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image:146271578500.png(84kB , 475x810 , steven universe iseenude people peridot.png)
First Thread http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t162060.html
Second Thread http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t175100.html
Third Thread http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t178074.html
Fourth Thread http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t183309.html
Fifth Thread http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t187945.htm
Sixith Theard http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t194638.html
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image:148937346600.jpg(270kB , 683x925 , steven universe cubedcoconut strip club pearl 3.jpg)
Hot damn that is rule 34 perfection

Pearl really is the hottest gem.
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image:148573181700.png(204kB , 620x914 , Ben10_BenGwenMouthful.png)
Hey guys. Time to start up a new Ben 10 thread, as well as make a few new announcements. First off, old thread can be found being buried at >>214107. New thread is here.

Now for the announcements. As you have likely noticed, the resolution of my thread starter is less than usual. This is because due to additional expenses/effort that goes into me being able to support providing this type of content I have to take additional steps to provide supporter incentives. I simply have to start looking at things realistically.

Also, sadly I'm going to be taking a break from posting here for a while. There's no telling how long this will be, and it may very well be indefinite. The fact of the matter is that trying to maintain a site as well as updates for said site, while also keeping up with Patreon updates, is going to require quite a bit of effort. I'm going to finally try and get myself onto a consistent comic update schedule, trying to maintain several comics at once. Doing this while also trying to stay up to date on the status of threads, as well as trying to create pieces to start new threads as they get buried, is likely to prove quite cumbersome.
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ok seems it's ruined
Conoghi's Gwens rank maybe fourth overall if you count him among the Incog, GFD, Apostle, Dankwart, Ashes grade of elite Gwenlords
I wouldn't call it cuck sense Ben isn't in love with her.
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image:146432306300.png(538kB , 1000x1300 , 65d91b4d480280f57438f266046e5ec1.png)
Might as well start a new one.
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image:148918553400.jpg(181kB , 1067x1280 , lionalliance_rimba_racer_doodles.png)
here, this is much closer to the original style.
Night in the Woods is an indie game that came out on Steam/PS4/Xbox etc. a few weeks ago that follows a cat girl (Mae)who's a college dropout, returning home to her small-town life. Mae finds that a lot has changed since she left, as the town continues to spiral economically, and her friends all have dead-end jobs. On top of all that, Mae's nightmares are leading her towards a Lovecraftian terror that has been kidnapping the townsfolk. It's a story-driven game with mini-games and even a full roguelike adventure hidden inside. Here's the trailer: https://youtu.be/u17kM8oSz3k
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image:147279316700.png(739kB , 824x1559 , judy at heiva 1.png)
Pepipopo HERE

To all my followers and fans everyhwere to make a BIG announcement.

I Finally took the risk, and opened a Patreon, in which i will make available to any supporters, whatever works of smut i have made, and you will get ALL OF THIS FROM NOW ON.
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for those who are interested, i updated the perks on my patreon rewards and reduced the prices if you are interested.
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image:148869772600.png(1.01MB , 885x1600 , 5f936069046d61790d849c5033139b255edbdc3704e3d3129128c6de35569f18.png)
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image:145446016300.png(759kB , 1114x956 , Valeria-Venom.png)
Characters from comic books and webcomics.
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image:148850803500.jpg(386kB , 800x1200 , Eva X-23.jpg)
Can't wait to see Logan
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image:148904649600.jpg(340kB , 1296x1737 , Dandon_Fuga X-23.jpg)
Logan was awesome!
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image:161304789617.jpg(2.58MB , 3840x2160 , pandoranemobeach.jpg)
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image:148800646300.png(1.09MB , 1182x1280 , 58754865.png)
A great show with too cute of lolis to have such little lewds.
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image:148252091500.png(1.30MB , 1650x1275 , LoliClub_00Calendar2017.png)
New thread just in time for the holidays. Here is the finished cover for the 2017 Loli Club calendar. I also touched up a lot of the previous calendar pieces and uploaded them at full resolution along with the cover over at my site here: http://incognitymous.com/2016/12/23/loli-club-calendar-2017/. I plan to tear down the site soon to do a rebuild so if you want them all in full resolution before the new year then I suggest you grab them now. Not sure how soon exactly, but I've figured out some good ways to handle creating galleries with custom WP attachment taxonomy and custom post loop queries so I think I've got how I plan to handle that figured out. Not sure how long this will take, but I plan to dedicate a lot of time this weekend to getting the finishing touches done so hopefully it's very soon.

