to create it.
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image:145471150400.png(467kB , 1280x1652 , undertale croc chick tumblr_o21au2mUHg1rp7ik3o1_r1_1280.png)
Im pulling an all nighter motherfuckers!
save file
image:145471161700.jpg(42kB , 320x600 , 1107801 - dragon dragon_witch jim_balent mythology tarot witch.jpg)
Dragon from the haunted vagina comic.
save file
image:145471178000.jpg(177kB , 1039x1280 , 14f0453f75638732b80afc8abf062fdc.jpg)
save file
image:145471217200.jpg(313kB , 593x900 , 9bcc8a6f0bkqB.jpg)
Life with futaFel fucking Lizard and Turtle on a boat
Also Green from Life with Fel for the list.
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image:145471254900.jpg(2kB , 600x479 , my_life_with_fel__page_166_by_kennoarkkan-d6nl666.jpg)
T4 was here
Cant find a namn for the turtles girl so fuck it moving on to the next one.
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image:145471306900.jpg(82kB , 823x548 , smoke tumblr_o20zm6DlX51s5qhggo10_1280.jpg)
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image:145471314600.png(1.34MB , 1207x974 , c0697bee7ea967a1d87b44c49e3ada73.png)
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image:145471319700.png(2.09MB , 875x1280 , 84d16f6e1122682aaaacf23d9a725761.png)
Yeah now I'm just spaming.
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image:145471348300.jpg(45kB , 372x567 , 4be795b5-752c-4f76-a16e-9ef902650207.jpg)
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image:145471366700.jpg(254kB , 1280x1109 , 875201 - dragon shikoku-una tagme.jpg)
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image:145471379100.jpg(645kB , 600x791 , cbb8fe08a22b6fb3a93744e279914179.jpg)
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image:145471381600.png(1.65MB , 1200x1725 , tumblr_nrnwscILh51sxwm0do1_1280.png)
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image:145471384000.jpg(272kB , 1131x800 , tumblr_nytjemLDZq1tuxs1go1_1280.jpg)
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image:145471398100.png(79kB , 889x699 , 98ae376896947a2070b4cf3a81e7ff7d.png)
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image:145471416700.png(512kB , 848x802 , 925d770504782bb3e8114dfef053866c.png)
The hard part about spaming is not posting stuff that may get you banned or is not already posted.
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image:145471420700.jpg(146kB , 700x940 , f0a118e679111718e294a76ef9e5b856_u18chan_u18chan.jpg)
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image:145471424200.jpg(226kB , 912x1280 , 1389940857.marian0_de__eurosalamander_comis_sk0001_u18chan.jpg)
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image:145471426800.jpg(304kB , 1280x1006 , 2c0fc3ce2d9eb2d7d7388b35b6f8c68e.jpg)
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image:145471432300.jpg(183kB , 900x649 , drakengard dragons draging on.jpg)
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image:145471435800.jpg(189kB , 630x800 , d5d0eedfeb045bc98fae08cf480bd9e1.jpg)
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image:145471445600.jpg(1.16MB , 1681x1621 , bc8a7690730aee32a6cc010194f2d0d7.jpg)
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image:145471447200.gif(938kB , 400x289 , fb4bc96c9e4bc8dc8f2575a3b4a694b2.gif)
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image:145471456400.jpg(1.14MB , 1300x1107 , geecku1a_u18chan.jpg)
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image:145471471500.jpg(82kB , 686x1121 , Roodaka 201091.jpg)
So was big black bionicle bad girl a scaile or not...
Fuck it.
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image:145471491800.jpg(197kB , 760x596 , lonely-mountain_1.jpg)
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image:145471493800.png(842kB , 842x1188 , 00_5_u18chan.png)
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image:145471506100.gif(1.66MB , 662x388 , old snake sex cartoon.gif)
Man old cartoons did not give a fuck.
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image:145471510600.jpg(435kB , 1280x810 , tumblr_mo23w9DPB21r06hv9o1_1280.jpg)
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image:145471541700.jpg(636kB , 545x777 , Alexstrazsa_by_EvilEchidna.jpg)
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image:145471548100.png(1.29MB , 1280x750 , 1c7d0db2e5aa658794d1c8317252e905.png)
The Saprophyte
Good finds! Forgot all about the dragon witches from Tarot. If memory serves, there were three.
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image:145471584400.jpg(613kB , 1700x897 , 1546738 - Evalion Killer_Instinct Riptor.jpg)
And Riptor for the list.
>T4 needs sleep badly
Thats it I'm out
T4 was here
//youtube.com/watch?v=coTIw4j127Eyoutube thumb
Okay, one last b4 i forgetzzzzzz
T4 was here
T4 was here
//youtube.com/watch?v=jtmW9HU9raIyoutube thumb
Yo, is that a stego-babe?
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image:145613674300.jpg(602kB , 1073x1650 , April_7_TheGroup_004.jpg)
Is the few times April turned in to a turtle on the list?
This is for IDW April mirco.
T4 was here
There is also this but I cant find any good pics.
The Saprophyte

