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image:151095255500.png(465kB , 477x720 , Page 00 - Cover png.png)
So eh.... I'm making a comic?
It's been months that i've planned on making it, and i've been on and off with the decision of whether to go through with it, mostly because i feel like my art isnt that well off to pass for a comic (i'll let you guys decide)

but with the announcement that they were going to release a TV series soon, I just went with it. To heck with all my troubles, i wanna cross this off my bucketlist finally. My first comic!

So i just wanna upload a few of the WIP pages here and take-in some of your opinions and suggestions in hopes i could probably fix right now or take note for future comics.

Sorry if my english sounds weird
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image:151099595900.jpg(59kB , 477x720 , Page 01 v4.jpg)
Sorry kinda new here, I find it hard to navigate through this site :c
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image:151099599600.jpg(53kB , 477x720 , Page 02 v5.jpg)
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image:151099601400.jpg(46kB , 477x720 , Page 03 v5.jpg)
The comic actually started off like one of those 'silent' comics with icons and stuff telling a story but i decided to just go with dialogue as it helps with the narrative.

I wish i had more time to work on the lining, but at the same time it feels a lot more comfortable drawing freely with just strokes. Natural and all that.
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image:151099604100.jpg(61kB , 477x720 , Page 04 v6.jpg)
I'm also trying to think of a suitable place to upload the finished comic once i'm completely done with it, unfortunately i'm not really sure wheres the best place to do so.
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image:151099605900.jpg(1.7MB , 1920x2900 , Page 05 V5.jpg)
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image:151099609100.jpg(53kB , 477x720 , Page 06.jpg)
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image:151099610100.jpg(65kB , 477x720 , Page 07.jpg)
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image:151099611100.jpg(59kB , 477x720 , Page 08.jpg)
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image:151099614200.jpg(62kB , 477x720 , Page 09.jpg)
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image:151099616700.jpg(581kB , 1280x758 , Gogo test.jpg)
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image:151099617900.jpg(509kB , 1160x960 , hiro sketches.jpg)
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image:151099620100.jpg(71kB , 1400x525 , Promo HF Size.jpg)
Regardless, I'm gonna try to upload the finished pages one by one, starting this 20th with the release of the TV series.

I'm not saying it's good art, but i've been told it's not bad either.

Though if you love it and stuff,
Feel free to share the feeling through my patreon:

I don't believe in paywalls, so all of my arts and animations are usually out there in different sites. So think of the patreon link as some sort of tip jar.
Hopefully you manage to include a HiroxHoneyxGogo tease or extra image. It's really nice art but I don't dig much this pairing.
I guess you can't compete with the butts, huh? Hopefully the show will make Gogo more interesting but for me HiroxHoney is were is at. And from what I heard the show will go for GogoxFred. Yeah.
Jinmen !UrHBurEAQE
Cool stuff!
Why didn't she put it in his mouth?
Because it's more demeaning to him.
Thanks for these, cant wait for more. Wish they were all the 1920x2900
So good man. I came!
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image:151118758200.jpg(1.28MB , 1920x2900 , Page 00 - Cover Colors.jpg)
Ok, so I was able to get some help with the comic a little. changed a few things here and there. Although i feel like I could still improve it a little more. I guess this is going to be more of 'beta' release more than anything.

Regardless i'm going through with it,
I'll be releasing the comic page by page starting today in multiple sites; Rule34 paheal, .xxx, pixiv if i can manage to figure out how that site works.

Any other suggestions is welcomed too!
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image:151119005700.jpg(1.25MB , 1920x2900 , Page 00.jpg)
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image:151119013700.jpg(1.41MB , 1920x2900 , Page 01.jpg)
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image:151119021800.jpg(1.39MB , 1920x2900 , Page 02.jpg)
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image:151119023300.jpg(1.17MB , 1920x2900 , Page 03.jpg)
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image:151119038100.jpg(1.57MB , 1920x2900 , Page 04.jpg)
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image:151119044400.jpg(1.59MB , 1920x2900 , Page 05 V6.jpg)
Great script! Keep them dirty talking and you’ve got a classic
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image:151128746700.jpg(1.51MB , 1920x2900 , Page 06.jpg)
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image:151128748400.jpg(1.68MB , 1920x2900 , Page 07.jpg)
Haha so good T_T
I can only hope Hiro buries his face in GoGo's ass.
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image:151144730100.jpg(1.55MB , 1920x2900 , Page 08.jpg)
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image:151144733200.jpg(1.42MB , 1920x2900 , Page 09.jpg)
The characterisation in this is exceptional XD
Яapetacular !B5iGidtHso
I honestly can't tell if this is sarcasm or just an honest observation.
but in light to that i'll take it as a compliment? maybe?
It was sincere! "Keep this warm for me" is what got me. GoGo is hot!
Will he fuck Honey Lemon and his aunt in the next chapters too
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image:151163384200.jpg(1.34MB , 1920x2900 , Page 10.jpg)
Glad to know the dialogue wasnt too cheesy, haha.

tbh i had plans of Honey Lemon competing with Gogo in the first place but i had trouble with making the scenario work, which is why i scrapped it. The current comic was actually something I cooked up with a fan, but was loosely based from. I'm currently planning a comic based on How to Train your dragon with him if the sequel for this BH6" doesnt work out.
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image:151163385600.jpg(1.48MB , 1920x2900 , Page 11.jpg)
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image:151163388000.jpg(1.55MB , 1920x2900 , Page 12 old.jpg)
It’s so good. An /ss masterpiece actually. Keep doing what you’re doing!
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image:151187882500.jpg(1.37MB , 1920x2900 , Page 13.jpg)
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image:151187884000.jpg(1.3MB , 1920x2900 , Page 14.jpg)
Hooott man. Love a marathon fuckfest
This is great
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image:151230097900.jpg(1.33MB , 1920x2900 , Page 15.jpg)
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image:151230100300.jpg(1.44MB , 1920x2900 , Page 16.jpg)
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image:151233017200.png(49kB , 620x336 , 05910E5E-6E99-4328-B2A3-9808325C9D06.png)
Яapetacular !B5iGidtHso
I....im not sure what this means, but okay.
I’m amazed by your work!
Wow... Pretty damn spectacular!
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image:151317372800.jpg(1.29MB , 1920x2900 , Page 17.jpg)
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image:151317375200.jpg(1.14MB , 1920x2900 , Page 18.jpg)
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image:151317376800.jpg(1.73MB , 1920x2900 , Page 19.jpg)
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image:151317378300.jpg(1.04MB , 1920x2900 , Page 20.jpg)
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image:151317380100.jpg(963kB , 2542x1920 , Page 21.jpg)
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image:151317381500.jpg(863kB , 1920x2900 , Page 22.jpg)
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image:151317383200.jpg(1.12MB , 1920x2900 , Page 23.jpg)
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image:151317385200.jpg(1.03MB , 2542x1920 , Page 24.jpg)
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image:151317386500.jpg(9kB , 1920x2900 , Page 25.jpg)
Яapetacular !B5iGidtHso
With the comic complete, the batch version is underway! It'll include changes and little fixes with a few tweaks here and there. Polls for the next comic will be posted soon on my patreon!

Thanks for supporting!
it's a shame about Korra one, but oh well. nice comic!
Very well done. The beach for part 2 sounds incredible!
I'm gonna keep suggesting an eventual threesome with Honey Lemon because she actually gets touchy/feely with Hiro. It baffles my mind Gogo/Hiro is more popular (not complaining on the porn though). All in all, a very nice work even when I'm not a big fan of the pairing.
Gogo is more than a handful <3