Old thread can be found dying at >>212166. New thread can be found here.
At his website now
What hentai is this?
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image:149119367000.png(783kB , 1024x576 , tfw can I fit my whole fist into my ass.png)
>That is a silly question. All lolis are good lolis.

Well, in that case please let me give you a few references of Goth lolis please:
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image:148267983900.png(543kB , 1240x1754 , Ben10_BenGwenChristmas2016Resized.png)
Merry Christmas all! Seems the Ben 10 thread died just in time for Christmas, so time to start a new thread. This was actually a request from one of my patrons back before my Patreon was taken down. It was actually a very early Christmas request, and completion of the request was reserved for said holiday. The request was for Gwen in a reindeer costume bending over in a similar fashion to a Wilykit piece I did about a year and a half ago. Gwen was to have a tail butt plug while Ben takes the other hole. Still got a lot to do so went lazy on the background but at least it's done.

Also, old thread can be found at >>212943. New thread can be found right here.
Agree to disagree. its undeniable that Incog's art is as close to official as it can get though. his galleries speak for themselves.
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image:148572110800.png(162kB , 458x718 , 1485719198125.png)
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image:147388071800.png(168kB , 519x773 , 2647358.PNG)
The CONTENT Request Thread

Link to old thread: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t204863.html

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image:149776679700.gif(36kB , 600x649 , 180094 - Flapjack Hellströem Rule_63 The_Marvelous_Misadventures_of_Flapjack - Copy.png)
Can I request this Rule63 Flapjack (I call her Waffles, don't ask) getting spitroasted? One guy in her pussy/ass (your choice) and sucking one guy off, preferably naked but you should be able to see her tits.
New Thread:

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image:148486625000.png(344kB , 979x467 , 1439508667966.png)
Anyone know the artist who drew this? I've tried digging around in the /co/ archives and Pixiv but have come up dry so far.
This picture was from a pixiv chat session from a few years ago, the artist was this fella http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=11890
>original isn't there
He wiped his gallery at some point, hasn't he?
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image:148506004900.png(994kB , 1600x1200 , Lurk_Moar.png)

Not really, he has never posted any of the western characters he drew during those pixiv chat sessions. You might still be able to find some of those pixiv chat rooms with the drawings on them unless the host later made the archive private, just search for the right tags while you do so, as there are quite a few pictures the artist drew but none of them were posted as far as I'm concerned, except this one which made it to paheal and later got deleted when they nuked the Gravity Falls tag from their site.
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image:148446943700.png(125kB , 540x700 , 1484400699247.png)
Apparently we need a new Color Thread.
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image:147372803800.png(696kB , 1754x1240 , 100.png)
New thread time! Our starter this evening is a little something I made for pixiv commemorating my 200th follow (http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=58958948). Took longer than expected, but as it was meant to celebrate a milestone I felt it had to be my best work. For those curious, the old thread can be found here >>198966.
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image:148831749800.png(199kB , 1354x1102 , alice1.png)
What do you think of this?
That's better, much better!
Carry on!
new thread.
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image:146937364800.png(531kB , 1240x1754 , star vs incog 2.png)
Star vs the Forces of Evil thread 3
what the fuck is this nigga talking about. GET UP IN THAT PUSS
the thread reached its limit.
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image:143172154400.png(23kB , 300x300 , 21278 - Avatar_the_last_Airbender Toph.png)
I find myself burdened with an inexorable need for ATLA smut. And in the absence of a thread to post in, I turn to making my own.
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image:148389423500.jpg(102kB , 444x800 , cheesecake korra slingshot opel.jpg)
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image:148389426200.jpg(107kB , 495x800 , cheesecake korra slingshot toph.jpg)
Does anyone have the HQ versions of these images?
The links on his Patreon no longer work.
Damn, these are my favorite of his pics and I'm shocked to see I don't have them.
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image:140107472700.png(518kB , 1000x1000 , 1401034921727.png)
...because there aint no no love for this nice show

plus i needed to post on the new site
That sucks.
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image:148308959900.jpg(43kB , 720x576 , dvd_snapshot_00.06.19_[2014.08.12_21.04.21].jpg)
I have uploaded all DVDrips on Kametsu. They are in french, but ce' la vie. At least you can watch them.
You could have posted a link.