Funny you'd post that. I was going to add some others by the same animator eventually.

Source: http://www.artofthetitle.com/feature/sally-cruikshank-a-career-retrospective-part-two/

There another frog one, a brief shot of a triceratops fem in the Mannequin intro and a possible lizard-looking thing in the Mad House intro.
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image:145627446100.png(1.26MB , 564x875 , tarotdrac1.png)
>>197246 ,

My mistake, there are a lot more than three. The red and blue one is called Mor-Meb-Dred. I don't have this issue but I'll see If I can scan some from issue 10. They're twofer's, woman and full dragon.
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image:145627484000.png(345kB , 645x933 , galapagos1.png)
One last pick-up, Terrible Thunderlizards. Swift missed General Galapagos's wife:
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image:145627493300.png(59kB , 516x384 , galdau1.png)
...And the President's daughter. (There's also a little old lady dino in there somebody if anybody cares)
T4 was here
Heres a x-com viper art set by Hatton Slayden.
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image:145772838400.jpg(344kB , 750x939 , tmnt___matinal_love_by_darkmirime-d80vz3n.jpg)
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image:145868514500.jpg(1.28MB , 1532x1800 , Gorgon Cobra - endangered species (Color).jpg)
Oh, so the board is back again? Hope for longer than the last time I was here...

Just finished some reptile-related pics recently - firstly, the sexy Gorgon Cobra from God of War - Ascension!
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image:145868518000.jpg(2.39MB , 1900x1698 , Erylium-Naughty Familiar(Color).jpg)
And another pic of Erylium, the sexy little quasit familiar from Pathfinder/D&D
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image:145868535800.jpg(93kB , 902x475 , 1581383-sensor01.jpg)
And she is not even drawn correctly, as a snake with robot arms. Boo-urns!
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image:145868580300.jpg(12kB , 490x625 , Mini_Krait_Witch2.jpg)
Sapropyhte - I believe as the whole list originates from Fchan, we had a more strict criteria for what counts as reptile - most female characters with green skin/tail but totally human features do not, since, well, we could basically add every anime "dragon" girl ever, not to mention the ridiculous DC/Marvel dimorphic aliens, where the males are proper snouted lizards and the females totally human-looking green skinned babes Shatner used to bang.

Here is a "proper" anthro reptile lady - 'dem busty Krait Witches from Guild Wars 2.
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image:145868614700.png(847kB , 879x1361 , Krait_witch.png)
Nice one - can you link the artist, please?
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image:145870489700.png(1.1MB , 576x874 , 250px-CrunketTV.png)
Swift! Long time no see. I was wondering when/if you'd show again.

Those were the only humans I planned to mention, for completeness' sake, other than a few not-sures. This is the only place I've seen the list, so yeah. Plenty of other suggestions accumulated though, assuming you're not adverse to a few more ferals mixed in.

Spekenavich, One last missed entry, since the thread, she's-a no bumpin' no more.
Queen Crunket, from Legends of Chima. You can see where the daughter gets her looks. ;)
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image:146839100800.jpg(306kB , 1204x1130 , hbargonian1.jpg)
Done as a commission, an Argonian businesswoman basks in the messy aftermath of a footjob while offering her spent peon that raise he’s been waiting for, as long as he can satisfy her hungering maw as well. Enjoy!