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image:145152722500.png(163kB , 518x772 , 523.png)
The CONTENT Request Thread

Link to old thread: http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t179394.html#p179394

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Most can't forget that there's a new thread out now.
Someone might pick it up eventually.
damn it guys post your shit here this one is not longer working rite....LOCK THIS MODS WHAT TAKING SO LONG!
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image:144267939000.png(27kB , 540x728 , tumblr_nutoqpfmAA1s2rbwoo1_540.png)
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image:145416562300.png(358kB , 714x915 , 1454134215.grummancat_done_with_the_day_1.png)
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image:146131256100.jpg(412kB , 751x1024 , milk____by_darkvigilante.jpg)
Can someone help color this picture of Jane Read from Arthur.
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image:146133044100.jpg(104kB , 439x929 , JFX1Y4142466551252152325121_large.jpg)
I want to see this in color too.
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image:139982115600.png(231kB , 1250x694 , 680178 - Amalia Cra Evangelyne Fluffy Sadida Wakfu Zone.png)
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image:145766906300.jpg(281kB , 1024x755 , _fa__so_pretty_even_kitties_want_me__by_desiree_u-d9u0ao8.jpg)
Hot damn.
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image:145771259500.jpg(135kB , 900x1039 , Damned-FranHoiss-410910-Bakara.jpg)
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image:145771261900.jpg(867kB , 1000x1000 , My_Pet_Tentacle_Monster-403437-Villains_Unite.jpg)

You earned it.
Any chance for more Lolirock?
Depends on whether or not he's ready to get back to work yet.
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image:144558560400.png(1.52MB , 1000x954 , Ghoul School Halloween 2015.png)
When It's Too Scarce Or Obscure For It's Own Thread

Old Thread: http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t162065.html
Am I the only one interested in the mother?

Hope to see more of her, please.
Hey just heard about you and from what ive seen you may be the most talented porn artist i know, and on top of that you do hardcore stuff! I just wanna know is there a site where all/most of your works are held?

(Also are you the artist for Unteralterbach? Cause that game changed my view on loli!)
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image:164562164595.jpg(187kB , 1650x1200 , FKx85KSUYAI-iZV.jpeg)
Some sweet Rayllum from Area
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image:144502429400.png(312kB , 868x1228 , B10NewThreadLines.png)
So starting off the new Ben 10 thread for ya'll. Rushed through this to try and get it done before someone else could start it.
I would have started off the last one but someone got to it before I had time to start anything.

Old Ben 10 thread dying at >>183760. New thread not dying here.
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image:145227814900.jpg(61kB , 349x700 , 54612809_p0 - Fixxxer.The.Witch.With.No.Name_21_sample.jpg)
I hope this gem to be shared someday.

I am so much more invested in the Charmcaster!Gwen/Ben narrative than the prison one. A detached-from-society weirdo like Charm having Gwen's body and engaging in what looks to be an honest boy-meets-girl semi-romance with Ben while the real Gwen is in prison getting her shit pushed in (figuratively and allegorically) is a great dynamic. Hits both the vanilla kinks and the more reaching flavors at the same time.

I hope it's shared too.
This. It's a shame won't be a incestuous story with real Gwen but still you have a point. But still seems a bit unreal to me how weak Gwen's behavior is in prison. She's a tough slutty brat after all.
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image:140724404600.png(982kB , 1280x1109 , 1419837 - Minette Ms_Fortune Skullgirls.png)
Since the previous thread's already on autosage...

Previous thread: >>162686
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image:145213113800.jpg(856kB , 2489x2439 , 14e0705f50595da9ce6e6191e098e5994dc1746f.jpg)
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image:145213115600.jpg(379kB , 927x949 , 870736 - Double Skullgirls.jpg)
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image:145213120500.png(74kB , 329x298 , tumblr_nzbmyjBLbK1ui0ki7o1_400.png)
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image:143478124000.png(871kB , 723x1100 , 238245 Night reading by personalami.png)
Because I realized I had a ton of fantasy-themed images that really didn't fit in any other thread.
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image:144921444100.jpg(425kB , 1000x750 , tumblr_ny8dyoAHWs1rjzqb8o2_1280.jpg)
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image:145196939100.jpg(475kB , 1080x810 , tumblr_o0fmvzIQAt1tihvqpo1_1280.jpg)
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image:145196955000.jpg(429kB , 1000x750 , tumblr_o0enek9UuT1rjzqb8o1_1280.jpg)
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image:144948039600.png(1.13MB , 1950x1200 , LoliClubJelloWrestleColor.png)
Thanks again to my current Patreon supporters. The support is greatly appreciated.

Finally got some colors on this so new thread is a go. I really wish I had more time for the background on this one, but sadly time is too limited. I didn't really have the time to add legs indicating an audience in the background that I wanted, and even worse I didn't really have any time to play around and figure out how to get jello to look good. I cannot really afford to fall behind any more this month so I just had to wing it and hope it turned out relatively decent. Not happy with it but I do not have the time to scrap it and try again. I may try and redo the jello layer(s) some time in the future when I have the time to try and get it more to satisfaction.

I especially cannot afford to fall behind any more since I need to begin Patreon votes when I wake up and I have more crap going on this week. I got a lot of paper work to dig through/come up with as well as a lot of people/places to call for something quite important so the annoyances will continue on a little longer. We'll see how much I can get done this month but it's going to be a bit of a struggle to keep up with what I hope to get done.
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image:145354166900.jpg(258kB , 1785x1260 , image.jpeg)
Does anyone have a good quality version of this pic? I can't find it anywhere.
Check WWOEC, or literally one of the other incog threads here.

The king is back!

New thread >>196421
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image:145097059600.png(507kB , 1857x1868 , 1360687_hearlesssoul_bunnie.png)
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image:145097061300.png(35kB , 792x950 , 1331023_TheOtherHalf_eric_anderson_color_low.png)
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image:145114101800.jpg(348kB , 1280x1095 , tumblr_nzybttWOvw1uq079lo1_1280.jpg)
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image:140225013500.jpg(274kB , 926x1224 , image.jpg)
So make a thread here and post or nah?
Where is fuchur posting these days?
penny (bolt), Riley (inside out), Jennifer (oliver and company)Anonymous
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image:144822487500.png(405kB , 1366x768 , 1722218 - Jennifer_Foxworth Jungle_Book Oliver_And_Company Penny Shanti The_Rescuers crossover (1).png)
just any art of character like that

other examples:
Julia from Dino Time
penny from the rescuers
Cecilia from we're back
Becky thatcher and Amy Lawrence from Tom sawyer(2000)?
The animated Furry adaptation! Good choice!
This one deserves a better treatment on Paheal.
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image:144100243000.png(73kB , 600x487 , tumblr_inline_ntgevsyCBU1s5f0f6_1280.png)
Steven Universe #5

Last hit bump limit.
First Thread http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t162060.html
Second Thread http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t175100.html
Third Thread http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t178074.html
message too long. Click here to view the full post.
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image:145213075600.png(531kB , 1280x1422 , tumblr_o0ddqh5lUR1rtezx5o1_1280.png)
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image:145213077100.png(569kB , 1280x1106 , tumblr_o0ddqh5lUR1rtezx5o2_1280.png)
It's from an anon on 8chan's /co/ board
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image:141822084100.png(985kB , 835x1080 , 132993576648.png)
ALL-NEW /ss/ Thread!

Old: >>164082

Anyone have a collection of Gee-Wiz's stuff from 7chan? I can post what I have.
Cheetara/Kits /ss/ is great. Love it hope for more.
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image:144877384300.jpg(157kB , 500x576 , 1448762149287.jpg)
A pic from Frecherluke himself, or a skillful imitator?
You decide.
I know the artist is Jashin, but I can't find the full comic anywhere. If anyone has a link/file with the whole thing that would be lovely.
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image:144812831500.png(1.1MB , 1035x567 , 1735957 - Ghibli Kumiko Madoc Ponyo Ponyo_on_a_Cliff_by_the_Sea Sousuke.png)
Is Madoc too obscure to have a thread?
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image:144814970400.jpg(1.05MB , 1319x1645 , Uhirahyasettei by madoc.jpg)
Apparently not...
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image:144823155200.jpg(88kB , 800x1000 , bionic_6___meg_bennet_by_derzocker-d8yhwdm.png)
Madoc's art is the bomb! Wish he could draw Rock 1 from Bionic Six, she was my old school Saturday Morning crush =)